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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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first, a live look outside here on this chilly monday morning. matt has a check on the morning commute coming up. first to sally. >> it is a beautiful sky in place, a few clouds over lake michigan and the warmth. we have light north breezes beginning to get light. 26. the dew .16. this is a dry and cool air mass lighter northwest winds in place. the windchill index feeling like 19 degrees. so winter temperatures in place for us. we have broed low pressure organized. it is becoming more focussed and bring in the rain tomorrow. so we are talking sunshine for today. temperatures reach up to 37 degrees. we look at the light north winds. now to matt.
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plank road under the freeway. no troubles here at all. in fact, just 12 minutes on 41 #, 45 southbound. rolling on 94 eastbound through the construction zone, 10 minutes. i will continue to keep an eye on it. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> right now, authorities in texas and missouri are investigating after two police officers were shot in separate incidents. in san antonio writing a ticket in his squad car. the suspect is still on the run. and in saint louis an officer sitting in traffic was shot twice but is expected to survive. the suspect was later killed by police >> one of the busiest travel weeks of the year is here. many of you will be driving or flying. thema is joining us live with a look ahead. good morning, thema.
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this is what many people are doing, getting behind the wheel to head out for the thanksgiving holiday travel. but before you do that, and join the people who are on the roads, the more than nine hundred thousand that is expected to be here with you. first up, be patient. triple a is saying 89% of the people are driving to their thanksgiving destination, so there's going to be plenty of people on the road with you. texting and driving is against the law in wisconsin and in construction zones you can't hold your phone to your ear to talk. if you are planning to fly, the two busiest days will be wednesday and the sunday after thanksgiving. triple a says that most people are headed to the west, the most particular is las vegas. back in milwaukee, however you are planning to get to your
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on the roads or up in the air, this is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving for travel since 2007. live in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thema, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:03. if you are flying in our at out of chicago, you want to listen to this, the workers are getting ready to go on strike. i am in the news room with tim. >> so far so good. it is a lot of people will be travelling the rest of the week. a lot of eyes on chicago as the holiday travel week begins. workers at o'hare will be announcing when they are going to strike. now it is the waiting game to see when the 500 workers will walk off the job. the picket won't shutdown o'hare but cause a disruption for some
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baggage, cabin cleaners and janitors and wheelchair attend ents. >> there is good news for anyone that is going along the lake front, a major construction project is wrapping up this week. hillary is live with a look ahead. good morning, hillary. help reporter: good morning, if you have been here, it is a mess, but we have a lot of the orange barrels out of the way and the streets and ramps are reopened. later this morning they are getting us updates on the construction project here. it is called the lake front gateway project and they have reconfigured the streets and ramps. for the first time in years, you
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the both's portion of the project will be finished up later the week. they are adding buildings and pedestrian bridges and developing more of the third ward. for now, especially if you are wanting to come to lincoln memorial, come east down here, and again, big changes here, opening up a lot just in time for the holiday travel. we are live along the lake front "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you. people in a milwaukee neighborhood is on alert for burglaries at their homes. since friday, three homes were broken into, one neighbor is saying their home hit twice in october and again on friday. some families are installing
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more police power. mpd is saying they have increased the patrols. >> district 4, the records show that 847 burglaries happened there between the start of the year and november 14th. that is actually down from last year at this time. the highest rate in milwaukee this year is next door in district 7 with over 1300. >> wisn 12 news time now is the packers are two games out of the division race and could miss the playoffs for the first time since 2008. the second quarter we go. rodgers with the face mask yanked and finding nelson in the back of the end zone. the pack led 10-7 late in the first half. temperature wind was a factor in
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washington gets the win. the packers have now lost four straight. >> we didn't handle the injuries very well. the players wept in, it is tough, everyone has them, we have to do a better job of stepping up. it is important to check their mailbox and stay in tune with what we need to do individually to improve. >> this was the 4th game in a row they allowed at least 30 points. >> looking ahead, we are a week away from the packers and the philadelphia eagles on monday night football on wisn 12. we start with the big 12 sports count down at 6:30, live in philly with everything you need to know before the game and followed by the packers and eagles at 7:30 and live post game coverage. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:07.
