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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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"he does a lot of tilts and turns other kids cant do" ...and he needs just four more wins to be crowned a state champion. find out why kobey pritchard's opponents have quit underestimating him... and why it's taken so long. it's a case tat could have far reaching implications on it's a case that could have far reaching implications on future wrongful death lawsuits... all stemming from the death of a famous iowa musician. and i'm dan winters. the bassist for the band slipknot... paul gray died of a drug overdose in moines doctor daniel baldi for wrongful death. the case comes down to timing... and could redefine a state law... the iowa supreme court took it up tonight... channel 13's mike dasilva was 13... that's right..when does the
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members have to file a lawsuit if they suspect their loved one's death was caused by negligence or some other wrongful action by a doctor. iowa's statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims is two years... at the time of gray's death his wife was three months pregnant with their daughter. four years later, in february of 2014, mr. gray's estate, his wife, and child filed a lawsuit against gray's doctor -- daniel baldi. that lawsuit sought to recover financial damages for what they claim is the wrongful death of mrs. gray's husband and her child's father. but a district judge dismissed the case because he said it was past the statute of limitations. the judge saying the suit was filed two years too late... this appeal before the supreme court is about whether that was the right call... 23:45:50--23:46:14 what happened in this case was that mr. gray had various drug addiction problems. he was seeking medical help and had sought medical help for some period of time. he ended up dying, and the question in
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medical personnel doctors and hospitals treating him had created any medical malpractice relating to it.' 00:18:23--39 'we believe that the statute of limitations, its not ambigious, the courts been down this road before with shultz, its an analysis that holds true. death is the same now as death as it was then.' this case raises important questions about when a person in iowa may bring a lawsuit stemming from a claim of medical malpractice and about the rights of an unborn child to recover for the death of her father. we can expect a decision from the court as early may...but no later than june... its important to note that baldi was cleared criminally in gray's death after jurors acquitted the doctor of manslaughter in the overdoses of gray and several other patients. iowa's supreme court justices are honoring their late
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u-s supreme court. flags are flying at half staff in honor of justice antonin scalia... until his funeral saturday. iowa chief justice mark cady is confident scalia's replacement won't fall victim to politics. 034:39-034:53 i think its important for everyone to remember that we have a process in place and that process has worked and it will continue to work again. this time around the process on what some leaders in washington have said. president obama says he intends supreme court... whether that person is voted on or not is up to senator charles grassley. he chairs the senate judiciary committee... matt sinovic...2810 my question is will you continue to obstruct the president's nomination and at what point in the president's term does the
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in a written statement.. grassley says its "standard practice over the last nearly 80-years that supreme court nominees are not nominated and confirmed during a presidential election year. he must not remember 19-88... 3-12 i am also thankful as others have expressed for expiditing this vote the first week after a recess.
