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tv   WIS News 10 Live at 500  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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insurance policy on the trail. will whitson explains. the primary elections are all about the delegates. you've got just over 2400 delegates for the republicans, and over 4700 for the democrats. to win, a candidate needs just over half of their party's total group- and the number of delegates one gets in the early votes, affects how many they get later. presidential campaigns are all about forward motion. a strong showing in iowa could mean more supporters in new hampshire- "on either side, if one candidate wins both of those, they're going to come into south carolina with a lot of momentum, with this perception of being a either serve as a tidal wave, or a brick wall for campaigns, "south carolina is the first winner take all state before march 15th." so, a candidate who has won little or no delegates in iowa
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first place- if we see an upset at the polls. "you can always have an upset." - which is exactly what happened in south carolina in 2012- when newt gingrich took the state- and for the first time in 30 years south carolina picked a candidate who didn't get the eventual nomination. unlike 2012, where polls in south carolina varied weekly, according to professor oldendick, donald trump has maintained a strong lead in the palmetto state for months. but- the donald does seem to want to keep a tight grip on that lead, being the only gop candidate to schedule stops in south carolina both before the iowa caucus- and the new hampshire primary. we are less than 20 days out from the republican primary in south carolina- 27 from the democratic primary- but the gop will have at least one debate leading up to the vote- on february 13th in greenville. ww wis news 10 . iowa. despite that lead, senators ted
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marco rubio going after each other instead. the most recent n-b-c poll shows rubio coming in 3rd in the iowa race with 18-percent of likely voters backing him. cruz in second at 25- percent. we will have much more on the democratic candidates in iowa with charles molineaux. but first, let's go to von gaskin and get a quick check on the weather. mix of sun and clouds today, warm with highs in the lower 70s. a "backdoor" cold front coming in from the north will move through tonight, not expecting much change to the forecast until a much strong front arrives wednesday. lows tonight in the middle 40s. tuesday, partly cloudy, breezy and warm, highs in the low to middle 70s. increasing clouds by evening with showers developing late. wednesday, cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms, highs in the lower 70s. rain chance 80% few showers around
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highs near 60 clearing skies much cooler friday, highs lower 50s. talk about spring-like weather the "anti establishment" theme is strong on both sides as the the "anti establishment" theme is strong on both sides as the
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into today's iowa caucuses. charles molineaux discovered the democrats may be leaning away from their longtime favorite. among the democrats, the polls have been getting tighter heading into iowa. hillary clinton tried to fire up her supporters this morning. she and her daughter chelsea broght coffee and donuts into her des moines field office. shd congratulated workers on their door-to-door campaign ..saying they knocked on 186 thousand doors this past weekend alone. she told supporters she's excited about tonight and she hopes the sugar and caffeine would help them get through caucus day. "what people talk to me about is how i'm going to get incomes up, how i'm going to make sure the affordable care act works and get prescription drug costs down and make college affordable and relieve student debt. that's what's on voters'
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about. and that seems to be what's exciting and energizing people as they move toward the caucus tonight." clinton will hold her caucus night rally in des moines on the drake university campus. vermont senator bernie sanders is enjoying a last minute lift from the polls. herallied with suppoters at his state campaign headquarters in des moines. the latest poll numbers from quinnipiac university show sanders with a 49 to 46-percent lead over clinton in iowa that's a flip from a des moines register poll over the weekend, which put sandes three points "behind" clinton. the assistant director of quinnipiac's survey says a bigger caucus turnout favors sanders - especially with first-time participants. among them sanders far outpaces clinton, 62 to 35 percent. head to our website to find out more on the impact of the iowa caucuses on south carolina. we also have a links to the top gop and
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just into the wis alert center: an orangeburg county man is charged with attempted murder after police say a dispute over a car turned violent this past weekend. -48 year old charlie riley charged with attempted murder, possession of a weapon during violent crime: he and another man arguing over a car saturday afternoon. -police say he shot the 42 year old victim with a shotgun. -riley: he was threatened by the victim before he shot him in the chest -victim: told investigators he got into a car and was attempting to leave riley's property when riley shot him. -riley in court for a hearing this morning -- bond set 50,000 the columbia police department is taking steps to change its policy on how officers use their tasers. a ruling last month says police are only justified in deploying tasers when there is a safety issue involved or a threat of immediate danger. cpd's in-house legal expert says that means the devices should not be used just because a subject is refusing to comply. chief skip holbrook says he's already changing the
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"a lot of this comes down to decision making the officers are having to make within split seconds of being on the scene. but you know we're trying to define it as clearly as we can and we've also modified that to include running away from an officer when that is simply the only thing that they're doing is running away. they don't pose that imminent threat." tomorrow columbia city council members are set to discuss a resolution on the policy change. the congregation of the mother emanuel ame church where nine people were murdered last year has been nominated for the nobel peace prize. the nomination ceremony was held today in chicago. several groups - including the congressional black caucus and other u-s congress members - were part of the nominator committee. the church was holding bible study last year when dylann roof opened fire and killed nine people. instead of violent protests, the congregation led prayers of forgiveness and peaceful marches.
