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tv   WIS News 10 Saturday  NBC  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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bond has been set for a man charged in connection with a deadly crash
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bond was set for derious sutton at a 100- thousand dollar bond friday afternoon and he is not to have contact with the victim or the victims family. the crash happened early yesterday morning at highway 321 near the lexington industrial park. the highway patrol says sutton was traveling south
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and hit valerie rhodes head-on. according to highway patrol, sutton went to several places and had seven drinks before the crash. sutton is charged with felony dui involving death. investigators are still looking into an accident that killed a man in orangeburg county. according to the coroner, ronnie myers was hit by a car just after 7:30 thursday night on highway 45. officials say myers died from blunt force injuries. the driver of the car was not hurt. right now, investigators are searching for whoever's behind a shooting in hopkins. richland county deputies responded to a "shots fired" call around 8 thursday night at jadetree and auburn leaf drive. one man was found shot inside a white honda civic that had the back windshield shattered. the victim is listed in critical condition. if you have information on this shooting -- call crimestoppers at 1-888-
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yesterday marked one year since a murder- suicide that rocked usc's arnold school of public health. professor raja fayad was killed in a lab on february 5th, 2015. authorities say he was shot by his ex-wife sunghee kwon, who then killed herself. according to the university's website, fayad's research at usc explored colon cancer prevention and development, as well as the structure of crohn's disease. a midlands man has an amazing story of heroism to tell after he came through following an accident in florida. 52 year old randy brazier originally from hopkins says he saw a crash from his business as it happened. a 72 year old man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a pond in port st. lucie. that man, couldn't swim. brazier swam out to the man and got him out of the car before it completely
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"when i pulled the door open. i just pulled him right out of the car with it and we both kind of went down because he panicked a little bit..and we both went down and ma fight hit something and it pushed up back up. just quick thinking..just running on instinct. just helping people that's all." a second person helped brazier guide the man to safety. brazier will be recognized by leaders in in the coming days. a first grader's school project now offers us a walking memorial for our heroes and heroines of law enforcement. with 100 days of the school year in the books--6 year old braxton redding's assignment was to put something meaningful in 100 pockets...on a cape. braxton's dad is a seargant with the lexington county sheriff's department and the two of them came up with something special. the cape remembers 100 fallen deputies, police and police dogs mostly from the past year. his dad says this was an important lesson. "i hope it impresses upon him
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what these people do.eerybody here has a family. i know my family worries about me everytime i go out, whether i'm going to come home or not." braxton had two recent losses on his cape, forest acres policeman greg alia and columbia policewoman stacy case. more than 800 runners, walkers and kids are pounding the streets of columbia this morning in an effort to benefit the uso. the annual m-g-c long run took runners through parts of the capital city as well as west columbia and cayce. the long runs is a series of four races -- including a 15 k and a 5 k. there was a also a short fun run for the kids. all proceeds raised go to support uso south carolina -- which manages a reception area for service members flying in or out of columbia. the organization also has a center for troops at the camp mccrady training center on fort t ckson. "it's awesome.
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people who support. we like to say that columbia is the most military friendly community in america and its really proving that here today." last year the long run raised $25,000 in support of uso south the race to the white house is heating up! we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. break 1 the race to the white house will soon be
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announcer: they'll test you. try to break your will. but however loud the loudness gets. however many cheese puffs may fly. you're the driver. the one in control. stand firm. just wait. [click] and move only when you hear the cck that says they're buckled in for the drive. never give up till they buckle up. america's heroes have a message. if you've fought...
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you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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after new hampshire and nevada, south carolina voters willead to the polls. between now and then it is a nonstop fight for the candidates to win over voters. but staying engaged in the progress as a voter -- regardless of your 'group' is important. once you vote you must monitor the process. you must require and demand accountability. yoututwant to have that one on one connection with the candidates. i think it is incumbent upon us as muslims -- whether we are african american or whatever ethnic background we may be from that we should educate ourselves to the process and get involved. what you need to know about the candidates, the issues and the importance of getting to the polls. join us sunday morning at 11 for awareness. many companies are willing to
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for super bowl commercials...but is splurging on ads really worth it? we'll see if companies are
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the expensive super bowl spots. break 2 america's heroes have a message. if you've fought...
