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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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controversial pipeline today. and does the warm weather have you thinking about biking season? we'll show you how one of the overnight ragbrai towns is already preparing to roll out the red carpet. news at four front door open do not adjust your screens ... yes we really did hit 60 degrees in mid- february today. good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks
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later this year... two giant chemical companies - dow and du-pont - are expected to merge. combined, the new "dow-du-pont" company will be worth $130 billion. the massive company will spin off into three smaller companies - one focused entirely on agriculture. iowa leaders had hoped that company would be headquartered in johnston ... home of pioneer .. channel 13's reid chandler has been following this story and joins us now...reid, today we learned johnston will not get the headquarters for this new ag company, but leaders are still praising the deal they've reached? they're calling it a "victory."
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new ag spin-off's headquarters, but it will be called the "global business center" for the ag company... and the state of iowa is giving dow- du-pont over $17 million dollars to retain research and development jobs here in johnston. 5:09:46 "you know, we have been named the global business center for the seed and the biotech business of the nene merged company. so that's what we really want to be, that's what our strength is. we wanted to maintain those research jobs, and we've done that. so we see that job growth occurring, and we see the investment continuing in johnston. and that's what we want." :01-:26 dow-du-pont will receive $17 million dollars from the state of iowa to keep research and development- branch of this ag spin-off. that was approved by the iowa economic development authority and the city of johnston today. $16 million comes from the state, and includes $2 million dollars in a "forgivable loan" and $14 million
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city of johnston matched $1 million dollars for a total of $17 million. dow-du-pont has to meet a few requirements in order to get this money... first, the merger must be approved by the federal government later this year. then the company must commit to spending at least half a billion dollars in johnston, which can be from employee salaries and buying research equipment. finally, dow-du-pont must retain at least 500 research-related jobs in johnston...though they're certainly welcome to create more. i-e-d-a director debi durham calls the financial incentives a "modest" amount for a big reward down the line. 4:52:38 "if you think about it, nothing's changed. i mean right now, if you look at pioneer, you have key leadership decision-makers there, you have research and development there, and really, you have a handful of executives in wilmington. nothing has changed. and i don't see that that changes today, right? and so i believe decision-making will still, as it relates to research and development, that connection to the farmer, is still in our
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right now du-pont pioneer in johnston employs about 26-hundred people... those numbers aren't expected to dip much...most of the lay-offs that occurred when the merger was announced have already happened. officials say they expect to see branch road. but not everyone is happy about the announcement... some democratic lawmakers say there are more important things we should be spending iowa's tax dollars on... 1:11-'when i look at these multi-billion dollar corporations like dupont and dow and so forth do they really need two million dollars in a forgivable loan from the tax
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scarce.' 1:25 senator tony bisignano says while he's okay with the 14-million in research tax credits he has a problem with the forgivable loan at a time when the state is like education. he said he also doesn't agree with giving incentives to corporations who are downsizing, and although the deal promises to maintain 500 position it doesn't require any additional to be added. coming up at six hear more from bisignano and other lawmakers upset with the news. while governor branstad celebrated today's news ... a member of iowa's congressional delegation is not. senator joni ernst issued a statement saying in part -- 'today's news is certainly disappointing for our state and also difficult, particularly for the hard working iowans who were laid off and their families ... it is my hope that dow-dupont will expand and produce more good-paying jobs in our state in the very near future."
