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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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what they're trying to do about it. 044918 - you start losing money after you retired so you start banking on it, so it makes it pretty tough for thousand of retired union workers -- their futures may look drastically different than what they had originally planned for.... and they can blame their union pension fund good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dave price. for the retirees and their's a major money problem. the central states pension fund is expected to go bankrupt within the next 10 years... union leaders say they have no choice but drastically cut their pension payouts for retirees...but as much as 70 percent. the local teamsters chapter held an emergency meeting to figure out what to do. our jodi whitworth is back from the meeting and she joins
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dave -- this is a wide spread issue... impacting more than 6 - thousand iowans. previously -- retiree's benefits were off limits to pension plan programs unless they were already out of money... but a federal law put into place in 20 - 14 changed that ... nat: this is not a bailout .... this is restitution known for their brotherhood - the teamsters local 238 is fighting for what's theirs 093317 - i worked 50 - 60 hours a week and thats what all of us had to do. it was good money but thats how you got what you got and then to see it go away like that... its pretty depressing bob vignovich drove semi's for 24 years... he retired nine years ago -- with a stable pension in mind.. but that could change 050717 - my pension is only 1150 a month but now i would be bringing home a little under 500 the cuts will go into effect july 1 -st but union members say the news came out of no where and with no warning... 055025 - we didnt even know about any of that, we werent
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it allegations of corruption and misuse of money by the central states pension fund is said to be to part of blame for the cuts.... earlier this month -- senator chuck grassley asked the government accountability office to review federal oversite of the issue... grassley told the des moines register quote "central states plan beneficiaries deserve to have a better understanding of what led to the financial failings of central states and ultimately put their retirement at risk".... he goes on to say... " congress also needs to have a better understanding of what happened 'so that any corrective actions, if necessary, can be taken" still questions are being raised... and members want to hold those in charge accountable 144404 - im sorry thats what you work for.... you work for that
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just not fair - bob v. sometime between now and july... union members will have a chance to vote against this proposal.. but until then the group plans to rally at the state house on march 31 - st we're waiting to find out more details from police about a hit and run crash outside principal park. we found the aftermath around four this afternoon. police tell us a man driving his vehicle near the baseball stadium hit a pole and then ran off. officers caught up with him at water and market streets. authorities haven't told us what charges the man will face. some of us faced a few inches of snow. and we need to watch out for more snow and freezing ran. meteorologist amber alexander joins us now for a first look at
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the trial for a former boone husband accused of killing his
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scheduled to start this week.. alexander fazzino is charged with first degree murder. he's accused of killing his wife, emily in the couple's home in january 2012. authorities found emily's body in the home's bathroom. fazzino's trail has been delayed five times... most recently so he could care for his daughter as she recovered from a bone marrow transplant. he was since been moved to winneshiek county. jury selection is expected to begin as early as tomorrow morning. police in michigan say they still don't know why a uber driver carried out a series of shootings.... the suspect had opened fire at three different locations saturday night shooting eight people... killing six of them. dan scheneman has the story. more than 24 hours after the first shots were fired..... people gathered at a special church service to mourn and to pray. police identified the gunman as
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authorities say the shootings began saturday...just before six o' an apartment complex...... "i heard something hit the siding so i checked out the back window and saw the car driving off and then i looked out here and there was a woman laying on the ground." the victim, a mother of three, is now in serious condition. the shooting spree continued for more than four a car dealership and a restaurant parking lot six people were killed....including tyler smith and his father who car. maryjoe nye and her sister in law mary l. nye also killed...they had spent the evening at a play. seven hours after the first shots were fired police apprehended jason dalton without incident. "we do have a hand gun that's consistent with the evidence that was found a each one of these crime scenes there's other evidence in the car as well " dalton was a driver for uber and one man claims he rode with him
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"i kind of jokingly said to the are you? he gave me some kind of no they know what happened and who is responsible, but admit what they don't know is why.... "we don't know anything about a motive right now..right now our common denominator is him." police say dalton had ties to the community and did not have a criminal record. dan scheneman nbc news. among the victims was a 14 year old girl who was taken to a local hospital and reported dead. she was rushed to surgery and is now in critical condition. pope francis is now calling for a one- year moratorium on the death penalty. he's proposing that leaders suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy... that push for forgiveness runs through november. the pontiff is also throwing his support behind a conference set to begin on monday... that he capital punishment. the five month state by state
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presidential nominees can be confusing, but in the end it's simple math. in order to secure their parties nomination, democrats and republicans need to win thousands of delegates. according to bloomberg politics donald trump is leading the republican field with 67 delegates. ted cruz is in a distant second with 11, and marco rubio isn't far behind with 10. john kasich and ben carson are in the single digits. as for democrats... hillary clinton has 502 delegates. but that includes the vip superdelegates sanders has only secured 70. but the race is far from over. there are more than four grabs on the democratic side, and more than two thousand for the republicans. clinton credits her hard-fought caucus win in nevada to her staff -- and four months of organizing in that state.
