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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 27, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and charles molineaux. you dansyou you. >> dawndy: good evening, everyone, thank you so much for watching our special election coverage. >> charles: wis news 10 is the station around with our people at the polling places and expert analysis of the numbers a these come in. the polls are just closing at this hour. >> dawndy: allie spillyards is at the meadow lake polling place in columbia where the last votes are being cast. allie. >> reporter: absolutely, dawndy and charles, the polls have closed here and more than 620 voters came through the doors here at meadow lake park. the commission said they expected this to be one of their busiest precincts today. the buzzwords are last saturday and the weekend around the state seem to be steady and consistentnt the manager of this polling location told me he has worked this location for 35 years, but this year's turnout compares to previous years since weekday
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in crowds both at the beginning and end of the day, but here that was not the case on a saturday. now i spoke with chris whitmyer from the election committee and he said anecdotehe said anecdotally that most polling locations said the turnout seem to be pretty low and slow, but as far as absentee ballots go, there were 54,000 which was up 20,000 from eight years ago. and, of course, we will be watching now to see how the numbers turn out as the last of the votes are tallied and we find out whether today's turnout looks like last week's did with the republican primary setting a new record. live from columbia, allie spillyards, news 10 news. >> dawndy: alley, thank you. two minutes after polls have closed at the 7:00 hour and we are learning that hillary clinton is the projected winner. this does not come a as major surprise as clinton has enjoyed a very large lead in the polls
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and this has been a long expected time to be a big night for the hillary clinton campaign. clinton supporters have counted on a convincing win in south carolina to build momentum ahead of super tuesday. >> charles: coming together at the usc volleyball center in columbia and meaghan norman is there. meaghan? >> reporter: it is very loud in here as you hear the supporters behind me chanting hillary. they were doing a countdown until the polls closed at:00 and erupted in loud cheers once they heard cnn reporting that hillary is the projected winnerhillary is the projected winner. hillary clinton having a very large lead for weeks, and has been campaigning in south carolina all in the area at the last minute. she got the minority vote someththg she was unable to see
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but this time around, president obama and breaking down barriers. and $25 proposed in helping -- [inaudible] -- absentee ballots so far this morning. 56,000 absentee ballots had come in and 67% of those are african-americans in campan is very confident they will win the minority vote here that they have been working so hard to win for the last couple of weeks. we will continue to keep you updated from the clinton campaign as we are here all day and the supporters behind me. dawndy, charles, back to you.
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clinton is back in south carolina. >> dawndy: . >> dawndy: wind chillwind for her. during the stop in south carolina, clinton said she was already looking ahead to the general election. >> you know i don't know who they are going to nominate and i am hopeful i will be the nominee to take on whoever they nominate. [cheering] you know, -- [chanting "hillaryyou know, -- [chanting "hillary"] -- there is something to be said for all the scar tissue i have developed over the last 25 years, but, you know, it's troubling to me, because they are all saying the same thing. as -- they want us to forget about what president obama inherited. >> dawndy: vermont senator
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he has spent the day crisscrossing super tuesday states starting in texas and eventually making his way to minnesota tonight. tomorrow, he will also hit up stops in colorado and oklahoma where he is hoping for a strong performance there. >> charles: he stopped in austin,, texas. he used the state's status as a border sight bring up gop front runner donald trump. >> we will defeat trump because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims -- [cheering] -- who insults women and african-americans and basically anybody who is not like donald trump. >> dawndy: for more perspective on what the sanders camp is doing, we go to mike desumma. >> charles: live at a sanders watch party at carl's
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>> reporter: good evening, charles and dawndy, of course the news coming just a few minutes ago that has been projected to win the primary. bernie sanders supporters like we have seen the past week have come out for the political revolution he has been characterizing the campaign across south carolina. we are wondering how many time south carolina was going to devote to the palmetto state, many showing h h at least 20 points back of clinton coming into tonight's primary. over the course of the last week, senator sanders making stops as early as sunday here in the capital city and beyond. he went across south carolina culminating in columbia last night. he was not, of course, as mentioned here in the palmetto state campaigning but his supporters wanted to get the message out to their supporters that they have faith to win the democratic party nomination. talking to organizers of this
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bar. they are continuing to look at the delegate count. and bernie sanders's message with russ, many working-class familyfamilies and minority voter also resonate with them willing to make that big push as we get closer to closer deciding the nominee in the case. not the news that many bernie sanders supporters were hoping early noncoming to this watch party, but talking to supporterparty, but talking to supporters that we will hopefulsupporters that we will hopefully hear from later nontonight's show, they are optimistic for better times ahead. >> dawndy: mike desumma at the sanders watch paet, thank you very much, mike. the hillary clinton supporters are anxious to hear her speak. she is scheduled to speak at 8:00 and she could take the stage to address them earlier than that. throughout the night we will break down the numbers. to sam bleiweis for that. >> sam: on our storyboard, we will be breaking down this vote county by county and each candidide on the left side of the screen with the ledge end,
