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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EST

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>> see the baby in the middle of one epic battle. hikers realize they're smack in the path of danger. what broke loose that nearly wiped them out. and here's the masked man behind a crazy youtube channel where he's dedicated to licking weird things. now the licking guy explains why his odd obsession has some hard and fast rules. >> absolutely. i always carry some mouthwash. absolutely heart stopping footage has just hit the web, giving real insight into the day-to-day intense world of firefighters' work. the incident happened in november in australia. five crews are heading to a small town with one mission. they have to protect property
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heading their way. but as they're on the way, they never make it there, because the winds shift, causing what can only be described as a wall of fire. and the first indicator they get is that day turns to night. this is where it just gets incredibly scary to watch. out of that darkness emerges the monster. as a huge wall of flame comes out of nowhere. they're honking their horns. and then comes an intense, scary, three minutes when they were trapped inside, the fire engines are surrounded by the burning fires of hell. it gets even scarier as the chief sends out a may day. two crew members were outside that fire engine. they had gotten out to turn on some water pumps. they are trapped outside and he
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>> it was massive and it was coming at them incredibly fast. >> they're using this as a warning, saying when we give you a warning to leave, leave immediately. with this video, with everything you've just seen and heard, not one single injury. >> intense for these people. >> it really just show the minute to minute life or death world these guys live in every day. as you can see, this proves tempting for these wild dogs. the elephants get a little upset when the dogs get too close. >> i love the sound of an angry elephant, they're the beast of the world. i love it. >> and those wild dogs, they
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they get chased, they keep going. >> they have numbers on their side. dogs have numbers, and that is in their favor big time. >> you don't see the pack in full. they're behind the bushes. and the wild dogs aren't very aware of it yet. you see right about here, one reveals itself in the bushes. those elephants in the bushes, it's not like you can't see them yet. the dogs are like, we're hungry, there's a baby, it's like blood in the water. they're still going to make an attempt, because they think they have the elephants outnumbered. even if they do, they're big elephants that come to assist. >> and you see them helping that baby up that bank. that little one couldn't have gotten up there by itself. >> these dogs don't want to mess with these big boys here.
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three-day trip through the park in argentineargentina. you can see the guys helping some of the hikers get over to the other side of a small stream of rushing water. they notice that something changes dramatically. their expertise helps them recognize the changing sounds in their environment. >> whoa! >> oh, man. >> wow. >> that's crazy. >> a massive avalanche right in their direction. they escaped in a matter of seconds. >> no doubt they would have been killed. that's not just water. that's rock and boulders and debris. >> that's why these guys are
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you are out there, you have to be aware of this conditions. the snow is rushing down the mountain at very high speeds carrying with it mud, rocks, and putting hikers' life in danger. they're saying if you're going out here, try to have an experienced guide with you and do not hike like so many of us do with ear buds in our ears listening to music, because the sound is going to be the first tell-tale sign of an on coming avalanche. >> thank goodness they had the guides. >> everybody made it out just fine with a big old scare. this video looks like it's up high off the road. that's right, you're traveling in a lorien lorrie or a truck as we like to call them. >> it looks like it stops short of the house but right through
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let's break it down and watch it again, what happens here. well, this van is pulled over to the side. that causes the black car here to slow down, because it knows there is not a lot of room between that van and the oncoming truck. the person isn't expecting that black car to slow down. then bang. >> there's a lot of explaining to the insurance company, i hit that car, that truck, and oh, that person's house. >> thankfully no one was injured. in the second juken video, you know where this is going. a giant log truck. every time i see one of these, i tense up. >> this show makes me nervous, if i see that i slow down or speed up. >> thank goodness there's a guardrail there. >> oh! >> oh, man. >> did somebody call for firewood?
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2." >> that's a big old mess. thank goodness, though, the truck tipped to the right, off the road, and wasn't going around a right-hander which might have caused a giant load of logs to go into oncoming traffic. >> is the driver okay? >> it doesn't look like a heavy impact, just kind of folded slowly on its side. >> there's going to be a sale on tooth picks. a dog is man's best friend. >> like this dog who seems to be very connected to its owners. >> find out what has this cutie wagging its tail. and the folks at viability have a new use for drones. >> these drones save lives. the genius methods that can make
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i avoided steps. i hated pickle jars. then my pharmacist recommended capzasin. block arthritis pain for hours with capzasin hp. people have been using drones for different uses. the glides at fly-ability may have finally found a way to use drones to save lives. we've seen huge crevasses off the side of a mountain. that's what this drone is for. this video is a proof of concept of how they're going to be able kraft crevasses to find climbers who have fallen. >> that cage means it won't matter if it bumps into >> exactly. it's got a spherical rotating it's very stable.
