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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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more special. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters... the waiting is finally over... a metro family is complete... kevin schafer and his wife dawn welcomed little zander home this afternoon. zander is the second child they've adopted from the democratic republic of congo. you can see emma in pink welcoming her new brother. 13:39 we felt this was a good way to give back to kids and also build our own family and to just give some kids some love and theese two children have had some really rough start at life and we wanted to give them a new life and give them better opportunities 13:58 providing those opportunities was a long time coming. the schafer's started the adoption process three years ago. at one point the government of congo suspended adoptions. that eventually changed following negotiations between leaders in the u-s and congo. as the schafer's waited to complete their family.. they says it was their own family that kept them
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14:04 it felt really good to have all the family support, its been a long road 14:12 but now all together... they say that long road was worth it. one thing that might take zander a little getting used to... is the snow... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... ed... we're getting too used to the snow. a brief standoff ended without
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neighborhood... police say a man fired several shots into the air near 23rd and university around seven o'clock.... then walked into the nearby platinum kutz barber shop. police were able to talk with him on the phone.. and ordered him to come out into the street... get down get down as the man
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swarmed in to make the arrest.... they then turned their attention to platinum kutz... searching the building with guns drawn just in case another suspect was inside... police haven't released the man's name... and say at a minimum he'll be charged with discharging a firearm within city limits. des moines police also arrested a pair of armed suspects overnight... they say the two men attempted to break into a home on park avenue. the homeowner called police... and as officers pulled up.. they say the two men drove away. that led to a chase that hit 70-miles per hour and ended when the suspect crashed into a ditch near 63rd and park. 'the suspects tried to run from the car but not a wise move with the fresh snow, it was easy to follow their tracks we had them in custody in a matter of minutes. 31 year old zeferino padilla and 33 year old felipe padilla are charged with felon in possession of a firearm and attempted burglary. a substitute teacher is facing
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police removed the sub from a junior high classroom in iowa city, thursday morning. they did that based on complaints from students that the teacher was drunk. the substitute's name isn't being released because he wasn't charged with a crime. jim pedersen with the iowa city school district tells the cedar rapids gazette, "the teacher will be excluded from subbing in our district. i'm not going to say forever. he will be excluded from subbing." who agrees with president obama more... the two democratic presidential candidates battled over that exact issue last night... joe johns has more as the two return to the campaign trail. hillary clinton pitching south carolina voters today on why she is best suited to be the democratic nominee. presidential candidate"i'm going to go after every single barrier that stands in the way of what americans can do." the clinton campaign is hoping the palmetto state can help slow bernie sanders' momentum
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win on tuesday. presidential candidate"thank you new hampshire." the fight for the first-in-the-south primary will likely hinge on support from african-american voters - who make up over half the democratic electorate in the state. clinton lost african-americans in south carolina to president obama by nearly 60 points in 2008. "thank you south carolina." with the president still held in high regard by african americans and democrats nationwide -- both candidates are working hard show their support for him -- including in thursday night's debate in milwaukee. presidential candidate"president obama and i are friends." presidential candidate"i think president obama has set a great example." clinton is trying to drive a wedge between sanders and president obama presidential candidate"the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i do not expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to
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presidential candidate"madam secretary that is a low blow." with sanders returning the favor... presidential candidate"one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate." sanders also targeting clinton over wall street contributions to her super pac ... presidential candidate"15 million dollars from wall street." an attack clinton rebutted by noting president obama's super pac also took money from wall street in 2008 -- but that did not influence his decision-making as president. presidential candidate"let's not in any way imply here that either president obama or myself, would in any way not take on any vested interests, whether it's wall street, or drug companies, or insurance to let clinton off the hook. presidential candidate"people does wall street make huge campaign the fun of it; they want to throw money around." when it comes to reining in wall
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share a similar view - but that her agenda goes beyond that one issue. presidential candidate"i am not a single-issue candidate, and i do not believe we live in a single-issue country." as the candidates prepare for the nevada caucuses.... move-on-dot-org is trying to change how the democratic party picks its nominee... under the current system.. a candidate with the least amount of votes can still become the nominee... and this is why... in new hampshire.. senator bernie sanders received 56-thousand more votes than hillary clinton.... yet you can still call it it tie. that's because the state's six super delegates have pledged their support to hillary clinton... giving them 15 a piece. superdelegates are made up of democratic elected officials and party insiders.... and you can see they overwhelmingly support clinton. she has a 350-delegate advantage despite splitting the first two nominating contests. candidates need the support of nearly 24-hundred total
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senate democratic leader harry reid says the superdelegates are needed to counter racial problems in iowa and new hampshire... 56-01:27 eight years ago i looked at this and i though how in the world could we have the future of this country dependent on iowa which is 93 percent white and we have new hampshire which is 97 percent white. no diversity, no diversity in iowa and to have the final decision based on those two states, it was wrong reid may have forgotten that barack obama won the iowa caucuses... which launched him to eventually becoming the nation's first african american president. voters in reid's home state of nevada went with hillary clinton in 2008. he held on longer than half the field... but former virginia governor jim gilmore is throwing in the
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gilmore failed to qualify for all but one presidential debate. he also finished last in the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary. in suspending his campaign today... gilmore says he will support the eventual nominee. high school basketball teams are down to their final two regular season games.... this is when the wins matter most. and two metro teams want to make sure they're a part of the post season... the highlights.. .and which one could be moving on coming up in sports. "it's rough right now. the water isn't good to drink. to shower some people are using bottled water." monte morris knows first hand what his home town is going through... how he's trying to make other people understand. find out how iowa state is helping right after the break.