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you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied t tir record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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nfl stars of today and yesteryear are congreating in northern california for super bowl 50 between the panthers and broncos. joe gorchow is discovering everyone has an opinion about the big game. joe: before heading out to the bay newton raised eyebrows for bringing race into the conversation at the quarterback position. newton's no stranger to being the center of attention nationally this season. his smiles and dabs aren't warmly received by everyone what cam has done so well has
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the criticism and just play football the way he knows how and loves to play. today on radio row at the super bowl media center..former super bowl quarterback donovan mcnabb weighed in on how cam's handled great job of deferring everything now...just focusing on football. you know it can become one that can wear on you a little bit and you can definitely see it starting to affect him but he's handling it the right way. his team is certainly focused on have everything put out of your mind and focus in on the team that you're playing. joe:mcnabb along with current and former nfl superstars...had a chance to weigh in on super bowl 50 between the panthers and the broncos..that includes hall of fame defensive end bruce smith who knows a thing or two about good one sunday to try to slow manning. bruce: i think it's going to be an exciting matchup. dominating. just think the carolina panthers have the edge. joe:the key to the panthers defense all season has been their ability to
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they lead the national football league with 39 takeaways in the regular season.they'll look to make it a nightmare night for peyton manning's denver broncos on sundayto help secure the franchise's first ever vince lombardi trophy. reporting from san franciso, joe gorchow..wis news 10 sports. we've got some high school basketball action...the eau claire shamrocks hosting the keenan raiders.... second quarter......majerle poole knocks down the three and draws the foul...he'd connect on the four point play. raiders lead 19-to-13 -- later in the quarter, james miller drains the three for eau claire...shamrocks trail 23-to-20. --- but keenan goes on a run ....tariq simmons drops it off to lemarcus johnson for the easy two...raiders up five. --- keenan again on the break..., thurman trapp lays it in... raiders win it 61-to- 45... girls action tonight...the spring valley vikings hosting the ridge view blazers for pink out night. and spring valley gets off to a fast
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taylor grabs the board and scores the first basket. this started a 12-to-3 run for the vikings. --- ridge view ends the run when destiny gainey takes the touch pass and lays it in... blazers down nine... --- under a minute left in the first, taylor is doubled in the paint but joi jones is there to sink the floater... spring valley takes ridge view....64-to-40. with super bowl 50 just a day away, advertisers are digging deep to come up with winning ads. this is heinz's super bowl ad. in it, a group of wiener dogs are shown running across a field to reach a family of heinz condiments...this, while harry nilsson's "without you" plays in the background. the spot is part of a new heinz slated to air during the game. mountain dew is getting back into the super bowl advertising game, the soft drink giant
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videos of the commercial's star ...a creature that looks like a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse and a space alien. one video shows the creature acting like a human baby by sitting in a high chair. so what's the creature all about? mountain dew's not saying. this is mountain dew's first super bowl ad in 16 years. ever heard of "death wish coffee company?" probably not... it is just a start up company with 11 employees... but it is advertising in the super bowl! with this ad... how could it afford the dollar spot? 'death wish coffee' beat out 15-thousand other small businesses in a contest sponsored by intuit quickbooks. the prize-- a 30-second ad in the super bowl. and by the way, 'death wish coffee's' specialty is an ultra-strong dark roast coffee, with double the caffeine of a normal cup of joe. the n-f-l released its own commercial ahead of
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remind people of the excitement and love football brings to its fans. the ad opens up with a statistic - that winning cities see a rise in births 9-months after the super bowl. the ad then stars a choir made up entirely of super bowl babies! these are children and adults born 9-months after their parents' favorite team won the super bowl. they all sing along to seal's "kiss from a rose" - along with seal himself. some people.....especially non-sports fans......only watch the super bowl for the commercials. but should companies shell out big bucks for their products? brian stelter is asking executives at pepsi and doritos the five million dollar question. super bowl ads cost a record-breaking five- million dollars this year and for the first time ever - the same ads will be streamed online. so is it worth the price? food and beverage giant pepsico says it's a no brainer. seth kaufman/cmo, pepsi
