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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the governor's effort to improve first hurdle. hear why he says change is coming to his signature piece of legislation... a dispute ended in gunfire on the streets of eagle grove. tonight, two men are in the hospital in critical condition. good evening and thank you for i'm erin kiernan... and i'm dan winters. two men were shot in eagle grove last night.. and police believe one of them is the shooter. authorities are now investigating what happened on north lucas avenue. channel 13's jannay towne joins us with the latest... the initial call to 911 said one man had been shot... when police arrived, they found two men with gun shot wounds. investigators say the nature of their injuries shows them who is the suspect and who is the victim. neighbors and passersby had the same reaction to the crime scene on lucas avenue in eagle grove.
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tonight, investigators are still trying to sort out what sandy smith drove by on her way home from work around eight last night. dci 16:06:17 eagle grove police officers and the wright county sheriff's office both responded to where two subjects had been shot.. 24 the two men were found on opposite sides of the street in front of these apartments. neither lives there and if police know how or why they ended up there.. they aren't saying.. while both men had gun shot wounds, investigators believe there was only one shooter. dci 16:07:33 one of them being called a victim, one being called a suspect, we feel, law enforcement feels that one was obviously the aggressor sandy 13:26:39 this is a small town. everybody gets along. everybody knows everybody. i was really surprised. 50 as you might expect, the rumor mill is working overdrive in the small community. investigators confirm the two knew each other, but arent releasing any motive for the shooting or details of the potentially private
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dci 16:10:02 this was a very isolated incident between two individuals. we do not feel like there's any public safety issue to the community or the residents of eagle grove or wright county 13 that provides a bit of comfort to longtime residents shaken by what happened... and what they saw. sandy 13:26:52 after last night, i'm kind of feel safe 56 d-c-i is assisting the eagle investigation. the names of the victim and this time. both men's injuries are described as potentially life threatening. tonight we're learning more involving urbandale police. it happened early saturday at the "holiday inn" on merle hay road. officers were responding to a drug complaint, when a fight broke out in the lobby. officials say 29 year old ali yahia, of des moines, started firing a gun. police returned fire and killed him. nobody else was hurt. the officers involved are jeff casey, anthony brooks, and justice weaver. they're on paid
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while their colleagues investigate. a cedar rapids man is dead and his wife is injured after their home went up in flames. firefighters were called to the mobile home this morning. ronald and karen rogers, both 72 years old, were inside. ronald died at the scene, while hospital. officials say the fire caused extensive damage, but it didn't spread to nearby homes. investigators are still trying to determine the cause. authorities are investigating a 35. a tractor trailer tipped over, south of cumming, early this morning. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the northbound lanes were closed for three hours so crews could clear the wreckage. the crash caps off a messy weekend on iowa's interstates. troopers say 34 vehicles were involved in a pileup on interstate 80, near west branch... they say drivers were going too fast on icy roads and didn't allow enough time to stop. three people were hurt, but all are expected to recover. at one point, traffic was backed up for 5 miles.
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chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us with details on a warmup. a weak disturbance will cross through central iowa late tonight between midnight and 7 am. it will bring a mix of rain-snow across the state. temperatures will hover right around 32 degrees. by the commute in, the precipitation should be done but roads may be wet or slick in spots. police are investigating
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police are investigating multiple allegations of sex abuse at a keokuk boarding school. the federal investigation led to a raid at "midwest academy" last month. according to the des moines register.. federal agents are investigating five different allegations that students at the school were abused by staff members over the past three years. the academy is temporarily closed. a domestic violence survivor is sharing her story in a very public way. tiffany allison created a dramatic p-s-a hoping it grabs the attention of lawmakers. channel 13's stephanie moore has her story... it's a powerful message... it's a powerful message... the p-s-a recreates the injuries seven women suffered at the hand of one
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victims in the video but they are all portraying very realistic injuries that were sustained and were just really trying to hit home that this is the kind of offender were talking about.' the force behind the p-s-a is domestic violence survivor, tiffany allison... in 2009, allison was attacked and beaten by her boyfriend... her offender was sentenced to two and a half years but served just ten months.... after getting released he assaulted another woman and is now back in prison... 'its been an emotional experience putting the psa together but we feel like its necessary to get the public engaged...' allison is pushing for legislation that would require third strike offenders of any violent crime to serve at least 85-percent of their sentence. currently most only serve about 33- percent... she's hoping the video hits home with lawmakers... 'we think the psa is really powerful and we hope it bridges the gap that has been a disconnect between
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reality, this is a problem and potentially people could be dying because of inaction.' senator matt mccoy is sponsoring the bill.... 'i have great empathy for victims that have to live in fear and knowing they could be re-victimized at any time and im touched by her story and i hope other legislatures will consider that when they consider the importance of this legislature.' allison is hoping that's the case and continues to lobby for the bill despite her offender being released this fall... 'im really scared hes going to do this again and potentially kill someone the next time and i know i dont want to be responsible for that so thats part of the reason i fight so hard to get this legislation passed.' stephanie moore, channel 13 news. the bill, also sponsored by senator mccoy, failed to make it out of subcommittee last year.
