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tv   WIS News 10 Live at 500  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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presidential candidates are continuing their campaign sprint ...after the iowa caucuses. gop iowa caucus winner ted cruz is headed to the upstate. charles molineaux is there talking to supporters. we'll get a live report from there in a minute. but first, let's check in on the weather with meteorologist ben tanner. charles bob shot partly cloudy today and warm, highs lower to middle 70s.
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scattered showers developing late, lows in the middle 50s. wednesday, cloudy, windy and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with
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and it's free! ted cruz may have won iowa, but that might not matter now that the campaign shifts to new hampshire and then here to the palmetto state. both, very different political landscapes where he'll again face donald trump and a newly empowered marco rubio campaign. jack kuenzie joins us now with more on the tough tasks ahead for the texas senator. donald trump may have lost in iowa---but he's not done by any means in either of the next two states including this one. trump has much larger polling leads in new hampshire and south carolina. here---dr. ben carson, governor jeb bush and others with poll numbers in the single digits remain in the mix. and while the field has diminished by one with last night's withdrawal of former arkansas governor
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already essentially a three candidate race for the gop nomination. cruz, trump and senator marco rubio who almost edged trump last night. even so, trump's south carolina director believes his man still has the right strategy and structure in place to win here and start to build momentum. in south carolina we are set up, i mean we've had an ongoing campaign with a great grass roots team, a great leader who is the campaign director in jim merrill. it's a phenomenal grass roots ground game that's been going on now for about seven or eight months. many of these campaigns just came in in the last three or four months. i think we have an edge, i think we have a phenomenal grass roots team and a ground game that's the middle of the gop pack. that was well before rubio broke out in iowa and surged to within a percentage point of trump---creating fresh speculation that he is becoming the consensus
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to trump and cruz. in our next hour, we'll hear from the clinton camp---as that campaign aims to create some distance between the former secretary of state and the supporters of vermont senator both of those campaigns also looking at a much different electorate here compared to iowa. jack kuenzie wis news ten. ten. ted cruz is in new hampshire today, riding the momentum of his iowa night. he won't be in new hampshire for long. tonight he heads to the upstate in south carolina. charles molineaux is in greenville where the presidential hopeful will soon arrive. presidential candidates are now zeroing in on their second stop: new hampshire. will whitson will be there for
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the new hampshire primary starting next
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you can always find complete coverage on - including why a south carolina superdelegate is sticking with a candidate who already has dropped out of the race. the abuse needs to stop. that is the focus of a forum and vigil happening right now in honor of a young woman who investigators say was killed by her ex-boyfriend. it's going on until 7pm at vive church on clemson road in columbia. wis' billie jean shaw is live at the church with more. this is not the victim's church but it is a central location for students in this area to come out and participate. teens and parents are encouraged to come to this vigil where they are talking about healthy relationships and the signs of abuse. 18-year-old deanndra roach was
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death off farrow road last week. investigators have charged her ex-boyfriend with murder. roach's family says they had no idea the victim was in a relationship with the suspect or that there had been any abuse -- until her friends came forward after her death. "knowing how that she had been abused before, it's so important that regardless of your friends saying 'don't tell my parents', you need to tell someone that it's going on. who knows this could have saved her life if we had going to step it up and do it again." after the program, there will be a candlelight vigil outside. they are also collecting donations for funeral expenses. this ends at 7, so there is
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new details this afternoon: a patient in texas has contracted the zika virus through sexual transmission. -that information: dallas county services department. confirmed by cdc -the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an infected person who returned from a country where zika was present. -virus: normally spread through mosquito bites--the virus can be spread through sex-- only a few cases where sexual suspected. health officials say there are no reports of zika being transmitted by mosquitoes in dallas
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archaeologists are getting a firsthand look today at a site that is shedding light on richland county's history. allie spillyards reports this look in the past comes after powerful waters washed away a bridge at fort jackson's mccrady training center. after state archaeologists put out the call for people to be on the lookout for signs of the past following october's flood, no one quite knew what to expect. fort jackson called them in to examine a mill site after several historical beams were moved by flood waters. after taking a look, archaeologists noticed these wooden beams and steel nails. they were revealed after 2 to 3 feet of standing water caused the soil to wash away. the experts examining the site say it looks to be a
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winnsboro, but it also could've been an approach to a bridge, assuming the area was prone to flooding years ago just like it did in october. once studied, it will be covered and reburied to protect the timber should it ever need to be reexamined. "there are people who this land is signficant to. and so knowing people are really attached to their history, especially here in south quick." another reason for the project... anytime an archaeological site is found on federally funded land, it must be assessed to figure out if it's significant. it was really fascinating to get a first hand look at how archaeologists date sites. in this case, the presence of store bought nails means this road had to have been built between 1890 when these kinds of nails hit the market and 1940 when the military