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>> i got the scarf out and the boots on. >> you need the heavy duty boots. the warm boots. i tried to talk my husband into it is refreshing. he didn't buy it. it is cold. 30s and sunshine today. by tomorrow the winds are becoming more southeast. the rain is arriving later on tuesday and staying around for much of wednesday. here in the southern part of the stathe remaining liquid. overcast and dry for thanksgiving day. maybe a stray flurry. the temperatures this morning are showing up in the teens and 20s. we look at the highs in the 30s. now the matt up in news chopper 12. >> we are over the south side, the bypass, near the mitchell interchange.
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mitchell at the top of the frame there. no trouble at all. things are looking great across the system right now. warm up the car and no problems. the travel times are looking good. everything is in the green at this point. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. we have breaking news, pope frances allowing catholic priests the power to forgive abortion. he made that announcement in a letter that was releas morning. the pope wrote quote there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and wipe away when it finds a repent ent heart. this decision is an extension of special permission he granted last year for the holy year of mercy, pope frances says that abortion is a grave sin because
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>> presidential words of wisdom. >> next, president obama shares what he told president-elect donald trump. >> how oprah is celebrating the holidaying in milwaukee.
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>> we had a few overnight clouds and temperatures that fell into the teens and 20s overnight. the glow prosecute the early morning sunrise, sunrise at 6:52. right now, as we look at the camera in mequon, the temperatures are 23. winds are light and north. by tomorrow, winds become a little more southeast and that is going to help the temperatures climb a bit. the early morning temperatures 20. we are finding that coming brookfield at 25.
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12. >> sally, we are looking down at the high-rise bridge. the head lights are southbound. tail lights headed northbound. you are seeing right now things are looking good. no troubles. travel times are sweet right now. no reason to hurry. no crashes. commute, back to you. >> all right, thank you, matt. president obama is back in washington dc after the final trip abroad to meet with the world leaders. the president travelled to greece, germany and peru. tim, you are learning more about the president's comments? >> yes, he spoke about the
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president obama revealed that he gave the president-elect advice after the election. he says trump needs a strong counsel for guidance. despite the outrage over the picks, the president is saying we have to wait and see how that goes. >> you can't assume that the language of campaigning matches up with the specifics of governing legislation, regulationses and foreign policy. >> yet, president obama met with russian president putin. the white house says the two spoke about four minutes about syria and ukraine. >> tim, thank you. today president-elect donald trump is meeting with the potential members of the new administration. we are live in washington with the latest and has the president-elect made any new hires?
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get announcements as early as today. after a weekend of meetings at the new jersey golf club -- >> really fantastic day. >> president-elect donald trump hinted at hires. >> we made a couple of deals, we'll let you know soon. >> today the president-elect is meeting with former texas governor rick perry. >> all i can say he's the real deal. >> fro madis, to rudy giuliani, chris christie. and former rival mitt romney. >> it was a cordial meeting and substantiative meeting, i can say that governor romney is under serious consideration to serve as the secretary of state.
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but acknowledged they had a far reaching conversation about world affairs. live in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. president-elect donald trump is saying his wife and youngest son is not moving to the white house right away, they are staying in new york until the end of the school year. the man that was picked for the national security advisor is coming to wisconsin today. michael flynn is scheduled to talk abouth relations. the speech as 4:30 at the union, it is free and open to the public. >> well, new this morning, former miss america is leading the miss kenosha scholarship pageant. >> the program was in jeopardy. miss america 2012 has agreed is to be the director. the first order of business is to pick a date and location for the contest.
