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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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expected to exceed 550 thousand voters...which is a little more than 60 percent of registsted voters in the state. the polls are set to close at seven and tonight's outcome could help shape the field going into the south carolina primaries. our will whitson joins us live from nashua, new hampshire as we await the first results to come in tonight...will? campaigns have been covering a lot of ground here in the granite state, trying to make last minute appeals to any undeclared or undecided voters- but they're also beginning to focus on the race beyond new hampshire- the race in south carolina. the polls here in new hampshire have been fluctuating a lot in the last few days- marco rubio took a hit after his debate performance, though he did manage to hold on to second place.
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kasich- the ohio governor made a stop off at a nashua poll today- where he said he's already sent his team to the palmetto state, anticipating a victory after winning midnight votes in dixville notch new hampshire. "you win dixville notch, there's nowhere to go but up from there. it was a great win i was really excited. i saw trump by the way and said 'i crushed you' and he said 'yeah, you killed me.' we feel very good about it, we sent the bus to south carolina, someone in washington spotted the bus on the highway." and new jersey governor chris christie- who is in the middle of the pack in the polls, is already planning his south carolina trip. he's got his victory party here in nashua, but he told reporters he's got a flight to the palmetto state first thing tomorrow morning. live, ww wis news 10 looking at the nationwide numbers: a newly released poll shows donald trump still has a commanding lead among the republicans. according to the new n- b-c
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weekly tracking poll... trump leads the pack with support from 35 percent of republican voters who were polled. that's a full 15 points over second place ted cruz, who's coming in at 20 percent. third place marco rubio has increased his support to 17 percent, up 5 percentage points from last week. when it comes to the democratic nomination, hillary clinton still holds a double-digit national lead after a close contest in iowa last week. 51 percent of democratic voters polled saying they'd support clinton. bernie sanders coming in at 39 percent. actress vivica a. fox made a few stops in south carolina today campaigning for
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clinton. fox spoke to a crowd full of students at voorhees college in denmark. her message to students was to stay engaged and politically aware as the primaries approach. she stressed the importance of voting and making sure everyone's voice is heard on election day. "what i learned coming to south carolina this time is you guys had 400,000 voters that were registered to vote and they did not vote. and i found that to be very disappointing. we saw that when we did turn out to vote in numbers for barak obama we got in the house. we have to not get comfortable we have to continue to care. we have to continue to pay attention and that's why it's so important to always make sure generation next which is the young folks -- that they know there vote counts. get out pay attention to what's happening" fox also took questions from the students and reminded them to get to polls on
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as donald trump looks to capture a win tonight, he's talking about his controversial choice of words at a campaign rally this week. today, he sat down with nbc's lester holt. lester holt: so are you gonna be a different guy as president-- donald trump: yeah, just-- lester holt: --than the one we see out here-- donald trump: i went to the best school. i had-- you know, i was a good student. i have an uncle who was the-- i have to do what i have to do, right-- lester holt: so is this-- is this an act? donald trump: --last night i had thousands of people-- no, it's not an act. last night i had thousands of people. we had a great time. and it wasn't my word, it was a word that a woman kept shouting. and the place was wild. standing ovation, everybody-- you can catch the full interview coming up on nbc nightly news at 6:30. right now though, let's get a check of your first alert forecast. ben tanner joins us now with more... sunny and cold over the next
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air has taken over much of the southeast. windy and cold today with highs in the middle to upper 40s. the wind will be from the w/nw with some gust up to 30mph. this means much of the day with the wind chill will feel like the lower 30s, it will be a raw day. clear, breezy tonight, lows in the upper 20s wednesday friday: sunny and highs in the middle to upper 40s. lows in the lower to middle 20s. a call for prayer and political participation today at the state house. it came from the heir to the
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of the legendary billy graham. jack kuenzie covered today's tour stop by the reverend franklin graham---who is trying to mobilize christians during this election cycle. jack's live at the state house with more. charles, unlike his father, modern tools like social media to spread his message. before his appearance here on what he calls the decision america tour to all 50 states, reverend graham was tweeting, posting on facebook and pointing out the event would be on periscope. but the message itself was old school.
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franklin graham saying the nation needed god, not any particular candidate or party. he says the direction of the country is all wrong---on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, planned parenthood and a lessening influence of religion in government and schools. for republicans in particular---support from south carolina's evangelical community is critical. i asked reverend graham about what he would say in particular to evangelical christians. vote. that's my message. just get out and vote. don't stay home. don't be part of the 20 or 30 million in the last election that sat it out because they didn't like this or that. at least get out and vote. make a decision. ok i like this one better than i like this one. ok i want to vote for that one. whatever i don't care. don't stay home. vote. every vote matters. reverend graham says he does not approve of the way some of the candidates have been lobbing insults at each other---he says that's not good for america. he says he won't be a part of either party and won't endorse a candidate---reflecting
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in that billy graham has said political involvement detracted from his evangelistic mission. i asked franklin graham about his father---he says billy graham is doing pretty good for age 97, but says he "doesn't get up and jog anymore." the decision america tour is now in atlanta---with 44 states to go. at the state house jack kuenzie wis news ten. leaders at south carolina state university say the school still needs improvement as they try to straighten out their financial books. school officials met with the sc state board to go over the numbers today. our billie jean shaw is there live right now. billie jean. think of today's meeting as a progress report. board members were handed a color coded report from each department. areas highlighted in green means the department is up to par and anything else in red means need for improvement.