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this morning she still has work to do... polls show clinton has major challeges with independents and others who aren't sure she's trustworthy. 7-34 i think there's an underlying question that may really in the back of people's minds and that is, "you know is she in it for us, or is she in it for herself?" i think that's you know a question that people are trying to sort through. and i'm going to demonstrate that i've always been the same person - fighting for the same values, fighting to make a real difference in people's lives - long before i was ever in elected office. even before my husband was in the presidency after trumps win last night, today it was lights out in atlanta trump spoke to thousands of supporters at the georgia world of his speech, a protestor turned off the lights. once they got they figured out...trump stuck to issues like the u-s
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defeating isis. trump's rival ted cruz has some catching up to do. he's also trying to stick up for his reputation. on nbc...chuck todd asked cruz why trump, rubio and carson all have said cruz doesn't tell the truth. there's a reason why they scream "liar." because when you point to their own records, their own voting records, their own words, they don't like their records because their records are inconsistent with what they're running on. the truth for the south suburban ymca is this... it needs a boost in its final day for a major fundraiser. the y uses the money to help people pay for their monthly memberships. the help was huge for jim madonia who used to weigh more than 600 pounds... 19:49:06 "between the y and not giving up on myself, they don't give up on you
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you're really overweight like i am, and not be judged. it's basically a judge-free zone." :01-:15 the y gives about $400 thousand dollars a year to its members in financial aid. its fund-raising goal this year is $82 thousand dollars...and it has until thursday of this week to meet that mark. 19:38:42 "because not everyone sees it - they see the dollars, but they don't necessarily see the person who lost 200 pounds because of it. or the person who lost their mother but is able to be here and have a good, solid foundation of adult support." :01-:14 the ymca has about 25 thousand dollars to go, if you want to can find out how at our website...whotv- dot-com another campaign hopes to help repay a quad cities family for a life of service. coming up on the channel 13 news at ten... giving back... how a community is gathering to help
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and... the act of kindness by an iowa police officer. how he helped a group of young ladies after their car broke
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friends and family in the quad cities decided to do all their could do...for a man fighting for his life hundreds gathered at a restaurant in moline today... people met to support david burrus... son of the former high school principal. he's waiting for a liver transplant. friends put on a dinner and raffle to help his family with the medical bills. guests say it's not all about the money, though... there's a lot of tragedy as far as health care but when it strikes a family that everyone lives and who have given so much of themselves, it's important people try to repay that back and then some. tonight's event brought in more
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a four-year-old with a rare disease is getting a big boost... in the form of birthday cards. olivia mccormick has a rare condition that causes her bones to break easily. davenport police officers decided to do something special today -- surprising her with a birthday party. police made olivia a junior police officer, and gave her an entire bag of handmade cards from other kids. "there's a lot more to law enforcement than just making arrests and issuing speeding tickets so this is definitely a positive thing that we love to be involved in." olivia asked for well wishes from the community, in the form of birthday cards... and she's gotten her wish.... the four-year-old has more than 500 and counting. it will be a quiet but cool week
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cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 20s. a few peeks of sunshine are possible by the afternoon, but highs will hold out in the lower 40s, which is still above normal for this time of the year. a cold front will move through during the morning on tuesday which will could bring a quick rain/snow mix through central iowa, but accumulation is not expected. winds will pick up during the middle of the week with temperatures
