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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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for extra support and more help to graduate.' graduating is the goal... and a des moines school is eliminating every obstacle holding students back... see how it's reducing reasons to miss class... and giving students another reason to smile on graduation day. this is what it looked like all day in new hampshire... long lines and record crowds of voters deciding who will lead the country into the future. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. it was a razor-thin win for hillary clinton here in iowa... not the case tonight.... as soon as the polls closed... vermont senator bernie sanders was declared the winner... the race wasn't even close. with 68-percent of precincts reporting... sanders is ahead by 21-points. he took a shot at hillary
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presidential candidate together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to california and that is-- that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their superpacs. ? the republican race was also never in doubt... donald trump is celebrating a big win. he coasted to an easy victory. the primary gives new life to ohio governor john kasich. he finished eighth here in iowa, but came in second tonight... the caucus winner.. .senator ted cruz finished third in new hampshire. donald trump says tonight's win will
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presidential candidate"new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it. remember, you started it." jeb bush is also thanking new hampshire voters... saying the fourth place finish will allow his campaign to continue. senator marco rubio and governor christ christie finished fifth sixth. the republicans and democrats couple of primary elections. the nevada democratic caucus the same day as the republican primary in south carolina. republicans will take their turn in nevada on february 23... and the democrats will end the month in south carolina on the 27th. iowa lawmakers are at a standstill over school funding for the coming year... so instead... they're moving on to the next year... 45:06 so i would leave you with my real concern, and that i'm being asked to vote today on a number that in reality doesn't exists
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haven't made the appropriate decisions on 17 as we move into fy 18 45:12 that didn't stop the iowa senate. members approved a 4-percent school funding increase for the 2017-2018 school year. lawmakers are unable to say how big that increase will be in dollars because they opted to break state law last year by not approving funding levels. without knowing this year's increase.. it is impossible to calculate next years. people in the town of bondurant are getting over that dysfunction by opening up their wallets... last week, voters approved 21-million dollars in school improvements ... justin surrency join us... and you found out quickly, they're not waiting around. it came down to a matter of space...there's no room...the bondurant-farrar school district is one of the fastest growing in the state and their student population has increased 72 percent since 2006... "for them to be assured they have a spot, a desk and correct
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labs, instructional space, correct fine arts space...we take a lot of pride in our facilities and this is the next step in that process." last tuesday...despite a raise of 84 dollars in property taxes on a 200,000 dollar home...eighty percent of the residents within the district voted in favor of the 21 million dollar bond referendum... the bond will help fund a 720 seat auditorium that the current high school does not have and it will add an extra 15 to 20 classrooms...morris elementary which opened a year within the next two years will also add classrooms and perhaps a gymnasium thanks to the's the districts 2nd successful bond referendum since 2008 when the community approved one for the construction of their high continue to be at odds with education funding officials in bondurant-farrar are happy their community is not divided...
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behind us, to know that the things are happening, although we have our challenges, that they are very positive about the impact we are having with our students." groundbreaking on the high school's addition is expected to begin next fall...the district plans to wait until 20-17 to begin construction at morris elementary school... interstate-35 north of ames reopened this morning... but it was still a struggle to get around... im all over the road doing 45 miles per hour if i keep heading north and it gets a little worse ill just call it quits.' 29-drivers likely wished they had done just that. they were all involved in crashes during yesterday's white out conditions. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... ed... the cold will be the big worry overnight. des moines police are investigating a second deadly
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the latest happened just before seven tonight in the 27- hundred block of 61st street. the home was already in flames when firefighters arrived. the discovered the body of a man inside. police are yet to release the victim's name.. and are still investigating what caused the fire. the second deadly fire nearly cost a des moines police officer his life. officers were called to a disturbance at this home just after midnight... as they approached the home... they could see flames inside... and attempted to get 48-year old neil johnston out. instead they say he fought back... even pulling a gun on his rescuers. 22:09:26 the resident in that home, resisted all their efforts to rescue him from that home. he had threatened officers and they attempted to force entry into the home to pull him out, but they were forced back
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johnston died in the fire. once it was safe for firefighters they were able to quickly put the fire out. investigators say johnston started the fire.. but are still trying to determine why. two fire stations are no longer enough in ankeny... city leaders are considering a five- million dollar bond referendum to build a third station. it would be located near northeast 36th street and otter creek park. the city says its needed because calls to the fire department have gone up 30-percent in the past five years. the polk county supervisors apparently work harder than the people they oversee... according to the des moines register... the supervisors approved a five-thousand dollar raise for themselves this morning. that works out to a 4-point-7 percent increase. county workers won't see the same increase. during the same meeting.. supervisors approved a 3- percent pay hike for teamsters union members... and a 2-and-three-quarter increase for afscme members. the budget just wasn't big enough for prescott to keep its 100-year old
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prescott graduated its final class last year... and in april voted to merge with the nearby creston school district. even with just 36-students enrolled... prescott considered keeping the school open... but the finances just didn't work. theres people that wanted us to try to run it another year you know with donations, but even a little school like this it takes 1.2 million a year...thats a lot of bake sales to have to try to support a little school. prescott is auctioning off the historic school building and land next week. the auction starts at one dollar... and will be sold to the highest bidder. the audience played a huge role in a show choir concert this weekend... during the middle of davenport north's performance this weekend... the power went out... but the dancer's didn't miss a beat... and neither did the audience. someone had the bright idea to use their cell phone as a spotlight... and others did the same... allowing the concert to keep going.
