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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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we're starting tonight with your overnight forecast--and freezing temperatures in the midlands. meteorologist ben tanner has the details right now in the weather center... big chill continues... however, temperatures will warm just a touch the next couple of days. dry weather is expected as we continue to the end of the work week. thursday and friday temperatures will struggle to reach the upper 40s and low 50s. this weekend expect the arctic blast to continue and highs to continue in the 40s to near 50
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tonight usc officials say an arrest at a traffic stop led officers s a suspected mobile meth lab. a usc spokesman says the driver was pulled over near the corner of heyward and sumter streets in columbia. multiple agencies were called to the scene including a hazmat team, sled and drug enforcement officials. usc officials say the driver and a passenger were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. usc police are investigating the
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a person is dead tonight after being hit by a car while trying to cross the highway in orangeburg county. the south carolina highway patrol the crash happened on old edisto drive in orangeburg this evening. authorities say the victim was hit by an suv traveling east on the highway. wis is working to confirm the identity of the person who was killed. we'll have an update for you once we get more information. south carolina farmers devastated by last fall's flooding could get up to 40 million dollars in state aid under legislation now advancing in the state house. the house ways and means committee approved legislation allowing farmers in disaster-declared counties to apply for grants of up to 100 thousand dollars each. the grants could cover 20 percent of a farmer's total loss. flooding wiped out 330 million dollars worth of crops at harveve time. agriculture officials estimate farmers lost an additional 45 million dollars because they couldn't get in the filds to
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tonight--the usc men's basketball team picks up a big sec win...and a top spot in the conference. the gamecocks were at home hosting the lsu tigers. sindarius thornwell helps to carry the gamecocks with a game-high 24 points. usc comes away with a 94 to 83 win over the tigers tonight. tonight's win puts the gamecocks in a 3-way tie for first in the sec with lsu and kentucky. much more highlights coming up with rick henry in sports. the republican front- runner paid south carolina a visit tonight after his big win in new hampshire. even in the cold, donald trump drew a crowd of thousands to a speech in clemson. our chad mills was there. chad mills "donald trump described this crowd as possibly 10,000 people strong in the garrison livestock arena on clemson university. it's a place they normally cheer on a rodeo, but tonight, they were cheering on their candidate, who quickly played to this mostly orange and
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donald j. trump "i'll tell you what, the clemson tigers i was watching that game but next year all the way! great team! great team!" in front of a crowd of thousands, donald trump took a bow after an impressive victory tuesday in new hampshire. now, his focus is on the the south primary. he's headed to campaign stops in louisiana and florida, but he'll be back next week for speeches in greenville, walterboro, sumter, and myrtle beach. donald j. trump "if we win here, we're going to run the table. if we win here after winning so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table, and we're going to make american great again. that i can tell you." in this speech near clemson he aimed some of his attacks at the democrats and pointed out hillary clinton's defeat in new hampshire. donald j. trump "women don't like her. men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. a guy that nobody ever heard of, honestly, i talk about hillary, i honestly don't know if hillary's going to
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he told the crowd, as president, he'd erase the national debt, repeal and replace obamacare, andnd build a wall to combat illegal immigration and make mexico pay for it, even though former mexican president felipe calderon recently said that would never happen. donald j. trump "he said he won't pay. he won't pay for it. you know what i said? i said, 'the wall just got ten feet higher!' that's right. it's true. it's true." curtis pless "he resonates with the people. we need a leader. we don't have a leader. we need a good leader. we need a man that'll stand up for this country, love this country, and do what's right for this country." curtis pless says he's still deciding between trump and senator ted cruz, but he liked what he heard in this speech. chad mills "while trump also attacked democrats like hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, he spent most of his time attacking fellow republican jeb bush, who he says has spent the most money, but is still running at the bottom of the pack. in clemson, chad mills, wis news
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the pressure is on now for the second place finisher in last night's primary, ohio governor john kasich. today, kasich held several campaign events in south carolina--as part of a multi-day tour of the state. he's hoping to build off the momentum from new hampshire and keep his campaign alive. today in mount pleasant, he acknowledged he has spent very little time in south carolina...but is hoping he can drum up enough recognition to get voters to check his name at the polls. "and when the time comes to vote in sc, however you vote, vote with your heart and your head, not just with your head saying i've got i need your support." kasich will continue his south carolina tour tomorrow with stops in florence, north myrtle beach, and georgetown. two candidates won't be making the rounds in south carolina--and have instead decided to drop out of the race. new jersey governor chris
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today that he will no longer seek the republican nomination. also today, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina announced on social media she will drop out. both candidates had low numbers in last night's primary in new hampshire. the state african american chamber of commerce is urging black voters in south carolina to keep an open mind and consider both parties when choosing the next president. our billie jean shaw spoke with leaders from the organization, and has more tonight. the chamber's president says it is important for african-americans to know their voice counts. issues such as criminal justice reform, poverty, education and job equality have a huge impact on the black community. gilchrist is urging black voters to look at candidates who address those issues despite their political party. he says it's important for black voters to educate themselves on what both democratic and republican candidates stand for. "for far too long the african american vote has been very predictable in the state and in many states across our country.
