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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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this is "today." with cathy lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. you've made it to thursday, thursday. it's february 11th. >> we have a huge show. >> we have a beautiful show. >> a beautifully huge show. >> huge. >> ryan renynolds is joining us today. >> he's going to talk about how he was in the buff in his movie "deadpool" and it was quite traumatic for him. >> and two of the most fashionable sisters, kylie and kendall jenner. and they're debuting their new
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this is their newest one. so, if your daughters have always wanted to dress like them, here's your chance. is it weird that your got mom is over here? >> it's great. >> i never see you guys and kylie couldn't watch "the gallos" she was scared to death. you were in europe or something. >> i'm so mad i wasn't there. >> but we're going to find out what else is going on in their busy, busy lives. >> we put a call out to couples and we found one that knew each other since high school and now they want a little pampering. >> that happens after children. and you don't mind. >> so, here's the thing, justin bieber, is on the cover of the new "gq." he's 21 years old, he's been
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you know what, he looks more grown up there. >> more looikike gordon gecko with the slick hair. >> inside the magazine, hoda, he talks about the song "sorry" people assume it's about apologizing for the bad behavior. and he says it's about a girl and the only one we can think of is selena. >> you know what's interesting when you see him in clothes, he looks great in a suit. he wears -- some guys wear clothes really well. you watch them and go, wow, that looks great. >> looks like david beckham from a distance. >> i like him as a brunette better than a blond i think. >> you know what? i bet he didn't care what we think. >> well, whatever. it's important information to have. you have bad news, but good for
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>> you know how you get to choose who is the mentor, well, blake's made the announcement of who he's picking to be the mentor on his team and he's picking his girlfriend, gwen stefani. when he could have chosen you. >> that could have been perfect. >> this was, by the way, how awesome. first of all, he gets to have his girlfriend at work with him. no, she's still there. and even though christina aguilera actually gets the chair, gwen gets all that up boyfriend. let's just hope they don't break up because -- >> then it could be really sad. >> all right, so the couples sat down with "access hollywood" to talk about their collaboration. take a look. >> who figured it out? you gwen? or you blake? >> wasn't me. >> definitely wasn't gwen.
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you start thinking of who are the ultimate artists that you can get to mentor your team and you start thinking of -- you do. wait a minute, this is perfect. and i actually know her. it will be easy. >> i have her cell phone, i can call her and ask her. >> so, i don't know. it worked out. we know we collaborate well toofrth as coaches, so of course i would have her as my mentor and she's so smart and talented. >> thank you. and i love -- >> i thought she said i love you but she didn't. they both have that kind of whimsical fun sense about them, so maybe it will. i don't know. >> i used to have that. >> all right, so peyton manning was on fallon last night and there's been lot that's been said about the moment you felt like peyton manning and the broncos secured the win.
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family and everybody is cheering but one person didn't seem -- eli is dead panning. okay. so, that's what happened when the touchdown was scored and it looked like the broncos were going to win and in eli's defense, look at archie. look at archie. he's also serious. >> jimmy fallon did ask peyton about his brother last night. >> when i saw that clip, jimmy, i've seen that look before. i recognized it. in other big moments in my life he had that similar expression. >> we actually have a cutout of that. >> eli, guess what, the colts are going to draft me number one in the nfl draft tomorrow. >> eli, i got us front row tickets to see adel.
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ago, ashley and i are expecting twins. you're going to be an uncle. >> he said he was concentrating on what was happening on the field, which might be why archie looks the same way. football is in their dna. >> it is. and it's not over untilblows. >> that's right. >> and they do the egg game, hard boiled or raw. it's like russian roulette. and he played with "magic" johnson. >> sounds like fun. >> but watch. it's good. >> are you confident? >> i had dreams growing up that i would have a chance to play magic one on one some day and now russian egg roulette. >> it's a dream come true.
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oh. feeling confident? >> i don't know. >> i guess they gave them all -- i bet they didn't even include any of the boiled oneones. >> magic's clean up is easier. >> we rarely hear lovely miss kate middleton speak. she recorded a psa for children's health week in the u.k. should be interesting to hear. >> i f fl every child deserves to be supported during difficult times in their lives. >> sometimes. >> and how does that help? >> quite a bit. >> we want to support schools to prioritize the emotional well being of their students along side academic success by insuring every child is given the emotional support they need.