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hoped for ... and he too hopes the company changes course and reinvests in iowa. he points out the merger still may not be a done deal. grassley writes quote - "still at issue is the antitrust review which ill be keeping a close eye on. vigorous enforcement of the antitrust laws is imperative to maintaining an open, fair and competitive marketplace. im continuing to and consumers about the merger." we'll talk to congressman david young about his reaction to the merger. the iowa utilities board isn't ready to rule on the bakken pipeline yet ... but we do know when they will finally make a decision. the board met again today to discuss the controversial pipeline that would run across the state ... connecting oil fields in north dakota with a pipeline in illinois. the board adjourned without making a decision. however they say a decision will come at one of their next meetings on march 9th and 10th. if the board approves the pipeline it could mean eminent domain
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of iowans to lease their land. an iowa resident has now tested positive for the zika virus ... though she didn't contract it here. the state department of public health will only tell us the patient is a woman age 61 to 80 who has traveled recently to central america. the virus is spread by mosquitoes and can cause serious birth defects if a pregnant woman is infected. that's not the case with this patient. but dr. patricia quinlisk says this should serve as a reminder to pregnant women who are planning to travel soon. 1517-1535 the only real travel restriction is ... risk to that fetus is very concerning." the mosquitoes that carry the virus are not present in iowa. how about a more pleasant summer
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the register's annual great bike ride is still five months away ... but the welcoming committees are already preparing the red carpet for their towns. coming up next we'll take you to leon ... the smallest overnight stop on this year's map. then later in the newscast we'll take you back to leon again! that's where you'll find this month's golden apple award winner.... teaching lessons in iowa agriculture. ragbrai is taking a southern route this year ... with an
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planned in the small town of leon in decatur county. ragbrai has gone through leon several times, but has not made an over night there since 1981. channel 13s roger riley shows us how the leaders in leon are already planning to show off their town... this is the central downtown area which will welcome ragrai on july 23rd. kolton hewlett 4727 never in a million years did i think ragbrai would come to leon. leon is the smallest overnight town this under 2000. shane akers 0341 it was first, but this is an opportunity to show our community... a committee of young businessmen have been working to pull
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together. ethan its a fun event so that keeps us motivated, i love this community, so i would want the best task number one is to pull together the volunteers needed... shane downfall of having a smaller community is you have less people, but at the same time people work together on a regular basis for the decatur county economic development director, a chance to showcase the town to thousands of people from all over. ethan 5917 we have an open storefront..alco also want them to see our shops... kolton 5147 ragbrai is working with us every two weeks theyre down here..they gave us a theyre not going to let us fail the three young leaders all grew up here, and have realized their a good place to be..and to welcome thousands of visitors.. 554 as a kid growing up you always think i wanna get out of here.. you leave and then realize its not as bad as you thought it find a way to come back and raise your kids and be a part of tradition and history.. in leon rr ch 13 news leon is the third overnight town
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trip. winds will finally die down this
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the north continues to slide off clear into the upper 30s. saturday will be a lot less windy with highs expected to top out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. another cold front will move through on sunday, winds will shift toward the northwest and highs will drop back into the upper 40s and lower 50s..although this is still over 10 above normal for central iowa. besides a light rain/snow mix on tuesday the next week ahead looks fairly dry.
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was it a good deal ... a bad deal ... or the best deal we could hope for? coming up next congressman david young weighs in the dupont pioneer deal and more. president obama is now in his
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next congressman david young weighs in the dupont pioneer deal and more. president obama is now in his final, "lame duck" year of his
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has 11 months left in office to in the senate and house. joining us now to talk about what will and won't happen in the next year is congressman david young. working with obama in final year ... presidential budget should the president nominate a successor to antonin scalia? thoughts on the iowa caucuses ... will you support donald trump as gop nominee reaction to dupont pioneer dow merger ... no headquarters for iowa, state paying millions even though jobs will be cut? are you joining the movement to award bob feller the presidential medal of freedom?
