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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 13, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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"mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to put it in perspective and teach you. so call me at 800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. these weeks have gotten too crazy even for this veteran. i can handle a lot of crazy. whwh the heck is going on that we get such volatility and not be able to focus on earn ings during earn ings season? suffice it to say the cross currents of the fed play hamlet, to hike or not to hike, that's the question. oil tried to find any footing and we seem to have still one more banking crisis but over there, not here, all combining to mass what turned into a deevent herbings season. let's accept the fact that we'll have to listen to what individual kpaens say and when the market calms down which it does because this, too, shall
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cheap based on what they told us. that's what we have been doing with the charitable trust, filing away good stories, letting them come down to our levels where they are gifts and not of the trojan horse variety while we wait for boxes to be checked off to show us the landscape will at last be kinder to the bulls than the bears. with that in mind what's on tap for next week? after the remembrance of two dynamite presidents, the guy on the one and the five, we get reports from hormel foods. hormel, the company behind spam that's remaking itself as a high growth food play. i want to be careful. the stock is on a tear around its all time high selling at 30 times earnings. this is a food company. hormel made very smart
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applegate farms that really panned out. also care about zoetis. not just because it is the premier animal health company. we are in a strange moment where people need to consider not just what a company does or how it does but also who owns the shares in it. right now zoetis is in a group of sell rs and short sellers banging it down because a recent look at the shareholder base shows pershing square capital owns 8.4% of the company with 41 million shares and some are concerned the fund which is really under performed may have to sell the stock in order to raise capital. we have no idea if that's true. we have no idea if the manager of pershing square has to be a poor seller. if you read "confessions of a street addict" it's standard practice for hedge funds to shoot at you when wounded. that happened to me.
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a pawn in this big game and is under performing even though its business is perform ing amazingly. another factor to consider. yesterday pepsico reported a terrific quarter. a reminder o ohow good the business is. coca-cola had a good quarter, too. the standout in the business the whole time has been dr. pepper-snapple. that story will continue when the company reports wednesday morning. we hear from two companies with stocks hammered. priceline and t-mobile. i think they are due for a bounce. people believe it's slowed. the strong dollar and crushed priceline but expedia shows travel is alive an well. you can wait until after the quarter to buy priceline because it gets slammed no matter what they say. kind of like auto zone does. t-mobile got it here.
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is one of my favorite stocks of the market. i bet john ledger the magenta shirt wearing ceo of t-mobile keeps it going and it is a buy. the volatility makes it a better buy after the quarter because things are crazy. next up, noble energy. get this. it's one of the best ones and it brutally slashed the quarterly dividend by 44% last month. hmm. i want to hear what they have to say when they report wednesday morning. noble has had a vision for where oil and gas can do. in the first three months of 1986 crude plunged down. 28 to 10. does noble worry about that scenario? they have been around. i just them. we'll find out. after the close wednesday we'll listen to barrick gold. every portfolio should own gold as insurance against chaos. i favor bullion and the gld, the gold etf.
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we have had them on multiple times. barrick had a monster move this year. not one of my favorites but it may not be enough if the price of gold goes higher. this was in the 50s when precious metal was hitting north of 1800 dollars five years ago. thursday, this is tricky. it's walmart. be ready for what could happen with walmart. this company reset expectations so low last time the company could meet the numbers. in the interim it sports a 3% yield. walmart is tough to turn around with amazon all other you. if the market can take walmart down to the point it's giving you 3.5 to 4% yield you have to buy it at 5%. i'm putting my faith in doug macmillan as i know the turn around isn't y y at hand. why would we want to get ahead of it? because of mcdonald's. remember when steve easterbrook came?
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you missed 20 points of upside if you waited. that's where walmart might be now. i have something for you. six flags. it has a 5% yield. company reports next thursday. what a terrific situation. six flags is one of the finest plays on lower gasoline an n the staycation and the company has terrific management. the only thing possible is kre dar fair, fun. i like them both. finally on friday we have been getting reports from two great companies and the market has turned again. the tractor anding is cult equipment company and vf corp. you wear the clothes. that's north face. the agriculture cycle is in the doldrums. vf corp., call me intrigued. it has a habit of trading down after it reports. i think we can get an opportunity if this one trades down to a 3% yield. notice i mentioned yield over and over again. treasury rates are so low they are almost uninvestable.