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foundation to the happy, healthy future they deserve. >> just love her. >> i like her more. >> she seems so authentic. >> she seems fun but refined. usually you're one or the other. >> no, she's just lovely. >> we have time for my playlist. this one is interesting. >> they're all interesting. >> sean mendez teamed up with one of the girls from armany.harmony. it's when the girl has cheated on her boyfriend -- >> does that mean kiss somebody else, hoda? >> i think so and the boyfriend is kind of on to her and seize rr nervous and they're singing
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>> >> i like that. that's an actual song. >> wait a minute. what did you say? >> i like when you can learn the words easily. >> he can't let her go even thoughknows. >> who cares. >> it's so good. listen to all the words. >> do we have to? >> no, it's actually much better. you're growing in your musical taste. on siriumxm you can listen to us and i don't know why you would want to but i understand why you would want to hear hoda every
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he's been called charming, chiselled, dreamy and steamy and for the next four minutes, he's all ours.
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hunk, ryan renlynolds. >> who by the way was named people magazine's sexiest father alive. >> take a look. >> i told you we can cure your cancer and what's more give you abilities most men only dream of. the world needs extraordinary soldiers. we won't just make you better, we will make you better than better. a superhero. >> i'd say you sound like an info info infomurlsh but not a good one. >> congratulations on everything. new baby, new movie, sexiest dad alive. >> they may have just polled my wife on that one. >> and your daughter. >> yeah, maybe. it's all pretty great. i'm definitely not complaining. i'm really lucky. i got this movie made after 11 years of begging and pleading
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>> only about 100 times. this movie is the worst relationship i've ever been in. >> and that's saying something forio a you. >> yeah, it was tough. and the fans of "deadpool" are the reasons this movie got made p. >> apparently in this movie, he's wrestling a man naked. >> a man naked or deadpool? >> i am very naked in one of the shots. it's a fight scene in a burning warehouse where i do fight another man nude. >> was that a first for you? >> yeah, i can't think of anything more terrifying than fighting a nude man. there's nothing wrong with that guy, because he's willing to get punched in the pen, he's plaub probably pretty dangerous. >> and rated r, so it has the
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and that's unusual for superhero types p s types. >> but it needed to not have a ceiling on it. we just needed to expand the character as much as possible and we needed that rating p. >>s there >> you said it was hard to leave your little baby this morning because she wanted daddy time. one of the rare times she preferred daddy. >> probably because her mom was fast asleep. it's amazing to feel like you're not the center of your own universe anymore. a lot of people may enjoy being the center of your own universe and it's oddly relieving to have this thing that's so much more important than you. suddenly all the crap i used to worry about obliterated. >> and do you like the changing the diapers? >> i like the dirty work. the other day there was a diaper so bad i thought we had to move
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but otherwise, i'm fine with it. >> you have to be careful whattia feed them, i found. >> we brought somebody here who is dying to meet you. we told her that she'd be able to play spin the bottle with ryan reynolds. and it's her birthday. >> happy birthday. >> don't you want a hug? >> yea. >> stay in this moment forever. this is immortalized right now. >> all righty. you got it. >> so now you just reach in the back and pull out any piece of paper you want and you can read him the question. >> ritser the wholeit's the whole thing. >> go ahead. >> it might get a little tricky. third state in the union, we could probably pull off. >> if you had to choose, would you rather spend the day with
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>> what? what kind of sickness is this? this is zero chance of winning here. the baby. 100%. >> i wish we had more time. happy birthday. >> and congratulations. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. let's stay in this moment forever. >> you can catch "deadpool" in theaters friday.riday. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life.
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it's time for bobbyie's buzz. >> so, i've rounded up some of the latest buzz worthy items. first up is called plump rages. go ahead and try this. the tip comes out right here. this is a matifying primer plumper, which if you like that tingling sensation that rushes the blood to your lips, this will give you that boost but it's matte. >> i already have huge plumpers. they're beautiful. >> this is something that they claim will help smooth out and fill the lips. >> you like that feeling? >> i don't know. i thought i did but not now.
2:28 am
mask. this. you can put it on. it's a lip mask that you set for 10 minutes. >> is it cold? >> yes. >> that part, the cold part. >> so, it just sets over your lip. but it helps boost hydration and collagen. >> i want to see what it looks like. >> it's kind of funny looking, so you might wanted to stay indoors but some people try to wear these for hoirurs at a time. >> that looks good. you look crazy. >> i'm in "zoolander 2." >> if you thought that was weird, sarah from my office is here trying this peal off lip jelly stain. you let it set for 10 minutes.
2:29 am
but it leave as stain that's water proof all day long and this is crazy but cool. >> oh, my gosh. >> and last but not least everyone, chanelle has done it again. this is their coco rouge. and it's care and color at the same time and all the celebrities have been wearing those on the last two red carpets. nicole kidman. . >> this is like blist exon stairex on steroids. >> yeah, it works. >> all righty then. they set the style for young girls everywhere. kyle and kendall prezenltsent their new clothing line.ine. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time.
