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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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patchy fog is showing up in spots this morning. some light snow is falling in sw iowa and a few roads are starting off slick because of it. today will be the start of a warming trend throughout the week. we'll be in the middle to upper 30s monday- wednesday, with upper 40s to lower 50s following through the weekend. besides a rain/snow mix on tuesday morning, most of the
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first on 13... we're following a developing story first on 13... we're following a developing story this morning out of wright county. authorities there are investigating a double shooting that happened last night. police say it happened in the 100 block of north lucas in eagle grove. they say two people were involved. one, we know was flown to a des moines hospital by helicopter. no word on their condition this morning. police have yet to name any suspects or say what led to the shooting. we're expecting to hear more on this later this morning. today, the cy-ride bus driver accused in a deadly hit and run is set to face a judge... 23 year old benjamin clague is
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last december. his arraignment is scheduled for 1-30 today in story county court. ames police say clague hit the college student as she was crossing lincoln way. jacobs later died in the hospital... bus video led police to arrest clague about a month later. it includes incriminating audio stop soon after to check his bus for damage. he now faces five years in prison if convicted. governor terry branstad has ordered flags in iowa fly at half staff today... it's all to honor supreme court justice scalia, who died over the weekend. the governor and his wife expressed condolences in a statement yesterday. it reads ...quote "chris and i wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family of justice scalia. he was a brilliant constitutional scholar that adhered the original intent that the founding fathers had for our u-s constitution.... flags will
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until sunset tonight. more political fallout is expected today from scalia's unexpected death... republicans are insisting president obama hold off and let the next president name a successor. but we're already starting to hear some names of who that replacement might be. tracie potts has more from washington. "i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor." the white house says that won't happen this week while congress is on break. but with flags at half-staff, we're already seeing possible candidates mentioned to replace justice antonin scalia: super burned in presidential candidate"that's his prerogative. he has every right to do it." presidential candidate"that's his perogative. but we don't have to confirm him and we won't." the court's in the middle of its term, with more cases to hear and decide between now and july. without conservative scalia, key cases could end up in a tie. super burned in presidential candidate"we will see abortion on demand throughout this country...partial birth abortion...taxpayer
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notification." super burned in presidential candidate"we need a conservative person." democrats insist the country shouldn't have to wait nearly a year for the next president to decide. presidential candidate"we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice." super burned in presidential candidate"i don't think the public would look kindly on republican actions to try to thwart what he is supposed to be able to do." tracie potts nbc news washington one name mentioned as a replacement for the late supreme court justice comes from iowa. jane kelly is a judge in the eight u-s circuit court of appeals. she is currently serving in cedar rapids, iowa. president obama nominated her three years ago in january... she has been serving in eastern iowa since 1994. meanwhile locals are reacting to all the political noise this morning... and some warn that it all takes away from the real issue. drake constitutional law professor -- mark kende -- says a new justice should be nominated
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major cases pending in the supreme court -- like affirmative action, delay could disrupt are likely with just eight justices will force the lower court to resolve issues. kende says typically, finding a quick replacement is relatively doable optimistic. we are a year away from a new i would maybe say something different but if were a year away there is plenty of time and normally that would be plenty of time to go through a process but the polarization is so bad that's not clear it's going to happen the only recent case comparable to scalia's vacancy was in 19-68 under president lyndon johnson. however, johnson nominated someone the year before. the senate didn't turn down that choice until the election year of 1968
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morning after a major snarl on interstate 80 yesterday... it happened in cedar county near west branch. three people were injured during the massive pile up... state patrol says it involved more than 30 cars and left traffic backed up for hours. it all started with a 5 car collision around noon, but then shortly after, another 28 vehicles collided. drivers headed the opposite way were left to watch the wreckage. "i passed it heading east on 80, it looked like they were cleaning it up and things were getting more to normal but cars were still there all cracked up." you can see some of those cracked up cars in this photo. even about five miles from the scene traffic was still backed up. traffic is about to get slower out for those headed through urbandale today... that's because the city is closing 100th street for construction.
