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that will serve us well into the future. so it is a good day for iowa." - debi durham - director, iowa economic development authority iowa leaders were pushing for johnston to serve as the h-q - when that didn't pan out, they got a consolation prize. but it's going to cost the taxpayer... $17 million dollars will be given to dow-du-pont from the state. $16 million of that comes from the iowa economic development authority...$2 million dollars in the form of a forgivable loan - the other $14 million in tax credits. the city of johnston matching the final $1 million. so what are the terms? dow-du-pont's merger has to be government later this year, first. then the company must spend at least half a billion dollars at its johnston location in the form of salaries and equipment purchases. finally, they have to retain at least 500 research-related jobs...but they're welcome to create more. 5:09:46 "you know, we have been named the global business center for the seed and the biotech business of the new merged company. so that's what we really want to be." - mayor paula dierenfeld, johnston mayor paula dierenfeld of
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her community. maybe not the flashy "headquarters" title she was hoping for...but she says the practical benefits are still there, with hope for growth down the road. 1:55:50 "but over the long term, we believe because they'll continue to do their research activities here in johnston, the employment numbers will go back up again and maybe even be higher than what we have currently." now mayor dierenfeld tells us in the short term, as the companies transition into the merger, we may see some more lay-offs out of johnston. but she says the company is confident it'll hover around that 26- hundred employee number it's at right now...and down the road, could grow even larger. but not everyone sees this a positive move... stephanie moore joins us from the state capitol with reaction from lawmakers, steph the deal has all the bells and whistles for dupont but some of iowa's democratic lawmakers feel at least part of the money could have been allocated differently.... the deal breaks down the 16
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for research tax credits and two million in a forgivable loan. senator tony bisignano says while he's okay with the 14-million in research tax credits he has a problem with the forgivable loan at a time when the state is struggling to fund other areas like education. he said he also doesn't agree with giving incentives to corporations who are downsizing, and although the deal promises to maintain 500 positions it doesn't require any additional ones to be added. 3:04 'its very disappointing because im sure two million dollars is low for their corporate bonuses and two million dollars in the state of iowa is a lot of money and could provide a number of things were having trouble funding.' 3:20 senator bisignano says he questions why multi-billion dollar corporations like dupont and dow need a "forgivable" loan at at the expense of iowa tax payers.... i also had a chance to speak to senator joe bolkcom who is also not happy with the deal. he said extremely generous taxpayer subsidies to large
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corporations are the reason we don't have money for iowa's local schools and community colleges... we learned more this week about the financial plan to keep a kraft heinz plant in davenport. the plant downtown will close, but the company is building a new 200-million dollar plant at the eastern iowa industrial center. the deal is supposed to guarantee 475 jobs. davenport's share of the economic development plan will be 10-million dollars paid over 15-years to the company... and another one-point- six million for road construction and repairs. the council is set to vote on the economic development agreement next week. for the second consecutive friday, the iowa utilities board has delayed a decision on the bakken pipeline... the three member board spent the majority of the day discussing terms and agreement language relating to the construction, maintaining and repairing of a potential crude oil pipeline. if built, the pipeline would stretch from oil fields in north dakota, through south dakota and iowa and into
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opponents are still not convinced that the pipeline will safely carry nearly a half a million gallons of crude oil a day. supporters say the board's approval is critical for many to put food on the table... "it is a hazardous liquid. it is going to be carried through the heartland of iowa in perpetuity and that poses a long term threat." "this is what we do for a living, this is our career that we have chosen. we just go from one building site to the next and it's not temporary work for us... the board expects to make a final decision on approving the pipeline and granting eminent domain at either the march 9th or march 10th meeting... justice antonin scalia's body is now lying in repose in the great hall of the supreme court building. justice scalia's current and former law clerks lined the steps as the casket, carried by supreme court police, was brought into the great hall. a private ceremony was held for scalia... followed by a public
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president obama and the first lady also paid their respects this afternoon. scalia's funeral will be held saturday. his son-- father paul scalia-- will lead the services. the literature community lost a great today... harper lee... the pulitzer prize winning author of "to kill a mocking bird" passed away. the novel - published in 1960 - defined the racial troubles of the deep south. the following year, lee won the pulitzer prize. just last year, harper collins published "go set a watchman." it was written before to kill a mockingbird - and features scout and atticus some twenty years later. harper lee was 89. iowa department of public health is reporting the first case of the zika virus found in our state. the iowan recently traveled to central america... where the zika virus is spreading. the department would only reveal that the patient is a woman between the ages of 61 and 80. the virus was confirmed by the centers for disease control. dr. patty quinlisk says the general public is not a risk of contracting the
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5:11:31 zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and obviously in iowa we don't have any mosquitoes out even in the summer time we would not have the right kind of mosquitoes to spread this virus 11:41 the biggest risk to iowans is traveling to places like the caribbean, central america, and south america. the c-d-c says mothers who were infected with the zika virus while pregnant reported serious birth defects of the brain their in babies. a major water main break forced customers of the marion county rural water district to turn off their taps today. it took workers about six hours to repair the line. but just a couple hours ago... the water district gave customers the all clear... customers can now use the water as normal.. hoverboards topped holiday gift lists... but now, they've been deemed unsafe by the government. that's the conclusion from the consumer product safety commission following its months-long investigation into the safety hazards of the devices. federal authorities say the motorized scooters can cause serious injury, or even catch fire.