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indianola basketball coach.... its been playing for nearly 40-years... and tonight the iowa coaching icon was honored for an incredible milestone... the surprise celebration coming up in sports. 'you dont have to miss school at all, its just real easy to get to. instead of eating into class time... a des moines school is bringing a needed service directly to students... right after the break.. the difference its already making in the classroom... 'absolutely its increased attendance and engagement with students and we are only 2-3 weeks into this process...' a hassle students and parents face around the state is no longer a problem a hassle students and parents face around the state is no
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at scavo high school... instead of missing class to squeeze in a dentist appointment... dentists are coming directly to students. scavo is just 3-weeks into the new program... but the response has already been incredible... channel 13s justin surrency shows us how this one-of-a-kind idea is giving students several reasons to smile. for scavo high school senior mikayla kroymann , a routine checkup at the dentist or doctor used to be an all day event 'id have to leave school to get home and catch a bus and go downtown to catch another bus and get to my
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'it takes like an hour and a half just to get there.'in 20-15 the alternative school realized mikayla was not alone and many others were missing school often but there was an even bigger issue... 'our families particularily, we are almost 100 percent free and reduced so that aspect, our students and families just dont have access...' 'theres a reason we come here for extra support and more help to graduate.'community school coordinator lyn marchant said it was a 2 year support and more help to graduate.'community school coordinator lyn marchant said it was a 2 year process but the des moines public school system soon fostered a plan with local help... 'approximately $250,000 from delta dental foundation of iowa and other contributions from iowa health foundation, united way and variety club.'and it launched the states first school based dental clinic january 19th... 'we provide a sliding fee scale a set fee scale and accept all
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insurances.'dr peter blough realized the importance it could have in the community and hopped on board. insurances.'dr peter blough realized the importance it could have in the community and hopped on board. 'our patient base is enormous with the amount of kids that have barriers to care that arent able to access dental offices elsewhere.'scavo principal rich blonigan saw it as one less obstacle kids would have to deal with... 'we are trying to remove those barriers so that students can learn and when they do leave us they are happy and healthy and prepared to do the work once they leave here.'the results have been breathtaking... 'instantaneous whether its just a cleaning or major restorative work, having a clean mouth boosts self confidence and makes people feel a lot better.'marchant says its already re-engaging students to come back to school 'when we told him we were able to provide these services for him
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old male cried... 'the international childrens oral health foundation says 51 million hours of school are lost each and every year due to dental disease...the community center has literally created convenience across the hall...keeping kids in the classroom...' 'absolutely its increased attendance and engagement with students and we are only 2-3 weeks into this process...'and those students agree... 'it makes you more focused and comfortable... 'you dont have to miss school at all, its just real easy to get to. you just have to walk across the hall...'for now the dental clinic is open only wednesdays from 7:30 a-m to 4 p-m... 'our clinic is open to any student in the district, not just at scavo h.s. and central campus.' 'we are working on a transportation schedule with community partners and schools from across the district to make sure some of our most needious students are actually able to get here..'principal blonigan says the
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the clinic can be... 'its growing so i think 2-3 weeks into this, i think it has exceeded expectations and weve seen students take advantage of it and it emphasizes the need...a need that now can be satisfied,,, 'yeah i feel good now.'and provide students with not only a bright smile...but a bright future as well... 'we know that the healthier they are the more theyll learn and thats what we are about. we are moving barriers and helpling students become the things and people they want to be.' the districts community school coordinator lyn marchant says when wednesday appointments are consistently filled.. they will consider adding additional days. they to the clinic being open monday-through- friday. -frozen lakes aren't a reason to put the kayaks away... they make great sleds.- betsy cartwright dallas county-
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great sleds.- betsy cartwright
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county- bert hanson started coaching
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bert hanson started coaching bert hanson started coaching
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he started at lake mills. hanson later coached the
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championship. now he coaches the sixth ranked indian girls. recently, hanson coached his 1000th game, and tonight indianola honored hansen for the milestone. it was a surprise to the coach. coach hanson and the #6 indians welcome marshalltown to i- town. indians feed grace berg. she hits two in the paint. indianola quickly up 13 points. students at indianola didn't get john sears message that the dab is dead. indians going outside. it's haley vesey. indianola wins easily,
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from class 2a, the panorama slamorama. aaron klinge to levi leiferman to gabe richey for a bring the house down dunk. richey is 6 feet in sneakers, so he shows off major hops. great ball movement too.panorama beats ogden. it's been a rough conference season for drake, and now here comes wichita state. ray giacoletti knows he has his hands full tonight. 2nd half battling uphill. reed timmer, quick move. lefty off glass. 20 for timmer. but the dogs are down 20. the shockers are top 25 for a reason. shaq morris inside. lead up to 24. then outside to the all-american fred van vleet. buries the 3. wichita state rolls 74-48. it was two for one on energy at wells fargo arena today. energy on the court, and energy
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7 thousand local school kids making noise at the energy's education celebration. iowa hosting the westchester knicks. terry whisnant gives the crowd something to cheer. three pointer is good. more energy from this awesome field trip, and on the court... james ennis, steps, shoots, makes the deep. ennis had 25 points. energy win 93-85. it's a win/win. that's energy. the other energy now takes a few days off for the nba d league all star game. expect another big crowd at wells fargo arena friday night. and it won't be just another game. it's the annual pink in the rink. the wild help raise
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awareness, and raise money for the fight. $65 thousand dollars the past two years. it's personal for wild head coach john torchetti. torchetti's sister has beaten cancer three times, his father currently has cancer. yes they are. torch and the wild host the grand rapids griffins for pink in the rink friday night at wells fargo
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