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drive to northpark drive. it's all to widen the stretch from two to five lanes... crews will also add traffic signals and begin building a new four-lane bridge where the road crosses the interstate. it isn't expected to reopen until november. starting the year unemployed can
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but people in the metro have some help to get back on their feet... channel 13's josh nguyen joins us from the central library this morning where a couple local organizations are teaming up to make the job search process a little less daunting.
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the iowa wild has some hiring to do this morning... head coach john torchetti has announced he's leaving iowa... and heading north. torchetti has been promoted to coach the minnesota wild on an interim basis, and it's a chance to coach some familiar faces. what i want from them and i'm going to want more from them. going over our roles as a team and uh pretty exciting time torchetti has been an interim coach twice in his career but never a full-time nhl coach. the hawkeyes are fresh off another sunday victory this
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home against winless minnesota last night. 1st half. peter jok, 3 from the wing. jok scores the first 5 points. iowa up 3. the gophers led for much of the first half, but then jarrod uthoff wakes up. way deep. he brings 11 straight points and the hawks are up 6 at the break. 2nd half. jok brings that lead up to 10. the gophers whittle that lead down to two.... but the hawks dunk and rebound their way to the top. 75-71 the final. not the prettiest win, in fact a little ugly at times. but a win no less. that win keeps iowa on top of the big 10. 1 game up on indiana and maryland. next up they head on the road wednesday... to face penn state one final day of practice for the cyclones this morning. tomorrow, they head south to take on the baylor bears.
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p-m. still ahead... tax season is already off to a
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we'll tell you the warning the irs is out with today. and why the cause of troubles
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patchy fog is showing up in spots this morning. some light snow is falling in sw iowa and a few roads are starting off slick because of it. today will be the start of a warming trend throughout the week. we'll be in the middle to upper 30s monday- wednesday, with upper 40s to lower 50s following through the weekend. besides a rain/snow mix on tuesday morning, most of the
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as you race to file your tax return... the irs is racing to track down fake filers. after the break, we take a look at the tax issues already arising this morning. and what you can do to avoid
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our top story... authorities are investigating a double shooting in wright county this morning. it happened last night in eagle grove. police say two people were involved.. one was flown to a metro hospital. no word on their condition this morning or whether police have any suspects. we're expecting to hear more on this later this morning. an iowa state campus bus driver is in court today. 23 year old benjamin clague is accused of hitting and killing emmalee jacobs along his bus route last december. police say bus video led them to arrest clague one month later. he now faces five years in prison if convicted. his arraignment is scheduled for this afternoon in story county court. we're just a few weeks into tax
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already we're seeing problems ahead. the irs is alerting taxpayers that there could be something terribly wrong with their tax returns. nbc's chris clackum has more american taxpayers across the country are getting letters from the irs... that shows the agency is again dealing with an onslaught of fraudulent tax returns. "unfortunately for consumers, tax return fraud is not going to go away anytime soon" cnbc's kelli grant has been writing about it... ....and says the troubles can be traced back to last year's data security breaches... ....where millions of social security numbers ended up in the hands of i-d thieves. the thieves then use the number to file a fake return and get other people's tax refund. "in most cases, we're hearing that they're e-filing. they're just doing this in bulk...massive amounts of returns and they know a lot of these are going to get rejected, they're going to be caught by the irs" she says taxpayers should take comfort that many are being caught by the irs... and that more
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detect the real return from a fake one. but the individual can't do much to prevent fraud.. except to file before the thief does. "try to get all of that done so that as soon as you have all of your w-2's, 1099's..all of that in can file right away" which means trying to file your return by the end of this week.
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case continues... a campus bus route turns deadly in ames. now the man accused of the fatal hit and run has his day in court... we'll tell you how long he faces behind bars. tanning feud... iowans rally to save the skin of minors. we'll tell you why with or without a decision from lawmakers, things may be headed in a safer direction. job fair.. an event in des moines will try to match people looking for work with companies looking to hire. it's monday february 15th..


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