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as the color lights up for that specific county, that means that candidate is leading in that county. at this point the polls did just close and we are waiting to get that information and have it on our map but we will bring it to you as soon as we have it, charles, dawndy, back to you. >> charles: tonight's results could have a big implication on the race heading into super tuesday. >> dawndy: am with more, to judi gatson. >> judi: tamika isaac, a hillary clinton supporter along with representative banb ur who switched camps from clinton to be a bernie sanders supporter. let me ask first you, representative, did you think it to be called so closely -- quickly i should say? >> you never really know what you are going to get. first things i want to do is congratulate hillary clinton. she did run a great race and she worked extremely hard for this, but this is just one step in the race. bernie sanders is going to continue working, you know, right around the corner is super tuesday where 11 states,
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going to come together and vote in their primary. so, you know, would you like to see it called a little later? of course. but, you know, my hopes aren't down. >> sam: what about this win for hillary clinton. we will start to see real numbers come in and start to see what the margin is, but to doll so quickly after of the polls closed it must be decisive. did she need this kind of a win badly coming out of new hampshire? >> i definitely think this win is one that we expected. we certainly were hoping for it but weren't taking any vote for granted. that's why you have seen her and her husband and daughter and other surrogates heavily in this state that every single vote was reached out to and asked for. it certainly give gives a bump coming out of new hampshire and going into super tuesday. every representative, we have 1every representative, we have 11 states up and after super tuesday, you will see a pretty clear path to getting the nomination and we are very confident that will be hillary
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judy looking at the twitter company for both. hillary clinton's camp has asked for a dollar to chip in for fund raising and she put out a tweet thanking her volunteers, but the most recent tweet from senator sanders is asking for her to release those transcripts. that was about an hour ago. obviously the sanders campaign is going to keep pushing this issue. will that be a problem for her? go to you first. >> i don't think that will be a problem for her. her position is why should she be asked to do something that anyone has not. if everyone releases transcripts of speeches they have given, she will certainly do that. but people are really terested in the issues. they are interested in income inequality. they are interested in, you know, the college and making sure that we have -- we are dealing with racial injustice and those the issues she will continue to keep on the forefront and all the
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distraction. >> judi: representative. >> here is the thing, a lot of voters want to know, is what you are telling us on the campaign trail the same thing that you tell to big banks when u walk in their doors and they pay to you speak? at the end of the day, you know, she did say, i would release them if others did. of course bernie sanders said here you go. i don't have a paid speeches from wall street or big banks. then she said if the republicans do it also which we know will never happen. but, you know, that is neither here nor there. at the end of the day like she mentioned we have very important issue that we need to talk about and continue to talk about, criminal justice, schools, infrastructure. these are things that are important. these are things that voters do want to know about, but, you know, it wouldn't hurt. nothing there to hide, i would say go ahead and release the transcripts. >> they will continue into that narrative heading into super tuesday. let's push forward and look to super tuesday.
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gaining momentum in the different states. and you start to look at the math and the delegate count. the big wins in the state. a big win for anymore nevada. a big win for her presumably in south carolina. it comes down to the delegates. is there enough time yet. will the math work for him to be able to win and will he stay in it to influence her position on the big issues. >> i think there is time for him to win. it is a matter of voter turnout. can he reach the voters that he needs to reach. here in south carolina if we go back a few months, he was polling at maybe 6%. he gainedubstantial ground. there was just not enough time for him here. the more people hear his message. the more they like him. the more they like his stances on the issues. hope is not lost. one good thing about bernie sanders's campaign is that in pointing out certain things, what he has done is he forced hillary clinton to also bring them into her campaign and we are seeing these conversations
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democratic party. >> judi: all right, well, again, thank you for being hereagain, thank you for being here. more political analysis throughout the night and, again, standing by waiting for hillararclinton on the usc campus tonight to deliver her victory speech after a decisive win projected here in the south carolina democratic praenl. >> dawndy: thank you, judi. . >> charles: thanks, judi. we heard from senator sanders. he said i congratulate secretary clinton for her victory in south carolina. this campaign is just beginning. we won a decisive victory in new hampshire. she won a decisive victory in south carolina. tuesday. >> dawndy: we will take quick break and have more of our special election coverage right
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welcome back to our special coverage of south carolina's democratic primary. and we are now projecting -- nbc is projecting hillary clinton to be the winner of the
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primary with a decisive victoryprimary with a decisive victory. >> dawndy: i believe we have some of the numbers, charles. can we show our viewers. >> charles: the projection is for hillary clinton to be the winner. these are the numbers as they come in. but the official numbers, hillary clinton leading only 30hillary clinton leading only 3 4 votes but that gives her a 89% lead. >> dawndy: and 39 votes registered for bernie sanders with 11% there. and willie wilson at zero. we will continue to give you more on that. and we are finding from our senior reporter jack kuenzie showing clinton taking a higher percentage of the black vote than president obama did in 2008 if the numbers hold to what we are seeing here projected so early. let's get more analysis. here is judi. >> judi: thank you, dawndy and charles. the former executive director of the state democratic party and also political strategist. you say you were not surprised by this. but you will be interested to
