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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 18, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> i like to win. >> and i tell you, it relaxes me. when i would come home from a day of surgery, i would shoot pool. >> do you ever know that you wanted to do public service? >> no i wanted to play in the nfl. and i would had, had it not been for the lack of speed, size and talent. i thought that i would be an nfl and coach before i got to this point. >> if you asked me wife, what drives her the crazy about me the most is my iphone, if she could fling the iphone out of the window and into the trash, she would be thrilled. >> i am on my phone, and i am playing, candy crush, and my girls love it. >> we have to wait and see if there will be some more answers like that tonight, from the candidates participating. and of course, along with a lot of substance and policy as well. we will have highlights, in the
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usc, coming up at eleven, live here in columbia. wis news ten. >> anchor: for the country, south carolina. >> anchor: and now we go to nsmbc has set up shop, inside of the room in columbia vista and
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>> i am. turn out next week, and that is not well. >> right, and so this -- black voters and probably know the black voters, and right -- >> what about -- >> you know, you know -- you can't write this. you can't write this. donald trump, is managed to run for everyone. he managed to -- >> no measurable, donald trump
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>> so marco rubio in south carolina. with the official establishment and he is the guy -- with him, mind you, and --
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and supposed to be about the government -- >> it will not have any effect.
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>> good job. >> it is one of those things where you have to a handful of voters will go in there on saturday undecided,
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carolina on decision 2016. >> anchor: and coming up tonight on msnbc, an exclusive interview with vice president joe biden at 8:00 on the show, and then at 9:00, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will participate in a town hall from las vegas and it will be moderated by chuck todd and it will also air on msnbc. perfect. we are going to check at that forecast with ben. >> reporter: and down there and let's check out your forecast saturday. we do have a lot of sunshine, but we also have periods of cloudy skies and so we will call
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and it is 49 degrees up to the 50s before you know it. and approaching and getting close to the middle 60s for your saturday afternoon. and if this high temperature of about 72 degrees, can you believe it? 72 degrees, in mid to late february. and it is going to be as warm as it was to start the month if you remember on the first second and third, so much in the 70s too and friday's high, 61 as we take a step back tomorrow and it is mostly sunny and there is your saturday again, sunny high of 76 and the warmest of the seven days as the clouds increase and here comes the rain and we will have the showers on monday and a 60 percent chance of rain on tuesday and jumps up to 70 percent on wednesday and the morning temperatures are pretty warm and that is a well afternoon, also, with the highs only in the 50s. charles? >> anchor: thank you so much, and we have things to know before you go and vote on saturday. >> a look at what you can expect out there, sam? >>
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primary is the first of two, following the saturday's primary will be the democratic, on saturday, from 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. and you can vote in one, and remember that you can't vote in both. you will need to take, a valid, photo id and identification were listed on the screen there and they include your south carolina driver's license and you can bring a passport and you will have to show that before you vote. >> at the polls and i want to take a look at how you expect the winning process to look and i will take you through this here, and of course, you can start, and of course when you start you are going to take your ballot activator into your ballot here and you will insert that and once you see that done, you will see it pop up here and it is a sample ballot and we are going to select a candidate and then you will be asked questions, for or against and review the ballot and simple and i think that looks good and so we are going to vote that is it. it is simple.
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website for some of the polling places are different for the primaries and so make sure that you check those locations. your polling locations as well. >> anchor: thank you, so much. >> anchor: thanks, and well voters and the candidates met before the latest poll results >> anchor: and to make the
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different polls. something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters
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we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> anchor: welcome back, and 2016, election special and we are broadcasting live.
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--... . ... . >> just one... . >> any chance that donald trump will not... . >> i think that... . i think that he is going to under perform... . identify theoters... . they are lifetime democrats, what do you think about that? they vote for someone and then they want someone different.
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lucky, i believe that we are lucky, in you can vote for the primary that you want and you don't have to register as democrat or republican. >> i think that he wins south carolina and i think that by now, the question is... . >> they are not necessarily. and -- and not -- >> all right. >> anchor: thanks, judi. >> anchor: and back to back during similar time frames, very different results. >> anchor: the looking at those numbers. >> that is right, one release
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look at that nbc wall street journal poll, this is the difference here, and this poll shows cruz. in the lead here at 28 percent with the number one spot and with donald trump coming in second, with just, 26 percent. and marco rubio coming in at third at 17 percent and it goes down from there. and johns kasich, of course, coming in with 11 percent, and ben car sl son, following closely at ten percent and then jeb bush at 4 percent, but this is a different picture than any other poll that we have seen, the cbs poll and this is much more in line with what we have seen as long as we can remember. it shows, donald trump as a front runner with 35 percent with the double digit number lead over every other candidate and ted cruz at second, and marco rubio coming in third, and more consistent with what we have seen, johns kasich coming in at eleven percent, and both of these polls were taken after the greenville debate, but experts say that you have to look at how these polls were down.
