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tv   WIS News 10 700 Report  NBC  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight the usc women's basketball team battle the uconn huskies for their spot at
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chad mills is at colonial life arena where fans have packed the house for a sellout. chad. fans were lined up outside colonial life arena for hours. they are ready for this big match up between number one uconn and the number two gamecocks. this is what it looked like several hours ago. it was cold, it was rainy, it was windy, and it was nasty. but hundreds of fans were already lined up. many of them gamecock fans are hoping the women will finally get it done tonight and beat the huskies. last year, of course, that didn't happen. but this year, the game is being played here in columbia at colonial life arena
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make a difference. keep in mind, they've won 45 straight on their home court. it is a sold-out game, but there are a good number of uconn fans who have traveled to columbia for this big matchup. i caught up with a uconn fan and a gamecock fan just a short while ago. "nothing's going to stop gamecock fans. we're out in probably some cold weather -- no matter who you ask. i'm skipping one of my classes. don't tell my mom. nothing can stop us from being here for this." "south carolina is got a great team. they've got two great big girls that play in the post. i'm just worried about foul trouble if stewart, our best player for uconn gets in foul trouble, we're going to be in
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of course, both teams are undefeated going into tonight's game with perfect 22-and-0 records. the gamecock fans hope the huskies will be going home with their first loss in quite a while. live at cla, chad mills, wis news 10. in the middle of winter, the campaign trail is heating up leading up to tomorrow's new hampshire primary - and presidential candidates aren't taking any chances. will whitson has more on the trail from nashua. it's been snowing like this for much of the day, adding a couple of inches of snow on top of 8 inches already here in new hampshire- but candidates braved the weather, their campaigns as well, to make sure every single vote is counted for tomorrow when voters hit the polls. while polls have been showing donald trump and bernie sanders at the top of new hampshire primary polls for some time-
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trying to gain some ground because so many voters in the state remain undeclared until they go into the voting booth. so even if candidates don't necessarily get the big win tuesday- they're hoping for momentum going into south carolina. "we are in ernie sanders' back yard, let's be clear, so it is an uphill battle for hillary. but there is enormous, enormous support for her. and i think she'll come out of new hampshire with the wind at her back." candidates aren't taking any chances because polls in new hampshire are notoriously inaccurate at picking the winner- for example- in 2008, barack obama was slated to win the granite state, but hillary clinton ended up winning. right now she's in second behind bernie sanders. in nashua, ww back to you after new hampshire -- it's on to south carolina. the republican primary is saturday, february 20th. the democratic primary is the following saturday, february 27th.
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first democratic presidential candidates debate following the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary on thursday. the debate will be held at the university of wisconsin-milwaukee. it will broadcast nationwide on pbs stations at 9 pm. tomorrow, the midlands recognizes the man featured on the 39th stamp released in the black heritage series. richard allen helped found the african methodist episcopal denomination in 1816. he created an independent african- american church at a time when blacks could not freely worship everywhere. tomorrow, allen university in columbia which bears his name, will have a special ceremony during its founders day program. "in as much as the civil rights movement is a work in progress and still developing in our country, it's an inspiration for the people who continue in this day to work to further the cause of civil rights to see the examples that were set by african- americans throughout history.
