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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 26, 2016 12:02am-12:32am CST

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studied law. his passions were baseball, he was very good at it, and politics. he became an activist for the poor and working class. in 1956 after being expelled by cuba's american-supported dictator have a lens i don't bautista, castro returned secretly with brother raul, che guevara, and others. they hid out in the mountains and waged a guerilla war. >> the road to havana paved with glory for rebel castro. >> reporter: castro finally expelled bautista and took over. fidel promised democracy but squashed all dissent with jail or expulsions, even executions. he nationalized all u.s. businesses. in 1961, president john f. kennedy, just elected, approved a cia-trained invasion force of 1,300 cuban exiles who went ashore at the bay of pigs. castro demolished them.
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in 1962, american spy planes discovered castro had let the soviets put nuclear missiles in cuba. >> it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. >> translator: yes, we were very close to the nuclear war. extremely close. >> reporter: ultimately the soviets removed the missiles. leftist movements in latin america where he remained popular until his death. even castro's critics praised his advances in health care and in education. but the inefficiency of cuba's soviet-style economy produced dissent. in 1980, more than 125,000 cubans, some expelled, many allowed to just leave, braved rough seas and dehydration to come to the united states in the
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the ussr cost cuba billions of dollars in soviet aid and trade, leading to widespread shortages and rationing. >> translator: with the demise of the soviet union, we have suffered the equivalent to a treason. we have felt betrayed. >> reporter: castro fought back by courting tourism and business. in 2006, just before intestinal surgery, he gave up power temporarily to his younger brother raul. he never took the reins again. but he was not totally gone. started writing newspaper columns, receiving visitors, including hugo chavez of venezuela. suddenly, summer of 2010, he began displaying his indomitable drive again in public, giving tv interviews, laying flowers at the tomb of the fallen, exhorting the communist youth, addressing the cuban parliament. now the world will see how a new
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changes his island home. with fidel castro gone and the americans gradually returning, it may no longer be fidel castro's cuba. >> jim avila joins us on the phone. jim has been to cuba many, many times. this comes just after those historic relations between cuba and the united states. how do you think this might now effect change in cuba? >> i think that it will continue on the same course. at this point i think the changes in u actually, might have more effect on what's going on in cuba today than the change with fidel castro. because while fidel castro was considered, even to this day, the george washington of his country among those who remain in cuba, he was also a very divisive figure. and he has recently sort of faded into the woodwork, raul castro has taken over, and he really is, raul castro really
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fidel has not. fidel has been doing really his writing, trying to be the conscience of cuba more than the ruler of cuba. but he remains, to his death, a very important figure. while he was -- because of his nationalism, because of what he meant to the people, he meant that cuba would not be dominated by the united states even though the united states is so big and so close. >> so jim, looking at this, we're looking at the historic footage of fidel castro. you can't help but think about his legacy after all these years. what do you think will be the word of historians when they look back at the life of fidel castro? >> well, i think he'll be the most prominent figure in cuba. perhaps only overshadowed a
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author who in the 1900s wrote about cuba becoming free. but fidel castro changed the course of cuba. he changed the way cuba was. in 1959, 1958, cuba was pretty much a satellite of the united states. run by the united states. run by the united states mafia. all those casinos, all that lively dance footage we see of cuba, that was all run by the mafia. th and castro came in and he cleaned that out. and not only did he do that, he's revered in his country, in cuba, for changing the class system. there was a huge class system in cuba up until then. and the peasant class didn't know how to read or write. most of the people in cuba didn't know how to read and write in 1960. and in fact, they didn't have medical care of any kind.
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so castro came into power, he spent money on those things. they have a very good education system. they have a very good medical system. and they have electricity all over the island. do they have all the freedoms that the united states has? they do not and the people there want those freedoms. and that's why many of them will be happy to see castro gone right now. but it will not change his place in history. >> i mentioned a lot of people will be celebng we just saw a few moments ago video of raul castro making that announcement just a few short moments ago that fidel castro, the long-time leader of cuba, has died at the age of 90. our jonathan karl is also on the phone with us. jonathan, cuba and castro have been such a fixture in foreign policy for the united states. this is certainly going to relevance nate in washington. resonate in washington. >> absolutely.