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hello there, lewis, it's thursday and we have a special valentine's day edition of "ambush make overs." >> and celebrity hair stylist to the stars. la, la, la, la. and author and all around fashionista, jill martin. you found a couple? >> it's valentine's darling.
2:33 am
>> a lot of couple wrote in but they're very deserving. they met in high school and just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in december. proud parents to four children here in the studio. say hi. so, we're really excited. >> and you have to realize that look at the last baby is seven months old. >> he's so good. >> and wait until you meet mom who was gorgeous before and even -- >> glammed out of her brains. >> she's fashion ready. >> i know you lost your voice but what does it mean to you to have this make over for valentine's day? >> i thought it was a nice special treat. . we have four kids. i thought it would be a fun experience to try something new and different. we've known each other a really long time.
2:34 am
opportunity. >> and dad's a little freaked out. >> i'm excited. >> i like how you changed your tune on camera. okay. three hours of pampering. >> all right. >> everyone put your blind folds on. is mom coming out first? >> i believe so. >> everybody looking at the before picture? come on, mom, let's see the new you. [ applause ] oh, my gosh. all right kids, take off your blind folds, turn around and take a look. >> who is that? >> that is your mother. >> that's your mom. >> turn right around. >> mama, wow. >> look how skinny she is. >> you look liking ginger. on "gillgon's island."
2:35 am
please. >> that is crazy. give us the 411. >> mom wanted to keep her hair a little bit long. we kept the length and this is all done by igor. and he gave her a bit more volume. she had blond hair and it was just starting -- just that beginning stage of going gray. she said i'm over it. i want a change. so, i made it. but it's soft and natural. . it belongs to her, not me, that color. >> jill, that outfit -- you look so adorable. >> first thing we put on. this is robert rodriguez. >> why don't you stand with your family. everyone put your blind folds back on. >> okay. ready. heres are's the before picture of dad.
2:36 am
let's see the new you. >> very handsome. >> turn around, take your blind folds off. turn around. >> and he's sooi seeing his wife for the first time too. >> wow. >> you guys going to come over and stand together. >> wow. >> tell us about what we did to this fine gentleman. >> this little stud muffin right here? >> that one. >> we cut his hair a bit more contemporary, again, this is all igor's work. your color is perfect. you're not gray. there's no reason to do it. i didn't do it it. why? you look great. you're so handsome and how charming, how wonderful, how lovely. and the fact that they were managed to keep their look together but in 10 years, four children. figure that out. >> that too.
2:37 am
>> we want to thank joseph abaaoud from men's warehouse. we went at 6:00 this morning. >> are you freaking out? >> oh, yeah, i'm so sorry. enid put it all together. >> now, kendall and kylie jenner take over fashion. what's left for them?
2:38 am
2:39 am
2:40 am
this. if you think keeping up with the kardashians is hard, try keeping up with kylie and
2:41 am
>> their influence spreads to young women around the world. >> kendl and kylie taking the fashion world by storm. take a look. >> they're two of the biggest stars in the social stratosphere with over 98 million followers, kendall and kylie have an influence on everything from beauty to fashion. as an international supermodel, kendall is the face of calvin cline and este lauder. she's graced the covers of vogue, gq and harper's bazar and mark jacobs and carl logger felled. at just 18, kylie has more snapchat followers than anyone else in the world. she's known for her dynamic edge and fashion forward looks. she recently debuted kylie cosmetics and the release of her lip kit sold out in under 30
2:42 am
and now with the release of their own line, kendall and kylie, adoring admirers everywhere, can dress inspired by them. the kendall and kylie craze shows no signs of stopping. >> i was getting ready to come in this morning and your mom years ago gave me the most adorable picture of you when you were four and two and to see everything that's evolved, unbelievable. i feel old but you guys look great. >> it's so awesome to share it with you. >> what kind of lips are they doing? what's on their finger nails? so, it seemed like a no brainer to do this. >> yeah, totally. our fans are always looking at our style and trying to copy it. >> do they give you advice or
2:43 am
them? >> i like to ask my fans for advice. i'm like, do you like this? >> can we look at your clothinges? >> and the price range is 70 to 300? >> yes. >> and you had your hands in this, right? this isn't something you signed off on. you decided you were involved. >> no, i think we wanted it to be our mature line. >> and the other lines are going to continue, by the way. >> this is what kendall wore for our launch. >> rits like a t-shirt dress almost almost. >> even an old lady like me can wear that. >> and this is just a bit g little jacket cardigan thing. it has a lot of fabric. i have our shoes, honestly. versatile. >> we try to copy our every day
2:44 am
>> are they comfy? >> yes. we just stay here and things are moving? is that what's happening? we have to move this way. >> all right, made very confusing. made sense in the meeting. >> this is what i wore for the launch party. >> i love this jump suit. >> i love jump suits and it's super sexy then front. >> i like that it's one. >> and these shoes are a take on the classic pump and we added a cute little detail. >> all it's go. >> you go this way, we'll go >> choreography. hamptons. >> we love a good jean and this jean coat is awesome. >> oh, that's a coat. oh, i love that. skirt.