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"tangible offering" to move the country as a whole towards peace. "their heartfelt expressions of loss, forgiveness, hope for a better future free from hatred and violence is a tangible offering that might help move our planet in the direction of peace." the nobel peace prize winner will be announced in december. coming up on wis--growing concerns over the zika virus outbreak. as the world health organization declares the virus outbreak as an international emergency. break
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declared the virus a global health emergency. our billie jean shaw joins us with what more on what the virus is and how you can protect yourself. judi - this virus is carried by mosquitoes and is now spreading quickly through the though no cases have been confirmed in our state, experts say you should still watch out for
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experts say the symptoms are mild. if affected, you could experience fever, rash, joint pain, or red eyes. evidence is growing that the virus could cause devastating birth defects in babies born to mothers who became infected while pregnant. a number of babies have been born with abnormally small heads and brains. there's also evidence zika could cause temporary paralysis for some people. right now ... there is no cure. "a very important question is the one of vaccines. we do not have vaccines for zika as of yet, it was not on the radar of the international community although the mosquito is the same which carries the dengue and the chickungunya virus, is of course a plague in many countries, but we'll look into stronger efforts to create a vaccine." the world health organization predicts up to 4-million people could be infected with the mosquito-borne virus over the next year. coming up on wis news at 6, i'll tell you the precautions experts say you should take to protect yourself and your family. in the studio, billie jean shaw,
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today marks 13 years since the deadly explosion of space shuttle columbia. the shuttle broke apart during re-entry on february 1st, 2003.. with debris raining down over rural areas of texas. six american astronauts and israel's first astronaut were killed as they returned to earth from a 16-day science mission. a special investigative board later said the fatal damage was caused 82 seconds after liftoff ...when insulating foam from the external fuel tank hit the left wing. mix of sun and clouds today,
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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mix of sun and clouds today, warm with highs in the lower 70s. a "backdoor" cold front coming
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will move through tonight, not expecting much change to the forecast until a much strong front arrives wednesday. lows tonight in the middle 40s. tuesday, partly cloudy, breezy and warm, highs in the low to middle 70s. increasing clouds by
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wednesday, cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms, highs in the lower 70s. rain chance 80% few showers around thursday. cooler highs near 60 clearing skies much cooler friday, highs lower 50s. nasa says we're learning more about how earth got its moon.
