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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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a prominent member of the u -s
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according to the san antonio news- express... senior supreme court justice -- antonin scalia -- died of natural causes while staying at a luxury resort in west texas. scalia was appointed by president ronald reagan in 19-86. he is considered one of the most conservative justices in recent years. scalia was 79 - years old . an urbandale police officer shot and killed a suspect after responding to a drug call at a hotel earlier today. officers were called to the
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four this morning. when police arrived they found three people in the hotel lobby. that's when officers say one of the people pulled out gun and started shooting at them. police returned fire... killing the shooter. channel 13's reid chandler joins us live from the hotel with the latest on the investigation yeah jodi, police tell me this will be a lengthy investigation because it did feature an officer- involved shooting... police tell me there are security cameras inside the hotel that should be able to give the different departments involved in this investigation more clarity as to exactly what happened, and when. but what they're able to discern right now is that officers who responded to the call got into a "scuffle" with the male suspect... that scuffle escalated when he took out a firearm and fired at the officers... the urbandale police department says it has strict policies on when officers should use force...they say that's definitely a situation where the use of force is acceptable. but to ensure every detail of
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happened at this hotel is sorted out, multiple groups are involved in this investigation. 13:27:33 "it'll be a long, drawn-out investigation; the county attorney is involved, dci, our people. and there's multiple aspects to that investigation - you know, there's the criminal side, we've also got our internal side as far as use of force, and did we follow all of our policies?" :01-:16 now there were two other suspects, both females from what police tell me. as soon as the scuffle with the male subject started, they ran out the door and actually made it about five to six blocks down the road before they were caught. police say they were detained briefly but then let go. the identities on all three of these people have not been given just yet. the u-s state department is releasing more emails from the private server -- hillary clinton used during her time as secretary of state more than a thousand pages of
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today. bringing the total number to more than 45 - thousand. none of the recent emails were considered to be "top secret" the agency plans on making the rest of the emails public on february 29 - th... the day before the super tuesday primaries now just a week out from the south carolina primary.... republican presidential candidates are preparing to take to the debate stage tonight. chris pollone has more on what we can expect ... for the first time in the 2016 campaign, just six republican candidates will be on the debate stage saturday night.... trying to impress voters in south carolina. it's a state with a large percentage of voters who call themselves conservative evangelical christians. a fact not lost on texas senator ted cruz. s/ sen. ted cruz / presidential candidate:17 - :30"they're looking for a consistent conservative, someone who has a proven record of defending the constitution, of defending the bill of rights, of defending the free market principle and judeo-christian values that are
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great nation." cruz and donald trump have been sparring online and over the airwaves for weeks... each claiming an election "win" since voting started... will they attack each other in person tonight, in a state known for its rough and tumble campaigns? s/ donald trump / presidential candidate:43 - :46"you have cruz. find out where he gets his money!" perhaps the most pressure tonight is on florida senator marco rubio... analysts say he needs a strong debate performance. he was widely panned for his poor performance in the last debate. and now cruz is portraying him as a flip-flopping opportunist. the next democratic contest is saturday in nevada... where vermont senator bernie sanders hopes to keep the pressure on hillary clinton. s/ sen. bernie sanders / presidential candidate 1:08 - 1:18we surprised them in iowa, we surprised them in new hampshire, we're gonna surprise them here in nevada! all the candidates... searching for momentum... with super tuesday and hundreds of delegates up for grabs coming in a little more than two weeks. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. on friday, former virginia
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he was dropping out of the republican race. he says he will endorse whoever the republicans nominate for president. if you haven't had a chance to get a valentine's day gift for your special someone... it's still not to late. many florists in the metro expect big business before the holiday. boesen florists plans to deliver more than one -thousand flower arrangements over the weekend. some people are not interested in the multi - million dollar holiday. but psychologist david grove says it's important to take part because it shows your willingness to express your appreciation for others 7:42:23:25-7:42:43:26 if your willing to to take some of your resources and use them as a expression of your love for that person, most of the time it's symbolic, it's one of many love languages. a bakery in johnston is feeling
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"cupcake addict" opened yesterday. the store was supposed open on thanksgiving but due to construction issues had to postpone. the store's manager says opening around valentine's day is a good thing... it can hardly keep up with the demand for cupcakes.... but it's also a learning process 434601 - as were learning some of the cupcakes are not turning out of the oven properly so we are having to ditch those there's much more to come on the channel 13 news at six northern iowa was on the road today. a chance for the panthers to pull off a shocker. that's coming up later in sports -- but first.... 8:55:01:10:55:08:12 seeing all the costumes, people having a good time.. they're aren't out here to win it, it's more to just have that atmosphere." thousands of people dressed in flannel and took to the streets today... how they money they raised will help others in need. people in the metro are
