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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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parts of the northern midlands tomorrow. von has the details from our first alert forecast center. there is a freezing rain advisory for chesterfield and lancaster counties. those areas will see some light freezing rain accumulation tomorrow morning. a combination of freezing rain/ sleet/ snow is expected in the area monday morning from 3am until 11am. trace amounts of freezing rain may fall in the extreme northern portion of the viewing area, this will not impact travel and roadways but bridges and overpasses should be used with caution. also some light accumulation may be seen on elevated surfaces and grassy areas. during the late morning temperatures will start to warm up and a cold rain will continue on and off until early tuesday afternoon.
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will climb to the low 60s and the back edge of the system will cross the area, and scattered showers are expect until midday. skies will become partly cloudy by the late afternoon. stay with wis for the latest weather updates by downloading the wis weather app. it's free; just search wis in
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standard data rates may apply. back to the breaking news tonight of a suspicious death in lexington. details are limited right now. investigators are on scene, on riverchase way, which is near corley mill road. wis' mike desumma is there. he just got an update from lexington police. mike -- tell us what you know. stay with wis for the latest on this developing story. we'll update you on-air and
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and online at a kershaw county man will be in bond court this week after shooting and killing a suspected thief. 49-year-old jimmy methe has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after deputies say he shot and killed a 17 year old boy. early saturday morning deputies were called to methe's home in camden for a shooting. methe reportedly told deputies he caught the teen and another person n ealing from his truck. he says he shot one of them as they tried to run away. 17-year-old brandon spencer of camden was killed. he was a sophomore at camden high school. the other person involved has not been identified. this afternoon supreme court justice antonin
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from el paso, texas to 'atlantic aviation' while officials wait to take his body to washington d.c. a spokesperson for the funeral home says the justice's b by is expected to be flown out either monday or tuesday. there will be no autopsy on the late supreme court justice. that's according to a source who says the decision was made by scalia's family and officials in texas. a government source said scalia went to bed friday night and was found unresponsive saturday. scalia was a leading conservative voice on the high court. his death is already starting a major political battle over his successor... because he could tilt the court in democrats' favor. justice scalia is survived by his wife and nine children. republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio was greeted by his largest crowd yet in south carolina. more than 2-thousand people attended the town hall meeting at easley high school today. rubio took the stage and
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the passing of justice scalia. republicans and top democrats are at odds over whether president barack obama should appoint a new justice before he leaves office. presidential candidate in a court right now that's evenly divided four-four, four people that understand their job, four people that do not, and we're missing one." protests interrupted twice when rubio spoke on his immigration plan. rubio insists he's going to enforce the law. the senator is holding three town hall meetings on monday ----- in rock hill, florence and columbia. celebrities have been coming through south carolina campaigning for presidential candidates. on saturday, actor jason george stopped by -- supporting hillary clinton. he says he feels clinton has the most experience and can effect change. but regardless of your choice at the polls, george says voters need to stay engaged in the political process. "to give up your voice, is basically to let other people steamroll you. if you don't take part then you can't complain when the
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be. some things happen, other things we let happen." you'll be able to see the full interview with jason george on awareness at a later date. wis is following the presidential candidates as they make their rounds through the palmetto state. we have everything you need to know to prepare for the primaries on our website still ahead -- staying safe and warm as the temperatures dip tonight. plus -- von gaskin has a check of your full forecast. there is a freezing rain
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expected in the area monday morning from
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trace amounts of freezing rain may fall in the extreme northern portion of the viewing area, this will not impact travel and roadways but bridges and overpasses should be used with caution. also some light accumulation may be seen on elevated surfaces and grassy areas. during the late morning temperatures
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warm up and a cold rain will continue on and off until early tuesday afternoon. starting tuesday, temperatures will climb to the low 60s and the back edge of the system will cross the area, and scattered showers are expect until midday.
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by the late afternoon. as temperatures are expected to dip we want to remind you to be careful when heating your home. space heaters, fireplaces or
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when heating your home. space heaters, fireplaces or wood and coal stoves can be fire hazards. to prevent a fire, place space heaters at least three feet away from anything combustible, including wallpaper and bedding. make sure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are workrkg properly. and never use your oven to heat your home. great night honoring 6 community leaders who were inducted in the richland one hall of fame. still ahead -- a new beginning for a local church battered by
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lexington church has reopened its doors. 'watershed fellowship' has a congregation of 120 people. the church held services at the ololmill off east main street. last october,high waters breached the dam behind the mill taking out buildings in its path. the church suffered thousands of dollars in damages and had no flood insurance. 5 months later -- volunteers have finished the repairs. "i tell ya during the days of all the volunteers restaurants sent food out.people came and kids came from school. it was just true community..a lot of laughter.of joy in the midst of doing hard work..messy stuff." the fellowship will host a festival to officially celebrate its reopening on
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members of a forest acres church spent part of their valentine's day on a real labor of love. about 250 people at trenholm road united methodist church rolled up their sleeves to put together 40-thousand meals for the harvest hope food bank. the meals were made with ingredients provided by 'feeding children everywhere'. the organization makes multiple stops around the carolinas each year to assemble projects like this. "i helped pour the lentils and i helped fold the bags and then i helped move the bags in the box." "it just brings ya know hope and love to your heart knowing that all these people came together to serve the greater good and everybody else." the meals will be distributed in 20 counties around the state. coming up in sports... a look ahead to the gamecocks showdown at tennessee tomorrow. plus... how the usc men plan to bounce back from a blowout loss to big blue.