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after crowned miss kenosha and miss wisconsin. >> oprah is now in milwaukee celebrating the thanksgiving holiday she posted on instagram. you can see steadman there in the kitchen. she included hashtags. she's got family members in southeast her mom. >> how would you like to be a fly on the wall. >> just a guest. >> yes, that too. >> it is a dance off on ellen. >> she and emma stone show off their moves. you can be the judge on the winner.
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>> ellen dances every day. >> she's good at it. >> emma stone has heels on too. >> she might need help though. she talks about the new movie la la land. >> see it at 4:00 on ellen and followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00. i hope when they come into work today they have the gloves, the winter everything. >> yes, toya has it for sure. i saw the facebook live at the parade on saturday. her and mark were bundled up. >> the crowds were terrific. yes, it was chilly and windy on saturday. but even yesterday, i was out and about, if you went to the grocery store, it was crowded.
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>> what was i thinking? any way, this morning the temperatures are showing up in the teens and 20s. the windchills are certainly showing up in the teens. now take a look, we have 23 greenfield. 26 st. frances. elsewhere in the area, a couple of teens. 19 watertown. 21bury wednesday snow across minnesota and parts of northern wisconsin. here in the south, we are looking at the precipitation remaining liquid. by thursday, that storm system is moving to the east and dryer thanksgiving. there it is, broad low pressure is organized over the western u.s. i think snow in minnesota and portions of central and northern wisconsin. here we are tomorrow morning at 7:00, becoming mostly cloudy.
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for tomorrow. the rain approaching tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. it is encountering a dry air mass here in the south. it is overcoming the dryness for tuesday night and looking at steady rain in place for us in the south through tuesday night and a good chunk of wednesday will be on the wet side for us. travelling, you may want to allow extra time in the south, if you are travelling to the north, certainly wet snow. 37 for today. chilly sunshine. 20 tonight. 43 tomorrow. afternoon and evening rain. it is a wet wednesday. >> thank you, sal. wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. at home or hit mall. >> the stores that are launching the deals and how many are planning to brave the crowds. >> stealing tips from a texas
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>> good morning. thanks for the great monday morning shout out. wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in a visit, stop by new this morning, walmart is starting cyber monday deals after mid night on black friday and now two days earlier than last year. it is coming to better compete with launched sales this week for the holiday shoppers. 3 and a half billion dollars will be spent on cyber monday. >> new survey finds that most americans will not be shopping on thanksgiving. 53% of americans will not shop on thanksgiving but coming back the day after. 66% americans are planning on
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>> shops in milwaukee in the third ward are reminding you to think local. they have sales on small bid saturday, the saturday after thanksgiving. find more information on the website for the third ward. >> you voted and your favorite super stars are celebrating. >> which snagged an award solo artist. >> six people are pulled from the seas of the at lant tick and the mission is only half complete. first though, traffic watch 12. this is cathedral square park. this is from news chopper 12.
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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," an overnight standoff over a controversial pipeline. the clash happening this morning between police and thousands of protesters. >> plus, one of the year's busiest travel weeks has arrived.
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how much it'll cost you if you're heading away from home for the holiday. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. gorgeous sunshine. a chilly morning in southeast wisconsin. we're tracking how rain could impact your holiday plans. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this monday, november 21st. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal. >> you know, the colder air began to barge in friday night. sleep in on saturday and sunday and out later the day, but this morning it is chilly. teens and 20s in place for us. the high pressure is helicoptering to influence the weather. the low pressure is bringing in the rain later tomorrow. 26 at the airport. dew .16 degrees. this air mass is cold and it is dry. the forecast for today party
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tonight, fair early. cloudy toward the morning. lows at 24. the rain approaches later in the day on tomorrow. now up to matt. >> sally, we are in great shape on the roads. the volume is light. locust over the top of the freeway. you can see both directions are looking good. moving smoothly. full freeway speeds. travel times are in the green. no crashes. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:31. new from overnight, protests are escalating in north dakota. protesters and police involved in a tense standoff right now. tim is live in the newsroom with a look at what's happening this morning. tim. tim: a sheriff's spokesperson says about 400 protesters are involved in what they are calling a riot.
