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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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latest tonight. deputies were on the scene around 5 o'clock this evening -- and they were there even after the sun set. the area they were focusing on was actually off of farrow road, down a small dirt path, behind some trees, so it was hard to see what was going on from the road. but lt. curtis wilson says they got a call about an "unresponsive" woman -- and when they got to the scene, they found her dead on arrival. wilson says the female was found next to her vehicle. at this point, we're still waiting on the identification from the coroner's office. wilson says the coroner's office will also have to determine if the body had been there for a short time or a longer time. but lt. wilson says law enforcement definitely suspects foul play. "we do, especially because of the multiple gunshot wounds. we're trying to determine exactly the identity of this victim, female victim, and also, of course, the acquaintances after that and try to find out exactly what happened and
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shooting." lieutenant wilson says richland county sheriff's department's forensics team was also on-scene. he said he was pretty sure it was able to collect some type of evidence that's going to be helpful in the investigation. the sheriff's department says it'll release more information when it has it. live in the newsroom, chad mills, wis news 10. as flood-ravaged south carolina farmers wait to see what kind of support the state might offer... ...a non-profit is trying to help them out. plant it forward south carolina is a 5-0-1-c-3 operated by the south carolina advocates for agriculture but supported by the department of agriculture. assistant agriculture commissioner martin eubanks hopes farm tech companies and everyday citizens will donate all they can to the fund, will reimburse farmers for a percentage of their seed costs used to plant crops destroyed during the
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"the cost of seed is very expensive. when you go to looking into the technology costs that are added into the cost of basic seed, your farmers have to pay. they're not just paying for corn seed. they're paying for technology that helps them increase yields and things of that nature." the agriculture department says conservative early estimates place direct crop losses at over 300- million-dollars, with crop insurance only covering about a third of the costs. if you'd like to help, you can visit plant-it-forward- s-c-dot-org. a non-profit in winnsboro is trying to do anything and everything it can to save a beloved landmark friends of the mt. zion institute, says the mt. zion institute i ipart of a historic property that dates back to the revolutionary war and the town's founding. the building is abandoned. it was property of the town, but mayor roger gaddy tells w-i-s the town deeded it to the group for 18 months to stabilize it.
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and gone and the building still needs a lot of work. meanwhile, "friends" is still trying to get a developer to come in and revamp the building -- even though other attempts to do that over the years have not been unsuccessful. "we need more time, but we understand there are some developers who are expressing interest. we would like for the town to allow us the time. those people have to pull the thing. we have some ideas and prospects that may work out." the non-profit has cleaned up and beautified a portion of the building the mayor says if a developer doesn't come in very soon with an open checkbook, the town will likely demolish the old school. clear skies overnight--and a beautiful day on its heels tomorrow. ben tanner has a look at your weekend. a warming trend will begin today. a ridge of high pressure will move into the area from the west. the ridge will shift the winds
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temperatures to warm up to the 60s through the weekend. early next week with a southwesterly wind, daytime high temperatures will soar to the lower and middle 70s. our average high this time of year is in the upper 50s, so enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. the n nt chance of rain will arrive midweek. the deadline to sign up for health coverage under the affordable care act is
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if you don't already have coverage, the last chance for you to enroll in health coverage is at midnight this sunday. after that--you could face a penalty if you're not covered. enrollment help is available this sunday in west columbia. you can stop by brookland baptist church this sunday from noon until midnight--when the deadline hits. new tonight-- nearly two dozen emails from clinton's private email server have now been marked "top secret" and will not be released, according to the state department. officials say the emails were
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classified at the time they were sent. the documents were upgraded at the request of the intelligence community because they contain classified information. the clinton campaign is criticizing the state department's move--saying the emails should be released. clinton's campaign has been dogged by her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state. donald trump's big gamble of skipping yesterday's fox news debate may have paid off. that's what trump seems to think at least. sara murray reports trump is already doubling down--as he heads into the final stretch before the iowa caucuses. --reporter pkg-as follows-- presidential candidate "ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada." after a tough night for ted cruz, donald trump is piling last night. actually i'm glad i wasn't there. he got pummeled. wow, and you know they didn't even mention he was born in canada."
