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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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des moines police say someone was shot near a southside elementary school last night. what detectives know so far about what happened. presidential candidate "of course, if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country the state of nevada picks donald trump... in a big way. we'll show you the latest numbers from last night's republican caucus. trump chant.. why students at a high school basketball game are being criticized for yelling donald trump's name at the opposing team... and why those visiting players say it's so hurtful. it's wednesday february 24th..
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the winds will pick up today and gust 20 to 30 mph. with the wind, highs will be slightly cooler,in the upper 30s to lower 40s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will keep highs well into the 30s for a brief cool down. warm weather bounces back over the weekend, with highs close to 60s on
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first on 13... results are still pouring in this morning from nevada. last night's republican caucus results are nearly counted at this point, but already, we have a clear winner. donald trump easily tops the field with 46 percent. behind him, marco rubio -- with 24 percent. in third, iowa's caucus pick -- ted cruz. he comes in just under rubio, with 21 percent. then ben carson and john kasich at a distant fourth and fifth. those numbers weren't even half tallied when candidates began hitting the stage to address voters... :07 - :15 "we won with young, we won with old, we one with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated.":26 - :32 "we are one step closer to turning the the pages on the
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obama-clinton disaster.":37 - :40 "i am a conservative that can unite this party." trump was highly favored even before the results started coming in... ...the real fight was between ted cruz and marco rubio for second place... cruz, it appears, will see a disappointing third place showing.... something he spun as progress for voters last night. meanwhile, his opponent rubio wasn't even in nevada last night. he was in michigan... already focused on what's next... super tuesday -- which gives voters there and in 11 other states their first chance to decide. here in iowa, trump's name has become something more... a perceived racial slur. fans at monday night's dallas center-grimes basketball game chanted trump's name. part of the opposing team, the perry blue jays, was offended by that chant. some players say the chant was meant to target perry's latino players. they say talk surrounding
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illegal immigrants was the fire behind it all. "things like trump, trump, trump, trying to intimidate us with the things mr. trump has said that he's oing to do with immigrants and their children." "we are all aware of racism, it's alive and well in small portions but it's alive and well and it's just hurtfull to see that's what they resort too. perry administrators say about 48 percent of its population is made of minority students. meanwhile, dallas center-grimes' athletic director tells us he's aware of the chant and is now addressing the issue... he would not say whether that includes disciplining any students. we now know the name of the man shot at an elementary school parking lot last night... it happened shortly after eight o'clock near park avenue elementary on the city's south side. police say darrius colter was shot in the upper leg - he is expected to be okay. officers canvased the area.. using flashlights to search for
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police aren't saying at this point, whether they've determined a suspect. a former state senator has avoided facing a judge today... kent sorenson was facing domestic abuse and interference with official acts charges stemming from last july.. but they were dropped yesterday, when he pleaddguilty to his disorderly conduct charge. he now faces a sentence of up to 30 days in jail and a maximum 625 dollar fine. the 43 year old is still awaiting sentencing for violating federal campaign finance laws during the
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we're seeing a change of pace this morning in the search for a supreme court justice replacement... and it comes from a fellow iowan. i think take it a step at a time. i'm going to take it a step at time. i will take it a step at a time. that was what senator charles grassley said last week when asked when he'll consider president obama's nominee. but now it appears... one step at a time... will take a while. yesterday, grassley announced the committee will not consider a nominee to the u-s supreme court until after the presidential election. the longest supreme court nomination process in u-s history was 125 days. a move to privatize iowa's
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yesterday governor branstad announced the controversial plan has gotten the federal stamp of approval needed to begin privatizing. the approval did come with a one month delay. the transition will now start on april 1st -- instead of march 1st. that's triggering a last ditch effort in the iowa senate this morning to help medicaid patients and providers transition. a committee is crafting a bill that would increase protection for both groups. today they'll hold a meeting to hear the public's input on it. meanwhile, opponents of branstad's plan are planning to rally at the capitol. they'll be led by former iowa governor chet culver -- who has taken an aggressive stance against the plan. lawmakers are giving iowa gun enthusiasts more options this morning. yesterday representatives approved gun suppressors -- or silencers. the device reduces the sound of gunfire by 20-to-30 percent. supporters say the sound
