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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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building walls. in front of an excited crowd... just hours away from the big day... "ready for hillary! ready for hillary! ready for hillary!" mayor steve benjamin introduced hillary clinton and former president bill clinton, who made some of their final pitches before south carolina's democratic primary. "we love this place, and we are grateful to all of you." after a long week of campaigning, hillary told the crowd her ideals -- and told them the republican ideals they've been hearing are nothing but "snake oil." "pointing fingers at groups of americans, scapegoating them, blaming them is easy. working to bring people together to find common cause and common ground is what we are called to do." she also laid out some of her policies like making college affordable. "imagine that we have access to college where you have tuition that is debt free. you don't have to borrow a dime in order to go to college. then imagine we tackle the problem of student debt. we let you re-finance your debt. we help you shift
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back as a percentage of your income, which is what bill and i did when we got out of law school." finally, she ended by telling south carolina democrats to get out and vote. "i want to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, ready for progress, ready to make a difference. / let's go make america all it should be again." most political experts expect hillary clinton to win the south carolina primary tomorrow. polls have given her a big lead for a while. earlier in the day, we had a chance to hear from secretary clinton on issues specifically related to south carolina. jack kuenzie tonight spoke one on one with clinton during a stop in
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even with a double digit lead in the polls, former secretary of state hillary clinton and her more than a dozen stops in the waning hours of campaign activity. mrs. clinton late friday afternoon---trying to stir up support from younger voters at south carolina state university. it was a short speech----focusing in part on her history of working in the state after graduating from law school. she praised president obama's record on economic recovery and healthcare, calling herself a "proud defender" of the president. i asked her later---if her approach as president would be an extension of the obama years. i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for my husband's third term. but i do really respect the accomplishments each of them achieved during their presidencies. i think it would be unwise to say i've nothing to learn from anybody. you know there are things i respect about republican presidents. i want to pull together the best ideas, the best people. the former secretary has powerful support--as much as 70 per cent among black south carolinians---especially older female voters, a group more likely than any other to turn out for a
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i'm not new to these issues. i've been working on issues of equity and poverty and opportunity my entire career. i worked hard to get healthcare, that's why i'm so supportive of what president obama accomplished. i think people have a broad view that i didn't just show up and say hey, come vote for me. but some of clinton's recent appearances have drawn fire from black lives matter activists---including some who began shouting at her during the stop at s-c state. mrs. clinton also hoping to seal the deal with palmetto state voters, campaigning with two former gamecock greats, stephon gilmore and alshon jeffrey. she says she appreciates being with people who work hard and achieve their goals. at south carolina state university in orangeburg, jack kuenzie wis news ten. meanwhile hillary clinton's opponent in tomorrow's primary also rallied
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evening. "i need your help tomorrow here in south carolina. " vermont senator bernie sanders asked the crowd at township auditorium to get out in force at the polls tomorrow. our mike desumma joins us from the newsroom with more on the sanders campaign. well judi the vermont senator came into south carolina facing a big challenge in trying to win this weekend's primary. many polls show him behind hillary clinton by at least 20 percentage points -- and one by as much as fifty. still his supporters are not counting him out. hundreds waited patiently for sanders at the auditorium tonight. he didn't take to the stage until after 8 p-m ... it was his last campaign stop following several campaign events in orangeburg county todday. in his remarks sanders once again made his pledge to raise the nation's minimum wage,
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well as find ways to make public colleges and universities tuition free. the vermont senator said he believes they are promises he can keep -- if his supporters speak up. and that includes making sure their voices are heard during the south carolina primary tomorrow. "now is the time to tell the large profitable corporations and the wealthiest people in this country...'yes!' they are going to start paying their fair share of taxes." "i believe that he will keep his promises the he has made...guess we'll have to wait and see...see if bernie actually gets elected...and then i think he'll do a wonderful job in office." sanders has been meeting and greeting voters in the palmetto state since last sunday --- after falling to clinton in the nevada caucus. according to his campaign he will not be in south carolina tomorrow to watch the election returns. the vermont sanders is planning to make stops in texas and minnesota instead -- ahead of several
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tuesday. in the newsroom, mike desumma, wis news 10. sanders also stopped through orangeburg today on his final south carolin tour before the vote. at claflin university today--sanders talked education funding and criminal justice reform. one student who was undecided before says she's now sold on sanders' vision. "my thoughts now is that he's a perfect candidate for a future president. i've never seen someone so passionate about the african american race about all minority's. especially his facts about the incarceration rate that was just what did for me. i've never seen someone so passionate." members of the sanders campaign tell wis they're aware of clinton's big lead in the state--but that a win for sanders is within the realm of possibility. if you're voting tomorrow--polls open at 7 a.m. across the state. you must take a form of photo identification to your polling place.
