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tv   Today in Iowa at 6  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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showdown begins. in just hours... this space will be so bustling, you won't know where to look. we're live from wells fargo area, with a look at what to expect as thousands pour in to support state wrestling. more alcohol. a new law would put more liquor in iowans' hands. hear how it works, and why some think it could help more than just
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daring escape. a young inmate nearly out-runs officials on his journey between facilities. we'll tell you what went wrong and who helped him in the getaway. it's thursday, february 18. today in iowa starts now. i-80/35 @ meredith i-235 @ keo first on 13... the mats are down
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morning.... the state wrestling championship already has downtown buzzing, as workers prepare for the first big rush of fans. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now live from the epicenter of all the hype... wells fargo arena. and josh, getting there today won't be as easy as fans remember...
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tournament. the event center will have more staff than normal to accommodate the larger crowd. buses can park at principle park and cab will bring fans over but those fans will be responsible for paying. there is a flat fee of $6. new this morning... a fort dodge man is behind bars after a
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inside a walmart store. 36-year-old jeremy werneburg was on the run, charged with attempted murder... then yesterday, police got a tip that he was at a local walmart. this is viewer video of that arrest... police say werneburg began fighting and one officer suffered an injured knee. police had been looking for him since sunday... that's when an eyewitness says he intentionally hit kyle freese with his car outside a hotel in carnarvon. freese is now in stable condition at a des moines hospital. an iowa teen is back behind bars this morning, after nearly escaping completely. story county sheriffs say they were transporting a juvenile inmate from eldora to a facility in clarinda, when things went down hill fast. it happened around two o'clock yesterday afternoon... the transport officer stopped at a rest area just north of ames... and the inmate made a run for it. 10:14:39-53 'he ran from this interstate area, from the ditch, and you can
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back here he ran into the field and im not sure how far into the field he was but he certainly was out of sight from the interstate.' he eventually ended up some 3 or 4 miles down the road... and was picked up by a car, that later broke down, leading to his capture. the incident remains under investigation. iowa lawmakers are making moves to curb racial profiling among police. today a bill focused on just that is expected to pass a senate committee allowing for further debate. it would provide officer training on profiling, create a community advisory board, and standardize how data is collected on every stop an officer makes. supporters say racial profiling has become an "explosive issue" nationally and it can no longer be ignored. meanwhile, des moines police are showing off a different side... the contacts that people have with police aren't always as positive, so this
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police side of things to let people know that we're human and that we have a kind side to us. yesterday they took to the ice with buccaneer hockey players at brenton skating plaza... they say it gives the community a chance to meet them in a more relaxed setting. the charity event raises money for blank children's hospital's child life program -- which helps children facing a life-threatening illness. iowans could soon get their hands on more alcohol. currently, distilleries can only sell two bottles per day to a customer. now a proposed law would increase that to twelve bottles per day. it would allow distilleries sell a drink instead of a taste... much like buying a beer at a brewery. owners say the move wouldn't just benefit them... it would also help iowa farmers... because many of the ingredients found in liquor are locally
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i-235 @ 2nd avenue dmtv 07 i-235 @ euclid i-80 @ hwy 65 bypass still ahead. 'tis the season for
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that's right, warmer temps have
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but you can cure that fever there are some big events bringing people to the metro this weekend... greg edwards from the "des moines convention and visitors bureau" is here to tell us all about them. event: 2016 state wrestling tournament date: thursday, february 18 - saturday, february 20 time: thursday & friday sessions begin at 9 a.m., saturday sessions begin at 10 a.m. location: wells fargo arena admission: $10 per session description: catch the 2016 iahsaa state wrestling tournament at wells fargo arena! watch as the states top high school wrestlers hit the mats as
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event: wine and food showcase date: friday, february 19 time: 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. location: downtown des moines marriott admission: $50, advance tickets $40 description: featuring more than 40 of the finest restaurants, wineries and breweries, the wine & food showcase has become one of des moines premier foodie events. enjoy tasting of beverages and food prepared by some of the top chefs in the des moines area while partaking in a special silent auction. all proceeds support the des moines metro opera programs that host outreach programs and bring award- winning productions to des moines. event: blue ribbon bacon festival date: saturday, february 20 time: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. location: iowa events center admission: $40.75 with no goodie bag, general admission $48.25, early admission $79 description:
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bacon festival! this years festival theme 'body by bacon - sweatin to the sizzle!' will change the way you think about bacon. the event will offer bacon inspired fitness sessions, bacon sampling, bacon recipes and a crowning of the bacon queen. event: cabin fever: spirits & sweets date: saturday, february 20 time: 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. location: living history farms admission: $20 description: celebrate iowas rich distillery history at cabin fever: spirits
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sweets. dare to pair one of a kind mini-tinis mixed by iowa distillers with bite-sized sweets from local eateries.