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the latest on the investigation and what's next for two suspects in custody. break we are learning more details surrounding the death of a virginia teen..who
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raycom's susan bahorich reports. reporter: susan bahorich script: today we learned that investigators believe 13-year-old nicole lovell was stabbed to death. we also learned from the prosecutor that the little girl died on january 27th, the day she went missing and not several days later like that had been listed in court documents. we also learned that natalie keepers has been charged with accessory before the fact. during this press conference which lasted less than 15-minutes we heard from the prosecutor, the chief of police and also lovell's mother, tammy weeks. weeks told the crowd how the little girl, known as "coley" had battled through
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she received a liver transplant as a baby, and battled through mrsa- only to be struck down as a teenager. not mentioned today, the suspect in this case david eisenhauer. it wasn't said during this press conference how the two keepers and eisenhauer know each other or how eisenhauer may have met up with the 13-year-old on that night at this point, the family is working on final arrangements for nicole lovell. the suspects in this case are fog will be an issue in some
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fog will be an issue in some areas this morning as we'll see patchy dense fog and mild temperatures "backdoor" cold front is over the area this morning it will come through dry and no temperature change as we start out in the middle 50s partly cloudy today and warm, highs lower to middle 70s. increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers developing
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the middle 50s. wednesday, cloudy, windy and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% break it seems everywhere you turn it will come through dry and no temperature change as we start out in the middle 50s partly cloudy today and warm, highs lower to middle 70s. increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers developing late, lows in the middle 50s.
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warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms
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raycom's brody o'connell went to find some diehard fans in town. i love football, and i love being a panthers fan moses halterman's home is dedicated purely to the home team. his passion for the panthers on full display. sot: 40:41i just enjoy decorating, let people in the neighborhood see everything, try to get everybody involved 40:47 what's really impressive about halterman's decorations most of them including this all- pro banner are homemade.
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t-shirt and put all of it together and sewed it all together and just put it up there the best i could so. well they are the pro bowl team. and of course newton i wanted him to be the could be considered one of the best decorated homes in charlotte.. tim henderson could boast the same for gaston county. he combined work with play using his graphic design company to create this panthers masterpiece. he says the neighbors love it. sot: 35:20 fantastic, everybody loves it, everybody wants one, everybody wants one, how do i get that? unfortunately we don't sell them 35:26 henderson says he can't sell the garage door wrap because of licensing laws. he made this one -- just for fun. and he says if the panthers win the super bowl -- a new one banner will be going up to mark they call them the cardiac cats, so since day one we have been panthers fans 35:00 coming up on wis--presidential candidates are now aiming to win over the
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plus--senator tim scott is backing marco rubio. could his endorsement be a big boost to his campaign?
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i'm dawndy mercer plank. the campaign trail in south carolina is starting to get busy. presidential candidate and gop caucus winner of iowa ted cruz is in the upstate. our charles molineaux is there we'll find out what his endorsement means to the palmetto state. but first, let's get a check on the weather. fog will be an issue in some areas this morning as we'll see patchy dense fog and mild temperatures "backdoor" cold front is over the area this morning it will come through dry and no temperature change as we start out in the middle 50s
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highs lower to middle 70s. increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers developing late, lows in the middle 50s. wednesday, cloudy, windy and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms
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store. and it's free! "i am putting my confidence and my trust in marco rubio, because i believe he takes us to that better future." after coming in a close third to donald trump in iowa last night, marco rubio has his sights set on south carolina. as do the other presidential candidates. will whitson looks at what's ahead. a tim scott endorsement can be a big boon to marco rubio- who, while coming
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caucus- is esesntially neck and neck with donald trump in the delegate count. and on the democratic side- one delegate difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. so going into south carolina- the struggle for voter support will happen any way, any time, and by any means necessary. "2016 may be the most important election." "endorsing marco seemed like the natural conclusion of a several month process of evaluating and understanding the passion, the policy, and the purpose of each candidate." this is rubio's second big political endorsement- the other being congressman trey gowdy. and scott's endorsement has been coveted by all gop campaigns- especially since he candidates in 2012. this year the candidates i believe are even stronger, and so it made the difficult process of evaluating each candidate harder, but simpler at the same time."