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brought back by the apollo astronauts more than 40 years ago. scientists have long theorized the moon formed after a small planet collided with earth, about four-and-a-half billion years ago. a ucla research team compared earth rocks and moon rocks and say the crash was a head-on collision, not a glancing blow. the team reported its new research in the journal "science." "i came to a crossroads in that process of rehabilitation deciding whether i was going to be a man with a disability or a disabled man." coming up on wis--an art program for veterans is making a huge difference. it's a creative way to heal from snapshot at a time.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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allie spillyards talked with the artist whose own battle to overcome a disability led him to help others. jim dukes picked up his phone and started taking photos one day after years of struggling with long lasting results from multiple combat related traumatic brain injuries and a long fought
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taking photos gave him a new way to look at the world around him -- instead of focusing on things that could hurt him, he finally saw the beauty. now he's facilitating a healing arts program to help other soldiers do the same. he says the program will use photography skills like those he learned, along with drawing, writing and more to help people open up in a safe and healthy way. his first session is called "screw you trauma," and dukes says it will be real talk about real problems among a group of people dealing with the same thing. "it's magical. the healing arts programs are more about comradery. it's not as much about art as it is people that've been through similar experiences sitting around a table in a safe environment." the first program will be february 27th at the big red barn retreat in blythwood. it's free for active duty and
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with their spouses, and it includes a free lunch. dukes made sure to say no artistic experience is needed. visit our website and click on the big red 10 to find a link to registration information. in a little over an hour, lexington mayor steve macdougall will deliver his state of the town address. he's expected to talk about development in the lexington, the response to october's unprecedented flood, as well as the new computerized traffic signal system. councilwoman kathy maness says the town broke ground in a number of different ways this past year. "we had to take a very bold step and adopt the hospitality tax. as you may recall, it is only to be used for road improvements, and only for 8 years. once we get the projects paid for, that hospitality tax goes off the books." the address will begin at 6:30. iowa is just the start for candidates wanting to get
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straight ahead on wis--a look at where each candidate stands in the polls. break thanks for staying with us for
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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in iowa tonight the time for talk is done ...or almost done...and it's time to vote. the winner in each party gets a big boost going into new hampshire and the rest of the primaries. but will the winners be named trump or cruz ...clinton or sanders? steve handelsman reports. 38-50 to power up her volunteers to get out the vote, tonight, hillary clinton brought donuts. presidential candidate :06-:08 "i'm feeling so energized because of all of you!" she has slipped to a slight lead in iowa polls. bernie sanders rallied his volunteers to get out the first time caucusers that he's counting on presidential candidate :18-:21 "we win tonight if voter turnout is high!" his workers are
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"i have never felt as strongly about an election as i do this time." sanders has a big lead in new hampshire polls presidential candidate :38-:50 "no, of course not. iowa. but if we end up getting two delegates less than hillary clinton has - why is that the end of the world?" on the republican side, marco rubio visited volunteers presidential candidate :55-:57 "it's going to make a big difference tonight. we're really excited." ted cruz, who rose to a lead in iowa polls... then slipped... was in jefferson presidential candidate 1:02-1:05 "we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of on evangelicals donald trump today drew a smaller crowd than usual .... hours before trumps needs a big turnout of first time iowa voters. presidential candidate 1:17-1:20 "win, lose, or draw. i love you folks all. i love you all." all eyes on trump tonight. will the leader in gop polling grab his first ever election victory? audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, des moines, iowa. the big vote in iowa is just hours away- and if
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some big affects on upcoming upcoming polls. will whitson takes a look- in every poll that's dropped today for iowa and new hampshire- on the gop side, donald trump is leading the pack- but don't take that to mean he has these two states locked up. a quinnipiac poll in iowa has him seven points ahead of texas senator ted cruz- while another by emerson only has a point difference between the two. on the democratic side in iowa- it's the same- quinnipiac has hillary clinton ahead- while emerson favors vermont senator bernie sanders. though in new hampshire polls- sanders is well ahead of clinton. another candidate to keep an eye on is florida senator marco rubio. while he sits several points behind ted cruz in iowa- he's seen a lot of momentum in recent weeks, with his poll numbers rising, which could indicate a possible upset- and marco taking the number two slot in iowa. ww, back to you. the iowa caucuses are getting a lot of attention
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accurate predictor of the party nominees. and the process that will be underway soon can be messy. jack kuenzie has seen iowa's political process and the caucuses up close. dawndy and judi--on the whole, it's much easier to watch and report the first in the south primary here than it is to be in iowa this time of year. two reasons---the caucus voting can be confusing and can take a long time to play out, especially on the democratic side. and the weather. shirtsleeves here possibly---parkas and snow chains there. i was working in des moines in 1980 when the idea of the iowa caucuses being important really grabbed the nation's attention. that was a long time ago, but there were similarities to what we're seeing today around iowa. a crowded gop field--- including a celebrity candidate, ronald reagan, a guy named bush, a couple of candidates who'd been
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u.s. senators, howard baker and bob dole. reagan stumped through our area a number of times----talking about cutting taxes and big government. he'd been helped to some extent by his roots as a broadcaster at who radio in des moines, where i worked. it helped maybe---but it wasn't enough. reagan ended up losing to george herbert walker bush in a squeaker-----32 to 30 per cent. baker pulled 15 per cent for third place. reagan later said iowa had been a "kick in the pants" for his campaign and by the time it got to south carolina----he clobbered his next closest competitor, governor connally---with 55 per cent of the vote here. bush later dropped out of the race. the democrats were little more predictable----with jimmy carter beating ted kennedy almost two to one. we did get a lot of media attention back then----including in person coverage by some giants of the tv news industry. tom brokaw covered his first iowa caucus vote that year----and he's still doing
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i also had a memorable moment passing by the hotel bar that night and seeing walter cronkite in there holding court with a circle of admirers around him. go to to find out more on the impact of the iowa caucuses on south carolina. we also have a links to the top gop and democratic candidates. a "backdoor" cold front coming
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will move through tonight, not expecting much change to the forecast until a much strong front arrives wednesday. lows tonight in the middle 40s. tuesday, partly cloudy, breezy and warm, highs in the low to middle 70s. increasing clouds by evening with showers developing late. wednesday, cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms, highs in the lower 70s. lower 50s. we continue to follow the case of a young woman gunned down in blythewood.
