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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> thank you for staying with us for the special edition of the 2 2016 edition. >> thank you for being here. our live cover continues in just a moment. first we want to go to chad as they are awaiting the arrival of former president bill clinton. >> reporter: the excitement is
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we are here in a middle school in windsburg county and there is a big crowd behind me. many people standing off to the side of the stage. standing room only inside this gym and people be waiting to hear from bill clinton and he will of course speak for his wife hillary clinton. it's supposed to start at 745:45 and i'm told his plane was supposed to land around 7:10 or so. so first up will be former representative brown and then former governor jim hodgins who will be introducing president bill clinton. he has been all over and had three stops today. he also has stops tomorrow. what did clinton have to stay
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>> if you don't want more shootings since like what happened in charleston, we got to talk to our fellow americans and have universal background checks to cover online gun sales. >> reporter: ocourse earlier this monday, earlier this february clinton speak at alan university tell the crowd there that he has never been more excited to vote for someone and there has never been a more qualified candidate on the ballot than his wife hillary clinton. will be joining downtown at bay plaza and will be giving a joint rallying speech tomorrow at 8:00. live in windsburg, chad mills, wis. >> earlier today, clinton made
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williamsburg county and then florence for the breaking down barrierers forum and then we'll be right backed up the day for the rally. tonight will be in north charleston for a town hall meeting. meanwhile bernie sanders was in ohio today after being in the mid lands yesterday. he says his focus is lifting south carolina families out of poverty. sanders will be back in south carolina tomorrow. >> what a saturday, got a look at the forecast and more don't we? >> democratic primary of course you said saturday and we're going to have temperatures in the 40s and 50s for the up states in the afternoon. 50s in the mid land and down along the coast 50s and 60s but a full day of sunshine. i'm talking a full day of gorgeous sunshine and nowhere near the wind that we have had obvious the last 24 hours.
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saturday morning and there is your high of 58. monday we are near 70 and we have the mid 70s on tuesday with showers in the forecast wednesday of next week and then approaching next weekend so a week from saturday into sunday. back to you. >> thank you so much. south carolina was center stage for the republican candidate and now center stage again for the democratic primary this weekend >> long before that, msnbc ha been broadcasting live from colombia vista where we find judy g judy gaston tonight >> we are watching the coverage all week. so inciteful. we are thrilled to have you in colombia. >> thrilled to be here. >> i don't know where i want to start. i guess i want to ask you about
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last time in 2008 there was maybe an arogance that people say they have had event after event, what does that tell? >> hillary clinton is trying to do things, that she is going to fight for everybody and cares about south carolina and places that she is not going to take for granted, and two, i think there is an ability here to say that this is an attempt of what we can do and what the hillary clinton campaign wants to show is that they can build a coalitoin that is verse and the argument against bernie sanders is not that there is something the politics. it's exciting. promising you a certain number of things and she is the only candidate in the argument that can do it and build a coalition
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south carolina has become the face for that which is ironic or at least different t tn in 2008 when they saw the african american obama will do well here and there is concern that clinton or the allies and supporters will turn the black lives matter phrase on his head and say that black voters don't matter as well. that's a controversial thing that has been put out to the party. the party is all over the place right now. she is trying to turn her state here. she won nevada. no contest. we know that. there was a secondary argument online and twitter about whether she won the female voters. she is saying she is more able to put together >> so and you look at the coalition that the sanders campaign is putting together. on the campus of south carolina
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has got some of the young. >> well, it's bernie sanders. >> he has the young dynamic leaders who want this democrat. one was a clinton supporter and switched gears. they have excitement but will that translatento vote on saturday? >> i don't know. i will see like anybody else. i think the politics are more than just your identity. if it's just the identity, then might be a very popular figure in the black community but if you actually go out and do the interview, it's not the case. it turns out it doesn't matter that only he happens to be having a legal career but he is not as popular as obama, why is that? because people look beyond
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are attacacd to the academic part of the african american experience and cornell west and some scholars and the woman who wrote, jim crow. there is all folks that may be involved with the level of identity race and the ideas, basically arguing in the nation magazine that i used to write, like any argument, clinton is part of the call to the declaration and has to some degree. the bernie sanders argument is basically saying that i was a liberal before it was cool and there are policies against that and i think hillary clinton is saying it's not just where you stand on your issues but it's about your ability to get things
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what worked then, may work now. mostly sunny day for the primary. back to 32 on sunday morning and 65 to 69 monday and 40% on the rain chance wednesday and the warmest day o o the 7. will be on tuesday. candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday. next tuesday march 1st, more than 800 delegates are at steak for the democrats and nearly 600 for the republicans. let's check in.