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when you think he survived 11 different american presidents, each of them since kennedy saw castro as an enemy of the united states, as an abuser of human rights. he was somebody who loomed large because he was an enemy just 90 miles from the shores of the united states. somebody who was allied with the soviet union during the cold war. outlasted thed somebody who looms and has loomed incredibly large in a large chunk of american history going back to 1959. >> and jonathan, with president obama deciding to try to warm relations with cuba, with the castro family, after all these years, how much hope is there in washington that raul castro might make some real changes that the united states would welcome? >> well, there's -- there's not
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there would be significant change under raul castro. but there certainly has been a major change in u.s. policy that was initiated by president obama. something -- he went a place, again, no american president since kennedy really thought of going. of re-establishing relations, reopening an embassy in president obama to lift the trade embargo on cuba. but you know, raul castro has effectively been leading cuba for a decade now. and, you know, there certainly have been changes on the isle. there's been a more opening up of the economic system. the willingness on the behalf of
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states. effectively the real change that has been expected and predicted and urged by so many u.s. political figures, the belief is that would have to come not just after fidel castro but after raul castro as well. >> it's amazing how much has changed in that country in such a relatively short amount of time. jim, as we mentioned, you have spent a lot of time in cuba. raul as we mentioned has been in charge for several yea what do you think may happen next? how do you think this might impact raul's rule? >> well, i think that -- first of all, i don't think raul castro will make the dramatic changes beyond what's going on now. the opening of tourism, some economic issues that are opening more. but not even huge economic advances under raul castro. i think what's been going on is
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island itself is waiting for raul castro as well to pass away. and then when raul castro passes away, then the next generation of leadership is really the one where they expect some kind of changes. now, there have been people in miami and in the united states who have worried all along or who have been cheering on fidel's death because they believe the cubans will revolt as soon as they see an opening and will -- there will be another revolution against raul i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think there's any chance of that happening. i think that the cuban government and the cuban military still has a stronghold on that island. and would be very difficult. there are no weapons in that island besides those owned by the military. there's no way for -- it would be very difficult for there to be a revolution there now. it's going to be years before there's any significant change.
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of freedom from the united states for many of the people there. the symbol of independence. i've seen him -- i've been to cuba about 35 times. i met him personally two or three times while he was still in office. he was a hero then to the people in the streets who were allowed to walk around with him and see him. he had a status above all in that country. not popular in this country among cuban-americans, but in cuba, very popular. >> for those of us just joining us, again, abc news has learned long-time cuban leader fidel castro has died at the age of 90. his death was announced a short time ago on cuban state tv by his brother raul. fidel castro ruled cuba for close to 50 years, seizing power in the cuban revolution of 1959. before, as we mentioned, handing
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in 2008. so the world will now see how a new era of cuban-american diplomacy change that is island with fidel castro now gone and the americans gradually returning as we've mentioned. it may no longer be fidel castro's cuba, as we've talked about. and so john, as we look at this and as news develops over the coming hours and overnight into tomorrow, what do you expect the reect reaction to be, in cuba and also in the united states? >> i think the most interesting thing to watch will be president obama, who made such a bold and controversial move in reopening official diplomatic ties with cuba. even before obama made that step, made that move, there was the hand shake. the handshake not with fidel.
