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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  October 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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ganss, abc news. >> i can tell you ben: a wisconsin sheriff's deputy shot and killed on the job. the phone call that helped lead authorities to the man who allegedly pulled the trigger. melinda: plus, swapping your car for a bike. the international leaders heading to milwaukee today in hopes of changing the city's transportation system. as we take a live look outside. a creepily chilly start to halloween. we're breaking down the forecast as you get ready to head out the door. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this monday, october 31st. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center! good morning, sal. sally: good morning. no tricks, only treats with this halloween forecast. we close out october.
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are chilly. skies partly cloudy early this morning. we call for a partly cloudy start and keeping the temperatures in the low 40s overall and a mix of sun and clouds. this afternoon near 60 degrees and the breezy winds are pushing the temperatures up and near 70 tomorrow and workweek wet. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. ben: changing milwaukee's transportation system. an effort to make the city more bike friendly starts today. federal highway officials are partnering with local leaders and dutch transportation experts. they're taking part in workshops teaching milwaukee planners how to integrate bike-riding into the city's main transportation system.
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changes are coming to an area a lot of you drive by every day. local leaders will be on hand today for the groundbreaking of a new development in greenfield. it's called 84-south. there will be shopping, restaurants, apartments and more. this is near 84th and layton along 894. the developer expects the retail center to bring 600 new jobs to greenfield. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:32. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed in western wisconsin, tim, you have new information this morning. tim: is smith county. we're learning that the suspect is in custody right now. this is all happening near the small town of ladysmith in rusk county just north of eau claire. officials say deputy dan glaze was killed saturday night. while responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. found glaze shot to death. authorities say doug nitek pulled the trigger. he was arrested sunday at his home. nitek fired one shot before surrendering. the deputy's death has had a huge impact on the small community.
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very close to each other, so when something like this happens, it hits hard. tim: the rusk county sheriff says they have not figured out why the suspect opened fire. deputy glaze had been in law enforcement for seven years and had worked in rusk county for a year and a half. back to you. melinda: right now, one survivor of a serious crash in milwaukee s back at home. timothy snyder was driving for uber when someone ran a red light and slammed into his car. he had been in critical condition but now snyder is out of the hospital. a gofundme account shared this photo of snyder watching the packers game with his mom. the account is raising money to help with medical expenses. this was the crash scene more than a week ago. two people are in custody accused of crashing into snyder's car. his three passengers were killed. ben: there's a new worry on the streets, a drug more powerful than anything police have seen. is this as dangerous as it gets when it comes to these synthetic
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>> it really is. this stuff is just so powerful and potent. ben: the opiod epidemic is getting even worse. 12 news has learned a drug that was meant for animals is now hitting the streets. melinda: so ben, it's not a stretch to learn that this drug is deadly for users but you found something more disturbing. ben: in talking to agents, there is serious concern among police and first responders because of how dangerous it is for them if they come in contact wit. they are taking new precautions. i'll explain what is and how it works in my 12 news investigation tonight on wisn 12 news at ten. melinda: turning to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. this week, the candidates are focusing on wisconsin. tomorrow donald trump and mike pence will be at an event in eau claire. also tomorrow, hillary clinton's running mate tim kane will make stops in appleton and madison and chelsea clinton will be in milwaukee, oshkosh and eau claire on thursday. ben: hillary clinton's campaign is once again dealing with an
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investigation to find out more about emails sent by huma abedin, a top clinton aide, and the wife of anthony weiner. officials say they found abedin's emails during the weiner sexting investigation. it's unprecedented for the fbi to make an announcement like this so close to an election. trump's campaign is praising the decision, while clinton's side is criticizing the fbi director. senator harry reid has accused the director of trying to influence the election. wisn 12 neim 4:35. ben: new this morning, a school take town. >> what the kids were doing seconds before knocked to the ground. >> social media and your teen's health and why certain videos i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> this morning the temperatures 32-40. we had fair skies overnight and looking for the patchy fog. i wouldn't be surprised to some patchy fog this morning.
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mix of sun and clouds for the day. temperatures 50s and 60s at this hour over the plains. this morning in spite of the chilly start it is gaing to warm up rapidly. it is 40 at the airport. for today party sunny, breezy south winds and going up to 60 as we close out october. or better. >> thank you, sal. out the door here. 41 at hampton. not much activity going on. ben: new this morning, a school security guard pleads guilty after he's caught on camera tackling two students. melinda: it was all caught on camera, take a look. the two students are 13 and 14 years old. they were reportedly sneaking out of class at the time.