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manufacturers, and importers to have independent safety certification... that process goes through underwriters laboratories - the folks behind the u-l symbol you find on most electronic items. the notice applies to all self- balancing scooters, including single- wheel devices. it's day three of the state wrestling tournament... and the action is getting intense... coming up, the wrestlers moving on in their quest for an individual title... and how a teen competing with a disability is doing in the competition... it's a bill that would make the lives of families dealing with autism a lot easier... why the timing is critical for a central iowa family receiving
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154219 - x,y and z "we got it" we did it! it's an intensive treatment parents of children with autism say works.... but under iowa law -- insurance agencies are not required to provide coverage for it... this has been an issue for years...but a bill that's slowly gaining support with state lawmakers could change everything... but as channel 13's jodi whitworth explains... the timing of this legislation
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iowa family . nats : 193706 m a r i o... there is an o when it comes to fighting for a child well - being 445919 - its just a really difficult thing to get funded - kerry lust the battle is ongoing for the lust family... 450817 - children of state employees have had coverage for 5 years now and we would just like the same coverage - kerry lust 220623 - if you need help with paper use you words, im up here. ok! for two and half hours.... five days a week, for the last three years -- brandon receives applied behavior analysis or a-b-a therapy. he was diagnosed with autism at age four... 395602 - we had seen what a great impact it was having on his behavior and on his life and on our lives as a family - kerry lust aba said to be the only research based treatment for autism... but it's also expensive it's about a thousand dollars a week. brandon's mom -- kerry says insurance companies repeatedly denied her son's therapy. they received coverage under a
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that's short lived. the waiver expires for children when they turn nine.... brandon is 8 " in addition, iowa already has an innovative autism support program that assures coverage for those who cannot otherwise get coverage for aba therapy." prior attempts to get the law changed have failed.. but this family is remaining optimistic... they won't have to put a pause on brandon's progress 452100 - i dont know and thats what scary. there is a very good chance that if this doesnt pass at age 9 he will be done. so yeah, i try not to think about that jodi whitworth
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the lust family believes that giving treatment to children with autism when they are young... will allow insurance companies to save money down the road
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winds will finally die down this evening as a low pressure system to the north continues to slide off to the east. we'll stay mostly clear tonight with lows dropping back into the upper 30s. saturday will be a lot less windy with highs expected to top out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. another cold front will move
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the northwest and highs will drop back into the upper 40s and lower 50s..although this is still over 10 above normal for central iowa. besides a light rain/snow mix on tuesday the
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state wrestlers are getting closer to winning state titles.. including one wrestler who's defeating the odds even before getting to wells fargo area. comiing up... we check in with kobey pritchard... the indianola teen reaching for a title... even after losing a leg at a young age.. the results from
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earlier this week, we introduced you to kobey pritchard... the wrestler from indianola overcoming his disability too make it to the state wrestling tournament. kobey lost his leg when he was five... due to cancer but is still chasing his dream of a state title... channel 13's michael admire joins us live from wells fargo arena... micheal... you were mat side when kobey wrestled today.
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roll to sot:: to their feet. everywhere he goes he obviously draws attention, usually a couple little kids at a tournament where he's going to sign some head gear, he's a hard guy to not want to be successful, we see a lot that other people don't. you cheer for him, you have to, but when you know him behind the scenes and the work he's put in you want him to win even more. he's a crowd favorite, but he always has been he's got a
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pritchard wrestles again a 7-30, in the semi-finals... stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after
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finally tonight.... and australian dog trainer is finding a new way to teach dogs discipline... by taking them to the surfboard. chris de aboitiz has been hitting the waves with his four rescue dogs for ten years... now he's using the sport as a method of teaching people how to understand their dogs. he says it encourages dog owners to take a more disciplined approach with their pets.... to keep them on the surfboard and
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developing news tonight. mad dash. hours before the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said about the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders.
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the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and n trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning homes to the ground, enough. a major new warning that could lead to an outright ban. walking free. after four decades locked in solitary confinement, a stunning twist in one cases in modern american history. and harper lee dies at 89. we remember the legendary elusive offer of "to kill a mockingbird." "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from columbia, south carolina. good evening. on the eve of two big votes on the road to the white house, the republicans in a primary showdown here in south carolina where the headline


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