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"red" is the financial audit for federal grants and programs. referred to as the a-133 audit, the university controller says staff is late on giving the auditor the necessary data to complete the audit. while leaders were not able to tell me deadline for the audit, trustee james clark says the reason for the delay is due to all the hard work it takes to gather the documents. "one request might result in the searching for ten people, 30 files, a document 3withing there that might include five signatures and so forth. so we have to go and get those physical documents and put them in order and allow someone to look them over and look through them." trustee james clark also says issues in the past such as being understaffed and
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part in the audit being delayed. live at south carolina state university, i'm billie jean shaw, wis news 10. a push to give child patients a new place to play is happening right now at palmetto health children's hospital. today they've got a big goal...and we'll tell you how you can help after the break.
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113 thousand 500 dollars within six months. that was campaign money harrell used to pay his lawyers when he was under a criminal ethics investigation. today, the house ethics committee ruled he must pay it back, and hit him with an additional one thousand dollar fine. harrell pleaded guilty to ethics charges and resigned from the house in 2014. this evening, his attorney sent us this statement, saying quote... "while disappointed with the committee's ruling,
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harrell is pleased to finally bring closure to this matter once and for all." end quote. all it takes is a phone call to help kids battling life threatening diseases and crippling conditions. the b-106 point 7 radiothon is raising funds today for a new playground facility in the midlands. allie spillyards has been live there all day--she joins us now with more. energy is high with just one hour left for tonight's fundraising before the phone bank opens back up tomorrow morning. we've had so much fun out here -- from a song countdown with children's music therapist to hearing patients and their families share their stories and what children's has meant to them. the goal tonight and tomorrow is to raise $185,000 for state of the art playground equipment that lets all kids play -- no matter their condition.
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courtney says she would have loved to enjoy during her month long stay when she skin grafts due to a skin condition caused by her crohn's disease. "i think in the entire month i was here, i went outside twice. i'm so used to going outside or at least stepping outside for some fresh air." remember.... we need at least $185,000 to get the equipment and the total project will require much more. you can donate now by calling 804-434-3000. live in columbia, allie spillyards, wis news 10. we're really feeling the effects of that cold front today...and even cooler temperatures are on the
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coming up, we'll get the full picture in your forecast after the break.
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air has taken over much of the southeast. sunny, windy and cold today with highs in the middle to upper 40s. the wind will be from the w/nw 15-20 with some gust up to 30mph. this means much of the day with the wind chill will feel like the lower 30s, it will be a raw day. clear, breezy tonight, lows in the upper 20s wednesday friday: sunny and cold. highs in the middle to upper 40s. lows in the lower to middle 20s. carolina panthers quarterback defends his behavior following
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in the middle to upper 40s. the wind will be from the w/nw 15-20 with some gust up to 30mph. this means much of the day with the wind chill will feel like the lower 30s, it will be a raw day. clear, breezy tonight, lows in the upper 20s wednesday friday: sunny and cold. highs in the middle to upper 40s. lows in the lower to middle 20s. carolina panthers quarterback defends
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and fans are flocking to see the usc men's basketball team...sports is next!!!!
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his behavior following the panthers super bowl loss to the denver broncos. the panthers cleaned out their lockers today at bank of america stadium. newton talked to the media and did not apologize for walking out on his post game interview. he left the podium after spending only three mainly one and two word answers to reporters. newton spent considerably more time today with the media. i didn't want to talk to the media at the time..and truth of the matter...i still don't want to talk to the media. i'm human. i never once said i was perfect. i never proclaimed i was perfect. who are you to say your way is right. that's what i don't understand.we got all these people that condemning and saying ah man you should have done this that and the third. what makes your way right? i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser..who likes to me a good loser
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show you a loser. while the panthers cleaned out their lockers today....the broncos celebrated their super bowl victory... quarterback peyton manning and super bowl mvp von miller were on one fire truck.... look at this....some of the broncos were dabbing much to the delight of their fans. it's the broncos first championship in 17 years. the tickets for both the usc men's and women's basketball teams are very hot items...especially this week. the women's game with uconn last night was sold out..... the men host lsu tomorrow....a number of tickets remain for game..... saturday's game with kentucky is sold out. it's the second sellout of the season...and the 8th sellout in history for the men at colonial life arena. the fans are flocking to see a usc team that has racked up 20 wins for the first time in seven years. as a fan...i'm not spending my time, my money or my energy on a team i don't respect. so as a player or
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building and the seats are filled. that's the biggest respect that be given to any team or any and then you take pride that those people come and respect your you've got to give em what they want and you've got to go play a certain way and that's what
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up
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and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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