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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  WIS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have it. for the first time in almost a decade and a half, winnsboro and fairfield county face life without their own walmart. the walmart on the highway 321 bypass is now shut down. jack kuenzie joins us live from winnsboro. charles---winnsboro like a lot of smaller towns across the u.s. got used to the convenience of having the store here. but people here aren't just losing that convenience with the closing of this outlet. the mayor says this was also a kind of community center especially for older residents---where they could go and run into their friends. one place to buy clothing,
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items and hunting supplies. and it was an important economic engine for the town. jobs for employees who just last year got a raise well above the $7.25 minimum wage. mayor roger gaddy says sales taxes from this store were the single largest factor in the town's revenues---and the loss of that money allowed the town to lower property taxes. he's concerned about that loss of revenue. others told us this is a setback not unlike the loss of mom and pop smaller businesses that went away when walmart arrived 14 years ago. "we had hardware stores that were booming, several. we had auto stores. and so we had a lot of backup. little small grocery stores on main street and main street has very little now. and it's sad. i'm hopeful there will be things that come in that will revive our community. and i know the chamber of commerce is working toward
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the walmart closing means winnsboro is down to just one grocery store---the bi-lo a couple of miles up the bypass. mayor gaddy says there is hope here that the area might be able to attract a second food store, possibly to the shopping center where food lion used to be located a few years ago. we have heard talk here from several people who've told us independently the walmart building has been sold. live in winnsboro, jack kuenzie wis news ten. rosewood crossing shopping center off garners ferry will reopen. our billie jean shaw spoke to contractors about the remodeling process. since october, crews have been hard at work remodeling marshall's, michael's and petsmart.
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went up today letting folks now they'll soon be able to shop again. workers tell me petsmart along with michael's is scheduled to reopen early march and marshalls will reopen in april. during the flood, overflow from gills creek caused nearly 7 feet of water to rush inside of the stores. i'm told 13 million dollars went into the shopping center which celebrated its' grand opening just 3 months before the flood. i got to take a look at renovations today and it's hard to tell any damage was ever done. as you can imagine, folks in the area are happy to know the stores will soon reopen. "i think it would generate more revenue for us. i believe you know the people who come to the new shopping center may have forgotten about lebrasca's haven't been on this side of town in a long time." "it was traumatic to see all the damage and everything and it's nice to see the revitalization of this area." next week, products will begin
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shelves. in the meantime shoppers are checking out the kirklands and kay jewelers which are now open for business. in columbia, bjs, wis news 10. we're taking a break from winter this evening and througout the weekend. ben tanner joins us with the beautiful, spring-like weekend already shaping up. a warming trend will begin today. a ridge of high pressure will move into the area from the west. the ridge will shift the winds and allow temperatures to warm up to the 60s through the weekend.
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southwesterly wind, daytime high temperatures will soar to the lower and middle 70s. our average high this time of year is in the upper 50s, so enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. the next chance of rain will arrive midweek. investigators in richland county are looking into the death of a usc student found in her apartment in downtown columbia. the richland county coroner has identified the girl as 19-year-old rachel bandman of glen allen, virginia. the coroner says bandman was found unresponsive by her roommate
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afternoon at "the hub" apartments on main street. her cause of death has not been determined--and authorities say they will release more information once a toxicology test is completed. the deadline to sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act is coming up this weekend. if you don't already have coverage, the last chance for you to enroll in health coverage is at midnight this sunday. after that--you could face a penalty if you're not covered. enrollment help is available this sunday in west columbia. you can stop by brookland baptist church this sunday from noon until midnight--when the deadline hits. in just three days, iowa voters will pick the first winners of the 2016 presidential election. front runner donald trump skipped last night's republican debate and that may have helped him.. his closest rival, ted cruz, got hammered by rivals--and trump relished in the attention he received at a competing event he held to support veterans. so what could the outcome in iowa mean for south carolina's primary three week's later?
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experts say not much. campaign strategy leading up to monday's iowa caucus is changing by the minute- as the polls show a narrow gap between front runner donald trump and ted cruz- the donald has upped his salvos aimed at ted- like wednesday night in south carolina- presidential candidate "he was born in canada. he was a citizen of canada and he said he didn't know that." - and while the fox debate pulled in 12.5 million viewers, compared to trump's 2.7 million watching his veterans support rally, some strategists believe the choice not to participate did what the trump camp had hoped: it put ted cruz in the debate crosshairs. texas "if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage." "it's not about just winning, it's about expectation setting, second, third place and beyond." but while the fight is tooth and
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republican primary. "do you have the kind of hampshire, is sort of filter have that simple reminder: "make sure you vote! you've gotta vote!" ww, wis news 10 meanwhile, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is locked in a tight race in both iowa and new hampshire. today, she sat down with nbc's lester holt ahead of the iowa caucuses. "what i think is the smartest most effective way to get results is to build on the progress we've made. lester holt: you're safe? is that the way you're portraying yourself? hillary clinton:: no lester holt: you're safe he's not. hillary clinton: no i think i'm smart and i think i'm prepared and i think i know what it takes still ahead on the news at 6-- a south carolina senator promises he'll keep up the fight to keep terrorists, who've already been caught, out. plus--usc is working to preserve
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history captured on film.