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eyes she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winnnng healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard.
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for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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clinches at least a share of the sec title for the third straight season... with a win monday at tennessee. i would imagine it would feel great to
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against the former conference power. usc... seems to be running the show now in the sec. carolina's quest to maintain its dominance in the league requires tremendous focus. the second ranked gamecocks won't discuss what a win in knoxville means for the team. instead... it's all about playing well in tennessee... where usc's only one once in program history. staley: "history says we haven'n' done well playing in knoxville. our team has done a great job at being the top team in this conference. we're going to go in pretty confident that if we play our style of play. hopefully that will give us the very well coached. great players. they play hard. we just got to make sure come out on monday for 40 minutes and play hard with them." as the usc women close in on another conference crown... the men dropped back in the race for first place in
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the wildcats thrashed the gamecocks in columbia saturday 89- to-62. with the loss... usc's a game back of kentucky in league play. carolina felt the meltdown against the wildcats... started before big blue stepped on the floor. the team said poor preparation prior to tip-off contributed to the rough defeat. so did kentucky's ability to control all phases of the game. martin: "any time the ball was there for somewhere to get they got. they just kicked our tails. we couldn't get a defensive rebound. they had a presence in the paint. we didn't." duane notice: "they did a good job of dribble penetrating and driving us and getting open shots from there. with their point guard dominating the ball and shooting guard dominating the ball... it's kind of hard for us to keep the ball in front of us. we created some bad fouls. kind of dug our hole deeper." martin: "get knocked on the head and get a black eye you don't continue to be proud of who you are." gamecocks are 21-4 overall... 8-4 in the sec. time to take a look at usc's
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schedule. carolina next plays this tuesday at missouri. game time set for seven. usc follows that match up with a at home. clemson enters this week with confidence. the tigers picked up a much needed win at home saturday... 66-52 over georgia tech. what impressed coach brad brownell the most... the tigers defensive effort. in the second half... clemson held georgia tech to 25 percent shooting from the field... while fororng several key turnovers lae. clemson played with that tougness... coach likes to see. brownell: "we're not a soft team. i am kind of critical when it comes to being hard and physical and all those kinds of things. we're not as big so it's a little bit difficult for us sometimes to be as physical. i thought our guys really stepped up today and played in a
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over in nascar sprint cup action... chase elliott became the youngest driver to qualify for the pole position at the daytona 500 at the age of the 20. elliott circled the track in the 24 car... previously driven by four-time champion
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we call ourselves the greenwood runners. the open water paddlers. the hike life trail club.
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death. officers were called out around 8-30 tonight for a shooting. they found a male gunshot victim on the ground in the parking lot of a park-n-ridede that's a lot where motorists can park their vehicles and then carpool. the identity of the victim has not been released.
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lexington police have not said if they are searching for anyone. but this is an active investigation. these details still preliminary at this time. we'll have the latest on sunrise. one final check of your forecast now. there is a freezing rain advisory for chesterfield and lancaster counties. those areas will see some
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antonio: today on "fix it & finish it." audrey: this is our office. antonio: i mean, there's not even a chair. you can't really hang out. scott: oh, this thing's a beast. antonio: i told you, man. audrey: i think shawn's doing well now that he has a professional painter to help him do it. ha ha! scott: it's actually a mid-1960s teacher's desk. antonio: i hope this thing fits. open your eyes. shawn: what? >> my name is antonio sabato, jr. wow! renovating is what i
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love. let's do it again! argh! i've been designing and remodeling spaces for as long as i can remember. [horn honks] yeah! from landscapes to living rooms, from bedrooms to porches, we all have that one space that needs a little help. you got 30 minutes, guys! let's go! let's move! with my experienced team of local professionals, every day we're transforming lives across the country one project at a time. >> oh! >> oh! >> wow! >> wow! >> this is "fix it & finish it." antonio: we're in savannah. we're about to meet shawn and audrey. they're an enthusiastic young couple, and shawn really needs an office at home. he doesn't have it. he has an empty


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