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demonstrators reportedly have been trying to cross a bridge in morton county and officials are trying to stop them. there are reports that police are using water cannons and tear gas to control the protesters. a gym in a nearby town opened up to protesters to help them stay warm as temperatures dipped into the 20's overnight. protests in north dakota have been going on for months over an oil pipeline that's under construction. protesters say it could poison the water supply for the standing rock sioux reservation. back to you. melinda: new this morning, a protest in north dakota getting support from right here in wisconsin. the hochunk tribe held a benefit in wisconsin dells yesterday raising money to support the protesters. they're speaking out against an oil pipeline. at the fundraiser, local people
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shook hands and talked. it was a nice time out there. >> any opportunity to share the awareness is what helps the cause. melinda: organizers at the benefit collected money along with winter coats to keep protesters warm all winter. >> looking ahead, millions of people will be traveling this week for thanksgiving. most people are driving. thema is live on the south side. how much is gas there? >> well, melinda, if you have two bucks on you, you can get just a little more than a gallon of gas. it is $1.89 a here. those low prices has a lot of people on the roads. now, triple a is saying they are the second cheapest thanksgiving gas prices in nearly a decade.
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wisconsin. now, eleven cents less than this time last year. prices in minnesota are usually cheaper but more in illinois. back live on the south side, many people are taking advantage of low prices like this, triple a expects about 900,000 people out on wisconsin's roads for the live on the south side, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, thema. 6:34. ben: this weekend marked the start of wisconsin's gun deer season. we'll learn in the next couple of days how many deer were harvested. hunters say a very windy saturday kept deer from moving around. hunters had better luck when the wind died down on sunday. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. gun deer season runs through this coming sunday. melinda: later today, sendik's is delivering more than 100,000
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feeding america eastern wisconsin will hand out the food to families in need just in time for thanksgiving. the food and a $41,000 donation will feed more than 200,000 families this holiday season. sendiks has been partnering with feeding america eastern wisconsin since 2008. melinda: this week, wisn 12 is teaming up with the hunger task force to raise money this holiday season. tomorrow and wednesday we are hosting our annual food for families phone bank. last year you helped us raise more than $100,000! ben: some big companies are sitting on billions of dollars owed to people like you and your family. wisn 12 news colleen henry investigates what some believe the insurance industry doesn't want you to know. >> would you have ever known about it? >> never, never. >> how to know if you have money coming and why companies in the state of wisconsin don't have to tell you. >> so we're talking about probably hundreds of millions of dollars that is owed to wisconsin residents. ben: watch colleen henry's
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tonight on wisn 12 news at ten. melinda: we expect to learn more details today about a police chase reported in waukesha county. it ended overnight on moorland road near i-43. officials with the sheriff's department and state patrol could be seen in the area. no word on whether anyone was arrested. melinda: later today, we expect to learn more about a fatal crash in milwaukee. the crash happened saturday evening near 27th and capitol. police tell wisn 12 news that it all started with a traffic stop. instead of stopping the car sped away. oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle and a light pole. a passenger in the car that fled from police was killed. police say an 18-year-old girl was driving the car. she and two other passengers were injured. three people in the car that was hit are also injured. they're all expected to survive. >> disappointing morning for the packers fans.