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cruz's citizenshipipnd delighting in his decision to skip thursday night's debate. presidential candidate "i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great, cause on the front page of every paper i'm getting more publicity than if i... ya know? i dunno." cruz is coping with a rockier reception, after sparring with debate moderators... presidential candidate "if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage." ...and facing incoming fire from his gop rivals. presidential candidate the trtrh is, ted, throughout this campaign, you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes." cruz woke up to this front page in iowa. cruz isn't the only one drawing scrutiny, as rubio's rivals put him on defense over his shifting stance on immigration. presidential candidate "you changed your position on immigration because you used to support a path to citizenship." presidential candidate "so did you." meanwhile, trump's opponents predicted his debate stunt could undercut him in iowa... presidential candidate
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arrogance that trump showed by not coming may well turn off iowa voters." but trump told cnn's brianna keiler it was a show of strength... presidential candidate "i think you'll find a lot of voters and caucus-goers... i think they're going to say he's the one person that will stand up for himself." seem to believevit won't do much damame. "did it hurt him? did it not hurt him?" "i don't think it hurt him at register, which says, 'rough night for ted cruz,' says it all." that's sarah murray reporting. in iowa today--senator cruz said he's not worried about the headlines. he says his focus is on talking to voters directly. coming up--facebook aims to limit online gun sales. plus--a manhunt in california is heating up, as investigators try to close in on two "more" escaped fugitives. a dangerous convict who escaped from a california
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down the manhunt for the two more. a white van is at the center of the search--and police believe the fugitives could be traveling from san jose to fresno. mary moloney has the latest
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--reporter pkg-as follows-- two escaped inmates still on the run -- possibly in this white van -- stolen a day after the escape. : "i can't reiterate enough the importance of the white van. we believe that mr. nayeri and mr. tieu are together in that white van." hossein nayeri is the suspected ringleader. prosecutors say nayeri -- attacked a man four years ago -- doused him with bleach -- set him on fire -- cut off his genitals -- and dumped him in the desert. while in jail -- police say nayeri had an inappropriate relationship with teacher nooshafarin ravaghi. a law enforcement source says the pair exchanged flirtatious letters -- which investigators found after the escape. ravaghi taught english as second language at the jail. investigators say nayeri attended her classes. but investigators think the two iranian natives bonded over their first language -- farsi. : "nyeri speaks english, why he was attending that class, and again that connection, whether it's from iran we're not exactly sure. that's very much a concern for us." investigators say ravaghi admitted to
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maximum security jail -- but denies giving them the tools to break out. the sheriff says the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars - snaked through plumbing tunnels and made it to the roof of the jail. then investigators say the inmates cut tied bed sheets together -- repelled 50 feet down a wall -- and disappeared. : "we are coming after you, we are pressing forward and we will take you back into custody." i'm mary moloney reporting. facebook says it's cracking down on online gun sales-- it's announced a new policy to keep users from advertising or selling firearms. licensed gun retailers can still advertise their businesses on facebook--but aren't allowed to accept orders or make sales on the site. the new policy drew praise from gun-control advocates who have been urging facebook to prohibit sales. the maker of chobobi greek yogurt has been ordered by a judge to ditch an
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a dig on the competition. specifically--its rivals' use of artificial preservatives and sweeteners. a judge found that artificial preservatives and sweeteners are not dangerous--as the ads lead consumers to believe. chobani's ad campaign has already made its rounds on tv--but it will be pulled from the internet. state dot crews have finally started some much anticipated work on a road in elgin. part of speers creek church road has been closed off since the october floods--forcing drivers to take alternate routes. it was a breached dam near the road that caused state officials to hold off on repairs. crews are now placing new piping under the road, which should keep it safe in the event of a heavy rain. the dot is working to have the road back open by the middle of march. the university of south carolina is working to preserve military history captured on film. they've been resting and archiving thousands of hours of marine corps video the past few weeks. the marine corps university
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u-s-c to help digitize its massive tape library--more than 2 thousand hours of film. some of the film dates back too the 1930s and shows everything from marine basic training on parris island to home movies. officials say they're hoping to work on more as the year moves on. "ya know you see people's see the names on their uniforms. you know that these are people's relatives..that they're the sons.their husbands.their brothers.their daughters ..uhh their mothers. but their faces and their activities are all caught on these films." people working on the project say they expect the process of preserving and transitioning the film to cost around 2 million dollars. usc has launched a fundraising campaign to