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found shot to death in a field we continue to follow the case of a young woman gunned down in blythewood. 19-year-old deanndra roach was found shot to death in a field off farrow road last week. now we are learning more about what led to the arrest of her ex-boyfriend. wis' meaghan norman joins us with the latest. a news conference on this case was canceled for today but we did learn a little bit more about this case. investigators say less than an hour after the victim was found murdered, the suspect andre heatley jr. used her debit card to withdraw money at 3 atms and also reportedly used it to buy a watch online. investigators say deanndra roach and andre heatley jr were ex-boyfriend and girlfriend but it's believed they still communicated. it's unclear why they were together in the isolated area in blythewood off farrow road but we're told it was after the victim got off work thursday night. the murder is believed to have happened overnight and her body was discovered late friday
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"basically with the information investigators were able to gather information that leads and points to andre heatley at this point. are you looking for any other suspects? we're still looking into this as well. this investigation is ongoing to find out if anyone else had any knowledge or any involvement in this crime." investigators are still looking for acquaintances, witnesses or anyone else who may have information about the murder. if you know anything to help, call crimestoppers, 1-888- crime-sc. the suspect, andre heatley jr. is still in jail. he does have criminal background, we'll get into that on the news at 6. in the studio, meaghan norman wis news 10. big update out of horry county: police are planning to charge a woman for filing a false police report after she told police that she was sexually assaulted by four men yesterday, and
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-31 year old originally told police: out walking surfside beach early sunday morning when she was assaulted. -husband: said they returned home around 2 am after a night out, he went to sleep--was awoken by her screaming calling for help from the living room. -police report: told authorities she was raped by several men -recanted her story today--now police are seeking an arrest warrant against her. -woman's sister claims she's suffering from post traumatic amnesia, that's why she's unable to recall what happened now. we'll continue to keep you updated as we learn more. the carolina panthers are now in california as they get ready for the super bowl! but panthers' quarterback cam newton's bright- colored versace pants seemed to be the real arrival... going viral on social media. the panthers will stay in san jose, and the boncos will stay in santa clara. the two teams square off next sunday in the nfl
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a wilmington teen's wish is coming true: he's heading to the super bowl to watch the panthers. make-a-wish made it possible for 17-year-old tj white and his family to travel to the big game. i'm really into sports and football is one of my favorite sports. just the atmosphere - it's so much fun to watch and play and it's an amazing experience." tj was diagnosed with lupus nephritis when he was a freshman in high school. he says he's a detroit lions fan, but he plans on cheering on the panthers. coming up on wis--it's feeling like spring in the middle of winter. but is it going to last? we'll check in with von gaskin. break a look now at your first alert
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a "backdoor" cold front coming in from the north will move through tonight, not expecting much change to the forecast until a much strong front arrives wednesday. lows tonight in the middle 40s. tuesday, partly cloudy, breezy and warm, highs in the low to middle 70s. increasing clouds by evening with showers developing g late. wednesday, cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms, highs in the lower 70s. rain chance 80% few showers around thursday. cooler highs near 60 clearing skies much cooler friday,
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definitely up for one surfer in coming up on wis--the surf was definitely up for one surfer in maui! and he experiences one epic, jaw-dropping wipeout! break the cdc announced on monday that
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the cause is still unknown. dozens of customers in several states...reported getting s sk after eating at chipotle restaurants. to win back customers, chipotle is planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl weekend. next monday... it will briefly close all of its restaurants for meetings with employees. general motors is kicking its efforts to build self-driving cars into high gear. the company is creating a dedicated autonomous vehicles team that starts