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exercise the vote and the right that has been given to our community in a way that provides leverage. we should not allow any political party whether democratic or republican to take that vote away from us." more than 820-thousand african americans are registered to vote in the upcoming south carolina primaries, stephen gilchrist says every vote counts. in the studio, bjs, wis news 10. one prominent holdout says he may change his mind to stay neutral ahead of t t democratic primary on feburary 27th. congressman jim clyburn today said not to expect an endorsement in the next few days...but that when he gets home to his family this weekend, he may change his mind. "i think they're probably right, people would like to know where i stand irrespective of where that is. although i said at the outset that i would stay neutral in all of this, i'm beginning to feel that maybe they're right, that i need
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where i stand and i'll probably do that, though not today or this week." wis will continue to bring you sunrise. boeing has announced a round of job cuts to help cut costs. the company said today it would begin reductions with executives and managers--but so far has not specified how many cuts are being considered. a company spokesman says the cuts would ultimately affect employment levels across all of the commercial airplane unit. voluntary departures would be called for first...but boeing says involuntary layoffs may also be necessary. south carolina state university is launching a nationwide searcp to find a new president for the school. today, the university announced a nine-member committee that will be in chchge of helping the board of trustees find candidates to fill the
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doctor franklin evans has served as the sc state's interim president since he was appointed in july following the resignation of thomas elzey last year. tonight the u.s. justice department heads to court with its crackdown against city of ferguson missouri. the department announced today it's suing ferguson after city leaders said the feds' demands on the city are excessive and unfair. mary maloney reports. : "we intend to aggressively prosecute this case and we intend to prevail." the attorney general says the city of ferguson targets african americans . : "the residents of ferguson have suffered the deprivation of their constitutional rights, the rights guaranteed to all americans, for decades. they have waited decades for justice. they should not be forced to wait any longer." federal investigators say some police officers would stop people and arrest them without cause -- and use unreasonable force -- to generate city revenue. : "they think i have this hoodie on, i'm a bad guy."
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negotiating with the city -- to reform the police department and court system. but when the deal was submitted to council members for a vote tuesday night, they changed those terms -- by adding seven amendments -- that among other things modified deadlines -- fees -- and waters down staffing requirements. : "there is no reason to enter into an agreement we know that we can not live up to. and financially impossible for us to live up to. and it serves no ones purpose for us to fail." the justice department wasted little time and responded with a court filing. but the action highlights a period of racial tension many in the city want to move on from. : "it's time to stop all this ferguson is going under stuff and get it done." i'm mary moloney reporting. in a unanimous vote on capitol hill today, the senate approved legislation that aims to derail north korea's drive for nuclear weapons by hitting the country with more stringent sanctions. the legislation comes after north korea's recent launch of a satellite and reports by u.s. intelligence that the country is
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weapons program. the house passed similar sanctions against north korea last month. coming up--a plan to spruce up a stretch of columbia is ready to be back in action. plus--we had the big reveal tonight at the b-106 point 7 radiothon. we'll show you how the numbers added up after the break. a richland county councilman will have to
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for failing to file his kelvin washington pleaded guilty this afternoon to three counts of failure to file a return. prosecutors say from 2012 to 2014, washington earned more than 426 thousand dollars -- which all went unreported. washington was charged during an investigation into the richland county penny tax program...however he has not been tied to any alleged 'questionable spending' within the program. a columbia city project - halted after two portions were completed in 2010 and 2012 - is now fully funded and ready for construction again. improvements to the north main
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were done between 2008-2012 with federal funding. the portion between anthony avenue and fuller avenue has not been completed. the project includes upgrading the pavement, putting in sidewalks and lights - as well as landscaping. "there's a lot of interest in the north main area. we just want to make sure it continues to be inviting for new businesses, and at the same time , make it more attractive to the businesses that are already there." city officials say they now have new federal grant dollars and penny tax funds to finish the remaining phases. top south carolina educators are changing the rules to make high school displomas easier to get. the south carolina department of education is lowering the passing score for the general education developmental test, the ged, from 150 to 145. that means 600 students who took the test since january 2014 do
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"they've adjusted the scores from 150 passing to 145 which means that a c student in high school, this would be the knowledge a c student would have. so, that's the lower passing score. it's a good thing." state education superintendent molly spearman says the passing score was reassessed by officials after 18 months of testing. she says it's a completely normal process for new tests. new trouble for twitter-- the social media company says it lost two million users in the last three months of 2015. that news also creating a ripple effect by sending twitter's stock into a 12 percent drop in after-hours trading today. at the end of last year...twitter had around 305 million active users. by contrast, facebook has one point 6 billion. twitter has been struggling to win over new users for some time.