2:45 am
it's leather. and we have it in black also. >> stop it. >> it's amazing. >> curesz it. very cute. >> these shoes are amazing. detail. >> i love this. >> thank you. >> what is this stuff called? >> lycra. >> why is it your favorite? >> i love the detail and the hardware, how it's white and the >> >> and you have a few lumps and bumps and it's not going to show. >> is i had to ad flats because i love wearing flats.
2:46 am
>> this is a two-piece top and pants matching. and yeah, see how soft it is. >> i like the texture of everything. it's so comfortable. >> she's going to grab those off the table. >> we have them in black too. >> in two seconds, housew's your love life? >> oh, good. >> how's your love life? >> good.
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. if you're a hopeless romantic, you're going to love this and if you're not, you might be after you hear about these couples scouples. >> we're creating a new original
2:51 am
to everybody that will premier tomorrow but first we want you to meet some of the stars. >> hi. so glad to see you. what a pleasure. it's great to see you. >> i'm standing with couples who collectively represent more than 350 years of successful marriage. no better experts for a few lessons on love. >> she was crossing the street and the guy i was with, i told him i'm going to marry her and he sdsaid what are you nuts? i was only 15. >> from that day on it seemed no was. he was a pain in the neck, to be honest with you. >> she wore high heels and a very tight dress and my eyes going out of my head.
2:52 am
what did he charge you and i told her and she said are you crazy, take it back. >> and i said i'll return your money if you have lunch with me. >> i said come on now, i'll take you for a ride and she said oh, no, i'll take you in my car. she had an old plymouth with the shifter on the steering wheel and the clutch and i says, well, i'm not letting this one go. so, i took the ride, you know. >> she had a cocktail in her hand and her hair was a beautiful burgundy deep red and she had cheetah glass inon and the wolf in me said wow. >> did you feel something spells special right away? >> no, not even close.
2:53 am
this big and he proposed. who could resist that? >> one night we come home and he said, you know i decided i love you. >> that was romantic. >> so, i said to him i'm not sure i like you. >> i remember those voices going doing? what are you saying? i thought you were going to wait until you were 30. marrying me. >> and what did you say? >> i said yes. >> how do you make a marriage last 50 plus years? >> we never, ever in 61 years have gone to bed mad. >> i'm not saying i didn't get out of bed and leave the bed but i'd go out in the living room couch and next thing i knew he'd be on the floor next to me and we'd look at each other and say this is ridiculous. >> i always say yes, dear.
2:54 am
>> but eventually i apologize. >> i still see him as the most sexiest, gorgeous man there is. >> is she delusional or what? >> romance takes different forms. i think it gets better with age. if you fall, i'll always pick you up after i stop laughing. >> 61 years. >> hoda, you did a beautiful job. they were such sweet coupleals. it does get better. if you marry your best friend, it gets better. >> you know better than anybody. >> some of those amazing couples are going to come back tomorrow. so, the wedding guru's took part
2:55 am
will be joining us. >> and this is "today."day." increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. (from x-wing) hyperspace! plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes new plumpify mascara from easy breezy beautiful covergirl this is mineral build up it collects leaving gross germ-ridden stains. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match for that. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly.
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today we all went to the most beautiful baby shower we've ever been here. >> one of our dear friends who works here. >> and don't miss, miss hoda's big musiceo. >> nice talking to you.ou. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level of playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere.
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"mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job is not just to entertain, buto teach. call me or tweet me. today was the perfect illustration of the fact that panic is not a strategy, even though it certainly seems pretty easy. but you can be paralyzed with fear, because oil comes down or interest rates are coming down, bank stocks are going down -- >> sell sell sell. or we can collectively roll up our sleeves and find out what high quality stocks are on sale simply because they're caught up in the marketwide selloff. today paid off after initially getting obliterated, the averages rebounded nicely, to close down 255 points, the nasdaq inching down just 0.39%. first let's get the negative going on. what's really ailing the market is that all stocks trade together off of news that shouldn't produce such an homogenized output. the negative goes like this --


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