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they're doing this test at 1,500 feet of elevation, and enact they can get it they say 30 feet below the surface. you can see just how useful it is in this video. it starts to go through an extremely narrow crevasse, banging off the walls. it doesn't affect it. the impacts don't seem to be that tough. it comes with a full hd camera, it's got live digital hd video. they're doing this at night. the only thing that seems to be limited is how far it can communicate from the controller to the drone. >> just having eyes on where somebody is can really help rescuers determine how they'll effect their rescue. >> this could really be the
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two videos where a dog was involved. it looks like these two nurses are trying to treat this dog. they're trying to sit on the dog. it looks like it just pops. that dog is enormous. it looks like the same sign. >> the thing is it's going to be super strong as well. >> this dog does not like who they're doing one single bit. >> it's just going to take off. >> with her on the back. >> taking the nurse with it. >> it's amazing. >> and it's hilarious because the people left behind look back and they just start cracking up. >> they realize we've got to check the cameras, that's going to be awesome. >> from one juken video to
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this dog seems to be very connected to its owner's emotion. watch this. >> dogs can't speak our language. but they quickly learn all of our facial reactions, our body actions. they know what's going on, just by watching closely. they can tell. >> they're going, cookie? i'm sorry. cookie? i'm sorry. it's paintball warfare in the sky. >> you better have a good shot. >> primary focus number one, you better be a good skydiver. >> there is that. >> see why this mashup is a real hit. plus a movie trailer with a spinoff. >> there is a new hope in this video. >> why the force is strong in this one. guys, to celebrate super bowl 50 i'm rewarding fans with a special offer. order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change! if only we had pockets...
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itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. a bag fan of mashups. i like music mashups, sports mashups, even more @un in my opinion. let's take skydiving and put it together with weaponry. >> okay, nonlethal weaponry. paintball. >> and the guys over at skydive temple team up with chute and chute to do sky wars, aerial paintballing. >> you better have a good shot doing that. >> you better be a good skydiver. >> there is that. >> you see these guys jump out of the plainne and get in stack formation. >> that would be a really good way to do this, because they said part of the problem with this was you have to steer your
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you've got to shoot. so this is no joke, they're working on a bike trigger system so they can fly with both hands. >> i can't wait to see the first gold medallist in that sport. >> it doesn't look like it was going too well here. you see a couple of misfires here. they do tell us that there were a couple of strikes. it does work, and they are not done evolving this sports mashup of paintball and skydiving. >> he's got that nerf machine gun but it wouldn't do very well like that. puppy takes the stairs. come on, you can do it. come on. good boy!
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good boy! good boy! good boy! yay! good boy! as i start this video, you will all be convinced i'm quite clearly losing my mind. >> i thought you already lost it. >> more than you thought. it's a trailer, and then look who's logo is turning up. >> it's already out, though. >> but there are all these spinoff movies now in the "star wars" universe, courtesy of disney, there is a new hope in this video. as this hedgehog walks across
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starts to develop. >> the force is strong in you. i have it. my wife has it. and she'll have that power too. >> that's a baby. this is a pregnantcy announcement video, harking back to the "force awakens" trailer. the best part, the best part of this trailer comes at the end. >> we're home. >> oh, yeah. >> this is a great baby announcement.
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so epically put together. he's the guy who's got a taste for the extreme. >> this is the licking guy.
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dude who says -- prepare for your taste buds to explode at the mere sight of the video. we are about a to make -- >> good evening, gayle, the simple joy of a flaky biscuit coming out of the can. >> we're making four-part garlic rolls. you take the dough, add simple ingredients like garlic butter, parsley, mix it all together, bake it, and then you have what
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pull-apart bun in just 15 minutes. >> who are these people who think of these super simple little things? >> you're cooking and one of them rolls off into something else, you throw it into the oven and you realize, that will work. bearded dragon is in tune with the times. >> when i came across this video, i knew i had struck gold. a guy in his car chasing down the locate oweewe locomotive. it begins running across the tracks, approaching this large locateomotive locomotive. you could guess until you're blue in the face what this guy
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he's wearing a complete ski mask. he's totally covered. there he goes. >> no! >> that's what this is all about, to run up and lick the train. this is the licking guy. he has an entire youtube channel dedicated to looking weird things. >> how about a large high tension power pylon? he jumps the gate. there he goes, making a run for it. here's another. he goes into a large retailer. frozen turkeys. >> he could have bought it dinner first. >> one last one, a large crane. he goes in to lick the crane, and he succeeds. i know, the questions are many. let's meet the licking guy, right this minute. the burning question i guess is a simple one to start with. why?
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start a youtube channel. issue a few similar channels out there. i said, let me take it to the next level. >> so its a fetish? >> not at all. what i do enjoy is the journey of getting to the targets. it's not about the licking. it's about getting there. >> does your significant other know what you do? >> yes, and that is the only person that knows. >> that's why you wear the face mask? >> yes, i try to keep my identity secret. at this point the licking guy stays secret. >> what will it take for you to lick me? is there anything you won't lick? >> yes, i tend to lick unusual obtains that objects that are hard to get to. i'm not just going to pick up a piece of paper and lick it.
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getting to the target and feeling the adrenaline. >> what is number one on the lick-it list? >> i think it will become a cult following. >> do you wash your teeth? >> absolutely. i always carry some mouthwash. >> oh, okay. >> i have a really unusual lick coming up. i can tell you it's out of this world. >> give us a "right this minute" lick. >> yay! that's all we've got for you today. but catch us on the next "right
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