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platform of super bowl is a big platform that for fans of the nfl is not just about that sunday. all the analysis we do is worth the money we're putting against it because we're getting great payback across our business." ram krishnan/cmo, frito- lay "we'll have 75 thousand displays in every one of our retailers across the country. two weeks leading up to the super bowl is the biggest purchase on snack and beverages. so for sure if you look at the entirety of it, it definitely pays off." "how safe do you have to play it for these ads? do you worry about offending one of the 100 million people that are watching?" ram krishnan/cmo, frito- lay "well especially with like a brand like doritos which is targeted to a 19 year-old consumer, we're always going to get creative, which is going to offend someone." a common theme in doritos super bowl ads? animals.and babies. ram krishnan/cmo, frito- lay "for 5 years i think we've i think as a brand you've got to entertain the consumers.
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to do that." pepsi, on the other hand, has focused on celebrities in the past - from michael j. fox and cindy crawford in the 80's and 90's - to britney spears and even elton john in more recent years. front and center in a lot of the super bowl ads. other years maybe not so much. what's the calculation about that?" ram krishnan/cmo, frito- lay "we used to hire celebrities as no longer the case. now we want to understand what's their narrative and what's the value they're adding. so its very different from how we've traditionally used celebrities in the past." as for what you can expect this year? you'll have to wait until super bowl sunday. continue watching our live coverage from santa clara as joe gorchow will bring us more on the carolina panthers taking on the denver broncos. looking ahead to one of the world's biggest events in sports. yesterday marked 6 months until the start of the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro. more than 10 thousand athletes from 206 countries will compete over the course of 17 days. the games include 42
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the olympics kick off august 5th right here on wis. break 3 - toss together iceberg lettuce, fried chicken, red onions, bell pepper, and tomato
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big deal in presidential politics. in the modern era -- no republican has won the nomination without first winning either the iowa caucuses or new hampshire primary. mary moloney reports. blame it on the snow. the winter weather stranded donald trump's massive jet in new york. forcing him to scrap his event in new hampshire. jeb bush took a swipe at trump on twitter. saying his 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. : "i haven't seen snow in years." the businessman put out this video instead -- praising the granite state's motto - live free or die. presidential candidate : "it means liberty. it means freedom." : "what a great slogan. congratulations new hampshire." but it's trump who may get congratulated. according to a cnn/wmur poll of likely republican primary voters -- donald trump has an 11 point lead in the state. followed by marco rubio in second place ted cruz and john kasich nearly
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with bush a hair behind. the former florida governor hoping his straight -talking mom could convince voters to pick jeb instead of trump. : "i'm a woman. i'm not crazy about what he says about women." : "i don't even think about him. i'm sick of him. that's very strong." on the other side of the political aisle -- hillary clinton is looking beyond bernie sanders' commanding lead in new hampshire-- and focusing on her end game. presidential candidate : "if i am so fortunate to get this nomination, we can turn our attention to what we really need to do, which is make sure we don't get a game -- armed with a wave of support that's shaking the democratic party. presidential candidate : "this campaign is trying to do is to ask the american people to think big and not small." i'm mary moloney reporting. wis will cover the new hampshire primary starting monday with will whitson. stay with wis for complete decision 2016 coverage all the way through
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on the democratic side, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will make her first campaign swing through south carolina tomorrow. chelsea will attend women for hillary events in rock hill and spartanburg. she will then address the clemson university program in women's leadership. birthday board break 4 good saturday morning, thanks for staying with us.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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now . let's get a check of your first alert forecast. after clear skies and lows in the mid/upper 20s saturday morning, highs will be