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midlands yielding big results to help kids in the hospital. "3, 2, 1...turn! alright!" thanks to many of your generous donations over the past few days--163 thousand, 945 dollars will be going to the palmetto health children's hospital. our mary king was there for the 15th annual b-106 point 7 radiothon reveal tonight. funds raised will go to help build a playground at the hospital for child patients.
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she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families
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and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. dry weather is expected as we continue to the end of the work week. thursday and friday temperatures
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40s and low 50s. this weekend expect the arctic blast to continue and highs to continue in the 40s to near 50 degrees. a gamecock football player is leaving the dry weather is expected as we continue to the end of the work week. thursday and friday temperatures will struggle to reach the upper 40s and low 50s. this weekend expect the arctic blast to continue and highs to continue in the 40s to near 50 degrees. a gamecock football player is
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the weather is cold...but the basketball action is hot, hot, hot!!!!! big win tonight for the usc men..... the gamecocks move into first place in the s-e-c......we've got the
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the sec....usc was tied for cond. this one goes down at colonial life arena where carolina is undefeated this season. lsu is led by fantastic freshman ben simmons... frank martin and the gamecocks looking for their 21st victory.... big game for usc freshman pj dozier....he feeds mindaugaus kacinas for an early bucket.... dozier with a tough drive for the's tied at 20.... sindarius thornwell leads carolina with 24 points....usc leads 39- 35 at the break. second half...simmons getting nasty....he finishes with 20 points and six rebounds. thornwell running the
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pass to michael carrera....49-42 gamecocks....16 points for michael. scored tied at 60....dozier goes to work...hits the "j"...fouled by simmons.....three point play to make it 63-60. dozier scores ten points in a little over three's another three point play....usc up 76-68 with 5:30 left to play. under a minute left in the game....frank is coaching up the crowd....he wants them to get loud!!! thornwell puts the icing on the victory cake with a breakaway dunk.....usc wins it 94- to-83. the gamecocks are 21 and three. usc, lsu and kentucky all are 8 and three in the conference......carolin a hosts kentucky saturday for sole possession of first place. thornwell: i think it was big for us putting ourselves in a situation where we can win the conference. i think right now we're just riding the momentum of the at texas a-and-m.
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we're going to ride the momentum like i said just stay in the moment. frank:enjoy being tied for first place...enjoy win the conference. we're going to ride the momentum like i said just stay time to's not time want to go back there. so i've got to work even harder so i can keep getting better..that's the mindset that we have to keep. catawba at newberry's former sumter head coach jojo english...he's a catawba assistant... --- first half...jameel taylor with the circus shot for catawba. he led all scorers with 22 on the's 9-to-6 catawba. --- but newberry wouldn't be outdone...xavier holmes with the spin and layup...he scored 10 of his 14 in the half...19-to-16 newberry --- the wolves continued to battle. here's dj copeland from downtown...he had 13 on the night...wolves up 26-to-24. --- newberry extends their lead here...mason spease takes the pass and drains
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and newberry wins their fourth straight...93-to-81. it looks like the usc football career of shaq davidson is over before it really had a chance to start. the big spur is reporting the wide receiver is no longer with the team and will likely transfer. he spent two years with the
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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