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fidel castro. but he had a handshake with raul castro. it came at nelson mandela's memorial in south africa. and it was a simple gesture, but it was seen by many in the u.s. political world as incredibly controversial. because castro, even though the cold war had long been gone, still remained this incredibly powerful symbol. what the white house does. the president never had the opportunity and probably would have turned down the opportunity to actually personally meet with fidel. but he did work with his brother. and he did re-establish ties. and he did become the first american president to step foot on cuban soil in 88 years. so i assume we'll see some kind
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castro, but a recognition that even at this late point he remains incredibly -- remained an incredibly controversial figure in u.s. political world. >> incredibly controversial and incredibly polarizing. without question a chapter has ended in the cuban/united states relations. jonathan karl, jim avila, thank you so much for your time. long-time cuban leader fidel castro has died at the age of stations for more on this developing story. we'll have full details on "nightline" for those on the west coast of the united states and much more on "good morning america." you can find the latest at i'm jonathan betts at abc news world headquarters in new york. have a good night. e yorkshire t his owner's social life, raking
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here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang in another installment of "social stars." >> reporter: this is herman. he's a 1-year-old maltese yorkie. he loves running. snacking. >> good boy. >> reporter: and hoodies. >> there it is. >> reporter: oh, yeah. he also likes posing for photos, of course. herman is what you'd call a doggy influencer, modeling urban streetwear has garnered him over 40,000 fallers on instagram and made hip the furry big-name sponsors. caesar and van's. it's turned this four-pound furry ball of cuteness into a social media celebrity. >> let's change. >> reporter: herman's owner, david yip, a 37-year-old bachelor, an overworked sales manager who says this little pooch changed his life. >> he's the first dog i've ever had. i was in a client's office last year. they asked me to dogsit a couple of weeks when they went on family vacation. when he had to go home i was a
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lucky, he was the last left out of the litter. >> reporter: david rediscovered his youthful love of photography. >> i started taking pictures of him. >> reporter: a two-pound puppy. >> the pictures started getting popular so i started his own instagram. people started liking it online. >> reporter: boom, an instagram star is born. it's the secret sauce to social success. one part adorable pet, two parts cute clothing, three parts great lighting. and voila, a pic instagram. of course you have to top it off with the world-class caption game. "hey, what's cooking? "posing with great goose, "who wants to pawty with me?" sitting at the "nightline" even correspond desk? really, you have to be this cute all the time? >> good captioning is important. it's telling a story, still giving somebody else that reason to tune in. >> reporter: kyla runs hello society, an agency that represents social media stars of all kinds.
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on social media? >> people have a physiological reaction to cute. it elicits these actual warm fuzzy feelings in us. >> reporter: it was kyla's team that discovered david and herman in toronto. >> how can you not look at herman and love him? he's this tiny adorable fluffball that wears hoodieses. >> how does it get big? >> their owners are incredible activers. the sets and the the stories and every photo is really different. >> reporter: against capitalizing on herman's stardom. does grumpy cat and gifpalm ring a bell? they fetch major deals for owners. when you get to be a top dog in a doggy influencer market you get the glam treatment. cocktail hours. the finest doggy treats money can buy. and rubbing elbows as it were with golden doodles in spiffy suits. rocker dogs in bark sabbath jean jackets.
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each of them sporting an impressive social media following. >> this is iggy zoe, 35,000 followers on instagram. >> 127,000 followers. >> reporter: even though they're just starting out, david says herman's instagram presence has brought in deals close to $10,000. but for david, herman is enriching his life in ways money can't buy. >> herman definitely helped me get away from my workaholicism. on the world, right, buddy? >> reporter: helping redy cover all passions. sprucing up his social life. >> does it concern you at all that people might be going out and grabbing pets just to try to turn them into insta famous pets? >> it's very hard to make an animal famous on instagram. it's a full-time job. >> reporter: could it really be that hard to make cute animals famous? i policied a hypothetical challenge, could they make a
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labradoodle hershey? >> she's got step one covered, she is insanely adorable. number two, good grooming. >> okay, come on. let's go. hi, how are you? you're going in a labradoodle, you're going to come out a star. right now she doesn't want to be internet famous. >> i guess that's what it takes >> she's all glammed up and ready to go. look out, world, here we come. my hershey in all her fluffy cuteness seems more interested in chilling than stardom. >> this is why she can't be insta famous, she doesn't take commands. you're the perfect dog, you even pooped, this is why i love you. oh, well, it's a dog's life. for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. next, celebrating the life
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?? ? here's a story of a lovely lady ? hollywood loses a lovely lady. >> who wouldn't want to be carol brady and be loved like that? >> we remember the life and legacy of florence henderson. >> we're look a family, the brady bunch. we will always be. >> "e.t.'s" holiday romance report. >> i was, like, whoa, oh, my god. >> who is shacking up this thanksgiving weekend? who is getting who suddenly is single after a broken engagement? >> we're counting down the stars who don't need to shop for black friday bargains, it is hollywood's top earning celebs. >> i don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. >> exclusive interview with -- barbra streisand. >> telling "e.t." her new tour is secret. >> it is noo what you think, by the way. now, for november 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody.