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lower 50s saturday afternoon with increasing clouds late in the day. a few light showers will develop late saturday into sunday as low pressure climbs just offshore the s.c. coast. the chance for rain will
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midlands and throughout the low country, pee dee, grand strand. the coast guard says three people were believed to be aboard two small planes that collided over the ocean just outside the port of los angeles. officials say there are no signs a massive search by dozens of boats and searchers found wreckage, including a pilot's logbook. both pilots were experienced. the coast guard says the midair collision took place around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. the wreckage may be in 80 to 90 feet of water. rescue and recovery efforts continue in taiwan this morning -
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earthquake struck. thirteen people are reported dead - hundreds injured - and hundreds pulled from rubble. unfortunately 100 people are unaccounted for. one person is dead and another injured - after a shooting at florida mall. police believe the victims were shot in the parking lot. a deputy says an injured 19-year-old man approached him while he was on duty - and then collapsed when he got to the building. another man was found dead in a vehicle in the mall's parking lot. the 19-year-old is currently being treated for critical injuries. the teen whose lawyers infamously invoked an "affluenza" defense while he was on trial for a fatal drunk-driving crash has been moved to an adult jail. 18-year-old ethan couch had been at a juvenile detention center since he was deported from mexico at the end of last month. couch fled to mexico with his mother in december after an apparent violation of his probation deal that kept him out of prison. couch was acquitted on murder
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defense lawyers said his affluent lifestyle kept him from knowing right from wrong. a hearing to determine whether he will be tried as an adult will be on february 19th. new numbers out show more people enrolled in obamacare than last year. the department of health and human services says nearly 13 million people signed up for health insurance ahead of the january 31st deadline. that's a million more than in 2015. the number meets the obama administration's goal of getting between 11 and 14 point 1 million sign ups. those who don't sign up face the threat of a penalty. the south carolina forestry commission is now estimating even more damage from october's flood than it originally calculated. in october, the agency estimated 65 million dollars in damage to the state's forest products industry. they now think it's more likie $100 million. a lot of that damage has affected individual landowners and increased
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and mills. "their roads and covers and bridges were blown out, just like public roads and bridges, but they don't have government money to come and fix them, they very likely id not have insurance so they have to kodama says one of the the keys to recovery is planting new trees across the state. there's still work to be done on 374 roads in clarendon county, most of them in manning. the county has hired a private contractor to assist the public works department in fixing the roads. a county official tells wis repairing heavily traveled roads is top priority now and then crews will work their way out to less traveled areas. as far as cost, the county, just like the entire state, did not foresee the flood causing this much damage. they're now having to dip in other funds. "we're having to spend unbudgeted funds to try to pay for the repairs. obviously we are working
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contractors and our staff to ensure that we are meeting fema requirements so we can try to receive our reimbursement from fema." david epperson says fema will cover 75 percent of the cost. we also checked in with scdot - there are currently 8 state roads that still need to be fixed. the relief at the gas pump has followed us into the new year. according to triple-a-- the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now a dollar and 78-cents. in south carolina, the price for regular gas is 1- dollar-60 mid is 1-dollar-88 premium is 2-dollars- and-15-cents. and diesel goes for -1- dollar-88 super bowl 50 is only one day away! and a lot of you will be out shopping for a tv to watch the game on. details on some big deals coming up. after clear skies and lows in the mid/upper 20s saturday morning, highs will be
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lower 50s saturday afternoon balloons, and victory parties are cleaned up in new hampshire, the eyes of the nation and the political class turn to our beloved palmetto state. we've already had a taste of it in the past few months, but get ready for the full course meal in the next two and a half weeks. but we have to be honest, we have a bit of a bad taste in our mouths seeing the rhetoric coming from some of presidential candidate : "i really don't think these attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it, presidential candidate : "instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do." presidential candidate