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kennedy on the committe's vote of confidence today which i think he'll git. in 19-88... an election year... senator grassley was grateful for the senate's decision to quickly take up the supreme court nomination of justice anthony kennedy. kennedy was the second nominee for the vacant seat. president ronald reagan initially selected robert bork in july of 19-87. he was rejected by the senate in october of that same year. in less than two-weeks iowa will turn over management of its medicaid system to three private companies. the change was supposed to happen on january first. it was delayed when federal regulators determined the state wasn't ready. some lawmakers still aren't convinced the state is ready. 'if i called cms would they say everything is ready to go and marked completed and were going to move forward march first, couldnt speak for cms i dont know how they would respond what i do know is that we have agreed we really dont know, we believe were ready march first
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government steps in again.. that is the date the transition will happen. the change is expected to save the state more than 100-million dollars per year. university of iowa police are investigating a disturbing case of sexual misconduct... and they say this is the man behind it. he's accused of a hiding in a girl's bathroom stall in burge hall last night and recording women as they showered. when police confronted the man he fought back... and managed to get away. if you can identify the man... contact university police at 319-335-5022. urbandale police are also on the hunt. they're searching for 17-year old kiara olson of des moines. police think she may have information about saturday's police- involved shooting. 29-year old ali yahia was killed by officers after they say he opened fire on them inside the urbandale holiday inn. today's warm weather brought a lot of melting for us to enjoy... but tomorrow morning... that could
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chief meteorologist ed wilson is keeping tabs on the re-
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a des moines man walked out of the hospital today... and there's one place you'll never find him again.. 03:19:38 i gave my wife my solemn vow that i would not go on the ice again 44 the last time 58 year old rick rauzi was on ice... he was just minutes from death.... he crashed trough the ice at lake ahquabi near indianola on sunday... two fishemen managed to reach him... but even then rauzi wasn't sure if he would survive. 03:13:26 i was afraid to let go of the ice because i'd gone down twice. i slipped off twice and went down over my head and the last time i did it, i knew if i
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indianola fire fighters helped pull rauzi to safety and rush him to the hospital. he is still regaining feeling in his hands... but doctors say they are amazed at how quickly he recovered. fire fighters spend countless hours training for that exact type of rescue... but for a des moines man its that training that's killing him... channel 13's justin surrency explains. marshalltown community college softball coach garland shirley is used to defeating opponents... "my softball players are like and get through alot of things."becoming a des moines firefighter in 2004 was a passion fulfilled... "the camaraderie , having the ability to help people when they are on their worst day, that was something i really enjoyed."and it showed... "you could see that from day one station." "nobody had a bad word to say about garland shirley."while he often helped save the lives of others...a training exercise at
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lake in 2007 is now slowly killing him... "at some point in the time i was in the water i aspirated some of the ice water into my lungs and it caused a lung injury that they call interstitial pneumonia"it scratched his lungs "typically from diagnosis to death of pulminary fibrosis is 3 to 6 years and i was diagnosed in 2007."doctors say a potential lung transplant will only hold off the inevitable... "after a lung transplant, life expectancy is 3-7 years..."but a recent trip to california has offered an alternative for stem cell harvesting treatment.... "they say it has positive effects, a lot of people have seen improvement...i get a long really good now and lung capacity is something i'm alternative will lengthen his life before needing a lung transplant but it's not covered by his firefighters insurance... "whatever the cost it's going to be, i'm going to try to get in typical fashion his des moines firefighting buddies are first
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"anything we can do to help garland."with a fundraiser... "he gave everything he had to the city of des moines and we are trying to give back to garland now."garland doesn't shy away from reality... " i suffered an injury on the fire department that will eventually be reason why i die."but there's another victory the coach hopes to fulfill, one without regrets " i have a grandson on the way, i'd like to be active in his life" "if i could go back and do it again, i'd do it agin. to have the opportunity to help somebody else is the best thing a person can do." garland's daughter created the page just 12 days ago and it's raised over 4,000 dollars...garland hopes to reach his 25,000 goal by april, just before the high school softball season begins so he can coach at ankeny centennial as well... baylor overcame hilton magic in ames... and tonight the cyclones are
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and a win isn't the only thing on the line... later in sports... is there a new mayor in town. his family calls it validation... kobey pritchard looks at as just another step towards a state title... after the break... how the indianola
