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tv   WIS News 10 at 4PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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this is your first look at what's happening right now in the midlands. a sunny day across the midlands as we take a live look through the wis skycam over your capital city. we're also looking ahead to a system moving in early next week. meteorologist ben tanner joins us with more. strong high pressure in place will keep us sunny, cold and dry over the next few days. we'll see a few more clouds friday as it looks possible that low pressure will form off our coast and scoot to the north. not much moisture to work with so going to keep it dry. highs middle to upper 40s as promised, another shot of cold air comes in for the weekend. highs will continue to be 15+
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keeping an eye on late sunday into monday as a quick moving storm system could give us a brush of winter precipitation..this would be a rain/snow or freezing rain mix. today is republican jeb bush. right now, he is in sumter at a meet and greet at baker's sweets. he'll end the day in columbia with a rally at senate's end. doors open at 5:30 for the 6:30 event. we'll hear from jeb bush coming up on the news at six. in all, five republican presidential candidates criss-crossed the palmetto state with campaign stops throughout the day.. ahead of next week's "first in the south" primary. one of the other candidates in the south carolina today is marco rubio. he was speaking at a town hall event in hilton head this morning. rubio hit on a variety of topics
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he also talked about donald trump's recent use of profanity. "i teach my kids to be respectful. there are certain words you don't say, no matter what setting you're in act with dignity, you know, hold yourself up. and then you turn on the tv, you got the leading presidential candidate saying profanity from a stage." coming off his second place finish in new hampshire, ohio governor john kasich is making a big push in the palmetto state. john kasich spoke to supporters in pawleys island this morning. it was just one of multiple spots the gop contender is making our state today. another boost for the hillary clinton presidential campaign. a short time ago, the congressional black caucus endorsed the former secretary of state. they cited her knowledge on both domestic and foreign policy. one prominent holdout says he may change his mind to stay neutral ahead of the democratic primary on feburary 27th. congressman jim clyburn said yesterday not to expect an endorsement in the
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gets home to his family this weekend, he may change his mind. "i think they're probably right, people would like to know where i stand irrespective of where that is. although i said at the outset that i would stay neutral in all of this, i'm beginning to feel that maybe they're right, that i need to let people know where i stand and i'll probably do that, though not today or this week." tonight, clinton and bernie sanders will go head-to-head for the second time at the university of wisconsin- milwaukee. 'pbs newshour' will host a debate for the democratic presidential candidates. it will broadcast nationwide on pbs stations at 9. you can find everything you need to know on the first in the south primaries including more on the campaign stops candidates are holding
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today, there was a peaceful end to the nearly six week long standoff at a government wildlife refuge in oregon. the last four of the armed protesters surrendered after being surrounded by federal agents. but the conclusion wasn't quick ... and it wasn't without drama. brian mooar has more :00-:06 :51-:58 after 41 days ... the last of four armed protesters holed up in a federal wildlife refuge in oregon surrendered to authorities - but not before a defiant last stand. :11-:15 "come out with your hands up." "no we're not. you're going to have to kill us!" the fbi surrounded the protesters overnight ... leading to hours of tense negotiations live-streamed over the internet. the reverend franklin graham and nevada assemblywoman michele fiore convinced the occupiers to give up. :29-:35 "we need to get clam here." "no one's listening to us." "i'm listening to you." the protest occupation - part of ammon bundy. he was arrested last month - and
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anti-government rancher cliven bundy - locked up today by federal agents in portland. michael arnold, attorney for ammon bundy :51-:58 "if you're doing doing civil disobedience, you have to stick your neck out and deal with the consequences. think about the black lives matter protesters. one of the oregon protesters was killed last month in a showdown with police ... and the group's supporters stood vigil as negotiators bargained with the last holdouts. mos: protester 1:08-1:12 "it wouldn't take very much provocation for something to go bad." ultimately ... all four gave up - but made it clear their surrender isn't the end of the fight. "brian mooar, nbc news." the four are expected to be arraigned by a federal magistrate in portland on friday. in total ... sixteen people are facing criminal charges related to the standoff. a 61 year-old east texas man authorities suspect in the 2014 disappearance of his mother is dead after a standoff at his home beginning when deputies tried to serve a search warrant. kenneth barton died in the standoff at his
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they aren't if shot himself. fire then consumed his house. autopsy being done. sheriff says no shots were ever fired by law enforcement. his mother went missing 3 years ago. he told friends who asked that she was on a mission trip to europe. a federal judge has granted a delay in the trial of confessed charleston church shooter dylann roof. prosecutors told the judge in a hearing this morning that they were ready for trial, but roof's lawyers said they are not. both sides are waiting for the justice department's decision on whether to seek the death penalty against roof. defense lawyers say roof will plead guilty if the death penalty is taken off the table. roof's death penalty trial for state charges is july 11. five people are facing multiple charges after investigators say they tried to use fake money. officers say someone tried to use two fake 20 dollar bills at the burger king inside the sunset
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officers say they eventually found the person who tried to use the 20 dollar bill and arrested them along with two others. all three have been charged with criminal conspiracy. investigators also recovered additional counterfeit money, a printer, paper, paper cuttings, methamphetamine and syringes during the arrests. a second incident happened yesterday where two more people tried to use fake 20 dollar bills. investigators then arrested and charged two more people. in all, officers confiscated 650 bills. tonight -- some parents in kershaw county will meet with a school board member to discuss the consolidation plan for mt. pisgah and bethune elementary schools. ron blackmon to do a q&a session -- and he agreed. blackmon will respond to questions that have already been submitted. the meeting is at 6:30 at north central high school's auditorium. richland county leaders are
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on a greenway section that would be built along gills creek. the proposed project consists of 4-miles of greenway and a concrete sidewalk from kilbourne to bluff roads. the trail is outlined in red on this map. leaders want the design completed by this spring -- with construction starting early next year. the richland penny program development team is holding a public meeting tonight from 6:30 to 8. it's at brennen elementary school on deveraux road in columbia. the concerns over the zika virus has made it all the way to capital hill. more on the additional funding the president asked for to fight the virus. your first alert traffic report starts on.... the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken.
