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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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sanders repeatedly mentioning hillary clinton's big speaking fees. sanders also kept promising a "revolution" against what he called the big money interests he said are dominating american leaderership. both sanders and o'malley said, yes, they're going to raise taxes. clinton tried to keep the criticismsmgainst positions of the republicans running for president but got into a sharp exchange with sanders over the affordable care act, with sanders calling for big changes towards a comprehensive national system and clinton instead saying that obamacare needs to be improved but not "torn up" they also rolled out sharp disagreements when it comes to who has stood firmest for gun control, bringing up the charleston church shootings in a venue that's about a 2 minute walk from the scene of the shooting, emmanuel ame church. "90 people a day die from gun violence in our country. that's 33- thousand people a
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one of f e most horrific examples - not a block from here where we had 9 people murdered. now i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has revered his position on immunity." i think was secretary clinton knows what she's saying is very disingenuous i have a d- minus voting record from the nra. i was in 1988 -- with 3 candidates running for congress in the state of vermont i stood up to the gun lobby. i've listened to secretary clinton and senator sanders go back and forth about which of the them has a consistent record on gun safety legislation and i would have to agree with both of them. they've both been inconsistent when it comes to this issue. i'm the one candidate on this stage that actually brought people together to pass
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thanks charles! definitely no punches pulled in tonight's debate. we got to our will whitson for more from democratic party leaders. the gloves are off in charleston- what began as a civil talk among the three democratic candidates fell to blows within the first hour of the debate- with most airtime showing a back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. democratic party leaders were
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and an exchange of blows at the gaillard center, as the gap narrowed between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in iowa down to just a point or two. "this is the last attempt for especially bernie sanders and martin o'malley to get some traction going." pundits have so far described the democratic side of the presidential race as tame, especially compared to the crowded gop field- but tempers flared on healthcare- with questions pitting hillary versus bernie- and martin o'malley struggled to get airtime. "hillary, bernie talking over one another there are things we can do to improve it! but to tear it up and start all over again and put america back through this contentious debate, i think is the wrong debate. o'malley: i want to talk about this! i want to talk about something that works in our state! bernie: i'm not tearing herself at the end of bernie sanders' jabs on quickly narrowing polls. presidential candidate "we are running ahead of
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of beating my friend donald trump. beating him by 19 points in new hampshire!" a big question tonight as the dust settles- will tonight's salvos alienate moderate voters- leaving the democrats with a damaged candidate- the head of the dnc says no. "look back to 2008, you couldn't have had a more intense competition between secretary clinton and president obama. of course we united. we united behind then senator obama." this is the last debate before iowa- but the gop will host a debate here in south carolina in the upstate on february 13th- days after newewampshire and a week before the first in the south republican primary. live, ww wis news 10. we'll have more on republicans campaigning in the palmetto state coming up but first a check of our forecast. under clear skies, monday will start in the low 30s and warm up to the upper 40s. cold canadian high pressure will
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the southeast and bring highs in the 40s through midweek. overnight lows will be most impressive into tuesday and wednesday mornings, both days will start in the low 20s. bundle up! the next opportunity for rain moves in on friday. a pickup truck went off the highway and down an
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it happened on the on- ramp from i-20 east onto it happened on the on- ramp from i-20 east onto 277 north. firefighters responded to help the driver and upright the truck that ended up crashing into trees. no word on the condition of the driver. stay with us --
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forecast coming up.
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night. 52-year-old samuel ferrell died after being hit by two vehicles. columbia police believe ferrell was in the road illegally, but the crash is still under investigation. two men are in jail tonight accused of shooting into a mobile home last night. it happened in lugoff off springvale road. kershaw county deputies say the two suspects took off after firing several shots into the home wounding a man and woman. the victims are expected to be with attempted murder. republican presidential
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the former governor of arkansas was at trinity baptist church in cayce meeting voters. but before, he delivered the sunday sermon and performed with the church choir and praise band. huckabee has drifted away from the top gop candidates. but he says the polls won't necessarily predict what will happen at the iowa caucus. looking ahead -- gop presidential hopeful dr. ben carson will be in the midlands tomorrow. carson will join attorney general alan wilson for a forum in west columbia at the brookland baptist banquet and conference center at 5:30 p-m. the south carolina republican presidential primary will be held saturday, february 20th. the democratic primary is the following week... on feburary 27th. voters must register by january 27th. still ahead -- restaurant week capped off a milestone for a midlands steakhouse devastated by the historic floods.