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your comments," -ted cruz: "kill all the terrorists." -donald trump: "total and complete shutdown of states." ben carson: "obamacare is the worth thing to happen since slavery." -jeb bush: "hell yeah i would kill baby hitler." -carly fiorina "fully formed fetus on the table." remember when political campaigns were about rhetoric? let's think about the word "platform" for a moment. we live in an age where that concept might seem quite foreign to the younger voters. millennials, which are now becoming the largest voting bloc in the country, have grown up in an age where soundbite candidacies for political office have reigned supreme instead of learning about the delicate intricacies and differences between the candidates. campaigns were once carefully put together and molded around the leadership skills of men and women above their ability to make inflammatory and often unfounded comments. now, we listen often times in embarrassment as well-funded candidates for
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important job work to come up with the most ideas in order to receive coverage that the 24-hour news networks have voraciously been willing to give. well, we're not going to be part of that here at wis. in the next few weeks, you will receive in-depth coverage on the presidential campaign that you deserve over the soundbites and hollow comments. it is part of our mission here to be "the standard of excellence in the midlands" that also applies to campaign coverage. we will live up to that standard. back to south carolina with our campaign coverage, we hope to help you make an informed decision for the primaries. the palmetto state will soon shoulder a tremendous responsibility. as an informed electorate, it's up to you to not only take full advantage of your right, but to also set the tone for the rest of the nation. don't be blinded by advertisements, silly platitudes, or empty rhetoric. let's show the nation how it's done.
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after clear skies and lows in the mid/upper 20s saturday morning, highs will be in the upper 40s, lower 50s saturday afternoon with increasing clouds late in the day.
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develop late saturday into sunday as low pressure climbs just offshore the s.c. coast. the chance for rain will increase drastically in eastern/southern sections of the midlands and throughout the low country, pee dee, grand strand. coming up, we'll tell you why experts say... broncos and panthers fans are
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the flu. details next. break 6 antonio sabato jr.: hi, i'm
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al faceplates and covers at your local hardware store, they'll install quickly with a screwdriver. add metal kick plates to the bottom of your most used interior doors. it's a great way to eliminate scuffmarks. try new coat or towel hooks. you can make a style statement simply by
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with quick fixes like these, home improvement has never been an estimated 189 million people will tune in to the big game this weekend... and many will be watching on their brand new t-v. mark barger has the 4-1-1 on how you can get the best tv for the lowest price... just in time for super bowl 50. black friday usually means rock bottom prices on some tvs...... but the days before the super bowl bring big deals on an even wider range of them. "our advice is to buy a tv not just because its the lowest price set but bc its the lowest priced set that's going to deliver the kind of quality that you're looking for" but deciphering the specs can be confusing. ultra hd, also known as 4k, offers more detail than regular h-d tvs... but it's tougher to notice on sets smaller than 60 inches. and 4k's not even a factor this
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"this year the super bowl is not going to be broadcast in 4k and its probably going to take broadcasters 3-4 years to be able to catch up" but certain lcd or led tvs could pose a problem, if you're packing the room for your super bowl party, . "one of the downfalls to this technology is that often the viewing angle is sort of narrow" so consumer reports recommends looking at a tv from several angles before purchasing to make sure the picture quality still looks good. screen size is another consideration..... "above 65 inches you start paying a big premium for that larger screen size but we're seeing more affordable 55 to 65 inch tvs" even if you get a good deal on a new tv, avoid upsells for accessories or add- ons. "they really would like to load you down with extended warranties or cables" the money you save could mean more game day snacks. mark barger, nbc news. don't forget to upgrade your t-v stand if you're upsizing your t-v. experts suggest wall mounting your tv or tethering it to the wall to prevent injury.