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methodology and did they include, cell phones, and because in this state, if you are not including cell phones, you are missing up to 55 percent of the people. and if it is an on-line poll and it is another group of people and that is potential that you missed with that type of methodology and how to identify the people that they actually think are going to vote. >> anchor: and the margin of error is around, 5:00 percent for both of these polls, professor says that essentially that means that you cannot say that cruz. is leading coming from that nbc wall street journal poll because he only leads trump with 2 percent, and within the margin of error it could go either way, and the out liar with donald trump leading on double digit percentages. >> anchor: governor haley is taking criticism tonight for the endorsement in this campaign.
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>> anchor: >> anchor: with just two days with the south carolina primary, republican candidates are continuing to campaign across the state. >> anchor: and the interview, and trump criticized governor haley and talked about the gun violence and defended his temperament to commander-in-chief. two days from now, the south carolina republican primary, how big is that for you? >> very big. >> donald trump told me today, he does not think that
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marco rubio will hurt him in the republican primary, he does not think that endorsements mean that much and quick to point out lead. here. which i have been here so often, i mean so much, i come to south carolina and i love it. i love the people. if we could do something, special here, we are going to run the table. >> trump told me that he gave haley a lot of money for the republican governor association and never asked for her endorsement and by the way, does not like her position on securing the border. >> she is very weak, on immigration, and i am very strong and i have somebody that wants to have the people pour over the border are not going to vote for me any way. >> what we could do to lessen the gun violence, he said that it is not really a gun problem. >> i am a big second amendment person, i have to tell you there is a huge mental health problem that we don't discuss, and there is a mental health problem. >> i asked trump what he thinks
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he does not have the temperament to be commander-in-chief that he is too quick to ang rer and to have his finger on the nuclear button, what do you say to those people? >> we need toughness now, and we need toughness and we need the people having their heads chofpeople's heads chopped off, i have the best temperaturer temperament there is. >> the two campaigned together in greenville, that is, and haley is hoping to have a light on a new younger generation of republicans. speaking to supporters rubio stressed that he is as conservative as the other republican candidates, however he says that he is the only one that can win and unite the party. >> i am here today to ask you for your vote, because i am as conservative as anyone running in this race, but i am a conservative that can win, that is a big deal. >> anchor: rubio is hoping a
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will lead to a bump for his campaign, nationwide. in the selection, south carolina veterans have been surprising the experts. >> anchor: and also, showing you
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long time and what we at >> anchor: welcome back, everyone, the build up to the south carolina republican primary has been going on for more than a year, and charles you have been watching it from the campaign trail. and the actual trail with several of these candidates. >> anchor: yeah we talked to
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this development and materialized and we also, for the republican candidates line up and stake out their positions and make their cases and pretty stark, results as they do. last march you could see some of what we are seeing today, starting with the shape and the south carolina national security action, summit, and rick santorum who has ties to south carolina has dropped off and bobby, spoke and he has dropped out, but ted cruz, with the enthusiastic crowd of supporters in last march and we are seeing the examples of most of the candidates during the retail campaigning and meaning the supporters in smaller venues like community centers and churches shaking hands and talking to people, and i saw marco rubio and jeb bush and walker and carly fiorina all at bbq in washington. but time and time, again, donald trump has managed to fill the big venues with thousands of supporters, and for energy,
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terms of volume and in terms of size and turn out, it has been tough to miss the striking strength of the donald trump campaign when it comes to the people, some who are not big on politics, but you hit the key issue and trump really stands out. and it is going to be something of an adventure. >> anchor: an adventure, certainly on social media how things changed and how candidates, changed and how the campaign, effects the coverage for them, and for those of us who are in the news and it is different this year from the politics over what we have seen in the last several decades, we want to thank you, for joining us for this special edition of the news at seven. >> anchor: tune in for complete primary coverage and that is coming up this saturday. and the next two saturdays are critically important, days for south carolina, and the republican primary this saturday. and the democra if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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. scotty: some guy posted a video on the web this morning and he says that you're a terrorist helping him wage war on america.
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he also calls himself the white horse. do not trust him. they call me the white horse. shut up! gaines: there is a bunker. it can keep 15 people alive for up to a century. any time you want to thank me for saving you, you can just chime right on in. jamie: i'm looking formy birth mum, mary. that's where she lives now. it's a private psychiatric clinic in scotland. that is the last time that i ever try to use reason with an angry mob. molby: who are they? and what do you want us to do when we find them? jamie: funny, isn't it? you've seen thisso many times in the movies. you assume it's just cgi. only this time, it's not. this time, it's very real. yep. it's the end of the world. anna jones: one minute, now. one minute. these pictures are coming live to us from hubble.


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