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alternatives and the prices where they intrigue me. i want to use the weakness from rumors of german and french bank nailers to buy stocks that have nothing to do with those problems. and also pay you to wait for better times. tom in pennsylvania. tom. >> caller: how you doing, jim? in view of the recent declines in the stock market and some of the central banks talking about negative interest rates do you feel owning physical gold and silver is a good hedge against significantly more declines? >> yes, i do. particularly why keep your money in a bank and not earn anything when you can buy gold. i have liked gold for a long time. i'm not a fan of silver. the technician at the street's real money has had a bead on gold. he said it's not done going higherer. laura in florida. laura. >> caller: hey, jim. two quick questions.
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>> caller: future for the company and do you see any indicated for a future stock split? >> which stock is that? >> caller: equifax. >> oh, geez. that's a good company. holy cow. i have been saying that's like financial lite. people love that company. i don't know if it will split but the earnings are good. i like this situation. paul in new york. paul. >> caller: hi, jim. how are you? >> i'm okay, paul. how about you? >> caller: not bad. here's my question regarding mobile-eye. they signed with volkswagen already. this market is expected to go from anywhere from 11 billion to 200 billion in the next eight years. do you think it is a good long-term investment? >> you know what? i think it could be commoditized. the technology is great. the israeli scientists have done
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it's not a gimmick or a game. it is a high flying stock that's not been able to find its footing and i will tell you it doesn't yet become a good investment even here. face it. yield, yield, and then yield. there. that makes eight times i have said it so far tonight. still not enough. dividend and conquer. make sure you look at the quality yield players not like oil. on "mad" today a look at the future of more than your smart phone with the ceo of verizon . he has a timeline for the next step forward in wireless technology. it may be happening sooner than you think and one of the most popular toys on the market today has nothing do with "star wars." i'm letting you in on the business of shopkins. and a vital metric to navigate with the wild market. so stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter.
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tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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look, i know it is a show about stocks. every now and then it is worth checking in with privately held companies that can give us a read on their industry. tonight ahead of the 2016 toy fair that starts this weekend in new york city we are going off the tape with moose toys. the australian company behind
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at the moment. these toys are a collection of collectibles and miniature cute versions of boring everyday items you could find in a store. these things have been flying off the shelves. the brand has been licensed for merchandise including apparel, bedding and games and there is a shopkins youtube channel. how does a company create this. the chairman and coceo of moose toys. welcome to "mad money." good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me on board. >> i have to ask. giant companies like disney spend billions to build brands. who are you guys? >> we are an australian company based inle melbourne. we distribute to 80 companies around the world. we have had huge success with
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arts and crafts, boys and girls. just creating innovative products. >> how big are you now in america? >> very big. we grew 100% last year and the previous year. january this year we are double again on last year. unbelievable growth. >> can we get close to this? i'm asking for a close-up. these are little pockets, scissors? what am i missing here? >> you're not missing anything. it's a variety of little creatures and characters. >> i have seen them on ebay for a hundred and -- some a thousand. >> thousands. that's correct. >> they're not edible or anything? >> no, no. we finished this year at number six toy company in america. growing from number 23 last year. we are the only nonpublic company that's done well. the only foreign company oh than -- that cracked the top ten. we hope to be number five this year.