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similar legislation, and plans to move it onto committee... the two hope a blend between the bills will pass the senate. governor branstad's signature piece of legislation to change what happens to the state's penny sales tax has cleared its first legislative committee. the house agriculture committee signed off on the plan today. the governor wants to split money from the statewide penny sales tax between schools and water quality efforts. he'd extend the current state sales tax that's been devoted to school infrastructure for another 20 years. in exchange for the certainty of that extension....schools would only get the first ten million dollars a year the sales tax raises. the rest would go to water improve projects. the governor told us today...he knows lawmakers will make changes to his overall idea. water quality is critically important to this state's future. and we want to make sure we're working in a collaborative way to address the issues and that we have a long term predicable funding source for that, as
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infrastructure. he projects schools would get 21 billion over the next three decades while water efforts get about five billion. critics have complained the governor's plan could take away too much funding for schools the death of a supreme court justice has started a political battle in washington... and it's spilling over the the campaign trail... coming up, hear why republicans and democrats are at odds over his replacement. and later, the hawkeyes are fresh of another big win over the weekend... see how it's effecting their rankings, and how they plan to move forward. iowa flags are flying at half staff to honor the life of
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iowa flags are flying at half staff to honor the life of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he died of natural causes this weekend after nearly 30 years on the bench. as condolences come in, battle lines are being drawn over his successor... leaders are feuding over who should choose the right person for the job. i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate his successor in due time. and there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. president obama promised to nominate a replacement soon, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to leave it up to the next president. the responsibility is putting republican and democratic candidates at
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in the last 80 years, we have not once has the senate confirmed the nomination made in an election year and now is not the year to start. i think i'm going to be the next president and i'm going to nominate someone as much like scalia as possible.< the constitution is pretty clear and that is, it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the supreme court and the senate confirms. it's unlikely the republicans will be able to delay the process until the president leaves office. on average, it takes just 69 days to confirm the nominee. two metro organizations want to help you land a job outside the federal field... "goodwill" and the "des moines public library" are offering job search assistance. they're bringing in experts to give resume advice and demonstrate interview techniques. it takes place at the library's central location, tomorrow and wednesday afternoon. a computer lab will also be available for
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a weak disturbance will cross through central iowa late tonight between midnight and 7 am. it will bring a mix of rain-snow across the state. temperatures will hover right around 32 degrees. by the commute in, the precipitation should be done but roads may be wet or slick in spots. we'll stay in the middle to upper 30s tuesday and wednesday, with upper 40s to lower 50s through the weekend. besides the rain/snow mix early tuesday morning, most of the week will be dry. it was interesting to see what iowa would do with season
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it was interesting to see what iowa would do with season ticket prices. on one hand, the hawks come off a perfect 12 and oh regular season. might want to capitalize on that.
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one sellout, a night game against minnesota. it's a slight increase. season tickets for 7 games now $405 for renewals, 415 for a new buyer. that's up from 395 for season tickets this past season. the new season ticket averages to just over $59 a game. individual tickets go on sale later, with wisconsin and michigan priced highest at 85 dollars. iowa state loses a grad transfer recruit. 6-6 300 pound lineman tyler catalina tweets, in part, "my decision. i have decided to decommit from iowa state and have decided that i will be playing my final year at the university of georgia." the hawkeyes had a 1 and 1 week, but the loss at indiana did not cost iowa a spot in the a-p poll. villanova stays #1, followed by two big 12 teams, kansas and oklahoma. iowa stays fourth, and the cyclones move up one to 13th.
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a big ten championship, the first since the 1970s. the hawks have a one game lead with five to pay. the hawkeyes have done a good job of not playing down to their opponent, but last night, minnesota stayed with iowa until the end. minnesota is winless in the big ten conference. fran mccaffery will take the win, and isn't surprised it was close. hawks play at penn state wednesday night. it's a 5:30 tip, iowa time. the cyclones who can beat any team in the country showed up strong saturday night. jameel mckay returned from a two game attitude suspension, and provided a lift, and lift off,
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steve prohm says mckay won't start at baylor either, but he's needed for isu to go next level. another chance at a top 25 win when iowa state plays at baylor tuesday night. iowa state and baylor have identical 18-7 records overall, and 7-5 in the conference, tied for fourth. finally tonight, forget playing
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one dog in florida was born to boogie! this video shows why she earned the name "ginger rogers." the one year old pup showed off her moves at the shelter she was taken to after being found roaming the streets. when the video went viral, someone decided they had room for a dancing dog, and adopted her. next on the news at nine...
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we're enjoying the spectacular seaside view, and so could you. the disney sea & shore sweepstakes begins tonight. wheel of fortune! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. thank you. appreciate that.


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