6:37 am
maryland. packers have lost four straight. so all eyes are on a week from today. they take on the philadelphia eagles on wisn 12. the coverage starts at 6:30 followed by the game at 7:30. >> it is good for anyone that is road tripping along the lake front. >> a major construction wrapping up. located at the north end of the summerfest grounds. matt is live in news chopper 12 with a look at where things are standing right now. matt? >> we are over the area, 794, lincoln memorial drive, the center of the frame, northbound, southbound, discovery world in the right hand corner. a couple of differences, you
6:38 am
memorial to get on the 794 ramps. you can make a right hand turn to head down to discovery world. you can see all brand new pavement and all the barrels are picked up. that is a look at the new gateway project. back to you. >> matt, thank you. one of the busiest shopping weeks is here. >> black friday is just days away. hillis need to know before you hit the stores. good morning, hillary. reporter: we are here in cathedral square, the holiday season is upon us. we have got presents lit up, yes, it is big, big shopping week and here it comes black friday. some die hards get this already
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buy on thursday. they came equipped with generators, bedding and tvs. alleges on the list is walmart, k mart and kohl's and toys r us. some of the malls are closed on thursday. now, a few black well, you can always try santa, mailbox is set up here at cathedral square. >> hillary, thank you. 6:39. ben: new this morning, a toy dump truck no longer for sale after a fire. melinda: the flames started in the bed of a pickup over the weekend. the family had just bought the truck for their grandson. the couple says the flames were 15 or 20 feet high! a state trooper tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but it was too strong. the fire department had to come
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toys-r-us has taken the toy truck off store shelves until they finish investigating. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:40. police officers targeted. >> two shootings that happened hundreds of mile apart, what the police are doing to find those responsible. >> we had a taste of snow over the weekend and other parts of the country getting more than a taste.
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>> welcome back. more snow is expected today in this is video showing the snow falling in upstate new york. a lake effect is in effect. not just in new york, but also pennsylvania and michigan. we even saw flurries in southeast wisconsin. none of it sticked. but winter is here. >> saturday morning a little bit
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last week 70 degrees and winter coming in behind it. here we are. right now, 23 degrees. this is mequon. the air mass is dry. this is a look from racine, 23 degrees. the winds are becoming light and northeast later today and southeast tomorrow. so a wet readings in the 40s. a couple of flurries on friday. matt? >> so far so good on the morning commute. 94 eastbound, westbound. the head lights coming eastbound through the construction zone. right now good spacing, full speeds. dry pavement.
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freeways. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:44. two police officers ambushed in different states yesterday. now to tim with the new information. tim. tim: this shooting happened in texas and one in missouri. the st. louis police say an officer was shot while sitting in traffic, that officer was shot in the face. the mayor said he was targeted because he was a police officer. he is that suspect was later killed in a shoot out with the police. in texas, a police officer is killed yesterday morning and the officer was writing a traffic ticket. another car pulled up behind the cruiser and fired two bullets at the officer. the suspect's car is on camera. they are searching for the
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>> "good morning america" will have more on the shootings right after "wisn 12 news this morning." >> protesting against president-elect donald trump continue in washington state and canada. this weekend protesters gathered at a park in tacoma and in seattle. hundreds of people came out to show their displeasure with trump. and in canada, at least one thousand people marched against trump near the trump international hotel in toronto. >> mea: the message she gave to her local donut shop. the owner of the donut shop posted video on facebook showing someone stealing tips from the jar. nine-year-old chloe gallegos saw that video and wanted to help. so she wrote the owner a letter. >> i felt bad for him for getting his money stolen. i took my tooth fairy money and put it in there and folded it. when no one was looking, we put
6:47 am
look at the letter. i love this. the mom didn't know she had put the money in the tip jar. now, the owner of the shop is thanking chloe for her kindness and promising her free donuts for life. >> good for her. >> kanye west cancels a concert and ranting. he talked about politics and fame. >> i'm giving y'all truth even at the risk of my own life, my own success, my own career. i have been sent here to give ya'll the truth. jay-z, call me! you still aint' called me! ben: fans say kanye only played a few songs before going on the rant and then leaving the stage on saturday night. sunday night's show was canceled.
6:48 am
celebrating after winning big at the american music awards. it's the world's biggest fan-voted award show. the most coveted award, artist of the year. that went to ariana grande. >> i wanted to say thank you to my fans who voted so much, i love you. with or without this, i love you. i think of you with everything i do. melinda: zayn malik took home the award for new artist. it's his first ama as a solo act. he's won several with the group remember that. tim mcgraw won favorite country male artist and selena gomez took home the trophy for pop-rock female artist. i like that. that is a good idea. very nice night. >> you wouldn't want to do that outside. >> no. >> we are looking at chilly air today. we move back to the 40s.