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coming up after the break.... video that shows a iowa police officer helping a young group of girls on the highway has gone viral... how the random act of kindness has
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itwent out of his way to help others. a muscatine sheriff's deputy helped a group of girls stranded on the side of the road. jenna morton talks with two of the girls, sharing the story behind the video. monday night a car with four girls in it... sat on the side of highway 61 9:36 'we pulled over because it didnt want to go at all now and so there was a police officer that pulled up behind us.' a muscatine county sheriff's deputy pulls over...and notices the car has overheated... 1:44 'he could have said well you have a cell phone that works i guess if you cant get your car started you can call a tow truck he could have left but that's not what happened.' he follows them to a gas station....what happened next is capture on video by one of the girls... you can see the deputy coming out with anti-freeze and pouring it into the car for them... 10:17 'i go oh ill pay for it
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have the money for it and hes like oh yeah im sure so he buys it come out opens the hood up and starts pouring it in.' 15:50 'he just went above and beyond what anyone could have ever expected.' sheriff cj ryan heard the about the story through social media...and says it's not surprising....deputy dustin brooks is a 10 year veteran for the department... 56:29 'its not out of character for him to do something like this.' since the begining of the week....more there's been more than 930 shares and 59 thousand views.... 59:19 'a lot of times you see these negative law enforcement stories and i seen that theyve been viewed a lot of times its nice when you see a positive law enforcement story that gone viral too." the girls giving thanks to the man that they say made sure they were safe... 17:25 'i dont know what we would have done." 12:00 'i just want to say thank you so much because anything could have happened to us.' sheriff ryan says he offered to reimburse deputy brooks for anti- freeze, but he declined any
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another celebration at southeast polk.. it's becoming an annual party. and a true photo finish from the daytona 500.
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minutes. not before we show the end of "the great american race". what a fantastic finish at the daytona 500. 500 miles, and it all comes down to the final lap. denny hamlin in the 11, makes a big, daring move, almost cut off by leader matt kenseth. kenseth nearly wrecks, but its neck and neck to the checkered flag. gamblin hamlin and martin truex junior. photo finish. and by 1 hundredth of a second. closest finish in daytona 500
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energy on the road in new york. 4th q. down 2. not anymore. patrick christopher buries the 3, energy tied at 78. christopher, rainbow the fade away drops in. iowa with a solid road win 84-80 over westchester. hawkeye women get a much needed win at home over indiana, 76-73. 19 points for ally disterhoft. baseball in february. iowa at dallas baptist. and apparently, dallas baptist is tough. top 7 - nick roscetti rbi ground out. corbin woods scores. game tied at 1. but its not enough. dallas baptist sweeps the series from iowa, 4-1 the final today. never underestimate the patriots. dallas baptist patriots? correct. how about some outdoor hockey?
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stadium, where the golden gophers play football. john torchetti can't lose since leaving iowa. 1st period. ryan carter, no..stopped again. but matt dumba lights the lamp. 1-0 wild. minnesota puts on a show in front of the home crowd. 6-1 the final. the torch now 4 and oh. the iowa wild lose a shootout in milwaukee, 2-1 admirals. going. three traditional wrestling team titles in four years. championship celebration this afternoon at the high school. the rams after another tournament title. southeast polk didn't have any individual champs, but quality depth l added up to another 3a championship. soundoff live coming up at
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the buzz tonight, mckay benched. hawkeyes suffer first bad loss. and that fantastic photo finish at daytona.
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hot topics at 515-282-9010. reigning big 12 defensive player of the year jameel mckay doesn't play, but the cyclones win anyway. and iowa plays down to its opponents for the first time this season. 515-282-9010. your time to sound-off! iowa state won a big 12


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