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sato japanese steakhouse was one of several shops in forest acres heavily damaged by the october flood. now, after tremendous support, the restaurant is back on its feet. wis' mike desumma has the story. "i'm here it's almost ten years right now." "flower...first everywhere." for m me than a decade --- young kim says she's found, owning a successful restaurant -- takes one key ingredient. "i have the dream if i run business restaurant how can i do? the loyalty and happiness of a working staff. "if they make money? good! i'm happy." that's why, since taking over sato japense steakhouse back in 2006 --- many of her longtime employees are still here. 'she comes to our children's
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with her." "so it is like a real serious family here." a family that just months ago --- faced a massive challenge together. "a lot of water aallll over restaurant." laststall sato became another business in forest acres with devastating flood damage. a creek bed in back of the store topped its banks --- sending water throughout the restaurant. wrecking everything it touched. "she had to pretty much kind of start all over again." kim says she also had to face the rough newewthat her business no longer had flood insurance. while contractors stepped in to handle major repairs. "fast work...we got open soon." kim's staff --- who, at that point, wasn't earning a paycheck --- stepped in to do the reses "we did the painting the cleaning...we all did it together." "i'm so grateful." members and valued customers...and i am so thankful to my employees." "they every day work hard..i got lucky." serving up kindness --- to bring the business back. the steakhouse was able to get
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officially last month. the restaurant still needs a few more repairs but staff and management say they're grateful many of their loyal customers have come back. coming up... the panthers punch a ticket to the nfc championship game. reaction from today's big win ahead. plus... the gamecocks survive a thriller to stay undefeated. highlights and post game coverage next in sports. the panthers knock off the
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carolina takes down the two-tim he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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in the conference title game. dethroning the seattle seahawks... anything but an easy task even in the friendly confines of the queen city. although i will say... the first half was picture perfect for carolina. === on the opening drive... jonathan stewart... missed the past four games... shows no rust. rumbles into the endzone. 7-0 carolina. === seahawks feeling the pressure.... russell wilson... the heat is too much. his pass... intercepted by luke kuechly. put six on the board. cam newton loving every second... carolina up 14-0. === panthers continue to rattle wilson. tre boston swoops in the backfield to drop
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sacks. hawks left defenseless. === later in the second quarter... cam newton delivers a dart... to greg olsen... he hauls it in for 19 yard t-d connection. panthers up 31-0 at the half. === the seahawks do not roll over. in fact... they storm back... fourth quarter... wilson... being chased around... some how escapes... and lobs a perfect ball to === after a field goal... they are within seven... so the seahawks go for an onsides kick with a 1:12 to play... and thomas davis of the panthers comes up with it! the panthers hold on... to beat the seahawks 31-24... to advance to the nfc championship game. sports director rick henry has our post game panthers report. henry: "a big sigh of relief here at bank of america stadium as the panthers almost blow a 31-0 lead. still looking back at how they built that comfortable margain... they say yeah that's as close to perfect as they can get." olsen: "yeah 31-0 against that team at this level of the season is obviously pretty good." newton: "we're putting ourselves in position to do something that has not been done here before. it's a family culture that we
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all the way down to... from management to the players. to see it coming to fruition like winning big football games like today just means a lot." davis: "definitely a great feeling knowing we get to play in this game. and two getting to o ay it right at home in front of our home fans. it's going to be a great game. we're excited about it. allen: "i haven't been here for the years between the panthers and seattle rivalry that's been building... but to go through them and really earn that... to get to the nfc title game is huge." rivera: "we had some great fan support. it was exciting to see the crowd when you first come out... and see all those white towels being waved. i mean they were fabulous. they really were. i think we fed off their energy, and i expect them to come back and give us that energy next week." henry : next sunday panthers hope to take advantage of their home field advantage as they host the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game. rick henry wis news 10 sports. from the grid-iron... to the hoops game.
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women's basktball is in the midst of a difficult stretch. undefeated carolina just faced two ranked opponents. over their next nine games... the gamecocks battle seven top 25 programs. second ranked usc's next challenger... 15th ranked texas a&m inside the cla today. === first quarter... tiffany mitchell with room to shoot in the corner. she buries the triple. carolina with an early lead. === usc grabbed 12 steals... this one by mitchell sets up the gamecocks in transition. tina roy... finds alaina coates down low. coates puts two more on the board. = a'ja wilson had a huge game against the aggies. takes what she wants... and schools the defender for a bucket. === carolina leads by one... time winding down in the first half... as the aggies force a turnover... and watch courtney walker stroll in unguarded for the go ahead bucket at the buzzer. usc trails 27-26 at the
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=== second half... wilson asserts herself in the paint... scores the first six points for carolina. . finishes with a game high 26 points. as usc edges texas a&m 59-58 on a khadijah sesssions last second free throw. carolina... improves to 17-0. staley: "the atmosphere was great. i don't think we would win had this game... with these situations that happened during the game occured at any other place. if we were on the road... it would be hard for us to walk out here with a win. i think ititas kind of two fold, because it was so loud in there it took our concentration. for us we need to regroup. it's a great teaching tool."
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three democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be in c cumbia for the program. the annual event is hosted by the south carolina naacp. it starts with a march to the state house at 8:30. the rally starts at 10:15. one final check of your forecast now. under clear skies, monday will
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and warm up to the upper 40s. cold canadian high pressure will settle into the southeast and bring highs in the 40s through midweek. overnight lows will be most impressive into tuesday and wednesday mornings, both days will start in the low 20s. bundle up! the next opportunity
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antonio: today on "fix it and finish it"... wait. this is it? this is like, a bed, pieces of furniture, and that's it. gail: we're gonna create a grown-up bedroom. jordan: a grown-up. antonio: can you go up now? there's no more room. woman: no, no, no, no, no. antonio: open your eyes. jordan: oh, my... antonio: my name is antonio sabato, jr. wow! renovating is what i do, but helping people
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let's do it again! aah!
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