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license, a state-issued photo i.d., military i.d., or u.s. passport. if you don't have proper id, you can still cast a provisional ballot by signing an affidavit explaining your situation. to check where your polling location and get answers to any other election day questions go to wistv slash big red 10. and for continuing coverage of the democratic primary--stay tuned to wis starting at 9 tomorrow morning. our team coverage continues tomorrow evening with live reports and expert analysis as the polls close and the results come in. and as voters head to the polls--it will be perfect weather, maybe a little chilly start in the morning. ben tanner joins us now with your primary day forecast. enjoy the sunshine all weekend with lows in the 20s/30s and
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tonight, a midlands restaurant wednesday. tonight, a midlands restaurant owner charged wednesday. tonight, a midlands restaurant owner charged with the murder of a man on valentine's day is out of jail on bond. records show greg leon was released following a federal judge's decision to approve bond for a probation violation connected with the alleged murder of arturo santos
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leon turned himself in after calling 9-1-1 and reportedly telling the dispatcher that he shot his wife's lover. leon must comply with a number of conditions for his release ...including wearing an electronic monitor bracelet. the judge also told him not to have any contact with his wife. tonight, investigators say the man killed in an accident at a midlands machine shop was crushed. the richland county coroner has identified the victim as ryan danser of willington, connecticut. officials say danser died when the tank truck he was working on lost hydraulics and caught him between the truck bed and the tank. this happened at the utility group of sc on pineview drive. the coroner's office and osha are investigating the death. this weekend, the columbia fire community will say goodbye to one of its own. today, columbia fire department announced the death of senior firefighter andrew smith. smith served with ladder company 14 for a little over two years.
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smith with a funeral to follow on monday--both will be held in pennsylvania. coming up on the news at 11-- the republican race to super tuesday just got a whole lot more interesting--as donald trumps rivals turn up the heat. and south carolina's lindsey graham is getting heat of his own over his part in a spicy roast. the battle brewing within the
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up. today, marco rubio kept up his attacks on donald trump's debate performance and social media habits. but as sara murray reports, it was a surprise endorsement today from a former rival that put trump back in the drivers seat. --reporter pkg-as follows- two of the biggest, brashest personalities in the republican party are teaming up. presidential candidate "i said let's keep it as a secret. for the people in texas, let's do it." donald trump snapping up his most prominent endorsement yet -- new jersey governor chris christie. new jersey
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american politics." and trying to shift momentum back in his corner -- with marco rubio ready to brawl after thursday night's cnn republican debate presidential candidate "friends do not let friends vote for con artists." rubio is ratcheting up his attacks on the billionaire's business record -- even mocking trump's twitter habit... presidential candidate "so how does this guy, not in one tweet, in three tweets misspell words so badly. and i only reached two conclusions. number one, that's how they spell those words at the wharton school of business where he went. or number two, just like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets." and poking fun at trump's debate performance presidential candidate "last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first, he had this little makeup thing applying, like makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches. then he asked for a full- length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up
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wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know." but trump and christie were ready -- banding together to try to take down a mutual foe. presidential candidate "it's rubio!" trump taking aim at rubio's debate performance. presidential candidate "he's a nervous basket case. here's a guy .. you had to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. honestly i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared like a little frightened puppy." and even his appearance. presidential candidate "i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that." with christie piling on... new jersey "do we need a united states senator from florida who doesn't show up for work?" "no!" rubio later today brushed off the christie news. presidential candidate "donald probably needs a life-line after last night, so he called in chris christie. i respect that. i have more than my fair share of
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are spreading across the ted cruz labels trump a new york liberal. presidential candidate "donald trump is adopting the rhetoric of a populist - donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal." but for now -- rubio is trump's top foil presidential candidate "rubio's a baby, but a guy like ted is tougher." that's sara murray reporting. trump is leading in many of the upcoming super tuesday states, with the exception of ted cruz's homestate of texas. meanwhile--senator lindsey out everybody ... including members of his own party. last night at a washington press club foundation dinner, graham jokingly went after all the candidates, using some colorful words...and even a mock endorsement. "my party is going bat
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the floor of the senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you." "i ran for president and i had to get out. i endorsed jeb bush and he had to get out. i am the doctor kevorkian of the republican primary. tonight, i endorse donald trump and hope the graham magic still exists." graham's remarks is no laughing matter for leaders of the south carolina pastor's alliance...suggesting tonight that graham immediately resign for his joke suggesting the killing of senator cruz. the alliance has links to the cruz campaign. in a statement tonight, the group calls graham's comment "distasteful" and an embarrassment to the
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stay with us--after the break, we'll get a look at your full forecast with ben tanner. enjoy the sunshine all weekend with lows in the i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her church taught her to do all the good you can... for all the people you can...