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prompted dollar general to recall about 27-thousand remote control construction truck toys. the recall involves a toy excavator and a toy shovel loader. dollar general has received five reports of the toy's remote contrl overheating. no injuries have been reported. the toys were sold from last july through december. if you have the toys- contact dollar general for a full refund. fiat chrysler is recalling more than a half-million dodge chargers worldwide. the recall covers model years 2011 through 2016. they can slip off of a jack when tires are being changed. fiat chrysler says the body beneath the doors can deform during jack use and make the vehicles unstable, causing them to slip off the jack. the automaker says it's aware of three minor injuries related to the problem. the recall involves almost 442-thousand dodge chargers in the u-s. now to the anger.. resulting from a new cdc
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and paranoia in women who want to become pregnant. the advice comes in a recent "vital signs" report.. intended to prevent cases of fetal alcohol syndrome.. but the presentation of the message has raised concern... as some women consider it condescending. the new cdc report intended to not just pregnant women but all women about the dangers of drinking... but what it said set off a firestorm instead.. "more than 3 million u.s. women are at risk of exposing their developing baby to alcohol because they are drinking, having sex, and not using birth control prevent pregnancy." and suggesting that not only women, but those who could potentially be pregnant should "not drink alcohol at all." some took offense... alexandra petri - sot "they want fewer babies with fetal alcohol thing to want but to tell like all young women, 'as a potential baby vessel, here's our new recommendation for you'...that's where it gets muddied." ...
9:44 am
as a patronizing lesson that suggests women are not in control of their bodies... one woman tweeting, "this has to be a joke, right? insulting derogatory garbage!" the cdc's mention of also struck a nerve amongst critics. alexandra petri - sot "am i a person or a thing that might potentially at one point contain a baby. it seems like when you're saying never drink anything if you're not on birth control, you're viewing me not as the former." but the recommendation is based on plenty of science. studies show there's no known safe level of alcohol use during pregnancy.. and one in 10 pregnant women in the u.s. admit to drinking alcohol at least every now and then. tag: natalie morales reporting. the cdc also reports three in four women who want to get pregnant right away.. say they don't stop drinking. and typically, women don't know they're pregnant until four to six weeks into a pregnancy. however, the agency has said the warning targets not just women..
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c-v-s will stock a heroin overdose antidote in its pharmacies in ohio next month. it's the first of 20 states where it will start selling narcan this year. c-v-s already sells it in 15 other states. this is the latest indication heroin and other opioid drugs have gone mainstream across america. narcan is a nasal spray used to reverse the effects of opioids in the event of overdose. it is not a prescription drug, but c-v-s says it does not display it on store shelves. customers have to ask the pharmacist for it. if you'll be attending a super weekend ... you may want to keep your high fives to a minimum! that's because it's flu season and sickness can spread quickly in social and fans of the broncos and panthers could be at an even higher risk. experts say these cities tend to have more parties which means more opportunties for the flu to spread. so enjoy your super bowl party -- but remember to wash your hands!
9:46 am
we'll get a final check of your weekend weather with von gaskin. stay with us. break 7 happening today, the 12th annual statewide
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the parade will begin at the intersection of harden and gervais streets. national recording artist angie stone will be this year's grand marshal. the event continues at martin luther king, junior park with the black history festival featuring gospel recording artist joshua rogers and more. the event is free and open to the public. also happening today, you can celebrate with fellow panthers fans at richland library. sport your jersey and bring the kids to richland library southeast on garner's ferry road from 11 a.m. to noon. the library asks you to share your pics, using the
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it's official...the usc men's basketball game against kentucky on february 13th is now a sell out!. the gamecock ticket office made the announcement friday. the sellout is the second this season and is the eighth sellout in colonial life arena history for a gamecock men's basketball game. south carolina has one more home game before kentucky. they'll host lsu wednesday at 7 pm. a limited number of tickets remain for that game. thanks for watching news 10 saturday morning. download the news 10 app to get updates anytime. have a great weekend.
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zooming in from outer space to see what we are doin' tiny little astronauts ready to get to it intergalactic scientists earthbound on a mission they're the brightest of the best a team of friends upon a quest
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