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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the day--the republican party needs "a fighter." in 2012--haley endorsed former massachusetts governor mitt romney ahead of the south carolina primary. meanwhile--the money presidential candidates are spending on tv ads is reaching new highs as we quickly approach the primary on saturday. wis's allie spillyards has been tracking the numbers for a week now -- and joins us with the latest. charles and judi, here in the midlands alone, total spending for 2016 has grown about a half million dollars in the past week, and we've still got a few days to go before the republican primary. but we wanted to take a look at what's been spent across the state since the first of the year. so we took the top 3 republican candidates according to the polls... donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio... who altogether account for about 80- percent of candidate spending. but remember, this does not include political action committees. instead we're talking about money from candidates' pockets. although trump's first in the
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spender of the top 3... coming in at 600-thousand dollars on tv spots. ted cruz has spent a significant bit more right around 1.3 million. and then marco rubio, battling out it for second place in the polls, comes out on top with dollars spent at close to 1.6 million dollars. this totals about 3.5 million, but i want to reiterate, this is just a small percentage of spending. across the state, political action committees have spent nearly triple the amount campaigns have in the same amount of time. your forecast is a huge turnaround from what we had yesterday. von gaskin is in the weather center now with a closer look. a fast moving "clipper" will deliver a few scattered showers this evening into very early wednesday morning with lows near 40 degrees. the sun is back wednesday through sunday with warming temperatures
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by this weekend. back out on the campaign trail governor jeb bush making stops in richland and wednesday morning with lows near 40 degrees. the sun is back wednesday through sunday with warming temperatures into the 70s by this weekend. back out on the campaign trail
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governor jeb bush making stops in richland and lexington counties as he tries to shore up polling numbers that have not been in his favor. this afternoon, bush and his traveling companion senator lindsey graham have been speaking to a packed dining room at shealy's leesville. that's where we find jack kuenzie this evening. charles and judi---this was the latest appearance here in the midlands for the bush-graham teaea both making similar remarks this
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well at fn manufacturing---the firearms maker in northeast richland county. governor bush is hoping to revive some of the loyalties, some of the magic that helped push his brother and father into the white house. south carolina has been historically strong for the bush family----but if the latest polling is any indication, the third time is proving to be not so charming for jeb bush. he's trying to spotlight his experience as a chief executive, his support for rebuilding the military in a military-friendly state. he's taken some shots at front-runner donald trump---calling him a "complete loser" with trump's attack at his brother on protecting the nation before 9/11. but there is also a message here of unity---governor bush saying essentially enough with the divisiveness of the
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a new ppp poll shows bush with a lot of ground to make up in order to catch marco rubio and ted cruz---who texas senator ted cruz is calling for a new effort to rebuild america's military as part of his presidential campaign. cruz sat down exclusively with wis news 10 this afternoon today he unveiled a plan to build up u.s. armed forces after cutbacks and what he called years of "neglect" by the obama
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what we need to do is we need to follow the pattern that ronald ragan followed in the 1980s. ronald reagan past tax reform and regulatory reform. unleashed the economy. we saw blooming economic growth, unleashed the american free enterprise system. that economic growth produced trillions in revenue which he used to rebuild the military. and doing that bankrupted the soviet union and won of the cold war. i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorism. cruz also denied accusations that his votes in the senate have favored reductions in the military in the past. he predicted victory for his campaign through bringing together the coaliton of conservatives, libertarians and evangelical christians that helped elect ronald reagan in the 1980s. trying to capitalize on his popularity among youth voters--today democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was at allen university and usc. our billie jean shaw stopped by the senator's town hall, where he spoke to a packed room of usc students.