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it's the best wrestling tournament in the country... and as you can see wells fargo arena is ready for the action to begin tomorrow morning. wrestling is as physical as it gets.. a test of strength between two evenly
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an indianola wrestler has put in the sweat equity... developed his own technique... and now he's ready for the state's biggest stage... channel 13's john sears has the story. nats sot: riley: "kobey has his own style." nats sot: clint manny "lots of tilts and turns other kids cant do." nats sot: riley "his way of wrestling is so different than everyone else's." nats sot: coach "he's just got it." what makes kobey pritchard want to wrestle is pretty simple... sot: kobey "i like to win, i like to be physical with people." his style may be different, but the goal is the same. sot: kobey "i get really aggressive, i fell like i want to beat the crap out of somebody." sot: coach "he found something he loves, something he's good at and he wants to be better. thats the sign of any good wrestler." but kobey pritchard is not the same as
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kobey "ive never wrestled with 2 legs." nats sot: kristie "1 leg doesnt mean hes a disabled child and cant do anything, right? in our house we dont talk disability, we dont talk disadvantage." standup: in november of 2005 at the age of 5 kobey's life was changed forever he was diagnosed with ewing sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. sot: kristie "i thought it was a death sentence." sot: kobey "i remember one day i was running around outside with my friends and all of a sudden i couldnt run anymore. i didnt know what was happening." the cancer had spread all the way up his leg in to his hip. amputation was the only option. sot: kristie "they basically told me ultimately its your decision, but if you want to see him alive in 5 years, this is the best course." sot: coach "what takes guts is a kindergarten kid walking through the halls when kids know you with 2 legs now they see you with 1, that takes courage." sot: kobey "at first i'd go to school and people would feel sorry for me but over time i got used to it and learned to live with it." football, baseball, you name it kobey tried it. sot: kristie "he didnt let 1 leg stop him thats for sure." in 7th grade, wrestling became his passion. nats sot: coach "the best part about him is he does not view himself as an exception, a lot of people do, people see him as disadvantaged. he does not view himself that way." one examplefat...after practice sprints. wn and back in 10 seconds.nats sot: kobey "hell...its not fun." sot: riley "it makes me want to work harder because he's doing it why cant i go even
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the sweat, the sprints puts kobey 1 step closer to his timate goal. sot: kobeyttard right . sasol i dittatate ay rhen oalwo wnachiofhi kr "fr wolalin, folh
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ils goal hoeoeediva state title isn't kobey's only goal. he hopes to wrestle for the division one
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georges niang knew this would be a big night. he'd pass his former coach, fred hoiberg, as the third leading scorer in iowa state history. but what niang wants most at baylor is a win.
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hoiberg early, scores 24 points on the night, but i-s-u trails by six at the break. second half. baylor pushing. the pass to torian prince, and prince throws down! bears still lead by four. back comes isu. big game from abdul nader. corner 3. 3 of his 26 points. isu leads by 1. it's tied in final seconds, jonathan motley rejected! deonte burton with a big block. monte morris will shoot for the win. missed. rebound. again. got it! too late. need overtime again. tied at 81. to the overtime. key sequence, isu down 3, burton for three, airball. baylor rips and runs. pass to motley. dunk. and the frustration foul on burton. game
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for the cyclones, 100 to 91 in overtime. not the way niang wanted this night to end. here's the cyclones career scoring leader list: jeff grayer with more than 25 hundred points won't be caught by niang, or likely anyone else. niang moves into third place and also joins the exclusvie 2 thousand point club. hoiberg drops to fourth, and though i'm sure he would have something witty to say, as an nba coach, fred's not allowed to comment on college players. two teams eyeing a trip to boys state basketball test each other tonight. hoover is the new number one team in class 4-a, hosting 5th ranked dowling. huskies douglas wilson, off the glass and in. that cuts dowling's lead
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brown's first shot doesn't fall, but he comes strong with the put-back. huskies fighting up hill.. tough two for aldreias campbell junior. hoover within three. maroon machine rolling, stevie sarcone the basket and he's fouled. dowling takes down #1 hoover by 10, 46-36. also tonight, north upsets valley. and a nice moment in last night's newton-winteset game. winterset's ryan hinsch, a special needs student enters the game. newton's garrett sturtz, a good guy, turns the ball over to hinsch. and hinsch doesn't just play defense, he knows how to score. that's 2 points, and a lifetime memory. nice job all. andrew harrison scores a career high 36 for the energy,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zach galifianakis, ronda rousey, musical guest, pitbull, featuring robin thicke, joe perry, travis barker and


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