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tv   WIS News 10 at 600  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a midlands prosecutor, with a history, is once again in trouble with the law. solicitor donnie myers was arrested last night on solicitor donnie myers is accused of drunk driving he was arrested last night after his car hit a utility pole but we have breaking news tonight with new details just released by the department of public
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he was run off the road. jack kuenzie joins us with the very latest. charles and judi---new information that could change the direction of this story. solicitor myers telling the highway patrol he was run off old chapin road by another vehicle. last night's crash happened about a mile from the solicitor's lakefront home. the patrol says myers was driving north on old chapin trying to make a left onto beechcreek road when he ran into the utility pole. the car was abandoned when the patrol got there. an investigator says there was a pistol on the floorboard and a strong odor of alcohol in the car....but officers found myers at his house. our new information from an incident report and in response to our questions says it was myers who phoned authorities to alert them to what happened. he was not injured. the patrol's lieutenant kelley hughes says myers got a ride to his home from someone---but did not know who it was. the solicitor was taken into custody and transported to the alvin glenn detention center to avoid potential problems with being booked in lexington---where he's been the top prosecutor
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at alvin glenn, the patrol says, myers' blood alcohol tested at point-zero- nine---the limit is zero- eight. myers told investigators he'd had one drink at uno's in lexington but none after the collision. the report says myers had problems with several sobriety tests including being unable to say his abc's. this follows a 2012 traffic stop in which a trooper says myers was weaving on old chapin. he blamed that in part on an exciting gamecock baseball game on the radio. myers admitted having a couple of drinks--but said someone else had left the cup containing scotch in his car. he later pleaded guilty to an open container charge and paid a fine. some seven years earlier, myers was pulled over by an officer in asheville where he was attending a conference. he flunked two blood alcohol tests---with results about twice the legal standard. but his dwi conviction in north carolina happened more than ten years ago. the law says because more than a decade has passed between arrests----the newest case would be considered a first offense. that means it's a
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not trigger potential removal from office. jack kuenzie wis news ten. tonight, presidential candidate hillary clinton is in columbia. ahead of a town hall event, she is speaking alongside victims of violent incidents our allie spillyards joins us from central baptist church in columbia. we're just 15 minutes out from the start of to tonight's talk. hillary clinton joined by former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly... tackling issues relating to gun violence. together with 5 mothers who's children were lost in high profile gun violence crimes or police incidents, they'll talk about... -comprehensive background checks -cracking down on illegal gun traffickers -holding dealers and manufacturers accountable -and closing loopholes of course this an issue familiar to south carolinians following this summer's shooting at mother emmanuel. the sanctuary was packed more than half an hour ago, and we still have 15
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starts. ahead of saturday's primary, bernie sanders is counting on the support of young part, to his stance on education. today, sanders spoke exclusively to our billie jean shaw billie jean... i've spoken to many young voters, including college students who agree with bernie sanders' platform to make public colleges and universities tuition free. however, what we haven't heard much of is how sanders' plans to make that possible. today, i asked sanders to lay out his plan and a timeline for the mandate to be put in place if elected as president. "we're going to pay for that through a tax on wall street speculation this country bailed out wall street when it was collapsing
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street's time to help out the now how do we get this thing through? we get this thing through like any other important provisions when millions of people say to washington, sorry the function of the congress is to handle the need of this country not billionaires. if elected president what will be the timeline to make that happen? it will be one of the highest priority, will it happening your first term i can't guarantee, that's a strong word but it is a high priority." coming up on the news at 7, we'll hear more from sanders as he explains what sets him a part from hillary clinton when it comes to foreign policy. in just a couple hours, sanders and hillary clinton will make their pitch to voters in prime time here in the midlands. they'll be part of a town hall forum at usc law
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chad mills is there live. chad.... this forum will be pretty similar to the two held last week for the republican candidates. the candidates won't be on-stage all at once. instead, they'll take turns answering questions from the moderator. of course, former secretary of state hillary clinton maintains a big lead in the polls over her challenger, senator bernie sanders, a self-described democratic-socialist. the clinton campaign has made south carolina a priority for a little while now. and she and her surrogates have continued campaigning here. after his speech in nevada, it seemed senator sanders might write off this state and focus solely on super tuesday states. however, he has been campaigning here over the past few days. he's also been making stops in some of those super tuesday states too, including virginia this morning and massachusetts yesterday. "i am delighted that secretary clinton has begun adopting more and more of
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have advovated. that is good. and as started to use our language, our rhetoric, our positions because she sees them working. the people of the u.s need to know the difference between hastily adopted campaign rhetoric and the real record and the long held ideas of the candidates." clinton, meanwhile, has had a strong grassroots ground game in south carolina since april, so it will certainly be an uphill fight for sanders to gain candidates." clinton, meanwhile, has had a strong grassroots ground game in south carolina since april, so it will certainly be an uphill fight for sanders to gain ground in the state.
