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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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a longtime colleague has some harsh words for senator charles grassley. hear who is calling the iowa senator "inept" for blocking a supreme court nominee. an iowa boy scout killed doing what he loves is not being forgotten. see how aaron eilerts hometown kept his mission going today. and a bill that would make you move completely out of the way of bicyclists advances at the statehouse. we'll tell you what it means for cyclists and motorists. news at four front door open plenty of snow still on the ground in webster county ... channel 13 photojournalist roger riley ... good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks
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we begin today in the u-s senate ... where the traditional
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we begin today in the u-s senate ... where the traditional decorum is breaking down over the vacant
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at the center of the war of words is iowa senator and judiciary committee chair charles grassley. in that role, grassley is the gatekeeper of judicial nominees. yesterday grassley released a letter stating he will not hold hearings on anyone nominated by president obama to fill the seat left empty by antonin scalia's death. that announcement was followed by a report that grassley is ignoring an invitation to come to the white house to discuss the matter with president obama. senate minority leader harry reid responded to the news in a ten minute speech today on the floor of the senate ... focusing entirely on grassley. according to politico reid said --quote-- 'senator grassley has surrendered every pretense of independence ... this is a sad day for one of the proudest committees in the united states senate." 'we dont have to go back to 1980 or 1982 to prove the current chairmans ineptness. look at the spike in judicial emergencies that occurred on chairman grassleys watch just in the past year.' today we took those accusations from reid to senator grassley. he says the democratic leader is
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404 "right now as the chairman i'm inept ... voted out with wide bipartisan support ... that tells you something right there." 606 "i'm not afraid to go to the that president obama and i very much agree on ... to reform sentencing ... broad bipartisan agreement on that bill as well." meanwhile president obama says he will follow through with his constitutional authority and nominate someone for the high
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... whether the senate holds confirmation hearings for the nominee or not. nevada governor brian sandoval - a republican - is reportedly being considered by the president. sandoval is viewed as a moderate republican and is a former federal judge. the governor's office says they have not been contacted about the nomination. harry reid has sandoval as a nominee. a law that's been on the books at the statehouse... current 'invasion of privacy' or 'peeping tom' laws in iowa require the state to prove the victim was nude and/or the peeper was aroused by spying on the victim.. this criteria makes it difficult for a suspect to get charged with the crime. today, the senate debated amending the law to eliminate that specific penalty to a serious misdemeanor. the updated bill would allow even if they spy on someone fully dressed and arousal would no longer need to be
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'its adding it to the toolbox that law enforcement can use and prosecutors on someone who is leaving a camera to view someone.' the bill unanimously passed out of the senate and is now headed over to the house. coming up at 5 and 6 hear from the woman who helped push for this legislation after becoming a victim of a peeping tom while she was in college. a bill we first told you about last week has moved on in the state senate ... and it could soon mean you'll have to move over on the road. the bill would require drivers to move into an adjacent lane when passing a bicyclist ... the same way you have to for any other vehicle. he bill would not apply to passing a bicyclist who is in a bike lane. the bill passed the full senate today with bipartisan support. it now heads to the house. university of iowa president bruce harreld has not received a very warm welcome. the backlash started almost instantly with community members
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"rigged" system and cronyism within the board of regents. harreld held a town hall meeting last night in hopes of smoothing things over with detractors. he opened the floor up to questions from school and community members ... and the results weren't pretty. kristin rogers has the story. a town hall at the university of iowa meant to focus on improving the school, quickly turned its focus to its president...with all eyes on bruce harreld. as president harreld went through his presentation which shared statistics such as university rankings and faculty salaries, he was quickly interupted when talking about having world class people at the school. harreld: "i said you, i didn't say me." protestor: "i don't work here." harreld: "i'm not suprised." it was that response that quickly fueled the protesting fire as the woman was quickly defended. protestor: "you publicly insulted a member of this town." the president continued to defend himself. harreld: "excuse me sir these signs that are standing up are insulting me." but the entire crowd wasn't against bruce harreld in fact the protesters were hushed multiple times and at one point even called out by another community member. "yal don't understand that not only have yal not engaged bruce harreld or any of the four