3:16 am
the growth is phenomenal. >> we were trading the stock of coleco. why not make a fortune? why not come public and kamtlize on it? >> we tried. i have been public before. we are a big company. we are very happy continuing to develop innovative products. the ipo, never say never. at this stage we are happy doing what we are doing growing in america. how many people watch it? >> we have had summing up all the youtube views we have had about a billion views. >> a billion. >> yeah . >> are you willing to reveal what your next toy is and whether it is presold? >> we have a lot of people watching, of course. >> yeah. >> on top of what we have already established for the rest of t t year in america we have five new programs, all being
3:17 am
>> full support. >> i'm hasbro watching the show. i know they're watching. why can't someone say i want to make shop minis. >> that's indemiracle in the industry. we found out in january virtually every other toy company has a girls' collectible. >> i have no idea. we are growing so rapidly withth our new innovations no one has seen except the majors and we >> i'm rooting for david. david stul, chairman andco ceo of moose toys. laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus.
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we have had an absolutely hideous start to 2016. that doesn't mean every stock is selling off. some are doing well. look at the stock of verizon. this is hitting around near the 52-week high as the yield is a magnet for investors seeking refuge from the fixed income
3:21 am
there is more to the story than what's here. the company is invest ing in technology and dropped some interesting hints about dipping its toe further into the segmented content game by acquiring yahoo!. >> at the right price marrying assets with aol under tim armstrong's leadership would be good for inves tors. >> wow. >> i think you need to be aware of what's on the horizon for this company. i sat down for round two with verizon ceo from cnbc one market in san francisco. next year, talk super bowl and how i will watch it and what it means to be verizon and the nfl. >> yeah. we are actually doing two stadiums right now. houston is next year. minneapolis is the year after that. let me do this in the context of 5-g. the hand set you used today
3:22 am
we are testing now the service we should be able to provide in one of those super bowls will do a giga bit to your hand set. 200 times more. one example and the nflle is a terrific partner here. things. take your hand set into the stadium. you watch a play. you can then rewind and look again. make your own highlight reel. you can spin the view around and come at the play from a different camera all together. >> you are talking about something within our lifetime. >> it will be in the next few years literally. this technology exists today. sometimes you see it on the big tv shows. we can deliver that to your hand set. with a product like go 90, our mobile video app you can do a clip and share. as you run that replay, you can touch the screen, cut it, touch itithen it ends, tweet that, put it on facebook, whatever you want with it. >> right now i'm an eagles
3:23 am
i'm trying to figure out why i would want that power. i think because i haven't seen it yet . >> yeah. our experience, jim, since i have been in wireless from the very beginning, you build it, they come. i was looking at one of the announcements from one of the other carriers that said they think they will see two terabits of usage tomorrow. we think we'll see six. we have a better network and when you have a better network. >> the other guys say they have a better network. you have some industry where everybody makes a claim. it's amazing. without naming names unless you want to how do you prove it? >> the ads we are running now are a good example. you have tests run by independent third parties. you have seen the ramp with the ball coming down. factual data out there. investors which is important to me is look at the loyalty. you lost more than 1% of the
3:24 am
the others were losing 2 to 3%. the proof is in the results. >> we are older guys. people between say 15 and 25. how does verizon figure out what that kid wants? >> what i did a couple of years ago is we brought in one of those -- he's not quite 15. but a very young chief marketing officer, diego scotty is his name. he set up a whole process of data analytics and we bring those customers in. we interact with them. we even use our foundation. we go out to schools and say, you write an app. we'll give you a $50,000, $100,000 award. high schools create cool apps and you say, we didn't think a phone could do that. they make it do things we never thought of.
3:25 am
>> verizon isn't known as a competitive company in a competitive industry. the reality is you are kind of an uber competitor in real life. >> we're not out there tweeting, making outrageous comments. but we are in the game. you know, we love to compete. we keep score every day, jim and we'll stay that way. >> it is nfl-like if i work at verizon? >> no question. we love to be part of the nfl. they're winners and we love to participate with companies around the world. >> we know they say things that are inflammatory. here you are going up against the disney company. you're offering me a bundle that i love. it is a cool bundle. the cheaper one. i'm fortunate enough to have two houses and i feel when i think about fios, it's out t eviscerate everybody else. >> the platform is the key for us.