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its goal it to figure out a strategy to make g-m the leader in self- driving technology. the move shows self- driving cars are not just as a concept for g-m any more... but the company sees them as something that can work in the real world. after more than a decade some of the biggest airlines are bringing back free snacks. united airlines will introduce e stoopwafels...a dutch-made toasted waffle treat, and and asian-style snack mixes of rice crackers, sesami sticks and wasabi peas. american airlines is also joining in on the fun. they will offer pretzels and gourmet biscoff cookies. a french maritime official says a crippled cargo ship that has been drifting for several days off the french coast could run aground if a new salvage attempt fails. rough seas have thwarted attempts so far, but officials say they'll try again today to
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the ship has been drifting since the crew was evacuated by a helicopter last week. it's believed the ship's cargo shifted, causing it to lean on its side. also caught on camera, a professional surfer free- falling when trying to catch a massive wave in maui. the professional surfer fell about 40-feet while trying to ride a giant wave. his board snapped and he said he had a bit of a stiff neck which was not enough to keep him from riding the big waves the next day. he says the fall felt like "being in a car crash." your retirement on a whole new level! led to a great discovery of an el paso deputy's
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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david daniel reports in today's hollywood minute. 26-46 "new york in 1926. there's one english gentleman called newt scamander who turns up in new york with a suitcase of rather extraordinary creatures..." fans of j-k rowling's imagination are rejoicing over this new behind-the-scenes featurette for "fantastic beasts and where to find them." the magical adventure is the first film the "harry potter" creator has written directly for the screen... it stars oscar winner eddie redmayne and hits theaters in november. "come home with me." "whoa!" not only did "kung fu panda three" dominate north american theaters in its debut weekend...
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animated film's opening weekend in china, where the series takes place. because it was co-produced in the world's second- largest film market, officials gave it "local status," allowing the flick to play longer runs in more theaters. and some "star wars" news: as "the force awakens" heads toward two-billion dollars in worldwide box office, gwendoline christie confirms to people magazine, she will return as "captain phasma" in "episode eight," due in theaters in december of 2017. for hollywood minute, i'm david daniel. she's nearing the end of the fashion runway. iconic supermodel cindy crawford says she plans to retire when she celebrates her 50th birthday on february 20th. crawford tells rhapsody magazine that after more than 30 years of modeling, she can't keep reinventing herself. she rose to fame in the 90's. her 14-year-old daughter already is following in her famous mom's footsteps. david bowie left most of his
5:43 pm
million-dollars -- to his family. according to the new york times, bowie also set aside money for his other loved ones. half of the estate goes to iman -- the supermodel bowie married in 1992. the other half was divided evenly between bowie's son and daughter. the 69-year-old died recently from cancer. video of a retiring el paso sheriff's deputy doing the whip/nae nae in an elevator has gone viral. deputy tony scherb is retiring after 29 years of service-- so he celebrated with some moves in the elevator - until the ranking officer showed up. thanks for joining us for the news at 5. we'll be right back.
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thanks for joining us this evening. i'm charles molineaux. the blood, sweat, and tears in iowa are all coming down to tonight-- in just two hours the first of the caucusing in iowa will be underway, and we will have our first real look at where the candidates stand in the voters' eyes. today--candidates were out in full force trying to
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iowans make their choices this evening. for the republicans--a big night for donald trump could help catapult his momentum into the next few primaries, as he tries to fend off a challenge from his closest rival, senator ted cruz. and for the democrats--hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are locked into a tight race, with only a few percentage points separating them in the latest polls. a win for sanders tonight could put a huge roadblock up for the clinton campaign. "of course we want to win here in iowa. but if we end up getting two less delegates less than hillary clinton has why is that the end of the world?" "we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. this is our final stop on caucus day to be here in jefferson." "win, lose, or draw. i love you folks all. i love you all." caucusing gets underway at 7 central time--which is 8 out on the east coast. political experts say it will all come down to turnout tonight to determine who gets the first big boost of the election.
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