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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i'm judi gatson. tonight, angry parents helped shut down part of a school board meeting in kershaw county. they're mad about the possibility that two rural schools might be closed and consolidated. our chad mills is just getting back from that meeting. the two schools is question are mt. pisgah elementary and bethune elementary. parents say those communites have already lost so much over the years. and on top of that -- they say they're extremely happy with the schools and don't want one larger school somewhere else. they say both schools have some of the best academic statistics in the district -- and tonight -- they managed to force the board to hold the discussion of night. on the basketball court at mount pisgah elementary... scored points against the kershaw county
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trustees in the loud, sometimes unruly, battle on the hardwood. one by one, they took the mic to tell superintended dr. frank morgan and the board they don't want to see this school and nearby bethune elementary close and consolidate elsewhere. chris mangum says a consolidated school would hurt the education of his children. "why do people want to come to a community? jobs. but with those jobs, if they have kids, why would they want to come somewhere where they don't know if their kid will get a good education or will be bussed 30 miles." the board has considered the idea before. it was part of a 2014 referendum that was shot down by voters. now, the district is considering the possibility of creating another referendum that would include the consolidation measure yet again. "we are in the education business, and we have to do the best we can for the children.
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children for me: safety for children, economic qualifications -- i mean -- the economics is one thing, but the quality of education is the most important thing to me." board chairman ron blackmon said the move to consolidate would only increase learning. in this meeting, he had hoped to talk about where to put a new possible consolidated school, but that didn't happen. after a motion to table the discussion failed, some of the parents in the crowd fought back with their voices -- loud voices that ultimately sent the meeting into time out, and when the board came back, the discussion was tabled until the next meeting. "i will do everything in my means to help shoot this down again." mangum says it was a minor victory. representative grady brown, who was also at the meeting, thought so too. "they've spoken again and again, 'we do not want our schools closed.' the school board seems to not understand that." representative brown also told board members to consider money
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to give the current schools a major face-lift. however, one board member said promises of funds from the state haven't come to fruition in the past. keep in mind, there's no new referendum at this point that would give the voters a choice to consolidate the schools or not -- even though board members voted 8-to-1 in a previous meeting to consolidate them at a site to be determined. turning now to your overnight forecast--and a cool front that's brought some severe weather to parts of the south. meteorologist ben tanner has the latest tonight. increasing clouds tonight with scattered showers developing late, lows in the middle 50s. wednesday, cloudy, windy and
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showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% this evening, part of that same and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% this evening, part of that same and warm with scattered showers
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rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% tornadic activity which was caught on camera in alabama. the national weather service reported a twister on the ground about 45 miles west of tuscaloosa. the risk of tornados is expected to last there through tomorrrr morning. officials say the tornado left a path of damage--taking out several trees and power lines. so far only minor injuries have been reported. most presidential candidates
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new hampshire today. but ted cruz knows he has alot riding on the south carolina primary. he held a big rally in greenville tonight. "we're going to win the south carolina primary, we are going to win the nomination, we're going to win the general election, we're going to beat hillary clinton and we're going to turn this country around" cruz also picked up an endorsement from representative jeff duncan, a republican who represents part of thehepstate region. for the next week, candidates from both parties will zero in on new hampshire. voters there will go to the polls one week from tonight. as steve handelsman reports, candidates like cruz and senator bernie sanders are hoping to capitalize on their momentum. she rushed to new hampshire, hillary clinton trying to put the best light on last
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when a few coin tosses in iowa decided who got the final democratic delegates; it was that close. but clinton did not lose -- iowa like she did in '08. presidential candidate :18-:27 "and new hampshire's gonna have to decide who can go toe to toe -with the republicans to make hailed bernie sanders as a winner, as he came home to new england presidential candidate :34-:39 "we just got in from iowa, where we astounded the world!!!!" republican ted cruz ...the only candidate to notch a convincing win last night, came to new hampshire. presidential candidate :45-:50 "that this election is not going to be decided by the media!" but marco rubio's in new hampshire with boost for his strong 3rd place in iowa presidential candidate :55-:59 "we had a great time in iowa and a great turn out - and now we are ready to do it here in new hampshire." donald trump made clear tonight in new hampshire -- he intends to win in this state. presidential candidate 1:04-1:07 "i have very good relationships with the people of new hampshire." trump