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jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. we're following a developing
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street where the market dropped hundreds of points to start the day. the dow jones just finished down more than 250 points. bank stocks were hit hard this morning when the market dropped more than 400 points as worried that interest would remain low. citigroup and bank of america both dropped 5 percent. this comes amid news that the u-s unemployment rate fell more than anticipated new claims for unemployment fell by about 16-thousand, according to the labor department. experts say the number indicates the labor market is still solid even with slowing economic growth and a dip in the market. the drop in unemployment last week puts claims near their post-recession l ls and points to very l l layoffs. the number of people receiving benefits is down
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ago. members of congress held a hearing on capitol hill today to review president obama's request for more funding the zika virus. this, as the number people infected keeps gonig up around the world and in the united states. steve nannes reports. :07-:14 there are growing concerns as the zika epidemic continues to spread around the world. this is a really unprecedented phenomenon. with each passing day, the evidence that zika is causally related to microcephaly gets stronger. on thursday, the heads of the centers for disease corol and prevention and the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases testified on capitol hill -- where congress is considering president obama's one-point- eight billion dollar request for emergency funds to fight the
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mississippi is this enough? we think that will cover the next one to two years but there's a lot that we don't know. saying they are most concerned about the residents in more tropical parts of the u.s., like puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands -- we may well see tens or hundreds of thousands of zika infections vaccine. we will likely go into phase one clinical trial with this vaccine sometime in late summer for pregnant women right now the most important pregnant in a place where zika is spreading, do everything you can to protect yourself said a massive zika outbreak in the u.s. is unlikely. in washington, i'm steve nannes. time now for an update on your weather. for that we turn to meteorologist ben tanner. strong high pressure in place will keep us sunny, cold and dry
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we'll see a few more clouds friday as it looks possible that low pressure will form off our coast and scoot to the north. not much moisture to work with so going to keep it dry. highs middle to upper 40s as promised, another shot of cold air comes in for the
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cold and dry over the next few days. we'll see a few more clouds friday as it looks possible that low pressure will form off our coast and scoot to the north. not much moisture to work with so going to keep it dry. highs middle to upper 40s as promised, another shot of cold air comes in for the weekend. highs will continue to be 15+ degrees below normal. keeping an eye on late sunday into monday as a quick moving storm system could give us a brush of winter
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be a rain/snow or freezing rain mix. we are first alert mode for the possibility..more to come. temperatures will greatly
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in june -- dr. cleveland sellers will we'll see a few more clouds friday as it looks possible that low pressure will form off our coast and scoot to the north. not much moisture to work with so going to keep it dry.
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as promised, another shot of
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of voorhees college. he has been president for the last 8 years. sellers says he wants students to have a sense of purpose beyond themselves. to have a heightened level of social consciousness and community. and to continue fighting for freedom and equality. from an early age, dr.
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prided himself on being a part of that fight. he was wounded and arrested in the orangeburg massacre in february of 19-68. we just recognized the 48th anniversary of that tragedy, and sellers says now is still the time to continue the fight for justice and peace. "the state already knows what can happen as a result of the response it had in regards to the e- mail 9. and the tragedy in orangeburg was a precursor to the emanuel 9. the question is, what has happened in terms of race relations between 1968 and now? some positive things but certainly not anywhere near enough." join us for awareness from voorhees college- to hear more about sellers' role in the civil rights movement, the role of h-b-c-u's and his charge to young people. plus -- in his words, how he wants to be remembered. that's sunday morning at 11 on
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the usc women's basketball team will continue its sec schedule tonight after taking one game away from the sec to play uconn monday. the gamecocks suffered their first loss of the season to the huskies. but tonight -- they'll look to get back in the win column. usc will be at home to play florida. game time is 7 o'clock on the sec network plus. the usc men got a big win last night at home against lsu. the tigers got a big night out of star freshman ben simmons -- but it was the gamecocks who took control of the game en route to a 94 to 83 win. as usc makes a final push toward the ncaa tournament -- their next game will be a big opportunity to build their resume. the gamecocks welcome the kentucky wildcats to colonial life arena on saturday. that game start at noon. today a dog owner in california is thankful for firefighters after they rescued the family's dog from a house fire. and thanks to helmet cam footage
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whole rescue. when fire crews arrived in the early morning hours wednesday firefighters searched the sacramento home. what they found was a scared dog hiding from the blaze. the dog was pulled from its hiding spot in a back bedroom and carried to safety. everyone got out of the house safely and the dog was reunited with her happy owner. fire officials say a working smoke detector played a big role in getting everyone to safety. let's get an update on your weather with ben. strong high pressure in place will keep us sunny,
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