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grabbed the students and slammed them to the ground. he pleaded guilty and he's been sentenced to one day in jail. ben: also new this morning, an accidental car theft. melinda: when the thief realized what had happened, she returned the car and apologized. here's how it happened. the woman's friend gave her keys to a red subaru and asked her to pick the car up. so the woman saw a red subaru and got in. for some reason, the keys worked, but it was the wrong car. the neighbor also owns a red subaru. so she decided to put the car back where she found it with a note apologizing and $30. melinda: another big earthquake hits italy causing some major damage. ben: it sent these boulders flying, they landed in the middle of a road. you can see cars trying to navigate around the boulders. yesterday's earthquake was the third in as many days.
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italy hit with so many of these. so far there are no reports of any deaths. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:45. a lake with no name now has too many. melinda: why that's sparking a discussion about history. >> plus, an unexpected performance. the man whose unusual tribute to a friend ended with police swarming a theater. ben: and a woman disappears, five days later rescuers find her wrecked car. the amazing story of survival
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>> we are in at 4:44 on this monday morning, it is halloween, october 31st. we are on the cool side, the temperatures close to 32 and 40 degrees, gusty south winds are picking up throughout the day and helping the temperatures to warm up nicely. 40 at the airport. for now the winds are calm. they are picking up out the south and south winds throughout
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throughout the day and timing out the workweek wet coming up in a moment. melinda: new this morning, a manhunt in oklahoma ended overnight when authorities shot and killed michael vance. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest details. tim? tim: this happened late last night in western oklahoma. the manhunt went on for a week. vance is accused of shooting two police officers in wellston, oklahoma and then murdering his aunt and uncle. a string of carjackings and shootings followed that. authorities say a farmer reported seeing vance last night. they confronted him which led to a shoot out. a deputy was shot but not seriously hurt. vance was killed in the shoot out. this recovering in the hospital this morning. ben: right now, more protests are going on over a north dakota oil pipeline. people have been gathering to protest the pipeline for months. more than 140 people have been arrested in the last few days.
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activists in maine held a vigil to support the protesters. there was another rally in seattle last night. melinda: new this morning, a woman has been found alive in california after disappearing for five days. she was in a car crash and spent five days trapped in the wreckage. rescuers say her humvee had rolled down a hill. it took about an hour to get her out of the vehicle. she's in serious condition right now, but she is expected to recover. ben: new this morning, a halln police say a party in texas turned into a scene from a nightmare on elm street. a man dressed as freddy krueger started firing shots at the party. there was another man with him. five people were hit but they are all expected to be okay. investigators say the men got into a fight at the party and then came back with weapons. >> after i called 911, we were he is at that particular timed
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were running and screaming and blood, it was a little crazy. ben: so far, no arrests in this case. freddy krueger and his accomplice are still on the run this morning. melinda: we're learning more this morning about a bizarre performance at new york's metropolitan opera house. a man was spotted sprinkling white powder into the orchestra pit this weekend. it happened during intermission, the building was quickly evacuated. now, investigators say that powder was probably human ashes. officials say the man probably did not know this would cause a panic. >> we have spoken to more than one witness who said they spoke to an individual from out of town who indicated that he was here to sprinkle ashes of a friend, his mentor in opera. melinda: investigators are still looking for that man. this morning, the met is offering a refund to people who missed performances because of the evacuation. ben: alaska's first pot shop is now open for business. the store opened this weekend in valdez, alaska.
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little town at sea level. customers lined up for hours to get in. there are three more marijuana stores set to open in the next few days. alaska legalized marijuana in 2015. melinda: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. that's what an orthodontist is saying about a new trend online do it yourself braces. huh. there are youtube videos popping up showing teenagers how to make their own braces with everything from hairbands to paper clips. oh, this is not good. some of the youtube videos have millions of views. doctor guy deyton says it could go horribly wrong. >> i am so horrified and fearful that they are going to do harm to themselves.