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switch-up. we'll tell you who's on top now and why it's not the person landing a key stamp of approval. "if the iowa legislature, this building had any shred of decency, any compassion whatsoever, this bill would have been passed years ago." new look. medical cannabis gets a reboot in the state house... the changes that are catching lawmakers eyes today. and why some say it's cutting them out. showdown begins. in just hours... this space will be so bustling, you won't know where to look. we're live from wells fargo area, with a look at what to expect as
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state wrestling. today in iowa starts now. i-80/35 @ hwy 141 i-235 @ mlk
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morning. the state wrestling championship already has downtown buzzing, as workers prepare for the first big rush of fans. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now live from the epicenter of all the hype... wells fargo arena. and josh, getting there today won't
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ishaa is expecting 80,000 fans to attend this year's tournament. the event center will have more staff than normal to accommodate the larger crowd. buses can park at principle park and cab will bring fans over but those fans will be responsible for paying. there is a flat fee of $6. people in town for the
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today.. yesterday flames went up at china one restaurant on ingersol avenue. luckily, everyone dining inside got out safe, but their lunch was a loss. it took crews about an hour to knock down flames in the kitchen. the restaurant is now closed. no word on when it will reopen. medical cannabis is getting new life this morning in the state house. "to be able to focus it in a way that it can be both meaningful, impactful and face a reality of moving it forward in both chambers." yesterday lawmakers unveiled a
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back and simplifies it. it would again allow the oil to be manufactured and dispensed in with three diseases would get access to it. that includes: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and cancer with a life expectancy of less than a year. the changes would leave many out which has some upset. the bill passed two committees yesterday and now moves to the house floor for debate. meanwhile illinois lawmakers are taking a much different approach to the issue... there... patients can already access the medication. 28-state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are up and running. this one in springfield opens today. patients suffering from a variety of illnesses... including epilepsy... cancer... arthritis.. and m-s can qualify for a medical marijuana card with a
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last night republicans took the stage one after another to win over south carolina voters. now this morning, the race there is getting a shake up ... presidential candidate :00-:07"the sound you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c." a new poll shows donald trump losing steam as ted cruz gains momentum in south carolina. meanwhile marco rubio goes into saturday's primary with a new ally. yesterday, he locked down south carolina governor nikki haley's endorsement. we're now just two days away from south carolina's vote. on the democratic side... the fight to win the nevada caucuses is still in a dead heat. the latest c-n-n poll shows it as a toss- up... clinton getting 48-percent to bernie sander's 47. democrats caucus there saturday.