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but yal have done a diservice to yal's selves yal should be ashamed yal disrespectful." :kristin rogers @krogerskwwl "despite all of the controversy surrounding his hire, bruce harreld tells us he remains grounded." family bruce harreld university of iowa president "i go home every night and hug night saying oh what a terrible day, what a next morning and say let's go handsome it's a new day, you have to, the core of your question is do i know who i am and yeah i know who i am and a lot of the people trying to say who i am many of them i've never met." harreld was asked multiple times if he plans to resign for the good of the school. harreld surprised the crowd by saying that he will resign ... at the
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des moines water works is moving ahead with a multi-year, multi-million dollar plan to clean up the sources that supply the metro's drinking water. today the utility's board of trustees approved a five year, 241-million dollar capital improvement plan. one of the biggest pieces of that plan will be improving water works ability to remove nitrates from the water. 80-million dollars will go to nitrate mitigation. that money will be used to expand the nitrate removal facility and to create a wetland at water works park to trap nitrates. water works is suing three northwest iowa counties that it says are the source of the high nitrates that cost metro customers millions of dollars to remove. iowa utility companies are bracing themselves to lose about five hundred workers in the next few years,and they don't have enough new workers to fill them all. that's one issue utility companies are discussing at a pipeline safety training conference in west des moines this week. they say the problem is the utilities industry is "graying-out." in iowa, as many as 500 workers will retire from the industry
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five to seven years. industry experts say young people just aren't flocking to the career... marshalltown community college has a utilities technician program its trying to get more high schools across the state to pitch to students... a two-year degree can earn graduates a starting salary of $70-thousand dollars a year. but no matter what they do, experts say the manpower in this industry will be running low for several years. "the utilities is probably going to be running at a bit of a deficit, manpower-wise, for awhile, until they can get back up to speed. it becomes an issue in iowa, because iowa has a lot of small town locations. and getting younger people to want to live and work in a small town atmosphere is sometimes a little more difficult." :01-:18 to fix that problem, marshalltown community college is working with utilities companies in iowa to offer a scholarship to students in small towns who want to stay in their towns. the scholarships plan to pay for their schooling if they commit to working in their hometowns for a
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paul rhoads is now so proud to be the arkansas razorbacks defensive backs coach. the former iowa state head football coach has found a new job. he'll be working under former hawkeye player and coach brett bielema . rhoads was fired in november after six consecutive losing seasons in ames. after years of pressure facebook is finally giving you more options to weigh in on your friends' posts. maybe you've already seen these today, but if not check it out now. by holding down on the "like" button you'll open up a window with five emojis to choose from. they include live, love, humor, anger, wow and sad faces. there still is no "dislike" button, this summer will mark eight
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this summer will mark eight years since a tornado tore through a western iowa boy scout camp. that storm claimed the lives of four scouts ... but it didn't kill their spirit. coming up next ... see how aaron eilert's hometown paid tribute to him by doing what he lived to do. and are those old sneakers in your closet worth a fortune? we'll show you how a chicago shop is restoring sneakers and turning them into classics once again. it has been eight years since a
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camp...killing four boy scouts. among the four boys killed that day was 14-year old aaron eilerts of eagle grove. channel 13s roger riley shows us how the young man has left a lasting impression on his hometown. 26:58 sawing tree story... each year on aaron eihlerts birthday the robert blue middle school tackles a long list of service projects 2757 some of them are things which if aaron were here he would be doing today beth stephas as eihlerts guidance counselor..and neighbor.. 2757 some of them are things which if
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projects include making pillow cases for soldiers, with encouraging messages, and pillow cases for kids in the hospital. 2805 soul hope they are cutting pieces out of denim that ae shoe pieces and they will be sewed into shoes in uganda.. emma nett 8th grader 5615 its really fun you get to make things for other people and help them out you get to give back to the community. one high school student sarah wilson returns to the middle school each year to help with a project making dolls for haiti...even though she inspires others by overcoming... 7:38 want to show people every one is different each doll is different ...for me im different i cant talk right— i stutter..i bet you realized that i want to show each doll is different.