3:26 am
the network is number one and the platform of fios gets the most out of the fiber. bundles. customers said for years that they don't want 300 channel we found a way, we think, legally, to do it. they disagree, by the way. we found a way to do it. you did it. i can't believe your lawyers said it was okay. sure, your lawyer said you will >> sure. >> you didn't care. you have to take risks like this. you have to meet the customers' needs. all the legal documents are based on old models. i have to look forward. the company has to look forward. wewere meeting what a customer wants. i hope and i am working hard to make a win-win out of it. i have to meet customer needs or i'm out of business. that simple. >> i want to know. i'm an apple guy. i make no secret about i. apple watch, apple phone. is that the best way to get to
3:27 am
>> it could be. the first application i see is to offer video into the home wirelessly. >> yes. >> if i can do a gig, think about our assets. we have fios, washington to boston. fiber near the home. if i can do what we are doing here in san francisco as an example, small cells close to the customer. one gig wireless into the home. i can deliver video . i can really be disruptive. >> will my netflix look great? >> sure. at a gig, no problem. at 50 meg you would be great. we'll have a hundred times that. >> you can take the world by storm with that. lowell mcadam of verizon.
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analysis. everything you need to know to augment your investing with some of the best charts in the land. let's work on something that's been the province of the best work on the show. spotting bottoms for best entry point and examining sealings for thbest places to exit t sell. you are betting they will go higher from the moment you buy them. how often do you do solid fundamental work on a company to figure out if it is the right decision to pull the trigger because your homework is finished? and then it's a terrible time and you are buying oblivious to the stock. my homework is done. let's buy. after all the work i have done on the off the charts segment you are being short sited if you don't check out how the stock looks after you have done the homework before you put the buy order in. it's not just the right time. in fact, i consider looking at the stock as you like it as part
3:32 am
get it in your head. get it ingrained in your thinking. some are finding bottoms after the long declines can be lucrative. let's go back to the bottom of 2009. i had a sense that declines velocity was lessening. i had already heard mark canes make this bottom call based on his feeling. i now doug cast who writes with me is part of the family sometimes noted as an aggressive bear turned positive. he was saying fwherp a general rationale bottom. i was skittish about picking individual stocks to recommend to you. i was looking for a situation that seemed as bullet proof as i could find it. i came up with at&t, the phone company. you have to go back in the way back machine in colluding a smashing roll out of the iphone which was going for record profits as at&t took business from the competitors. had an outsized dividend. the yield was higher than any
3:33 am
the dividend was backed by the cash flow. still the stock was plunging every time i thought it might have a firm footing. i had done my research. thought it was time to buy. no. i waited for a few days where the stock stabilized and decided the level might be right. in moments like these, it is best to check with the charter. i brought in four charters. amazingly they agreed it was a strong foundation and was definitely worth considering for investment. they didn't care at all about the fund mentals. look at what attracted them. look at the chart. first all four technicians agree that at&t had established what's known as a climax low at 21.