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west. the ridge will shift the winds and allow temperatures to warm up to the
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weekend. early next week with a southwesterly wind, daytime high temperatures will soar to the lower and middle 70s. our average high this time of year is in the upper 50s, so enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. the next chance of rain will arrive midweek. with just over a week before the panthers make their second super bowl
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charlotte today the mantra "keep pounding" rang throughout the city. an estimated 30 thousand people showed up to send the team off to santa clara. we get more tonight from steve crump. sports teams have often been called the glue that can bring a city together. when it comes to the super bowl bound carolina panthers, one well publicized theme offers the magnetic bond of a super adhesive. the shouts of keep pounding embraces attitude, swagger, and loyalty to the home team in black and blue. based on sheer emotions, extreme
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perhaps be summed up as fansanity. it can also be found in clothes that make the fans. or in this souped up ride making the trip from greensboro complete with winged doors? "we've got lamborghini doors on it, custom grill, custom paint job, custom graphics. there's no other car like this in america. while plenty of music came from the stage, a group had a melodic message for denver's quarterback. "hey payton. see you in the superbowl. the response from the outnumbered broncos fans in center city. "payton's gonna have the game of his life. get a ring. go home end his career great." energy, electricity, and enthusiasm were easy to come by. the next step is the ecstasy of victory to fans at the big and in their homes. " i'm going to be unfortunately sitting in my living room and screaming like a
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that was steve crump reporting. along with players and head coach ron rivera--the city's mayor and the governor of north carolina were at today's rally to pump up the crowd. coming up in sports... a look head to saturdadas showdown inside the c-l-a. a sold out crowd will be on hand to watch usc face the crimson tide. plus... as basketball season heats up... baseball is about to begin. a look at today's first practices for clemson and carolina on the diamond.
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hoops... hosts alabama saturday night. the crimson tide... one of just two teams to beat carolina this season. alabama defeated usc 73-50 earlier this year. gamecocks nation... will pack the house... as usc looks to dish out payback. the game's sold out. a perfect time to fill the place for legend's weekend. carolina basketball's honoring former greats on the hardwood. one legend to wear the garnet and black's thrilled saturday's showdown is sold out. gregor: "it's hard to think that you're going to sell out a venue this large against a team like alabama. because alabama has not been a power. kentucky and ohio state when those big teams came in they filled the place. but now we're filling it. that's just great. i just love to see it." as carolina enjoys one of its best seasons
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usc baseball looks to bounce back from one of its worst. last year... the gamecocks failed to make the ncaa tournament for the first time since 1999. carolina's motivated and feels confident this season promises better results. coach chad holbrook believes in his players potential to get this program back into the postseason. holbrook: "been really close to this group as far as practice, every workout, and everything they've done off the field and done in the classroom. i have a good feeling about the way they're going to perform and they product we are going to put out on the field. i think it will be one our fans and followers will be proud of." mooney: "came back and worked harder than ever. we have a bunch of new guys and we're a good collective group. hopefully we'll do what it takes to get to where we need to be." usc's first crack to prove itself.. opening day three weeks from now at home against albany. opening day for clemson also three weeks from now on february 19th at home against maine. like the g gecocks... the tigers beginning spring practices today.
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leadership this season. monte lee at the helm for his first year in tiger town. one major priority for coach lee leading up to first pitch... assemble his pitching rotation. lee:"part of what you do this time of year, especially with a young and unproven pitching staff for the most part outside of a handful of guys is.... we want to match these guys up and force them to compete against each other to win jobs." baseball season's about to begin... while football prepares to come to a close. the panthers hope to go out as super bowl champions. carolina battles denver in this year's super bowl in the san francisco bay area. today... the panthers practiced in full pads to make sure they didn't forget the feel of what it would actually be like come game time. the team also said that this was possibly their best practice all season long, and despite everyone being excited to play in the super bowl and all the hype that comes with it---they know it's a business trip and they have their sights set on accomplishing one thing. rivera: "one thing i've told the
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bowl 50 it's an event. at the end of the day the end of the event is to play the it. live it. at the end of the day we've got to play the game. that's what were preparing to play." and in honor of the golden anniversary for this year's super bowl... lower richland honored one of its own super bowl champions tonight. at halftime of this evening's high school hoops games at l-r... they presented former diamond hornet... and three time super bowl champion... david patten with a golden football. he won all three of his championships as a wide receiver with the new
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