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2923 we are doing some things that will benefit eagle grove wright co,all of iowa and overseas as well in eagle grove rr channel 13 news. skies will remain mostly cloudy
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overnight hours tonight. it won't be until thursday afternoon when we start to see some sunshine breaking through. winds will remain out of the northwest between 15 and 25 mph on thursday, this will help keep
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making it the coolest day of the week. if you have been longing for the warmth to return, you'll just have to wait until friday. this will be the start of a major warm up over the few following days. friday's high will mover around average in the lower 40s, but saturday warmest day over the next week with highs reaching the upper 50s and lower 60s. ad lib main weather coming up next ... its an investment with an instant
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can turn 20 dollars into a thousand dollars ... and what your old shoes have
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cleaning? if that includes getting rid of some old shoes, take a closer look before you throw them out. you're stinky old sneakers could actually be worth a pile of cash ... if you
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chicago shop that is turning trash into treasure. so how many jordan's are too many? it seems everybody's wearing them: from hollywood to the halftime show. and mj's newest air jordan venture on state street feels more like a museum than a store proving it's all about mj's shoes. there's nothing like 'em. bc if you're a fan, remember the slogan... everybody just wants to be like mike, including mario pendleton. he owns 25, maybe 30 pair of these... , so anytime they bring out the mikes, i don't care what they cost, i'm gonna get 'em." 32:21and pendleton peddles them everywhere. frankly, anywhere. no price is too high. no line is too long for what he calls the "classic" jordans. and to clean these gems, the dozens
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50% of his business is about making his own dress shoes, fixing other people's. the other half: cleaning, dying, painting high end sneakers. restoring them for his meticulous high end sneaker customers. this old pair of kanye west's nike yeezy 2:16:52 "this pair runs from $2500-5,000" yep, ebay has that shoe priced out at over $6,000. and here's the kicker:
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used shoe? you bet it does, the secondary sneaker market for jordan's, kanye west's yeezee's and even the dorn becker or db's...unbelievable. 2:15: 18 "retail is like $180-200. resale anywhere from $6-800":25 edwin morel's 18. and thinks of himself as an artist. he's says he's been painting air jordan's in his basement since become a career for him at red star cobbler. just look at these before and after shots- the boys' pride and joy. because together these guys clean, condition, dye, paint, replace, even transplant new parts to rid of the old. the end result: good as new. they're so good, they were even able to clean up my old reporter's boots. these heels are embarrassing, frankly. years of pounding the pavement in chicago, i guess. not any more. so, is there anything they can't do? 6:30 "ju: any color? yes.
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any material? yes. anything you can't do? patent leather. :43" it scratches... never looks factory grade again. for the sneaker fan turned finatic where high style is truly where the rubber meets the road, red star cobbler is happy to help you cash in. 2:26:15 "we do see a lot of people where this is their life." :18 red star cobblers says for as little as 20-dollars they'll increase the value of your shoes by a thousand dollars or more. one year ago it would have sounded unbelievable ... of wrapping up the republican presidential nomination. coming up next ... find out who is standing behind trump after his third straight victory last on the
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national convention. see how donald trump celebrated his nevada win ... and how ted cruz trying to catch him. its not even spring ... but summer like storms are striking in the south. we'll show the damage left outbreak. and we'll take you to the planet planet earth. find out how scientists here are planning for a manned mission there. news at four front door
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to the gop nomination, donald trump today sent out family members ... his adult sons and his wife melania ... to vouch for his character. trump is beginning to look like the inevitable winner for republicans. today he even secured his first endorsements from washington lawmakers. steve handelsman has the latest from the campaign trail ... one week before super tuesday. donald trump, today, embraced by evangelical icon pat robertson ... after trump took the evangelical vote last night, in his landslide win in nevada. and sent a message ... to his cuban american rivals ted cruz and marco rubio sot: donald trump :17-:22"46% with the hispancis 46%!! #1 with hispancis!" rubio claims today: he can still win. sot: sen. marco rubio :25-:29"that if it came down to me and donald trump i'd beat him by almost 16
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nor is john kasich nats: john kasich :31-:35"forget about it! forget about it" six days away is super tuesday. donald trump leading in 10 states and focusing on texas where cruz today woin the endorsement of texas governor family card: son don jr saying: the boys grew up with billions, but trump values sot: don trump jr., son of donald trump :53-:59 "education family work ethic, all of these things that are aften lost in children of similar fortune" melania trump says of her husband sot: melania trump, wife of donald trump 1:01-1:04 "he treats women the samew as men" in south carolina, democrat hillary clinton is looking at another win nats: hillary clinton 1:09-1:11"need your help saturday !!! bernie sanders figures he can win 4 or more super tuesday primaries sot: sen. bernie sanders 1:16-1:20"there are states were gonna lose, but the race goes on. and this is a race!!" a great upset, says sanders, is still possible audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. after super tuesday there are a few minor contests before another super tuesday on march 15th when
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ohio among others will vote. however the nominations could be determined by then. apple now has just two more days to comply with a court order that the company assist the fbi in breaking into the phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. today on capitol hill us attorney general loretta lynch urged apple to follow the court order ... and not just because they law requires them to. it's a long-standing principle in our justice system that if an independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct limited search for that evidence and if the government needs the assistance of third parties to ensure that the judges all over the country and on the those parties must assist if it's reasonably within their power to do so. and that is what we have been asking and we owe it to the victims and to the public whose safety we must protect to ensure that we have done everything under the law to fully investigate terrorist attacks on american soil.