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helps protect the hearing of hunters and target shooters. opponents argue they make guns more concealable and lethal. des moines school teachers are asking kids to think ahead to summer this morning. they say the time is now to start searching for a summer job. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now... he is at the parks department in des moines where they hope to hire some of these kids for the summer. good morning josh. "for a lot of our students, the most challenging part of finding a job is knowing where to go and who to talk to. also, knowing what you need to take and how they can be prepared to go into applying for a job." looking to hire almost 300 seasonal summer workers. the
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available to younger adults and hs students. they've worked with dmps before on training students for summer jobs.the time crunch is on because they will have the training for seasonal workers over spring break. that leaves just over 2 weeks to get them to apply and pass a preliminary tests and background checks. "we know beyond the walls of this high school there are a lot of employibility skills that our students need to understand and need to have in order to be successful in college. or working or whatever the next stage of their lives is. so, we feel that them working outside of the
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tonight, all eyes turn to the hawks and ask "is this where iowa snaps out of its late-season funk, or prolongs it?" iowa and wisconsin at 8:06 pm. surprisingly, there are still tickets available. over in high school hoops... a win at regionals, and it's next level: on to girls state. 14th-ranked valley at number 5 indianola. even the college coaches came to see this one, bill fennelly and jennie baranczyk. 3rd q. tiger freshman zoey young starts to take over.. but the indians answer with
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the 3. 19 points for her total... in the fourth, indianola comes out on top of a tie... 73-64 the final. they're on to state for the first time as a 5-a school. indianola will now face linn-mar in the state quarterfinals. the number one team in class 5-a... the johnston dragons... playing cedar rapids washington without rachel hinders, their star player. dragons' ellie brown helps johnston pull away.
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this stray pup may look like just the type of four-legged friend you'd like to welcome into your living room. but he's destined for much more serious work. coming up, see how a local police department is grooming him for a
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the winds will pick up today and
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slightly cooler,in the upper 30s to lower 40s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will keep highs well into the 30s for a brief cool down. warm weather bounces back over the weekend, with highs close to 60s on
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intensive training comes up every time a new officer enters newton's police force... but training like this hasn't happened for 25 years... after the break, we'll introduce you to the department's newest officer ...
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newton police has a new addition to its fleet of officers this morning... smokey -- a rescue dog -- is the department's first k-9 in 25 years. and as channel 13's jannay towne shows us, he isn't your typical police dog. don't this sweet faced, tail wagging pooch fool you.
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find dope smokey's knows it time for to put his nose to work. check ... yesthe energetic one- year-old border collie mix is the newton police department's new k- 9. he's training to be a drug and tracking dog with handler zach walker. the trainers who have done it for a long time make it look very easy so once i did it, it was a lot harder than it looks walker is getting some pointers along the way.. spin around good he will continue for the next four weeks learning how to bond with the dog and learning how to do the tracking and narcotics work trainer dennis george says like most partnerships, there's a learning curve. they have personalities, they have emotions and we need to key on those. but keying in on those canine cues will get easier with time. he's a cool dog. not a traditional dog. what you'd think of when you think of a
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we didn't want that perception of a big scary dog. not that german shepherds and malinois are always scary, but there's a perception with the traditional police dogs 22smokey came to newton police as a stray from the animal rescue league. smokey is very good at being with people. he loves peopleand already the community has embraced its new dog in blue. the department has raised about 8- thousand dollars for the k-9 program... with donations from the iowa speedway and many others. it's just awesome to see the community coming around this project he's ready to workin newton, jt channel 13 news. officers say smokey should be ready to hit the streets by the beginning of
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