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tv   12 News This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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>> it is a historic event and i promise you that i will not let >> donald trump is elected the president of the united states. >> we are going to look at the break down and how the country voted. is this is a break down of the electoral votes, 270 is the number that the candidates need to win. donald trump has 276.
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been called yet. >> here is the popular count. we have more on trump's win. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us. it is us. on our victory. >> donald trump celebrating the victory early on wednesday. >> i congratulated her and her fought campaign. >> addressing the somber crowd of clinton supporters. >> we are not going to have anything more to say tonight. >> after a bruising several hours for the democratic nominee, tuesday evening started well enough for clinton as the vote totals were coming in and the lead in a number of the
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trump winning ohio, florida and north carolina and the thin margins in pennsylvania and new hampshire. trump then pulling ahead of clinton in the fire wall state of wisconsin and winning it along with ari pennsylvania. trump pulling off a long shot victory to become the 45th president. >> ten electoral votes at stake and all eyes on wisconsin. >> wisconsin helped to push donald trump over the number of votes needed to win. good morning, thema. >> we are outside of the mu nice
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voters came to fill out ballots like this yesterday. drum z donald trump is the first republican to win wisconsin since ronald reagan. now the two were separated by 26297 votes. donald trump winning all but 13 of the 72 counties in for milwaukee county clinton got a majority of the votes more than 66%, but not enough to get the votes needed for the presidency. back here live, the voting booths are closed and cleaning up things here as people move on to the next steps of governing. we are live downtown in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this
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>> thema, "good morning america" has more results from the election at 7:00 a.m. right after "wisn 12 news this morning." ben: another critical races across wisconsin. ron johnson re-elected and the projected winner in the wisconsin senate race. tim? tim: good morning, ben. this race getting a lot of national attention and the polls had them in the end, johnson fought hard. johnson took the seat from feingold in 2010. now here is a look at the balance of power. republicans have kept control of the senate over notable races are rand paul and john mccain.
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victory party in oshkosh. >> the crowd of johnson supporters here cautiously optimistic and senator johnson saying he was surprised by the margin in the race. the room erupted when the first projection of a johnson victory came in. shortly after the senator s >> we have the opportunity to put this nation on the right path. >> i am surprised by the result. i thought it would be a late night. i am very pleased with the result and the confidence that you have placed in me.
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couple of weeks. >> johnson's challenger feingold addressed the reporters last night. >> but this could be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. and it is going to be up to you, particularly these wonderful young people that worked on this campaign. you have to heal the wounds, bring us together, we'll get through this and i look forward to helping you. it is now up to you. thanks so much. ben: many people across the country watching house speaker paul ryan. this morning he's re-elected to a 9th term in congress. that covers racine, can sha and
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milwaukee counties. ryan faced a challenge. he got 65% of the vote. >> we have a full break down of the election on wisn mobile app and and scrolling on the bottom of the screen. >> ben: we are starting early this morning. we have a check on the forecast. melinda: not much to talk about in all politics but it is a nice one. sally: we started hashtag nice november. lake side temperatures are a touch warmer. 42 at the airport. 37 sheboygan. 33 watertown. sunshine for all of us today. climbing out of the 40s and sit
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blue skies. the typical highs 50 degrees. we are still above normal. the lows around 39. coming up, i show you a windy warm up and a breezy cool down. melinda: sal, thank you. breaking news, donald trump elected president. ben: we have a picture tweeted out by an abc news reporter. this is times square and captioned 45th president united states.
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>> we are talking about the big high pressure influencing our weather and it is parked over much of the nation. the few showers along the gulf coast and eastern part of the great lakes but much of the u.s. is staying dry throughout the day as we look at the sunshine. for us, sunshine, early morning
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now, i will show you a windy warm up for tomorrow and the temperatures that easily make it into the 60s. in fact, we are calling for 67 degrees tomorrow. >> thank you, sal. 4:14. ben: we are continuing to follow breaking news this morning, donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. melinda: all eyes were on wisconsin down to the wire. tim elliott's following the big political shake-up this morning. tim: first, the associated press called the race for trump in wisconsin immediately after they declared him the winner. of course, it all comes down to the electoral college. here's a look at the most recent numbers nationally. trump is over the edge with 276 electoral votes. in the end it comes down to wisconsin with 10 elect toirl votes and pushing donald trump
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donald trump declaring victory in a speech just a few hours ago. he says clinton called him to congratulate him. we're still waiting to hear from clinton herself, but we'll continue to follow reaction to trump's victory throughout the morning. melinda, ben, back to you. melinda: as we've mentioned, donald trump won wisconsin and took nearly 62 percent of the vote in waukesha county. ben: last night some of his local supporters gathered in delafield to watch the election results come in. sheldon dutes has more on their party. >> throughout the night there were loud cheers and applause as donald trump racked up each electoral vote. supporters gathered at delefield breuhaus to watch the results come in. the watch party was hosted by the waukesha county republican party. supporters were glued to their phones and the projector screens. throughout the night, republican voters told me they were cautiously optimistic and some reflected on trump's momentum before he was officially confirmed the new president of the united states.
