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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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it's likely your commute home from work was better than your trip to it... authorities responded to more than two dozen weather related accidents earlier today, and even more calls for service. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. tonight's theme is "easy does it." you'll want to keep that in mind if you plan on hitting the road. let's go straight to chief meteorologist ed wilson for a first look at the forecast. ed we're bracing for another winter wallop... the storm barely missed a busy
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the storm barely missed a busy
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more than 350 thousand iowans showed up to make their presidential picks. about 180 thousand of them were republicans... leading to a ted cruz win. cruz won with 28 percent of the votes followed by donald trump, with 24. marco rubio came in third, with 23 percent. nearly 10 thousand fewer democrats participated in the tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders...they are separated by just tenths of a percentage. many found those numbers as happy with them. channel 13's jannay towne joins us to explain why that is... the results were the closet in iowa democratic caucus history.. with the slimmest of margins between first and second campaign wants to rule out any margin of error. nats coin toss in a handful of precincts, the contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders came down to a coin toss. hillary clinton- "well, as you bernie sanders came down to a coin toss. hillary clinton- "well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around and it was wonderful to win the
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might not make sense to those outside of iowa...the sanders campaign says it doesnt have a problem with them. 14:47: 13 folks that don't follow it as closely can get a little jumpy - oh there was a coin toss here or a coin toss there- you know, it's part of the rules and you know the rules before it starts 23 but sanders iowa campaign is asking the democratic party to check its numbers. it wants to see all the logged paper reports from all 16-80 and 'change' precincts. 14:46:24 you have numbers that are reported-whether it's through an app or over the phone- and also people at each location that's putting it down on paper. we're all human, we make mistakes nats bernie -- last night 06:53:23 iowa, thank you while the sanders camp isnt pointing any fingers or questioning the integrity of any of the caucus volunteers... 14:49:58 this isn't someone up there going oh , i'm going to add an extra delegate to somebody because i like them better. that's not it at all. but it did after all, come down to a coin toss. the iowa democratic party says
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asking for isn't really possible because it isn't a straw poll or primary. in fact, most precincts didn't use paper forms... the results came in on the mobile app. and the party says members of all three campaign were there in person to be part of the verification process... 18:15:43 most of what was going on last night is we were flagging results that either our app caught that didn't quite seem right or the campaigns were hearing things that maybe we should check into this. so we would get together with them and we'd look into it an come to a resolution. so we wanted our recording process ot be as inclusive as possible to them and this morning, we were able to get to 100% reporting. our results are verified and they are final 03 as you heard, the results are final. the party saw it second highest turnout last night... with more than 171- thousand democrats caucusing across the state the republicans, on the other
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the republicans, on the other hand, had record turnout... and ted cruz credits those numbers for his caucus victory. channel 13's stephanie more has the story. steph- ted cruz rose up in the republican ranks by meeting one-on-one with iowa voters, and opening campaign offices like this one across the was a grassroots effort cruz credits for his win... sot- 1127' this campaign has been a movement from millions of americans from across this country to organize, to rally to come together, whatever washington says they cannot keep the people down.' 1139 cruz made iowa a priority early on... he completed the full grassley, visiting all of iowa's 99 counties his campaign staffed 12-thousand volunteers in iowa to do everything from door-knocking to making calls and helping run events across the state. that man power led to 800-thousand donations, averaging just 67- dollars each, another point cruz credits toward his strong ground game.