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animal lovers got an up close and personal chance to view the nation's bird the des moines parks and recreation and the iowa department of natural resources brought the wildlife indoors.... guides also helped people look for eagles and their nests outside along the des moines river. today's event was also meant to educate about the environmental hazards eagles are facing. experts say about half of the birds they see are suffering from lead poisoning bald eagles are protected under the national emblem act not only was it a good day to bird watch... but good day to get out and run... but you had to bundle up to do it. close to 11 - hundred runners took part in the annual red flannel run. runners could choose between a 3 - mile route or 5 - miles. the race started and finished at the wellmark y-m-c-a downtown. money raised from the event will go toward the 20-16 y-m-c-a annual campaign -- to help low income families
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8:54:11:03-8:54:23:18 helps individuals that cannot afford a membership to the ymca to be able to come down and and be a member of the ymca, it allows them to take part in our programs...any sort of activity along those lines." this is red flannel run's 27 - th year.. a winter weather advisory is in place for the northern half of
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sunday night on soundoff...what's bugging andy is a crucial part of the sports world that is as foreign to me as mongolian yak's milk. chances are, with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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area from 9pm saturday until 6pm on sunday. this means there could be slick roads due to snow in those areas. be sure to use caution if you plan on traveling now through sunday evening. snow is expected to move in around 8 or 9pm this evening and last through the morning hours sunday. snow totals will be around 2-4" in the des moines metro with 3-5" throughout the northeast. a warm front is expected to lift over the area on sunday, so although snow is expected, highs will be in the upper 20s to near 30 in the afternoon. this will be the start of a warm pattern as we see a ridge building in the west. highs will range from the upper 30s at the beginning of the work week to the upper 40s and
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we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. we serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod. this cod grows in water that is cold, clean and pristine, full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants. it's not pre-breaded. so not only do we use the highest quality cod, but we still hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america.
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northern iowa is impossible to figure out. panthers have beaten north carolina, and iowa state. but they've also lost 11 games and will likely need to win the mvc tournament to make the big dance. on the road today at number 25 wichita state. uni ends the 1st half on a 12-0 run. clint karlson buries the 3. 12 for carlson...38-27 purple at the break. 2nd half. wes washpun, liftoff. lefty hammer. lead up to 15.
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markus mcduffie inside and we';re tied at 44. but the panthers dont blink. matt bohannon. nba 3 with a hand in his face, lead back up to 7. then its washpun again, drives, bucket and the foul. wichita state's 43 game home winning streak is ova! uni with a big win 53-50. another loss for the drake men. 75-60 on the road at southern illinois jameel mckay is back and iowa state needs a big win. cyclones return home tonight to take on 24th ranked texas at 7:30. the longhorns beat isu in overtime 1 month ago in austin. iowa state is in 6th place in the big 12, 2 games back of kansas and west
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cyclone women fall to 4 and 9 in the big 12, losing at tcu 79-69 swimmers work all year for a few seconds of glory at the state meet. shaved heads, shaved legs, all worth it if it means a state title. boys state meet from marshalltown. 200 freestyle. johnston's stepjan fiolic takes 2nd in 1:40.36, less than a second behind the winner. 100 freestyle. another win for west, but fiolic of johnston takes 2nd, his teammate fuhr 3rd. 100 butterfly. finally a local winner. josh waltman of waukee, wins in 50.01 seconds. first individual champ in waukee history
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the warriors win their first state swimming title. 34 points better than iowa city west. johnston finished in 5th. one week from today we'll be crowning state wrestling champions. first its all about getting to the well. loaded 3a district from johnston. 106. indianola's kobey pritchard first period pin... pritchard heading to state for first time. 126. dowling's jake watters recovered from off-season knee surgery.. missed half the season... but he's going to state. 4-0 decision. overtime at 132 pounds... next point wins... in front of his
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crowd..ethan ksiazek gets the take down, two points and a walk off win. dragons are district champs more districts from dallas center grimes. semifinal matches, winners head to state. 152. norwalk's alan mooregets a takedown in extra time to beat dallas miles. 170. valley's austin stotts, no trouble, gets hunter stumpf twisted like a pretzel. stotts your district champ. 182. newtons duncan lee a big 3rd period fall on southeats polk's kameron padavich. lee is a district champ. 195. dcg's logan buck, a fall in the semis. buck then wins the finals be decision. then 2 of the fastest falls you'll ever see. sep's ethan anderson the pin in 10 seconds. valley's rocky lombardi tops that, 5 second fall... anderson would beat lombardi in the finals.
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[ island music plays ] wheel... of...
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aloha! aloha! and now from the hilton waikaloa village on the island of hawaii, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white! aloha! mahalo and all that good stuff. thank you. thank you, jim. we're back in hawaii. can you tell? yes. thank you. goodbye. have a good one. hi, everybody. you all set? everybody have one? good. our first toss-up of the night is a "movie title." it's worth $1,000. and here we go. [ bell chimes ] and it's roger and sprout. "the wedding singer."


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