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56 i would be standing in : "i never thought at the age of 56 i would be standing in a water ration line every day." the people of flint michigan don't have a choice... an effort to cut costs has poisoned their drinking water. the problem started two years ago when the town began drawing its water from the flint river... city and state leaders are accused of saying the water was safe.. when they knew it wasn't... since the switch... 84-people have been infected with legionnaries disease... nine of them died. the water also has high levels of iron and lead... the same water that people in flint were drinking also passed through this fire truck. the truck cost half-a-million dollars. it's only a year-and-a-half old... but it needs thousands of
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"the intake valve, we see rust around it. we also have rubber that seals it. those are being destroyed by whatever is in the water." federal lawmakers already held one hearing on the problem. next week, they will hold a second. the house also passed a bill requiring the e-p-a to do what most people would think is obvious. the house passed a bi-partisan bill that holds the epa accountable for keeping the public informed in the event of high lead levels as chairman upton said yesterday this bill should not be necessary but it is the people of flint can find a distraction by watching one of their own who has gone on to do great things.. and the town is always on the mind of the iowa state star who calls it home... channel 13's justin surrency has the story. "i know how rough and tough flint is so i just try to play with that edge."for
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morris...home is where the heart is... "everytime i lace up here i'm respresenting flint..."right now his family and hometown are experiencing heartache... "it's rough right now. the water isn't good to drink. to shower some people are using bottled water."in april of 20-14 under the control of a state appointed emergency manager the city temporarily began drawing it's water from the flint river in a cost saving measure while a new water pipeline from lake huron was completed... "the water changed and they opened up the water tower and it was pure yellow. it looked very bad."after nearly 2 year's of denial the state's department of environmental quality has now admitted it failed to treat flint's water for corrosive materials which eroded lead pipes
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drinking water...putting lives at risk... "for kids to be using the water so long they have lead poisoning."he's worried for their future... "they say lead poising causes memory damage that's an opportunity. when you are losing a little knowledge up top, that might be your opportunity to pass the act... "it just hurts me inside to know my city is going through that and as of right now i can't do much for it.."now the iowa state community is following monte's point guard mentality with an assist on go fund me... "i was really affected by the crisis happening there so i really just wanted to give back. i feel like it's something not enough people do and it's so easy."a recent trip back home provided motivation and perspective for morris... "plenty of kids that watch me, i go home to the boy's and girl's club and they are running up to me. you know those are the same kids drinking that water."sparking a new passion not only for a championship run for the cyclone faithful but now for a city in need... nats introduction "number 11 from flint michigan "i'just trying to give thety hopa something to be oud of." you can find a lk to the-fund-me account on our
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you can find a link to the go-fund-me account on our website at who-t-v- dot-com. a water main in philadelphia
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go-fund-me left until the postseason tips off. 2 metro teams making a strong push towards state. hoover and north. packed house at north high school. 2nd q. dontre english, creates.
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english. polar bears up 6. but the huskies go on a big run. off the steal. douglas wilson, huskies within 1. then its aldreias campbell hoover now up 4. clock winding down in the 2nd. tyreke locure. the freshman with a stepback 3. thats nba range. he is goooooddd. but hoover pulls away in the 2nd. huskies win 72-60 the postseason pairings are set but stakes are always high when valley and dowling meet. tigers and maroons also poised to make a run at state. tigers ranked 7th. maroons 4th in the latest rankings. valley quick out oft he gates.
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the 3. tigers up 3. next possession. pete economos, lets have another. 6-zip tigers. dowling answers inside with the big man ted brown. muscles up between 3 defenders. then its defense leading to offense. sam ingoli the block, and cole scizenski shows he is a bad man. whoa! left handed dunk and the foul. student section is like...'what the heck just happened...' but valley gets the last laugh. tigers win a good one 41-39. another ranked showdown on the girls side. dowling trailed by 3 at the half but they turn it on in the 3rd. anna wanek, mid range game on point. maroons up 1. then lets go further out. marin daniel drops in 3 more. 11-0 run to start the 3rd. lead up to 8. tigers respond with their talented freshman zoe young, floater is good. but the maroons are too tough in the 2nd half. dowling wins
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drake women crush illinois state 98-58. 26 for lizzy wendell jameel mckay is back head coach steve prohm confirmed the news today. mckay will not start against the longhorns but come off the bench and play against texas. the senior has missed the last 2 games because of suspension. the cyclones went 1-1 without mckay. mckay adds size and depth...steve prohm is glad his center is back cyclones need this one saturday night. the longhorns have moved
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in the big 12 standings. missed opportunity. thats the best way to describe iowa's loss to indiana. the hawkeyes had a chance to stay in sole possession of first place in the big 10, but indiana had other ideas. missed free throws, bad start, rebounding, all contributed to the 85-78 loss. hawks return home sunday to take
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10...minnesota. a kentucky museum has found a way to turn lemons into
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you might remember the lemons... in 20-14 a giant sinkhole opened up under the national corvette museum in kentucky. eight of the classic cars were
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here's the lemonade... the corvette cave-in exhibit. it opened today and documents the damage caused by the cave in and what it took to recover the damage cars. the museum says the exhibit is nearly
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ray romano, lucy hale, musical guest, brandi carlile, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 401, rhode island. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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