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after law school, she could have joined a high priced law firm... but instead, she worked to reform juvenile justice in south carolina... exposed racism in alabama schools... registered latino voters in texas... and provided legal aid to families in arkansas. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together.
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20s/30s and highs in the 50s saturday and 60s on sunday. the next chance of arrives wednesday. the usc baseball team remains perfect......
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the usc baseball team remains perfect...... and high school basketball teams
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hoping to win the big trophy. we've got some hot playoff action.... we've got highlights from the upstate to the midlands...sports is next!1 the high school state basketball playoffs have reached the semifinal
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have reached the semifinal stage. teams are competing this weekend to advance to state championship game. the a.c. flora boys are number one in class three-a. the falcons were in greenville tonight to take on the seneca bobcats...
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tristen hudson hits a clutch three pointer.....the bobcats take a one point lead. flora's james reese reponds with his own triple....falcons back on top..... time winding down....flora up by two....the three point attempt is off...there's a scramble for the rebound....deshawn thomas puts the finishing touches on the falcons victory... a.c. flora advances to the state title game with a 56-52 win over seneca. the hammond skyhawks are ranked 18th nationally by usa today...they're also the defending scisa three-a state champs. but there'll be no repeat title for hammond after being upset tonight by northwood. the skyhawks listening to head coach mark mcclam.... third quarter.lucas prickett knocks down the three for the skyhawks..hammond led by as many as 13 --- but the chargers come back.down 55-54 late in the fourth.caleb loudin knocks down the three.chargers up 57-55. --- hammond star and unc signee seventh woods goes into the spin
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--- but it's northwood's night.loudin drains the three with 12 seconds left and the skyhawks are ousted from the tournament. they fall 61-57. heathwood hall looking for their chance to play for the title...they take on porter-gaud --- first quarter... josh caldwell sprints to the basket for the's 4-to-2 highlanders... --- next play...jake lanford misses the hook shot but aaron nesmith is there to throw it down for the cyclones...porter-gaud would lead it 17-to-15 after one.-- heathwood falls to porter gaud 58-to-35. the dreher girls facing wren in the three-a semifinals in greenville.... first the steal....dreher's kamryn lemon with a three point play......the blue devils eventually t build a double-digit lead..... wren rallies......they're down two with five seconds left....but they can't get a shot off.... dreher advances to the state championship game with a 51 to 49 win over
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the hammond girls taking on porter gaud in the scisa three-a semifinals in sumter.... --- we pick it up in the third quarter...hammond down three when rivers clarke drains the three. we're tied at 24 --- but the lady cyclones make their move...beau faith gets ahead of the defense and scores on the break. porter-gaud goes up 37-to-31 after the third. --- porter-gaud not done...garis grant takes the entry pass and scores... porter gaud eliminates hammond....48 to 40. turning to baseball....usc's john jones leads an offensive attack that produced 14 hits the gamecocks dominate penn state in the opener of their weekend series. clarke schmidt is the pitching star...he throws seven scoreless innings...allowing just one hit while striking out eight. jones takes care of business at the plate...first inning..he belts a solo homerun to left for a one- nothing lead..... second inning....jones delivers a run scoring single to make it four nothing..... jones caps off his big day in
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drives in two runs....jones goes four for four with four r-b- i's the gamecocks win it seven to two of the series is saturday at two o'clock. holbrook: "love the presence he has in the middle of our lineup. strong kid. great plate approach. he knows what he is trying to accomplish." jones: "try to get to the field everday and do the same thing. have the same routine. go up to the plate and just compete." clem son is hosting james madison this weekend. the tigers are leading game one....three to one in the sixth
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nathan lane. keri russell. comedian mary lynn rajskub. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 426. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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