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terrorists out of the unite states. in columbia today, scott spoke to veterans at providence home men's ministry about his faith, and big moments that impacted his life. he also took questions- most dealing with issues at the va- like high costs and wait times, and moving terrorists out of the prison at guantanamo bay. "hence, i've been fighting this fight for the last several months. we've successfully kept in the national defense authorization a prohibition from bringing any enemy combatants to any location in the united states." during his tour today--senator scott also traveled to a boys' home in the
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concerns about the zika virus are forcing some major airlines to make changes. ited, delta, and american airlines are both implementing policies to let travelers cancel or reschedule flights to areas where zika is spreading. the zika virus is spread by mosquitos. it has been connected to an epidemic of birth defects in brazil...and is said to be spreading to other regions in north and south america. state dot crews have finally started some much anticipated work on a road in elgin. part of speers creek church road has been closed off since the october floods--forcing drivers to take alternate routes. a dam that preached near the road held up progress on the road and state officials say they were hesitant to start repairs until the dam got fixed. now crews are placing new piping under the road, which should keep it safe in the event of a heavy rain. area drivers say they're thrilled the work is
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"gonna take you 20 minutes just to leave from here.go all the way through the subdivision and then you come back around again.and then you're out.and then once you get out you got a pretty good little strip .but you hit the thruway you backed up." the dot is working to have the road back open by the middle of march. if you like military history--check out what students at u-s-c are up to. they've been restoring and archiving thousands of hours of marine corps video the past few weeks. the marine corps university reached out to u-s-c to help digitize its massive tape library--more than 2 thousand hours of film. some of the film dates back to the 1930s and shows everything from marine basic training on parris island to home movies. officials say they're hoping to work on more as the year moves on. "ya know you see people's see the names on their uniforms. you know that these are people's relatives..that they're the sons.their
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but their faces and their activities are all caught on these films." people working on the project say they expect the process of preserving and transitioning the film to cost around 2 million dollars. usc has launched a fundraising campaign to help meet the cost. state agriculture officials say they don't expect the ups and downs of temperatures in the state to have an impact on crops. they say it would only be a concern if the temperatures were expected to hit 70 degrees and stay that way for multiple days. right now, crops like peaches are dormant and it's still getting cold enough at night for them to stay that way. "we're still getting those numbers at night. they're coming along. clemson indicates we are on schedule to get what we need, so we don't see any real issues with the weather this weekend." state assistant agriculture commissioner martin eubanks says a bigger concern could come in early spring if late frosts occur when the buds are blooming. it's hard to believe today we're
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january--with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. the weekend is just now heating up--we'll get the full details in your forecast after the break.
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west. the ridge will shift the winds and allow temperatures to warm up to the 60s through the weekend. early next week with a southwesterly wind, daytime high temperatures will soar to the lower and middle 70s. our average high this time of year is in the upper 50s, so enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. the next chance of rain will arrive midweek. coming up in sports... the panthers continue to prepare for the biggest game of their
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plus... opening day on the diamond is almost here. find out what we can expect from carolina baseball this season... next in
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stooooup for working g milies and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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alabama. one of just two teams to beat the gamecocks this year. 22nd ranked carolina gets its chance at payback in front of packed house. usc announcing today... the game against the crimson tide is sold out. tip-off saturday... set for six. also hooping this weekend... the usc women. they'll take on texas a&m on the road. a rematch from earlier this season... which second ranked carolina won 59-58 at home. the game came down to the final moments... decided on a free throw in the final second by khadijah sessions. the gamecocks understand to beat the aggies for a second time... they'll need to
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staley: "improve on them getting shots in their comfort areas. we got to make them work a little bit harder. i think from a coaching staff stand point we got to do things differently and not just allow them to run their sets. they're pretty good at knowing where they want their on the floor." three weeks from now... will be opening day at founders park. carolina baseball hosts albany for a three game series... beginning february the 19th. the gamecocks h hting the amond today... as they begin preparations for first pitch. plenty to be decided between now and the 19th. from the pitching rotation... to the batting order. the gamecocks all working hard to erase the pain from last year's disappointing season... in which carolina failed to make the ncaa tournament. holbrook: "been really close to this group as far as practice, every workout, and everything they've done off the field and done in the classroom. i have a good feeling about the way
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be proud of." as baseball begins... the nfl season approaches the grand finale. the panthers take on the denver broncos in super bowl 50. carolina hopes to win the franchise's first ever vince lombardi trophy. you may remember back in july of 2012 panthers center ryan kalil promised carolina would win the super bowl that year. here's what he had to say today... about why it didn't happen then, but why it should happen now. kalil: "unfortunately we came up short and had some growing pains. we were still building and learning. this isn't a fluke season. this is something that's been in the works the last few years. we've continued to build on each and
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breaking news. tonight top so credit bombshell. a majoror twist in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has the
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with her exclusively three days
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