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her take on the supreme court's new vacant seat... in an interview yesterday with an arizona t-v station, the retired supreme court justice says the president should be the one to name a nominee. that's despite threats from congressional republicans who have vowed to block any nominee. the new justice will replace the late antonin scalia - who died saturday. now some are now calling on president obama to reappoint oconnor to fill his spot. oconnor was the first woman to serve on the supreme court. she retired in 2006. president obama is busy booking an historic trip this morning... we're expecting a formal announcement as soon as today that the president will visit cuba next month. officials say it will be part of a larger trip through latin america... this comes after the president formally re-opened ties with cuba in 20-14, ending
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flint michigan is getting a special delivery straight from cyclone nation this morning... iowa state basketball star monte morris's is behind an effort to send clean water to the people there with the help of an ames hy-vee. morris grew up in flint.. where lead pipes are contaminating the city's water supply, making it unusable for residents. today, crews will load up eleven semi-trailers full of drinking water and head east. they're expected to arrive in flint
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metro locations - 3 locations now!!!!
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3000 block of evergreen avenue eastbound 3500 block of urbandale avenue westbound -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------ -------------------------------- ------- polk county locations 4900 nw beaver dr 800 ne 50thave - north of brass
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wrestling fans this morning. 80-thousand are expected to flood wells fargo arena for the state wrestling championships. and getting there will be a little different this year, as all skywalks connecting to the arena are closed, but a detour route is in place. the tournament runs through saturday. a young iowa inmate is behind bars again this morning. he escaped story county officials as they were transporting him
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interstate rest stop when it happened. the inmate was then able to get a ride, but the car broke down and he was later arrested. the incident is now under investigation. a six month investigation has ended with an arrest in a deadly hit and run crash. 21-year old daulton holly was hit and killed while walking along raccoon river drive in august. police say the driver ran over holly and didn't stop. yesterday police arrested 37-year old ronald hauser of van meter. they say they were able to link him to crash because pieces of his car were left at the scene. he's charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident and operating while intoxicated. iowa officers won't have to worry about new body camera rules this year... yesterday a bill governing the
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required departments to keep body cam footage for two years after any event involving use of force or an arrest. but a committee canceled its plans to consider the bill.. that means there will be no changes with the cameras for the next
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i-235 @ 2nd avenue dmtv 07 i-235 @ 63rd i-35 @ oralabor iowa hoops fans saw a sluggish team sunday night... and hoped
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against penn state... on the nittany lions home court last night... and a small crowd despite hosting the #4 team in the nation. starts well for iowa. peter jok scores 5 points in less than 30 seconds. iowa leads penn state 19-13. but the nittany lions, break their three pointer spell and hit a season high ten threes. hawks, down by 8 at the break... in the second, the weight falls solely on jok and uthoff... and it's not enough. penn state upsets iowa, 79-75. hawks now take a week off, and it's needed. drake hosting evansville. bulldogs could really use a win. nick mcglynn... take two... gets
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active scoring leader, d-j ballentine. he nets another 26. drake comes up short, 80-74. the cyclone women are fresh off a big night at hilton. iowa state puts up an epic run against texas tech. jadda buckley... making it look easy here. cyclones cruise, 77-48. four days of state wrestling already has fans on their feet... especially for this one. valley and south east polk. 1 vs. 2. rocky lombardi, ethan andersen also 1 vs. 2. but that will have to wait until the individual round... valley moves lombardi up to heavy weight.. and then andersen racks up a pin. would it pay off for valley at 285? lombardi vs. 2nd ranked dan ramirez.... huge two point take down for lombardi... he gets the
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145... valley's joel shapiro wins it in style. and valley wins the title trophy. now here's savannah guthrie with a look at what's coming up next on the today show.
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good morning. breaking overnight the white house expected to announce today that president obama will head to cuba next month, the first american president to go there in nearly 90 years. a historic trip being met with praise and criticism. game change? ted cruz just ahead of donald trump in our new national poll. >> the sounds you're hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington, d.c. >> this morning why trump says he is not buying those results. slippery slope? the tech world lining up behind apple as a government tries to get the company to hack into the iphone of this san bernardino shooter. the epic battle over principle, privacy and protecting america. and speaking out. why the sister of nicole brown simpson is furious about the new o.j. simpson mini series and one star in particular. today is thursday, february 18,


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