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iowa were on-hand at caucus sites to speak on behalf of the senator and were confident their hard work would pay off, hoping a win in iowa helps propel him forward in new hampshire. sot- 'its huge, its awesome its the first step that he needed and its going to be a spring board for the rest of his campaign, its going to be great for him.' tag- cruz didn't waste anytime...he left iowa after his victory party and has a packed schedule in new hampshire with nearly 20 scheduled events leading up to the new hampshire primary one week from today. the latest pre caucus poll has cruz averaging less than 12 percent support in new hampshire. in haven't picked the same republican winner since 19-80. one of cruz's most prominent iowa supporters is being criticized by a state representative. west des moines republican rob taylor says congressman steve king owes iowans an apology. last night, king tweeted a message that implied ben carson might be race after the caucuses. taylor says other cruz
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caucus sites while iowans were still deciding which candidate to support. taylor says king needs to take responsibility because what he did was wrong. at minimum, i think we're owed an apology. above and beyond that this with the mailers that went out....less than two weeks, this is potentially ethical misconduct. taylor asked the iowa ethics and campaign disclosure board to look into this. king's office said he didn't have time to talk with us today about taylor's criticism....but ted cruz has apologized to carson for what his supporters did. if you need proof the caucus is over, just look at its former hub... tear down is underway inside des moines' capital square. it was the site of the microsoft media center, where reporters set up shop and results poured in. as you can see, there's much more to do, and some outlets are still using the backdrop while they can. it's on to new hampshire... donald trump leads in the polls
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on the democratic side, bernie sanders is well positioned to win new hampshire. the new hampshire primary takes place next tuesday. hillary clinton's crowds in new hampshire will be dull compared to this... the internet has dubbed him "sticker kid." but according to "mashable," his name is peter clinkscales. the drake university student told the website he originally wanted to bring a saxophone, but it was deemed a security risk. instead, he had to make do with stickers. travel headaches on the road and
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they come as no surprise during iowa winters... but the des moines airport was prepared for the storm. hear how employees are trying to ease your travel headaches... but first... health officials are fighting an infectious disease affecting thousands of babies.. see the sacrifice a blood bank is making in the name of the cause... we need a coordinated
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sure we get to the bottom of this. there is no vaccine, no treatment, and no cure.
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to prevent the zika virus from spreading across the globe. the world health organization has declared a public health emergency. and local blood centers are following suit with their own precautions... anyone who has traveled to mexico, the caribbean, latin, south amrica, we'll ask them to not give blood for just 28 days since they've been home and that could lead to declining donations at this quad cities blood center. but it'll also delay the spread of the zika virus to the area, which officials say is inevitable. the virus is transmitted by mosquito bites, and can serious birth defects for pregnant women. it's not as dangerous for others... rash, red eyes, aches and pains, very non specific just like many other infections. once you get it, you develop an immune response, and at that point its probably gone forever the virus is expected to infect as many as four million people in the
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west des moines police are investigating a deadly crash with a pedestrian... the victim was hit while crossing ashworth road around seven last night. they died at the scene. the driver wasn't hurt. police believe the driver didn't violate any traffic laws, because there weren't any crosswalks or traffic signals in the area... but they're continuing to investigate the crash. snow is slowing travel on the roads, but it appears to be going smoothly in the skies... this is a live look at the des moines international airport's departures. as you can see, there are a few delays and cancellations. despite the weather, officials say they are well prepared for the post caucus crowds. there are more people staffing check in counters and rental car returns. even so, anyone with a flight scheduled tonight is encouraged to
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the cyclones plan to stay right in the thick of the big arrive 90 minutes early.
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12 title chase. to do that, they'll need a win tonight. iowa state students will do their part. once again they're lined up outside hilton coliseum for a top 25 showdown.
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the mountaineers go full court press the entire game. it's known as "press virginia". the cyclones have beaten the press, and west virginia, three straight times. john sears is at hilton coliseum for mountaineers and cyclones coverage at ten. there's no doubt drake could use more wins. but the bulldogs aren't losing where it matters most.. john sears has more . nats sot: "its been great, better than expected." kale abrahamson is glad to be back home playing in front of friends and family. sot: "i enjoy it. my family is going to love me if i score 0 points or 40 so im not worried about having people here, been a blessing to have a good game and see my family after" the
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drake's 2nd leading scorer, averaging 13 points 5 rebounds a game. sot: giacoletti "offensively he really stretches the d for us." while kale is known primarily for what he does on the court...its off the court where he excels even more. nats after 2 years at northwestern and 1 at drake abrahamson has already graduated. sot: kale "i got my psych degree, graduated on the knapp center floor. sam place i graduated high school so that was deja vu." now he's working on his mba in business administrationon his schedule is a lot different than his teammates. sot: "i get a lot of crap from my teammates cause i only have class 3 nights a week at 6 at night. they're waking up at 8am, im sleeping. its a lot better." academics have always played a big role in kale's life. sot: "i credit my mom when i was little for
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potter books that helped academics have been important not that basketball hasnt...i know someday basketball will end the ball will stop bouncing and i think i have other things i can bring to the table with my mind and business savvy." a man with a plan... sot: "other than that we need to get this basketball thing rolling and we'll be good to go." john sears channel 13 sports. and for the second time this school year, the hawkeyes make a regional cover of sports illustrated. first football. now basketball.
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