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of south carolina with us this evening. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> looking ahead to saturday in south carolina, bernie sanders has seen a tremendous increase in his name recognition and support and is it enough to outdo what hillary clinton came in with? >> i don't think so. look at the polls up to this point, show her by 20 points and some as much as 25 and we also look at the sanders campaign and i'm not saying they are giving up in south carolina but the fact that they didn't campaign much in the state in ohio for the last few days and kind of gives the indication that they don't think there is an opportunity to score. >> as we look ahead to super tuesday we have another chance to the republicans to make their case today. another debate. who is going to do something magical. >> well i think that cruz and
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magical and who is going to be the person one on one with trump or does it come to the point where they have to organize themselves together and go after trump because if they continue to fight for this second place position too much longer, after super tuesday and then certainly after march 15th, trump is going to have such a delegate lead and he won't be unstoppable if he is not already closing in on that point already. >> the next few primaries, texas is on super tuesday and then we have got florida and then ohio, that's cruz and rubio and kasich's home state is coming in play. what does that do to the math? >> certainly if any of the candidates lose their home state, it really almost puts an end to their chances. i think that all of these other states that are going, particularly if we look at texas, you know, there is eleven other states and there is so
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almost one fourth of the delegates and trump has a sizeable lead in many of the other states and cruz can win that one state and trump almost wins the rest. >> who is supporting whom? if rubio or cruz drops out, where are they coming from? it does not necessarilylyollow that they will necessarily predict a two person race where whoever survives has the candidate that is still competitive, does it. >> i think that is very much the case and cruz and rubio have been going at each other. trump will still pick up some of the supporters so the logic at one end says if we can get it on a one on one race, it ignores
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growing from state to state, if somebody does drop out, he is going to pick up some of the voters as well. >> not even the strategic wiwidrawal, and not own that, but take it with trump. >> i don't think so, i think if we started to see some polls and editoriales today that the republicans need to do something and if they could have done something, they would have done it at this point. >> thank you for joining us this evening. and tonight, yes,cnn will host the last republican debate before super tuesday at 8:30 from houston texas.
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will continue up next >> the decision 2016 election, we are watching live msnbc where they have the coverage and democratic primaries here in south carolina. i want to introduce to some undecided voters. they say what they are thinking as they try to make up their minds befoo friday night. jacob is majoring in political science and we have jessica hunter from cappan and we have others with us as well. i'm going to start with you because last week you were undecided and you were doing your research and listening to
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>> i am almost been swayed but i haven't been sold. this past week i feel like the candidates are moving up here especially in south carolina and i have been able to hear voices outside to try to persuade me left or right. i haven't made the decision yet. >> what about you, what areome of the biggest issues for you? >> number one, i'm looking for a candidate -- [inaudible]. what it means to be black in america. we can see that experience and also indications to be part of the decision as well. you know, how to traditional not receive as much funding as other
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we just want to make sure that my institution is there as well >> you are going to be graduating soon. what is important for you? what i am considering is my future plans. i want somebody to support me for student loans and my family's future and basically support me as a african american female. >> they have a great impact but i will say that i look forward to seeing more in the next couple of days who are visiting. >> and you were not impressed but you were however, impressss with the congress woman. >> yeah, she has been around for so long and to hear her experience and story and her connection and her relationship
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moved me. [laughter] she definitely gave me a point of view that i was not really looking at. she really -- she shared some things, a personal story or personal connection of hillary clinton and made me give her a second look. >> when will you make up your mind? >> i can't really wait on it. i am voting in the primary. >> wonderful. >> what about you? when are you going to decide? >> i would say t tat given a couple of more days to see who is visiting. [laughter] we'll have the representatives come and i look forward to interviewing them for the conference that we have. >> are you giving yourself a deadline? >> it's a game time decision and i know i am voting because the african american female vote is
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we play such a big part in education and opportunities for jobs and so many things, i know i am voting but it's a game time decision. >> we thank you all for sharing your incite. people feel like they have naive political views and there is optimism and i'm glad you're involved with the political project.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her church taught her to do all the good you can... for all the people you can... for as long as you can... after law school, she could have joined a high priced law firm... but instead, she worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina... exposed racism in alabama schools... registered latino voters in texas... and provided legal aid to families in arkansas. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together.
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>> there are some things you need to know for saturday. >> polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. to cast your vote, you will need to show a photo id. valid forms of identification are on your screen and d clude your south carolina driver's license or a passport. and before we head to vote, be sure to check your polling location. we have a link on and some poll places are different and have been combined including two in lexington. those are going to be impacted by the race. if you voted in the last gop election last weekend, you cannot vote in this primary.
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will be in the mid lands. hillary clinton will be starting at 3:15 and after that will be out rallying at the corner of hampton and main street and colombia and bernie sanders will hold a stop and go rally at clason university in orangeburg county and later that day will head to an event at the township auditorium. both events are free. first come first serve basis. >> a lot has been happening this week and a lot more will happen in the next couple of days. be sure to stay tuned with all of our social media platforms on what is ahead. thank you for joining us for the
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>> see you again tonight we got what you wanted. it's your brother's address.
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