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phone could reveal a motive for the attack. they also believe it could lead to possible co-conspirators and stop possible future attacks. dozens of people were injured and and at least three were killed after severe weather blew across the south overnight spawning multiple tornados. chris pollone is in raleigh, north carolina with the latest. first light revealed the utter devastation from a powerful storm system that is sweeping across the southeast spawning tornados from louisiana to florida. hardest hit.. a mobile home park in convent, louisiana where a 150 trailers were reduced to rubble. "this was probably the worst area that tornado could have hit." to the east in pensacola, florida a populated neighborhood took a direct hit. "we barely made it to the bottom, to the bottom floor and then we started
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more than a dozen tornados were reported across the region: destroying homes, overturning semi- trucks and ripping apart brick buildings. "it was so scary. it was unreal the sounds and watching things fly around in your house. you didn't know what was going to happen. the indiscriminate nature of tornados are tough to predict.. their destructive nature hard to comprehend even among public officials who have seen it all before. "tornados have a mind of their own. they'll jump over housing areas, or they'll jump over the house that you are in to destroy the house next door, that's what this tornado did." a night of terror for those in the storms path with more tornados possible as the system pushes east and up into the mid-atlantic region. last fall matt damon showed us
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white .
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that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. food on mars. but is there a piece of reality in the big
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the film has earned rave reviews and could win best picture at the academy awards on sunday. for more than a decade, a group from colorado has worked to make an actual human mission to mars a reality. kent erdahl takes us to mars without leaving earth. radio frequency and time lapse 'radiation." static 'dust storms...' static 'isolation.' frequency 'and its very cold.' static clip 8717 in-1:22:00 'it is a bit inhospitable to say the least.'there are places in this world... dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:29:38 "this is a great adventure."that feel otherworldly... renee garifi clip 8667 in-45:52 '...the rocks are red, it looks very alien."utahs red rock desert is one of those places... renee garifi clip 8667 in-45:49 "you could swear you're on mars...'and if mars is your dream... anderson wilder - executive officer & crew engineer clip 8717 in-1:22:13 "i think it's the next frontier...'this is where you can dream... with your eyes open... clip 8748 in-1:42:21 kent: 'hello?' clip 8748 in-1:42:23 radio: 'welcome to the mars desert research station.' upon entering the mars desert research station... clip 8657 in-34:26 'you are
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depressurization cycle.'you'll discover a full-scale simulation... renee clip 8665 in-37:08 "we are in utah but we are simulating working and living on planet mars."the working area is small... renee clip 8666 in-39:10 "on the first floor we've got our laboratory.'and the living area... is smaller... clip 8701 in-1:07:02 "here is where we have our "personal space".space is a relative term when sleeping... cooking... and even cleaning with limited resources. clip 8711 in-1:11:55 "we try to have showers of 3-4 minutes tops... and we obviously don't shower every single day."just call it a compromise for science... renee clip 8666 in-40:57 "i collected this yesterday...renee gah-rif-ee... is researching micrometeorites... grow tent open and microgravity irrigation... renee garifi clip 8675 in-50:04 "what we are testing here are two, new, experimental prototypes...'she is commander of a three person crew from frances international space university... buckle nats they're spending two weeks here conducting field missions... clip 8804 in-1:59:00 "do you want to check the propane?'...each has their own responsibilities... "copy that. i will go to check the propane." but they all share a common dream... anderson outside clip 8837 in-2:14:57 "as far back as i can remember i've always wanted to be an astronaut." carmen felix clip 8835 in-2:09:52 '...i think i have not stopped dreaming about it."