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aside in washington as the memorials began for supreme court justice antonin scalia. we'll show you how his fellow justices are honoring their late comrade. it will be a familiar battle in uth carolina this weekend .thump and uz fighting for a n and the restfhe crowd ping forthird pce momentum. we'll takeyou to the paetto state ere primary voters hit the lls tomorrow. and the first finals matchups of the 2016 state wrestling tournament are i set at this hour. we'll ke you twls fargo arena ere we're reaching the end of e brackets. ws at foufront door urners pa by the casket ofpreme crt justice, antonin scalia... lying in repose in the supreme court building. among those paying their respects today... president obama. and the first lady... michelle obama. nbc's brian mooar has the story from the supreme court in washington dc. in a flag-draped casket ... justice antonin scalia was carried into the supreme court he helped change over the course of nearly three decades. his current and former clerks ... lined the steps in tribute. and inside the court's great hall ... his remains laid on the same catafalque that bore lincoln, kennedy and other great americans. nat prayer his son - father paul scalia - led a
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his fellow justices. among them ruth bader ginsberg - who recently remembered scalia as her "best buddy" - despite their ideological rivalry. the somber tone was a sharp contrast to scalia's humor, warmth and wit ... and it belied the fierce election-year battle to fill his vacant seat. the white house says president obama spent the past day reaching out to senate leaders from both parties. "there was an opportunity for the president to make clear that he is going to nominate someone." but this was a day to put politics aside ... as the president and first lady traveled to the high court to honor the late justice. outside the court ... a long line of people waited in the cold ... one by one, streaming inside to pay their respects to a towering legal figure ... at the highest court in the land. a funeral will be held tomorrow at the national basilica here in washington, with president biden among those attending. i'm brian mooar in washington, now back to you. we learned today that an
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harper lee ... who one the pulitzer prize for 1960's "to kill a mockingbird" ... has died at the age of 89. lee would not publish another novel until last year when the manuscript for "go set a watchmen" was released. in the race for the white house, the next tests are tomorrow: the democrats in nevada. the republican in south carolina. steve handelsman has the story from columbia if the polling is accurate, marco rubio ... will not win south carolina's primary sot: sen. marco rubio :05-:08very confident about tomorrow. very optimistic because rubio's goal is 2nd or 3rd... but to beat jeb bush ...who campaigned again with his mother barbara to beat john kasich and maybe ted cruz to take over as the only surviving sen. marco rubio :22-:26"we need to nominate together...i know i can better than anyone in this urging bush and kasich to quit sot: lucille cantey, s.c. republican :31-:35 "we need that segment to bow out
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ted cruz won't. the iowa winner, polling second here, wants to drive rubio from the race sot: sen. ted cruz :41-:46"here in south carolina, these next 21 hours are going to decide a great deal." he's linking rubio to president obama on immigration even though cruz today had to pull his fake photo of the two sot: donald trump :53-:56"this guy ted cruz is really a liar" donald trump's once big lead over cruz is down to five, in today's nbc news wall street journal marist poll sot: donald trump 1:03-:1:08"running for presidents takes guts ive never done this before it takes guts, it takes guts" nats: 1:10-1:15 supporter: i'm a muslim i with my life! trump: did you get that ! and showmanship. the candidate who would ban looks set to win another primary. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina the democrats clash tomorrow out clinton's
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bernie sanders is down to just 2 points if you've ever watched an episode of "cheers", "frasier", "friends" or "will and grace", you've seen the work of director james burrows. ast members from some of his biggest hits reunited recently for a celebration of his career. the two hour special, "must see tv: an all star tribute to james burrows" airs at 9 eastern sunday on nbc. mark barger has a preview. nats at the bar where everybody knows your name... he was simply jimmy. "when jimmy laughed during rehearsal, you knew it was funny." nats james burrows directed ted danson and company for 237 episodes of "cheers". "his hand signals, you knew exactly what he was talking about. he wasn't a guy to waste words." or energy for that matter... nats "lost my keys" the cast of "frasier" learned that from burrows quickly. "jane and i were rehearsing for
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said 'what are you doing?' we said rehearsing. he said stop it! stop it!" when "the big bang theory" launched, burrows lit the fuse. nats "i sit there" "it's like working with a scientist comedian." the very first episode of "friends" got the burrows touch as well. "he really was, key to helping us as a cast really find our relationships to each other and our characters." "we would do anything for jim burrows, because he gave us the opportunity of a lifetime." his impact was even bigger on "will and grace". he directed all 188 episodes. "toward the beginning of the first season, he told me to do a headstand on a chair when my character said i'm bored, and i did a headstand, and i'm like, how would you even think of that?" not only that.... nats "what makes her different...." burrows plays a mean piano to boot. nats "ladies and gentlemen, jim burrows!" mark barger, nbc news.