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heritage series features people who did things that could not be done during the period of time when they did them." the postal service says the black heritage stamps are its best-selling series. the richard allen commemorative stamps is on sale at any post office for a year. also making history headlines -- today is the 48th anniversary of the orangeburg massacre. pause 10 secons for nats south carolina state university held a ceremony this afternoon. on this date in 1968, three men were killed and close to 30 others were wounded after highway patrolmen opened fire on students who were protesting a segregated bowling alley. one of those arrested was dr. cleveland sellers, now the president of voorhees college. dr. sellers and reverend joseph darby spoke at
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the midlands is coming through with surprise help to fight cancer. and not even historic, disastrous, flooding could stop it. and we'll see how our cold weather could make that ride in the car extra dangerous for your littlest passengers. break 1
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na. he'll be special assistant to president harris pastides and athletic director ray tanner. he can do this because of a
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allowing him to resume a role if he wanted to... according to tanner, spurrier recently accepted the position and has been at several basketbal games this season meeting with donors and boosters, including tonight's big women's match up against uconn. after 10 plus years in charge of the football program, he stepped away mid season as the gamecocks struggled. will muschamp has now taken over leadership. eight-thousand dollars is being put into a program that will help women undergoing breast cancer treatment. the city of columbia made the donation to palmetto health's bosom buddies foundation. they raised the money by holding t-shirt sales. some of the money also came from donations. a warning out for parents tonight... letting your child wear their winter coat while being buckled into their car seat could result in tragedy. the children's trust of south carolina recommends that parents completely remove winter coats or bulky clothing before putting kids in a car seat. crash tests have shown that coats can compress
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to slip through the seat's harness. you can check the harness to make sure it's snug... fitting no more than 2 fingers underneath. and if you're worried about keeping your child warm, experts have an alternative. break 2
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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"it's difficult to trace these and once we do trace them, it's hard to prosecute them because they're outside the united states." after the break, one of the latest phone scams is popping up in newberry county. how to protect yourself, coming
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twice in one week, the kershaw county sheriff's
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. cecile townsend of sumter was arrested and charged with dui after authorities say she was driving the wrong way down us 601 in lugoff
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thomas mccray was arrested two days later in rembert after being accused of running a deputy off the road. he was charged with dui and driving under suspension. he was also wanted on two warrants for driving under suspension and open container. "the frustrating thing is this happens far too frequently. since we've had the traffic unit we've had over 800 dui arrests. it continues to happen. january we had 21. last year we had 15. so it doesn't seem to be getting any better." last month, kershaw count deputies made 21 dui arrests. that compares to 15 in january of last year. the newberry county sheriff's office is warning citizens of a new phone scam where the caller says you owe the government money and if you don't pay you could go to jail.
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irs scams are the most common ones in 2015, 700 of the 3,000 reported scam calls to the department of consumer affairs were irs scammers demanding that consumers pay taxes owed or face the consequences and that's exactly the kind of scam some newberry citizens are dealing with. vo: department of consumer affairs officials say if you get this call hang up. do not give your personal or financial information over the phone even if the person on the other end claims to be from your bank. once you hang up, follow up. if you think you may owe money to the irs, call them directly. there are red flags to look out for if you aren't sure: if the person on the other end is threatening legal action, saying you only have a short amount of time to respond, or asking you to verify your information over the phone it's most likely a scam. applications to mask caller id. the caller id could actually come from a law enforcement agency or be a washington dc telephone number. and they do this simply by using the computer application and it fools the
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on cam: sheriff foster says if this happens to you - make sure you do report it to law enforcement. you can also report it to the department of consumer affairs. for more resources head to our website and click on this story. coming up -- more on panthers quarterback cam newton's disappearing act at the super bowl. plus -- we'll tell you about a midlands high school that has a special connection to
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were hoping to pick up the franchise's first super bowl ring. instead, they were rung up by a tenacious denver broncos defense. denver harrassed panthers qb cam newton all game long. he threw one interception and fumbled twice. one was recovered for a touchdown and the other helped put the game on ice in the 4th quarter. denver wins it 24-10. the panthers finish with a 17-2 record. afterwards, cam newton was unable to mask his frustratoin and
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they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us and that's what it comes down to. i mean we had our opportunities, it wasn't nothing special that they did, we dropped balls, we turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes, that's it, they scored more points than us. several high schools in the midlands have a super bowl connection. a number of local guys have played in the big game. in honor of super bowl 50...every high school in the nation that
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or head coach is being awarded a golden football by the n-f-l. last week when we were at spring valley high school for signing day...we checked out their four golden footballs. that's right the vikings have four graduates who've played in the super bowl. willie williams and lethon flowers were defensive backs for the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl 30.'s amazing...being honored by the super bowl..saying that we have four former spring valley students to go on to play not in the nfl but in the super bowl that's simply amazing for our community. i found out too that there are only 16 schools in the entire nation that have had four or more young people that have gone on from high school to play in the's really huge for our community.
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and the number two ranked university of south carolina and number one u-conn are battling it out inside colonial life arena in front of a packed house. at the end of the 1st quarter inside colonial life arena in front of a packed house. at the end of the 1st quarter the score was 17 to 8 uconn. the second quarter just starts if carolina walks away with this win they will set themselves up to be the number one women's basketball team in the country. one final check of the forecast that's all for tonight's 7 o'clock report. another look at your local headlines tonight at 11, and
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macy brown. beyonce steal the super bowl spotlight? our exclusive with the stars just seconds afterperforming. >> how do you top this? >> i don't think it's possible. >> chris martin, bruno mars. >> everybody texted me, can i
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>> i made a mistake.
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