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o'clock. wis will have a recap at 11. live at usc, chad mills, wis news 10. coming up on the news at 6: state leaders won't let up in their push to keep the feds from moving terrorists into south carolina. plus the dance will go on, finally, after a tough recovery from our devastating floods. break 2 governor nikki haley is pledging to fight against president obama's most recent call to close the
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today, the president presented his plan to close gitmo...which could mean relocating terrorists overseas and on u.s. soil. "we're going to work with congress to find a secure location in the united states to hold remaining detainees. these are detainees who are subject to military
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those who cannot yet be transferred to other countries, or who we've determined must continue to be detained because they pose a continuing significant threat to the united states. this morning, the governor said she would not accept the notion of gitmo prisoners being transferred to the state. "this is not the time to unsettle the people of this country or south carolina by saying we're going to send you a few more, it'll be fine. no it's not going to be fine. we have said that. they have been fine in guantanamo bay for a long time. i'm not the only governor that thinks that. we don't want them, we're going to fight it. he knows we're going to fight it." state attorney general alan wilson also spoke out today--calling the president's plan "reckless, frightening and disappointing." late last year, state officials also promised to fight a plan by the pentagon which was assessing the charleston naval brig as a possible relocation site. the last of three deputies involved in a crash last week in lexington county has
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the hospital. the crash happened on platt springs road when two lexington county patrol vehicles crashed while responding to a burglary call. the other two deputies involved were out of the hospital the next day. the incident is being investigated by the highway patrol. in the midst of tax season - scams are popping up across the midlands. the most recent scam in lexington involves a suspicious male caller who identifies himself as an irs agent. in orangeburg county, officials have received reports of someone claiming to be a representative of the treasury department. officials say scare tactics - like demanding money - are common in these kinds of scams. "the irs is not going to initiate contact with you through the phone. they're going to do that usually through mail. so, if you haven't gotten a letter about backtaxes or something like that, you can be pretty sure its a scam if they're calling you or emailing you." juliana harris with the state department of consumer affairs says it you do get one of these calls - hang up and contact the
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four months after the flood, one of the worst hit businesses is under renovation, with a grand reopening finally on the calendar. today a wall of floor- length mirrors were installed at the pavlovich ballet school...and new ballet bars were ready to be attached to the walls. pavlovich says this was his second time back during the renovation, saying its been too emotional to see his studio built back from scratch. the studio took on eight feet of water when gills creek overflowed in october. the newly renovated studio was a complete ballet lost all of pavlovich's lifelong collection of ballet memorabilia. it's been an emotional road for all, but today they're focusing on the grand reopening set for march 13th. "i remember seeing them come in the first time we
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them seeing it this time." "i want people to see that this is really a first class studio. we're going to have the best floor in the country that money can buy and an amazing facility, so i want people to see this." columbia native brooklyn mack, now of the washington ballet, is expected at the grand reopening ahead of a march 15th fundraiser where he'll be joined by the american ballet theater's misty copeland. we're keeping a close eye on a weather system to our west. coming up, von gaskin will have the details in your full forecast.
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they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans, and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie.
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clearing skies and cooler temperatures the rest of the week behind the front. a very dynamic weather system will move through the region wednesday and deliver the risk of severe thunderstorms from wednesday morning through mid-afternoon across the
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biggest threat will be straight-line winds with isolated tornadoes. once the system moves out by wednesday evening, skies clear and we'll see sunny cooler conditions the rest of the week. the usc men's basketball team is winning games at a record clearing skies and cooler temperatures the rest of the week behind the front. a very dynamic weather system will move through the region wednesday and deliver the risk of severe morning through mid-afternoon across the the biggest threat will be straight-line winds with
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once the system moves out by wednesday evening, skies clear and we'll see sunny cooler conditions the rest of the week. the usc men's basketball team is winning games at a record
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but they're not getting any love in the national polls.....sports is next!!!! break 3 the usc baseball team was back
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hillary clinton: wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's racism holding people back... big financial interests, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. to root out all of these barriers... and together we will make progress. i'm hillary clinton,
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perfect start. the gamecocks opened the season this past weekend by sweeping a three game series with albany. today they hosted appalachian state at founders park. freshman pitcher adam hill making his gamecock debut..... first inning....hill comes out smoking...he blows a fastball by beau myers..... second inning....hill with more
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stuff...freezes the hitter for strike three. hill pitches six innings...strikes out eleven and doesn't give up any runs. gamecocks get on the board in the bottom of the second...the bags are loaded for marcus mooney....he sends one deep to left......tyler stroup drops it....the error allows two runs to score....two nothing usc. third inning...jonah bride sends a basehit up the middle...alex destino scores from second to make it three nothing....... they're in the 8th inning..... south carolina five , appalachian state nothing. the usc men's basketball team could set a record for the most wins in a season...but this week they're unranked in both major polls. carolina is 22 and five...with four regular season games left...and at least two postseason games. the gamecocks record for victories is 25 in they very well could surpass that mark.
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16 of the teams in the ap top 25....including texas at 17 and ten, notre dame at 18 and eight and duke and kentucky...both with 20 and seven records. coach frank martin says the gamecocks are ignored by the pollsters because they're not a nationally relevant program. media folks outside of this region don't pay attention to are they going to vote for us? we haven't earned the right to be ranked. a lot of the ranking with the media is based on prior history. as we finish this year. that will help us with rankings moving forward. i tell you, i don't care about preseason rankings. i don't care about rankings in january, i don't care about
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let us be lovers, we'll marry ououfortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone be watching you. and eating natural. millions look for on the label, but what


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