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i guess they have been so tired of the past eight years the people just want their control back. >> i have been saying all week that i'm very hopeful that we're going to win, that donald trump will be our next president. >> in delafield, sheldon dutes wisn12news. ben: the financial industry is bracing for a big blow today following a shocking outcome in the election. melinda: wisn 12 news hillary mintz is live from the newsroom with the latest. good >> the market was banking on a clinton victory and before the opening bell this morning, we are seeing panic in if markets after news broke of donald trump winning, the dow dropped 700 points. this could make for the worst point loss for the stocks since 2008. the global stock markets prosecute tanking. it is because of the overseas
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uncertainty with trump. with so much volatility, if you have money in the pension fund, that likely will take a hit. >> the the value of the dollar declining, mexican peso will election results. >> gold prices should go up and experts say don't change your behavior, stay calm and let the market settle down when things will get back on track in a few days. >> hillary, thank you. ben: "good morning america" will have more reaction from the markets after the presidential race.
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ben: voters who turned out in waukesha county encountered a few issues yesterday. melinda: wisn 12 news christina palladino explains why the clerk's office is looking into a ballot shortage. >> it wasn't completely smooth sailing in waukesha county, a 150 people affected with voting issues earlier in the day. it is confusion over exactly how that the voter turnout is huge acrosswalk shaw county and the clerk's office did enough to order enough ballots. it took a few hours to get them new ones and in the meantime they used alternative ways to vote and some voiced frustration to the county clerk over the phone.
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people that didn't vote then and all seemed they were going to go back later. >> no one was actually turned away during the time when they ran out of ballots. there was a minor issue in the city of dellfield with a ballot >> this is turnout across wisconsin. 512,000 people cast their ballot in the early voting. we'll have a break down of those results later in the day. we have more coverage on the results on air and and mobile app. >> the only thing we don't have to talk about is the weather, it
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>> just nifty november better. 60s again over the weekend no. big storms. i had to go aways to look for a hint of stormy activity, but i think we get chilly on friday night. we might get a hard freeze. here we are live on the weatherwatch 12 dopplar radar skies are fair. plenty of star shine. stars were beautiful across southern wisconsin. huge high pressure. the low is situated in western canada and the gulf of mexico. much of the nation's mid section dominated by the dry high pressure. 42 at the airport. we have 20s, 30s, 40s, these are all or slightly above the
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briefly cooler for friday. warming up again for the weekend. 32 dells. 36 at burlington. sheboygan at 37. so sunshine as we go throughout the day today. lighter west winds. for tonight, the skies are fair. 39 for tonight. here we are tomorrow morning at 7:00. winds shift up from the southwest and looking at a windy warm up. i talked jeremy nelson and we are agreeing on the 60s. 39 for tonight. we settle at 67 for tomorrow. likely a few clouds around, a boundary is coming through thursday night and the winds shifting from the north on friday. the temperatures 50 on friday. but there is a warm up, mid 50s on saturday.
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rain by tuesday. >> we are following breaking news. melinda: donald trump is elected the 45th president of the united states. we are checked in sally kidd. >> hillary clinton ahead in the polls starting the day and campaign projecting confidence, as the night wore on and the battleground states were falling to donald trump the mood turned.
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>> hi, i'm mrs. brennan with the third grade class at robinwood elementary and we want to say good morning franklin! ben: good morning franklin! thanks for this wednesday morning shout out! wisn 12 news is visiting different classes all across southeast wisconsin. melinda: if you're interested in
4:24 am and click on the school shout out logo. we'll try to schedule a time to have meteorologist jeremy nelson stop by to say hello! melinda: wisn 12 news time is 4:23. now to more election results that have been coming in overnight. ben: there were a number of school referenda on the ballot across the area. voters in cudahy were asked to approve 7.9 million dollars for renovations and improvements in the district. they voted yes. melinda: in franklin, more than 43 million dollars on the ballot for building a new middle voters said yes. ben: in oconomowoc, voters were asked whether to approve nearly 55 million dollars for a new elementary school and district improvements. again, the voters said yes. in germantown, the school wanted $84 million to build a new field house, pool and performing arts
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>> wisn 12 news time now is 4:24. back to the forecast. >> now the sally severson. we have a great day ahead of us. >> we certainly do, plenty in the way of blue skies. we have a few 30s this morning. the skies are fair and lighter northwest winds. they shift tomorrow up out of the south. overall we are looking at just a few clouds big high pressure, well, it is blocking the high pressure influencing our weather for the next few days. a couple of disturbances are going to pass through one for thursday night and bringing in cooler air for friday. for today, sunshine. the highs this afternoon 55 degrees. lighter west winds. >> sal, thank you. the big story, breaking news about the presidential race. ben: donald trump is elected the
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states. well, a lot of people are celebrating this morning, there are protests, this is video from overnight showing demonstrators in san francisco in the streets upset by trump's victory. fires were set.
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ben: breaking news, donald trump is elected president of the united states. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together a one united people. >> trump supporters are celebrating this morning, others are taking to the streets in protest, even setting fires. we have special coverage this morning of the 2016 election. president-elect donald trump. >> some are calling it a surprising victory. hillary clinton had a small lead in most of the polls ahead of the election day.
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electoral votes to claim the victory. we are live in washington with the message to the country. >> ben and melinda, this morning donald trump is saying that the work is just beginning and pledging to unite the country. >> i love this country. thank you, thank you very much. >> defying the expectations. >> it has been call add historic we have to do a great job. and i promise you that i will not let you down. >> trump addressed the supporters overnight. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as


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