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welcome from representative justin bamberg, a former hillary clinton supporter and erica garner, the daughter of an african-american man from new york who died while in police custody. sanders began by focusing on what he believes is police brutality in the african american community and how he will come up with a plan to address the issue. the crowd became fifid up as he went on to discuss free college tuition and expanding health care for all. while those were big issues, it was sanders' stand on jobs and increasing the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour that really resonated with the crowd. "one trillion dollars in investment over 5 years will create 1 1million decent paying jobs and that is what i plan to do." but not everyone in the audience was "feeling the bern." i spoke to a few voters who say today's event made it even more evident why sanders will not receive their
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"i do disagree with a lot of things he has to say including the free tuition because when that happens and people don't realize who is going to pay for it, that's going to be higher taxes." "where is all that money going to come from he talked about taxing the upper class more but i was how much money you will get in from all that." i did ask some of sanders' supporters if they were concerned about he economic side of his plans- they tell me they believe his ideas are possible by means of investments. in the newsroom, billie jean shaw, wis news 10. coming up on the news at 6-- lawmakers are working on a special day to remember the charleston church shootings. plus, president obama says he has the constituion on his side when it comes to the
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nomination to the supreme court this year...and he intends to move ahead with his choice. today, the president addressed the issue of nominating a justice to the supreme court, following the death of justice antonin scalia over the weekend. senate republicans have vowed to delay consideration of a replacement until the next president is elected. "there's no unwritten law that says it can only be done in off years. that's not in the constitutional text. i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there." if the senate were to move forward with confirming a nominee by the president--it could tilt the conservative-leaning court to the left. many of the republican presidential candidates have also proposed a senate delay on
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in the state house--senators say they're planning to dive into a big debate on roads starting tomorrow. senate pro tem hugh leatherman said senators would meet two hours earlier tomorrow and that the debate could last well into the evening. debate on a plan to fix state infrastructure has been stalled since session began in early january. senators are also working on a special honor for the victims of the emanuel ame church shooting-- today, a resolution declaring june 17th as "mother emanuel nine day" was unanimously approved by the senate judiciary committee. it also encourages south carolinians to reflect on race relations on the one- year anniversary of the shooting in charleston that killed nine people. the resolution was approved by the hoe last month. governor nikki haley announced today that she plans to build on an already successful program that reaches poor south carolina mothers. through the state's pay for success project and the nurse family partnership program - which pairs nurses with first time moms on medicaid - governor haley says
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additional 3200 mothers and children. more than 1200 families in south carolina are currently involved with the program. "how do we lift up rural communities. every mom wants to be a good mom. i truly believe that. every mom wants to know all they need to know to raise a healthy baby." the $30 million public- private partnership aims to reduce pre-term births and child hospitalizations. we have a perfect weekend of weather shaping up. we'll have more in your full forecast coming up right after the break.
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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wednesday morning with lows near 40 degrees. the sun is back wednesday through sunday with warming temperatures into the 70s by this weekend. the gamecock men are back on the
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wednesday morning with lows near 40 degrees. the sun is back wednesday through sunday with warming temperatures into the 70s by this weekend. the gamecock men are back on the road
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and a former usc assistant football coach will soon have a new job...and he won't even have to change area codes.....sports is next!!! hello from studio 3b... on our plate tonight: president obama speaking out about republicans and his determination to choose the next supreme court justice. as trial begins in a notorious serial murder case..we look at the cutting edge and controversial science that helped police get their man. and we'll tell you about the startup that's helping change the way consumers pay for generic drugs. break 3 the usc men's basketball team is on i support bernie sanders because i think that his ideas are much more forward thinking and innovative than any of the other candidates. when bernie sanders is engaging with the black lives matter movement
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to being supportive of i iues that matter to people of color in this country. and when he is elected we will see long-overdue changes to our criminal justice system that continues to criminalize people just for being black.
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carolina faces missouri at seven o'clock on the sec network. the gamecocks won the first meeting with the tigers...81-72 back in january. sindarius thornwell led the way with 22 points...they'll need a similar performance from him tonight. carolina needs a good overall
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suffering an embarrassing loss saturday to kentucky. usc is 21 and four overall....eight and four in the conference. they need to stockpile some wins down the stretch to bolster their ncaa tournament resume. head coach frank martin wants to use the same formula that was successful against missouri the first time around. martin: "you have to see what you tried to do that worked. what you tried that didn't work. you have to make subtle adjustments. in conference play unlike this past saturday, most of those games come down to the last three to four minutes. those two cheap points you get an adjustment, or those two cheap points you prevent because of an adjustment difference in the game." kacinas: "you know it's going to be a hard game. we're not looking at their it's not what we do. plus, they are young team and they play really hard. just going to be another tough game on the road." it was great to see the sun shining today and the temperature rising....made
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thinking about spring football. usc co-offensive coordinator kurt roper tweeted out the gamecocks spring football practice schedule today. carolina's first of 15 workouts will be march 15th. there'll be a lot of interest since it'll be the first spring under the new coaching staff. the garnet and black spring game is scheduled for saturday april 9th. we're expecting former usc linebackers coach kirk botkin to soon have a new job. according to a source....botkin will be named the defensive coordinator at south carolina state. botkin spent the past four seasons with the gamecocks. he was not retained when will muschamp took over as head coach in december. during botkins tenure with usc...the team had three winning seasons capped with bowl victories in 2012, 13 and 14. we expect the announcement of botkin's hiring to come in a day
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like arock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich,
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new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 000 miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%. how people are going around their insurance companies and saving big money. and the fur is flying. the competition is fierce and


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