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an effort by state lawmakers to speed up the debate on how to fix south carolina's roads and bridges has hit a roadblock of its own. senate pro tem hugh leatherman told the senate finance committee today that he wants to bring in the department of transportation and the state infrastructure bank to explain their roles to senators. that move would push the debate on the senate floor to at least the middle of february. state lawmakers are working out specifics to the way south carolina's lieutenant governor will be chosen in two years. last election, south carolina voters approved a measure that would allow candidates running for governor to pick a running mate. the lieutenant governor has always been chosen in a separate race. lawmakers have now decided that the lieutenant governor will be chosen after they're nominated by
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file their candidacy. this would all take effect in the 2018 election cycle. the bill now heads to the senate. a new warning tonight from health officials in texas. tonight, they're reporting a case of zika virus they say was transmitted through sexual contact. mosquitos are the main transmitters of the virus--though there have been a few cases where sexual transmission was suspected. now health officials and human services in dallas are reporting a patient who acquired the disease through sexual contact. medical experts say the case comes as no surprise. "dallas county health and human services has received confirmation of a zika case associated with acquiring locally, and as a result of that, we informed our medical community and the public at large that zika has made its appearance in dallas county." the centers for disease control and prevention say the patient who developed zika did not have a travel
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most infected people won't have any symptoms if they contract zika--but experts are concerned about a potential link between the virus and a rise in birth defects in parts of latin america. tonight--family and friends of a columbia woman shot to death last week are remembering her bright smile and even brighter personality. this evening, those who knew deanndra roach held a candlelight vigil at the vine church on clemson road. nearly 100 people including her gathered together to pray for peace and understanding. charged with her murder. her body was found by investigators last friday off of farrow road. "she was a very, very beautiful person. i would never never have a friend like deanndra. it's just the small things she used to do before she left. it's just feels unreal that she's actually gone. i don't know i just try not to think about it." family members are now preparing for deanndra's
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asking anyone with additional information about this case call 1- 888-crime-sc. survivors and family members of those murdered at emanuel ame church in charleston are inspiring others to practice strong faith and forgiveness. today at benedict college, the group spoke with students about how the shooting last june changed their lives. under the theme of "no greater faith," the group went into depth about how their faith was shaken but grew stronger. denise quarles lost her mother myra thompson in the shooting and says she also wants students to know how to love themselves and one other. "you know the foundation needs to be laid that you're supposed to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. just because someone looks different than you doesn't mean they mean
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two of the survivors of the the shooting, felecia sanders and polly sheppard, echoed the same sentiments during the program. wis also sat down with sanders and sheppard...and you can catch the interview in a special report later this week. it's a story you won't want to miss this thursday on the news at 11. coming up on the news at 11-- a judge's decision could soon be coming on whether sexual assault charges against bill cosby will be thrown out altogether. plus-- a plan that could help yahoo's ceo keep her job--will ultimately end up costing hundreds of others' their own. comedian bill cosby was back in a pennsylvania court today--asking a judge to
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judge to throw out sexual assault charges against him. chris pollone reports tonight--much of his case hinges on the testimony of a key former official. despite clutching a cane, 78-year old bill cosby moved swiftly into the montgomery county courthouse ahead of a
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hearing in his sexual assault case. cosby faces trial for a 2004 incident with former temple university employee andrea constand. she claims cosby drugged her and then assaulted her. cosby says the interaction was consensual. the key witness tuesday: former district attorney bruce castor, who had previously indicated there was an agreement that cosby would never be criminally prosecuted. on the stand, castor clarified that there was never a formal agreement with cosby. rather, castor made what he characterized as a "legally binding decision" that cosby would never be prosecuted. castor said doubts about constand's credibility made it clear to him a case against "i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things." cosby testified in constand's civil suit against him. that case settled in 2006.