3:34 am
moments that was so hideous. the sum of all the transactions during the period expanded to a level far in excess of normal periods training. boom. take a look. that's a sign that the sell rs exhausted themselves. the volume levels showed most of the big portfolio managers who wanted out of the stock had fled it by now. at the same time, buyers who step up to meet the supply with the levelle of demand. look at it like this. until you get the climax there were more sellers than buyers. they knocked the stock down. as long as sellers overwhelm buyers with dumping no base can form. bad time to buy. a climax is a sign that those sellers who have been holding on giving up en masse. remember, technicians don't care
3:35 am
they are just monitoring price and volume. when they see volume is large or expands but the stock doesn't go down at last the stock is down. it's time to buy. it's safe. that's where the buyers are equal to the sellers in the power to determine the direction of the stock. that's a form of equilibrium. finally upon us. that's the base. that will happen when a stock takes out resistance overhead. to examine the possibilities of a stock the technicians don't just look at the closing price and the graph that priced against the priest day's open and close. that's not helpful. it doesn't yield a true picture of the stock's trajectory. instead technicians use a moving average. a moving average is keeping the closing price over time and adding them up, dividing the prices by the days in a particular measured period. doing everything tonight. i'm breaking it down. you can measure a moving average by adding up ten days with
3:36 am
on a graph. each day you add in the new and drop off the earliest price to get the sum of a measuring period. the technicians i checked in with. they notice though at&t had found a floor at the $21 level if the stock had bounced off of it kept failing, meaning it couldn't get through, failing to move up above the 200-day moving average. that's what they looked at and that created what looked to be a ceiling. the 200-day moving average. knot you can do. they felt every time it got there the stock was capped. at&t cracked through the resistance for the 200 day moving arch for a great trade or
3:37 am
the old roof was a new floor. every time it went above the old roof it would create a new floor. the stock would come back and it it didn't go back to the climax low. it held. looking back at the beautiful bottoming that we see here with at&t, it now seems like child's play. of course. at that moment it was anything but easy. at the same time the technical analysts were saying the bottom is in and it was time to buy. analysts were scared out of their wits. they were scared to death right some were worrying about pension obligations that could cause the dividend to be slashed which was way wrong. scared me. remember when people el were in the stock for the dividend? that base, that floor gave them a launching pad. 30s. one of the biggest gains they
3:38 am
here's the bottom line. when you see a reliable pattern despite what the analysts might be saying you have to use the discipline they give you to pull the trigger and take advantage of a fabulous buying opportunity that might be over looked after the market takes a real shellacking. never took it out. way up. after the break i will try to make you more money. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance,
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we learn a lot tonight about the key terms of technical analysis. let's look at some of the individual charts that many of you find fascinating even as some of the patterns almost sound silly as if they are mimicking letters, shapes or body parts. i learned not to ignore one of the most simple but by far the most reliable patterns out there. the dreaded head and shoulders pattern. [ house of pain ] >> it ultimately took a giant bath because of the ill informed or maybe early buy. i like to do mea cull pa and show you what i did wrong. you can learn from my mistakes. make alcoa less dependent on metal and more on aluminum which
3:43 am
into two separate companies. take a look at alcoa. instead of enjoying a healthy run through 2010 to february of 2011. the earn ings trajectory seemed to have turned around. it took a quick dive back to 15. no reason i could discern. it quickly reverse ed. went back to 17. and then up to 18 on the eve of the quarterly report. i thought when it was announced it was a fine one beating the top and bottom line. most of the time that's all you could ask for. after initial positive reaction on the news of the better than expected quarter.
3:44 am
could i have been more wrong? i don't think so. that 17 to 15 dollar dive represented on the chart as a point a and b. then follow the run to c, 18, back to 16, d, finally 17, e. do you know what that is? it's a perfect head and shoulders pattern. just like a human head. that's the most frightening pattern in the chart book and alcoa traced it out just when i thought we were out of the woods. what was happening during the period that the head and shoulders pattern flagged? europe and china began to slow down and aluminum was in a glut. he could control his own company but not the price of the commodity. still, it's aluminum. over the course of the next few years he reinvented alcoa. it rallied off the lows after the completion of the brutal pattern which cost the trust a pretty penny.
3:45 am
i admire technicians intellectual consistency. an inverse head and shoulders indicates a chance for glory. at the beginning of january 2013 people thought the economy was taking off and inves tors were running for the classic food and drug stocks. you don't need a strong economy. they were headed for the cyclicals. united technology. you know. the kind of rotation. that kind is usually the death knell for stocks to go higher when the economy is slowing. however tim collins said, you know what? you have to take a hard look at pfizer. the stock was tracing out a reverse head and shoulders pattern. the company would be the company that i would shun. i would normally never touch this thing when the economy is speeding up. if you look at the chart, you can see that pfizer traced out a
3:46 am
through october. and then started declining aggressively. in november the stock bottomed to form the head. in december, it caught a rally and a pull-back to create the right shoulder. the key with the pattern is the neckline that connects the toad head to the shoulders. when a stock breaks above that line you are about to witness a big move. pfizer's neckline was at $25.80. collins predicted it could take out the neckline and could be in for a monster run. given that money was pouring out of the drug stocks headed for industrials i was confounded by this pattern. i didn't trust it. i'm el the king of row tagss. i knew it was a bad stock. collins said you have to close your eyes ond buy the stock. something was going on to make it buck the market's prevailing trends. unconceivable. the stock jumped more than 10% after collins told me to buy it with both hands.