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you the town of leon will
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the state's biggest bike festival to town this summer. it turns out the town is already home to one of the state's best teachers. central decatur school district's rosa sondag is helping students understand the importance of the area's strong agricultural roots. channel 13's jodi whitworth has more on this month's golden apple recipient
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winds will finally die down this evening as a low pressure system to the north continues to slide off to the east. we'll stay mostly clear tonight with lows dropping back into the upper 30s. saturday will be a lot less windy with highs expected to top out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. another cold front will move through on sunday, winds will shift toward the northwest and highs will
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50s..although this is still over 10 above normal for central iowa. besides a light rain/snow mix on tuesday the next week ahead looks fairly lib main
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coming up next ... think it's hot outside ... it's nothing compared to inside wells fargo arena. we'll take you back live to the state wrestling tourney.
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wrestlers today at wells fargo arena. the field of wrestlers is narrowing on the brackets as they move towards the championships saturday. 1-a wrestlers are back on the mats for their second round of the day right now ... channel 13's michael admire joins us live from wells fargo arena with highlights ... to vo: two matches today. to sot: quick turnarounds taht simple we'll be back in three minutes
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. johnston loses out on the
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but keeps the company's research division... the millions the state will give out to keep jobs here.. and the reason it's not sitting well with some lawmakers. an insurance reform bill that banking on has made it through funnel week.. the autism treatments it would their son's life depends on it. the first case of zika virus has been confirmed in iowa... what the department of public health says about the patient... and why officials say iowans shouldn't be concerned about an outbreak here. a merger of du-pont pioneer and dow chemical is in the works... and it left many unanswered questions for employees at dupont pioneer in johnston. today, some of those questions were answered. good evening, i'm erin kiernan. and i'm sonya heitshusen. thanks for joining us. do you want the good news or the bad news first... lets start with the bad news...
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johnston will not be the home of the new "dow-du-pont" headquarters... but it will be the home of its ag based research division. to make that deal happen the state and city are putting up millions. channel 13's reid chandlers was at today's meetings... he joins us first on thirteen with details on those incentive packages... they're calling it a "victory." johnston won't serve as home to the new ag spin-off's headquarters, but it will be called the "global business center" for the ag company... and the state of iowa is giving dow- du-pont over $17 million dollars to retain resarch and development jobs here in johnston. when dow and du-pont merge later this year, they'll spin off into three smaller companies: and the agriculture company won't be head-quartered in johnston. but the chemical giants announced friday johnston will serve as the "global business center" for its ag company...keeping the bulk of its research activity here in iowa. 4:51:21 "and today, what we announced, is that iowa was successful in all our efforts making the case to the company as to why iowa should be the location for this 'global business center' for seed and
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that will serve us well into the future. so it is a good day for iowa." - debi durham - director, iowa economic development authority iowa leaders were pushing for johnston to serve as the h-q - when that didn't pan out, they got a consolation prize. but it's going to cost the taxpayer... $17 million dollars will be given to dow-du-pont from the state. $16 million of that comes from the iowa economic development authority...$2 million dollars in the form of a forgivable loan - the other $14 million in tax credits. the city of johnston matching the final $1 million. so what are the terms? dow-du-pont's merger has to be government later this year, first. then the company must spend at least half a billion dollars at its johnston location in the form of salaries and equipment purchases. finally, they have to retain at least 500 research-related jobs...but they're welcome to create more. 5:09:46 "you know, we have been named the global business center for the seed and the biotech business of the new merged company. so that's what we really want to be." - mayor paula dierenfeld, johnston mayor paula dierenfeld of


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