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case to file criminal charges against him in december. among other things, cosby admitted giving constand wine and pills to help her relax. now a judge must decide whether cosby's own words can be used against him. chris pollone, nbc news, norristown, pennsylvania. hundreds of layoffs are coming to yahoo--in a shakeup that could determine whether it's ceo can save her own job. the company announced today it will cut 15 percent of its workforce. ceo marissa mayer has been trying to fend-off a group of angry shareholders who say she hasn't made progress in trying to turn around yahoo's financial performance. yahoo's revenue has shrunk during her time--as it struggles to compete with companies like google and facebook. next week, officials at usc upstate are expected to unveil plans to open a new location in downtown greenville. that official announcement will be monday. right now--the campus has one facility already in greenville, and officials say they plan to keep that location.
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spartanburg. increasing clouds tonight with
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wednesday, cloudy, windy and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% tonight, the greenville zoo welcomed a new baby and warm with scattered showers
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rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% tonight, the greenville zoo welcomed a new baby and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% tonight, the greenville zoo welcomed a new baby and warm with scattered showers
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rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% and warm with scattered showers and thunderstorms rain chance 80%. clouds and a few showers for thursday, cooler with highs near 60 rain chance 40% tonight, the greenville zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe...and now they need
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zookeepers say the mother, autumn, gave birth this morning without any complications. this is autum's third calf. the new baby will have a physical exam to determine its gender, height, and weight. zoo officials are offering a change to name the baby for those who want to contribute a donation. the name will be chosen later this week. with the super bowl now just days away--another zoo animal in montana is making its prediction. with the super bowl now just days away--another zoo animal in montana is making its prediction. ozzy, the 700 pound grizzly bear, was given the choice of two banana cakes with peanut butter frosting--with either the carolina panthers logo or denver broncos logo on it. this year--ozzy is going with the broncos. for the record--ozzy did
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patriot's victory last year. both the usc and clemson men's basketball teams were on the road tonight. one team has a happy bus ride home.....the other one...just has a long ride...... coming up....highlights from athens and winston salem......sports is next!!! the 25th ranked usc men traveled
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winning four of their last five...but they run out of steam in athens. the gamecocks looking for their first 20 win season in six years..... michael carrera starts the game on fire.....his first two shots....three pointers...usc takes an early seven to six lead. carrera finishes with 11 points. georgia pulls away late in the first hal.....kenny gaines with a three pointer.......he finishes with 17 points. yante maten adds 18 points.....the bulldogs led by ten at the half.....33-23. second half.....the gamecocks make a run....sindarius thornwell makes it a three point game....48- 45....he leads usc with 18 points. duane notice cuts the lead to two with a three's 50 to ...with just over s s and a half minutes left. usc is done in by some cold shooting...they were 18 of 57 from the field....just over 31 of 22 from three...gaines turns this thornwell miss into a breakaway layup.
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look at this shot by georgia's j.j. frazier.....he twists his body in the air and swishes a three......62- 53 bulldogs. georgia wins it 69 to 56. carolina drops to 19- and-3, 6-and-3 in the sec. they'll play at texas a-and-m saturday at four p-m. clemson at wake forest tonight...first half...jaron blossomgame on the take..gets it to drop...he finishes with 22 points. wake led by eight at the half. second half...irmo's jordan roper with the steal. it's the ole double s special...the steal followed by the slam... donte grantham takes the pass....and drives to the hoop.....he puts the tigers up 38-37....15 pomts for grantham.... clemson wins it 76 to 62. they improve to 14 and and three in the acc. the quarterback matchup is always a big topic of discussion during super bowl week. that's certainly the case as we start counting down the days to super bowl 50. the qb's certainly garnered
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attention during monday's big opening night. the denver broncos are led by the record setting peyton manning...who's looking for his second super bowl title. the carolina panthers are led by cam newton....who's playing at an elite level as s hopes to lead the panthers to their first nfl championship. peyton manning will always be an all time great and for him to be on the otherside of the field is just a pleasure and hopefully i get the
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