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it could lead to teeth falling out and serious infections. speaking to someone that had braces, i can't imagine doing that myself. i rarely wanted the dentist to tighten them and the retainer itself is enough. >> ben: it hurt enough when the dentist did it. sally: leave it in the hands of the pros for that one. yes, of your life. can you believe we are closing out october. melinda: it is halloween! sally: happy birthday to my twin brothers david and john. early today the temperatures are 32 to 40. 40 is where we find the airport. the winds are calm right now and continue to look at the light
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in the morning and afternoon. off to the west, the temperatures are mild overall. 43 lacrosse. temperatures are warming up rapidly today as the south winds are picking up. a few clouds out there. we had a few clouds yesterday especially to the east. the warm front is to the west. the temperatures today 60 degrees. and near then we turn cooler for wednesday. overall quiet for us. throw the afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds. a few clouds rolling in tonight. a disturbance coming through and a couple of stray showers are possible this evening and early tomorrow morning and clearing out. enjoying a little sunshine tomorrow and up to 70.
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party sunny and breezy for today. south winds 12-22. not much of a droppoff tonight 58. 71 tomorrow. decreasing clouds toward the end of the week and the temperatures warming up again for the weekend. >> thank you, sal. melinda: right now, dozens of miners are trapped after an explosion. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom where the latest information is coming in. tim. a gas explosion. it happened overnight in china. the mine is in chongging in central china. local media reports that the condition of the miners is unknown. china's mining industry has a deadly history but safety improvements have cut down on deaths in the last few years. this story is still developing. i'll continue to follow it all morning and bring you details as they come in. ben, back to you. ben: new this morning, a hack
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police have arrested an 18-year-old they say he created the cell phone bug. when someone clicks on the link, it forces their phone to dial 911 over and over again. arizona authorities tracked down the source, a twitter account with 12,000 followers operated by the 18-year-old. melinda: a mishap in the middle of a major sporting event. during a cricket match between england and pakistan one of the players lost a leg. he wears a prosthetic leg. and when liam thomas took a dive, the leg came off. he still managed to grab the ball and keep the game going with just one leg. how about that. ben: new this morning, a lake in montana goes from having no name to too many. the owners wanted to name the lake. maps of the area have kept it unnamed for about six decades.
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and said it's called moon lake. another says it's mohn lake. now, officials have to decide wh one is the real name. >> i spoke to rachel ray about the holiday and it is important for her growing up in a small town and was unable to trick or treat. >> we got no trick or and we didn't get to go trick or treating. so i'm sort of reliving my childhood when i come to show, finally we have a halloween party. >> watch rachel ray at 2.
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>> coming up, where your kids can go to turn in the hard earned candy for money. >> and paying for more drive, how to weigh in on a plan to add a wheel tax in milwaukee county. plus... ?? i don't know this song. she's nominated for entertainer of the year at the cmas. they are wednesday, watch the show live at 7:00 p.m. on wisn 12.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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>> welcome back. doctors at johns hopkins university and the university of pennsylvania found another option for patients waiting for a kidney. >> doctors treat the infected organ and the patients won't get sick, they have performed five of the transplants so far and two hundred thousand people in
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>> a hospital scrubs could be spreading dangerous germs. researchers at duke university collected sanl approximatelies from the scrubs of 40 icu nurses before and after the shut, and 22 incidents of germs transmated from a patiented or a room to the scrubs. >> children's brains can change after just o football. the impacts change the brain's white matter and can lead to future health problems. >> sports tape you see on top athletes is used by moms, new moms. women use the tape for pregnancy and breast feeding and aligning the backs. wisn 12 news time now is 4:58.
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>> good morning. thank you for being with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport, 5:00, monday, october 31st. right now, finding a fix for crumbling roads and bridges and some are saying a new tax is the way to repair the streets. ben: turbulence before takeover and a man flight full of passengers. >> first to a look outside. matt is coming up a moment, first we are checking in with meteorologist sally severson. sally: a few clouds and the temperatures 32-40. here is a look at the satellite and the ray day. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and likely cloudy in the mid afternoon hours.
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38 beaver dam. waukesha 32. partly cloudy this morning. we get the temperatures up to the low 40s, and this afternoon, you will see the temperatures near 60 degrees. here is matt with a look at traffic. >> nothing to too scary out there. we are looking here at pilgrim and 41, looking good. the pavement is dry and the volume is light. the bypassor national overnight. tap on the brakes into the construction zone. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. melinda: if you are driving in milwaukee county, you soon could be paying a fee. that is being discussed tonight. hillary mintz is live in


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