3:47 am
bullish reverse right here the drug company decided to spin off the animal products into zoetis creating $15 million in value. who knew? the chart knew. don't take chances. sell, sell, sell, at least some of it. when you see a reverse head and shoulders even though it makes no sense for which stock it is happening to you have to consider buying some. that's how powerful the moves are and the chart work is indicated far more often than
3:48 am
3:49 am
3:50 am
stay with cramer. we have run the gamut of technical training tonight on this show looking at patterns like the head and shoulders and reverse head and shoulders that often show big moves. those aren't the only patterns
3:51 am
one chart type we have come to love on "mad money" is what's known as the cup and handle pattern. we have seen it so often and it's been reliable. i have used it to keep myself in stocks i might have been shaken out by. take the stock of cramer fave domino's. we got behind the pizza franchiser when it traded at $10. we were feeling greedy when it traded into the 30s. the stock exhibited sideways action and it began to drift down on no new news. i hate these situations. why? i'm paranoid enough to believe something could be happening and i don't know about it. other guys do. when the analysts are iffy and slit and the company isn't talking the technicians are most there.
3:52 am
it had come and gone. when we reached out we want to tell you to sell. it's so tempting right there. they can do just the opposite. he said it was a moment and he was anxious to sow why. with the report up to a perfect cup an handle formation. a pattern we found reliable in the predictability. a launching pad for a bigger move. you caught the beginning of the cup at $36 a slope down to 28. the stock climbed back to 36.
3:53 am
that's the beginning of a handle that almost always signals a much higher move. it always goes like that. very reliable. the work nailed it. domino's got a double and then some as earn ings were accelerated. the stock was consolidating, ready to power higher in the next big move. it was positive action. domino's right there. they were embracing technology. the web and the cell phone, facebook. let customers place orders vie i can't the net. we would have left a minimum of a double on the table if it weren't for these guides. when i was concerned about another one of my favorite stocks, monster beverage, i thought it was out of room and couldn't go higher near the end of 2011. i needed the chart because i heard red bull was crimping monster, one of the best performers of the era and there could be regulation of the energy drink business -- always
3:54 am
check this out. he said for months the stock of monster was bouncing off the hundred day moving average, the blue line. every time it looked like it was goinindown it rebounded. look at this. he said monster was tracing out a series of triangles. also known as flag patterns where you have a flat ceiling of resistance and an upward sloping floor. see that? when the stock hit the new positions it punches through. he said any time you have pennant formations which are short term con sail days agos preludes to a continuation pattern you don't have to worry about a stock on empty. as a matter of fact, you had to buy it with both hands every time. stock at 49. proceeded to jump to 79 confounding the nay sayers including short sellers who may have been less negative had they known or cared about the pattern. you know, monster tied up in coca-cola, a monster of a soft drink company in a deal that rocked the world showing you energy drinks are here to stay.
3:55 am
shaken out of the stock's move if it weren't for the chart hand holding. there are violations of these formations. for instance, take a look at the chart. big move up. citigroup. everybody hated it in june 2010. the lows wither getting higher but the highs stayed the same. this is known as a wedge patterer reliable as the pennant. we have had tremendous success following the works of the queen. and the italian mathematician. the fib queen uses ratios found in nature. you have heard of the fibinacci patterns. carly garner used these patterns to examine when too many hedge on a commodity and we have to veer in a different direction for success. they can co-exist, make peace
3:56 am
i bet you will make a lot more money than if you were blind to one or the other and certainly to both. "mad money" is back after the break. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating?
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i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it just for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i will see you next time. naator: for as long as i can remember, i've been a dancer. the music. the movements. when i feel the beat, my body becomes a canvas.
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