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cameron mathisen has the story. >> farewell to beloved tv mom flooence henderson who passed away at 82. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> famous around the world as that lovely lady, mrs. brady. florence died on thanksgiving day at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles from heart failure. she was surrounded by her four children. >> i'm a comedienne. and i will do almost anything for a laugh. >> florence was the star on broadway when she landed the role that would define her career. >> listen, honey, the great ones never quit, no matter how rough things get. >> who wouldn't want to be carol brady and be loved like that? >> the brady bunch lasted five seasons but it as lived on in reruns. and in 1988, "e.t." was on the set of a very brady christmas,
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>> running for 20 years, so it must be doing something right. >> in 2010, we joined florence in rehearsal for "dancing with the stars." she was 76. >> it is only a number. and i always say if i didn't know how old i was, how old would i be? >> florence made her last public appearance just four days ago at the dancing finale. she was there to support maureen mccormack who played marcia. maureen told us it was her tv mom who convinced her to hit the ballroom. >> having her here meant the world. i love u, >> we posted this tribute, quote, you are in my heart forever. >> we're like a family, the brady bunch. we will always be. >> we'll have more on florence's life and legacy monday on "e.t." let's move on now. we're track your favorite star couples during this kickoff to the holiday season. >> whh is spending it together and who is apart, maybe for good? our thanksgiving romance report card. >> thanksgiving plans coming up?
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>> always. everything. >> jen planned a traditional holiday, but her relationssip with ben, well, that's a bit unconventional. there is a lot of speculation that the pair could be reconciling. not just her parent, ben and jen were spotted in santa monica and the family went to church on sunday. in june, 2015, they announced they were separating after ten years of marriage. but no papers have been filed. next couple, gwenn and ble. she's crediting him for her happiness this holiday and blake could be doing a little daddy duty this weekend. it is her year to have the kids. >> thanksgiving, it is not my year, i'll be in london doing the voice. so that's my london trip. >> blake and gwen started dating over a year ago, the singer was honored at glamorous women of the year awards in hollywood
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and i was so disappointed and i'm really grateful for blake shelton for kissing me back to life..o cf1 o thank you so much. i am -- i'm blown away. >> can you describe your year? >> this year was incredible. this year was, like, someone said, hey, wake up. i was, like, whoa, oh, my god, i thought i was seeing in color but now i'm really seeing in color. >> and finally, sexy and newly single mariah carey, the queen of holiday plans with "e.t." ? all i want for christmas is you ? >> what are your plans for the holidays? >> the usual plans. you see santa claus, comes every christmas eve and the reindeer are there as well. the kids can't wait for it this year, so it is really fun. we have a snowy christmas in aspen and it is just my favorite, my favorite time of the year, always. >> well, no couple is going to
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holiday season than dancing with the stars pro mike ballast and cc because they got married today. we're looking at the road to the altar in this romance rewind. >> before i saw her, the first thing i heard was her voice and that's the first thing that got me. ? i'm falling apart ? >> the couple met in 2012 while performing at a singer songwriter event. >> we exchanged info >> i wasn't wanting to meet anyone. it wasn't like that for me. he was so talented. he seemsslike a nice guy. >> thanks. >> so eventually -- >> she met me for taco tuesday. >> taco tuesday, we were there for five and a half hours. ?? >> they have been together ever since, even making music together. the pair got engaged a year ago


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