6:49 am
the 37, that is where we are for today. we are so spoiled early november. now big high pressure is influencing the weather. it is keeping us very pleasant overall today. it is cool and seasonal for this time in november. we are watching a broad area of low pressure organized over the western u.s. it is a rain maker for us. the temperatures 22 at sheboygan. 23 racine. 18 elk horn. the windchills in the teens this morning as well no. weather worries today. a good amount of sunshine. let me take you tonight and tomorrow morning. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. skies are mostly cloudy. we are dry a good portion of tuesday morning and into the afternoon. this is tuesday at noon. the rain approaching from iowa.
6:50 am
if you are going to the north, you are going to drive into the wet snow. you can see here in the south, through wednesday, we have a chilly rain staying in place for us. drying out on thanksgiving day. 37 today. 20 tonight. 43 rain tomorrow afternoon. steady light rain tuesday night and wednesday before we dry out on thanksgiving day. matt? >> sally, we are looking down at 94 eastbound, westbound, 92nd over the top of the freeway. squads on the shoulder. so we have a little bit of a delay with brake tapping. eastbound we are still delay
6:51 am
zone. we remain crash free on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. a school hit by a rocket in aleppo. tim? >> ten people killed in this rocket attack. including students. syria news is reporting that dozens of people were hurt in this. now these students here were treated at a hospital afterhe blast. syrian officials say a rebel rocket that hit the school. the country has been in a civil war for years now and aleppo under siege for most of the conflict. there were attacks on the hospitals and cutting off the medical care to hundreds of thousands of people. now back to you.
6:52 am
melinda: police in sweden are investigating after a car fire and explosion. it happened yesterday in the city of gothenburg. police found a car on fire witnesses reported hearing blasts and bangs. they reportedly found a young man with a gunshot wound near the scene. he's expected to survive. police say this fire may be a case of arson. ben: new this morning, a boat rescue caught on camera off the coast of massachusetts. six people were rescued from a sinking boat yesterday. rescue ships and a helicopter took the survivors ashore, there were no injuries. the ship is called captain jeff. while the crew has been rescued, the ship is still sinking and adrift. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:52. "g.m.a." is up next with the headlines. >> first, a live look outside. news chopper 12. a final check on the morning commute and the forecast, plus a look at the top local headlines
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>> a manhunt is going on in texas. >> an officer was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket and someone drove up and shot him twice and drove away. the police are searching for the suspect. an officer in st. louis survive add similar attack. >> new overnight, crews on the
6:56 am
cop cal toll drive. >> and now to a sad story out of racine county, a pickup truck hit and killed a horse overnight. it happened on 7 mile road near 92nd street. the driver of the truck is okay. no word on how the crash happened. >> a disappointing morning for green bay packer fans. they fell -2 when the packers play the eagles in philly. >> now here is matt with a check on the traffic. matt? >> just before 92nd street. they are headed for the zoo interchange. seeing a little delay. starting around 76th street and continuing out through the zoo. eastbound is looking great.
6:57 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> a we are talking sunshine today. typical highs around 37. 40s for the rest of the week. wet tuesday night and wednesday. dryer on thursday. a chance of a flurries on friday morning. i am shooting top teacher today and going a l airing a week from today. >> thank you, sal.
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good morning, america. the northeast hit by the first major snowstorm of the season. a foot of snow already falling. more on the way. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. and temperatures plunging from chicago to florida as millions prepare to hit the road for travel warning this morning. breaking right now. massive manhunt. four police officers shot from st. louis to san antonio. overnight, a cop attacked while driving a squad car, and a 20-year veteran gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. >> getting to headquarters. president trump closes in on new cabinet picks. 21 meetings in two days. an announcement about secretary of defense is imminent.


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