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widespread in the state- lt. governor henry mcmaster recently endorsed donald trump- after bowing out, lindsey graham threw his support behind jeb bush- and hillary clinton and bernie sanders have split their endorsements among democratic and minority politicians- clinton netting columbia mayor steve benjamin, bakari sellars, and stump for his wife--democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. clinton will speak at a rally at the john hurst gymnatorium at allen university tomorrow night in columbia. doors for the event open at 4:30--the event starts at 6.
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will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state on saturday. clinton will attend women for hillary events in rock hill and spartanburg. she will then address clemson university's program in women's leadership. many presidential candidates are beginning their campaign sprint in new hampshire. nbc's katy tur has a preview on what you can expect. katy tur: "donald trump got the most votes in iowa gop caucus history, except for ted cruz, which means he lost in iowa. will that hurt his momentum here in new hampshire? right now, he's being criticized a lot for there. what is he doing here? we'll have his strategy and who he's blaming for it all coming up on nbc nightly news." for more updates on the campaign trail, go to there, you can find more information on senator tim scott's endorsement of marco rubio. you also read about a south carolina superdelegate's decision to stick with martin o'malley...even though he dropped out of the race. today the survivors and family
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emanuel nine spoke about their unwavering faith after last summer's tragic shooting. hundreds of people gathered at benedict college today as the family members and survivors shared how their faith has grown and how they've learned to forgive. while the media was not allowed to record the session, but we can tell you they talked about their initial reactions to the shooting and how they are remembering their loved ones. denise quarles lost her mother, myra thompson, at the church that night. while she will always remember the tragedy, she refuses to hold on to the hate. "we have to take what happened and turn that around and be more positive and think about ways we can impact the you know, spending more times with children who don't look like them so those stereotypes can be dimished." two of the survivors, felecia sanders and polly sheppard echoed the same
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the program. you will hear more of their story thursday on wis. they sat down exclusively with our billie jean shaw to talk about what happened inside the church the night of the shooting. it is a story you don't want to miss, thursday at 11 on wis news 10. new details today in the lawsuits surrounding the september 2014 death of a clemson fraternity pledge. a judge has consolidated two lawsuits filed after sophomore tucker hipps was found dead in lake hartwell. the circuit judge says it will be more efficient and convenient for the court. one of the lawsuits was a other sought damages. hipps' body was found after an early morning run with members of a fraternity he was pledging to join. just into the wis alert center: a solution for south carolina's roadways has been delayed. that's the latest out of a senate finance committee meeting this afternoon. senate president pro tem hugh leatherman says he wants to bring in the department
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transportation and the state infrastructure bank to tell the panel how they allocate money. that means the debate on the senate floor will be pushed to at least february 16th--the discussion about how to raise money for roads was expected to be on the floor this week. the infrastructure bank finances large infrastructure projects. critics say it's too much power in the hands of a few lawmakers. car thefts are up in richland county - deputies are reporting five just in the past weekend. 13 cars were stolen from january 15th through february 2nd. authorities warning that apartment complexes have been the most common target, and they're warning residents to remain vigilant. "if you see vehicles driving up and down the area or inside that parking lot that just look like they're searching for something, that's a sign that something's up." lt. wilson says problem areas have been broad river road and garner's ferry road. a local partnership is working
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professional a reality for young future teachers. the "teacher clothes closet" is a partnership between usc teaching fellows, dutch fork high school teacher cadets and the palmetto state teachers association. they're accepting gently used or new professional clothing items to give to student teachers who may not be able to afford a work wardrobe. "people need to go into a school, especially a high school and tell who's the teacher and who's the student. dress is so important. and i know at the colleges they stress the importance of professional dress. we are here to help them achievve that professional dress." the shopping day is next tuesday, 5:30-7:30 at the psta office on assembly street. if you would like to donate--head to our website, for a list of accepted items. coming up on wis--the zika virus continues to prompt concern as another case pops up in texas. which states are affected and why health officials are saying