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in-2:38:28 'to me, it really feels like coming home."and if spending your vacation here seems a little weird... renee outside clip 8894 in-2:40:39 "i think we're all a little weird .' clip 8835 in-2:10:40 'yeah thats me.'...that's just fine with them... anderson outside clip 8837 in-2:15:10 'you know, it's not the beach... but it's research and research is fun too." that research is possible thanks to dr. robert zubrin... the colorado native founded the mars society, which built the station and led the first mission 14 years ago. dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:32:40 "what we're doing here in the desert right now is showing the value of this tool to nasa for researching how to do a mars mission." renee clip 8727 in-1:29:58 "we are the 162nd crew here."and after observing all those crews and their research... dr. zubrin says they've made valuable discoveries... like that teams could live and work using much less water than first thought. atv start and even though no transport vehicles will run on gas... theyve learned atvs are the most useful. dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:24:57 "before you go spending a billion dollars designing a mars mobility vehicle, you should know of which type you want to design and develop." atv nats and if you wonder why we shouldnt just leave the exploration to
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dr. zubrin has a story to share about that very first mission here... after hiking up and down terrain that no rover could... he made a discovery... dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:17:49 "one of the geologists in the crew looked it over and he said, 'this is dinosaur bone.'"that bone led to one of the biggest dinosaur fossil finds on earth... a worldly discovery that leads him to an otherworldly conclusion... dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:18:56 "what this shows is the importance of having human explorers on mars. this find never would have been done by robots."a human mission to mars is still a dream... "i want this to happen. but the work out here... is opening eyes... dr. robert zubrin - founder, the mars society clip 9156 in-6:33:32 i want people to stand on our shoulders and go higher." skies will remain mostly cloudy through the evening and
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overnight hours tonight. it won't be until thursday afternoon when we start to see some sunshine breaking through. winds will remain out of the northwest between 15 and 25 mph
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temperatures on the cool side, making it the coolest day of the week. if you have been longing for the warmth to return, you'll just have to wait until friday. this will be the start of a major warm up over the few following days. friday's high will mover around average in the lower 40s, but saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest day over the next week with highs reaching the upper 50s and lower 60s. ad lib main weather coming up next ... it's her 110th birthday and she'll
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... someone celebrati100th birthday - or beyond sharing their secret to a long life. this week a spokane washington woman began her 11th decade on this earth. but 110 year old flossie dickey didn't feel like celebrating ... or putting up with a live tv interview. "are you excited for excited for your party? not one bit. reporter laughs : your favorite activity here at the center is to take a nap. take a nap as many times as i can. you sound like a very busy lady. and with that flossie had said her piece and ended the interview. afterward her caretaker spoke on flossie's behalf. she said flossie is a jokester who likes her whiskey straight up.
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unanswered questions about whether or not e- cigs are bad for your lungs. be detrimental to your pants. look at this video from a kentucky convenience store. a man is waiting in line when his e-cig explodes in flames inside his pocket. the man quickly patted out the flames. he suffered some small second degree burns but will be just fine. we'll be back in three minutes
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right now. the move to a privately managed medicaid system was pushed back another month... the questions lawmakers and iowans still have about the switch... and the criticism that still
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iowa lawmakers make changes to the so called peeping tom law. what victims will no longer have to prove to make their case. and visitors looking for a wi-fi signal inside wells fargo arena, won't find one... the reason the well is not a hot spot... and how that could effect things at the ncaa tournament... for nearly two hours...iowans shared tears and anger inside a statehouse meeting room. they fear what will happen april first. good evening, i'm erin kiernan. and i'm sonya heitshusen. thanks for joining us. april first is when iowa switches its medicaid system to private providers. the movffects mre than half a million iowans who rely on medicaid because they are low income or mentally or physically challenged. political director dave price joins us first on thirteen.. dave, changes are underway and people have a lot of questions. some feel like governor branstad
5:00 pm
the federal government agreed and has delayed this major switch two times already. but april first...the system changes and iowans at a legislative meeting pleaded with lawmakers to make sure private companies will still give them the assistance they need. 3330 parents who come to visit...they say you look good. but that's because of medicaid. how can i be a productive member of society." some iowans worry for themselves... others for family members recipients and caregivers wondered aloud at this meeting not only whether and how services


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