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break a look now at your first alert
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's
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back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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fog will be an issue in some areas this morning as we'll see patchy dense fog and mild temperatures "backdoor" cold front is over the area this morning it will come through dry and no temperature change as we start out in the middle 50s partly cloudy today and warm, highs lower to middle 70s. increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers developing late, lows in the middle 50s. wednesday, cloudy, windy and warm with scattered showers and 60 rain chance 40% the zika virus continues to
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the world. so far the virus has spread to
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district of columbia. and the world health organization said today the spread of the zika virus may be related to the el nino weather phenomenon. health officials say el nino had caused more rainfall, and that usually meant more mosquitoes. they dampened hopes of a quick vaccine solution. instead, the who is trying to control the spread of the mosquitoes that transmit the virus. punxsutawney phil, the world's most famous furry forecaster, failed to see his shadow, meaning spring is right around the corner, or so the folklore says. thousands stood on gobblers knob to see if the famous punxsutawney phil groundhog would see his shadow. pennsylvania residents - including miss pennsylvania took the stage and performed for the large crowd. coming up on wis--a hilarious super bowl ad is already making its rounds before the big football showdown. already making its rounds before the big football showdown.
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over wiener dogs dressed up as a hot dog. break an elderly new york couple
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. a man crashed his car into his home's gas meter which led to a gas leak. when he heard hissing from the meter, he immediately ran into the house to grab his wife. they called 9-1-1 from a neighbor's house - and while they were there, the house exploded. the explosion was so big it set a nearby house on fire. no word if anyone was injured. authorities in miami responded after a small plane went into the water. take a look: the small, single-engine plane came to rest in shallow water, about 40-feet from shore. a witness says they saw the passengers swim to shore as the plane took about two minutes to sink. the two people inside the plane but were not injured.
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embattled air bag maker takata corp. says the company lacks processes to improve product quality. this includes air bag inflators that have been blamed for at least 11 deaths and 139 injuries. the panel finds that takata has no program in place to find quality problems with its products once they are installed in cars and trucks. it also faults the company for letting products move through the design process with unresolved problems. it says takata needs to develop its own standards for testing quality and safety rather than relying on automakers and regulators. cold weather in the parts of california and arizona has caused a cauliflower shortage in some places. many shoppers are having a hard time finding the vegetable at all. the usda reports average retail prices for cauliflower has gone up 30 percent from last year. the shortage comes at a particularly bad time for low-carb dieters. they use the vegetable as a substitute for everything from rice and pasta to pizza
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with super bowl 50 just days away, advertisers are digging deep to come up with winning ads. this is heinz's super bowl ad. in it, a group of wiener dogs are shown running across a field to reach a family of heinz condiments... this, while harry nilsson's "without you" plays in the background. the spot is part of a new heinz campaign called "meet the ketchups". caught on camera-- right now a tornado is brewing on the ground in pickens co, alabama. keeping an eye on the storm and will jeep you
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coming up on wis--a winnsboro toddler's powerful use of prayer is getting plenty of recognition. plus--a baby is hitting the slopes like a pro and shredding plenty of snow! break a video of a little girl from winnsboro praying has
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4 year old natalie green is caught on video praying for her two family members before they traveled to atlanta. this video has been shared by celebrities like destiny's child member michelle williams, and many more! she barely knows how to walk. but at 14 months, sloan henderson is learning to shred on a snowboard in utah. her parents started her off in their backyard... friday, she hit the slopes in park city. thanks for joining us for the news at 5. we'll be right back.
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presdiential campaign trail is heating up, the endorsements are coming in, and the focus is zeroing in on the next two contests. plus-- after floodwaters washed it away last fall, a major circuit is back up today for drivers in lower richland county. good evening and welcome to the news at six.
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