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>> that's right. i think most of us knew that hillary clinton would do well here in spite of what some of us wanted to make them actually have a fight; however, i think that the last six days, her campaign has done a great job in allocating surrogates, bringing in former president and her effort on the ground. i need some of the -- the people who worked on her campaign were good on getting absentee ballots and people to the polls. >> judi: the numbers will give her good momentum into super tuesday but a couple of issues that came up on the campaign trail that i wonder will create any problems for her in these other states. first she had to confront some protesters not once but a couple of times on the campaign trail here in south carolina. let's take a listen to one of those exchanges. >> how many professionals across the years that they have
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going to do more to make suree hbcu keep educating young people now and far into the future. i also want to tackle the problem of student debt. u.s. student debt. we are going to refinance your debt. we are going to get the costs down. we are going to -- a percentage of your income and be sure talk pay it off in a time certain so we don't have young people burning like jets. they will be able to get on with their lives. >> judi: that was one of the rallyrallies that was disrupted by a protester. a closer exchange with another protester who was upset by a term she used several years ago referring to african-americans as predators. will that gain any traction or be a problem for her? >> in every campaign you always have protesters on the democratic side or the
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i think what is unique about this particular situation is as we go into super tuesday, you have a higher concentration of a am voters. but the thing is, you actually saw the black lives matter movement actually shifted the debate across the united states of america, and i am not so sure that is a bad thing. to answer your question, i think you will continue to see protesters across the country. >> judi: what about this issue of the transcripts and releasing her speeches to wall street. sanders tweeted about it in the last hour. they are going to keep pressing it. she doesn't want to release them unless anyone does. that is not what she wants to be talking about. part of the narrative. >> it is part of the narrative but really not part of the narrative. what bernie sanders wants to make the narrative. he is tweeting it out tonight to make folks that i there is an issue. only adds to the narrative he is a single-issue candidates. mo people in rural america and predominantly in the south may not necessarily know about speeches to wall street.
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i going to feed my children tomorrow. and so i -- i am not so sure -- unless she phrases it differently. >> judi: let's talk about the democratic party in general in the 45 seconds we have. low turnout today. what does that say anything leading into the general election? >> well, remember, we have got almost 3 million registered voters in south carolina. last saturday only 25% of the elector rat actually voted in the republican primary. i think you will see probably 10 to 15% today, maybe not maybe -- but the great thing about south carolina is -- is that you saw republican party and democratic party focusing on getting people to vote, and we will have potentially over 1 million people who voted in the first in the south democratic primary, and that is exciting on its end. >> judi: good observation. thank you for being with us. charles and dawndy. >> charles: thank you, judi. a rough night for the sanders
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them. major victory by hillary clinton over bernie sanders in the story. >> dawndy: our mike desumma is at the sanders watch party with more, mike. >> reporter: once again not the outcome that many of our supporters and volunteers working with bernie sanders were hoping for coming in this early in the evening. and sander's -- the national press secretary of bernie sanders's campaign, and describe the feelings you had going into the night and how things are feeling this early on. >> you know all of our columbia there. there are those in south carolina who are feeling the "bern" and evident from people that ho went to the polls. we see that the projected winner is secretary clinton and we congratulate her. let's just be fair though, this campaign. this is just the beginning. secretary clinton won a decisive victory here in south carolina today we think. we won a decisive victory in
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so this is a nominating contestso this is a nominating we think this goes all the way through the convention and we are very proud of the ground game and the campaign we ran here in south carolina. we are thankful for all of our supporters. we have two watch parties going on tonight. charleston. and we are so excited for the people who said they will stand up and join the political revolution. >> reporter: the words you said commitment to south carolina throughout this primary season even before it started. going throughout the state there was not day it bernie wasn't busy on the road. what was the enthusiasm -- what was the reaction of people meeting with him around the city and the state. what were you looking at going into tonight's race. >> people were excited to see the senator. right after nevada went to south carolina. we are invested in the state. we have people who are here. we did not pull them out. we have ten offices in south carolina that are still open
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so we know that there are people here and supporters that put their heart and soul into this campaign, and we are so thankful for them and their support. folks came thought week to support the senator. we have a very large crowd, 5,000 people in greensville. so we are proud much the campaign we ran here. we know this is just the beginning and we are committed to running this thing for the long game. >> reporter: the end game from here the senator takehere the senator taking to the road, going out -- where do things go from here. >> where things go from here, super tuesday and beyond. and we don't think is a nominating contest by just 15 states. we will be visiting -- in the chicago area this week in addition to being right here in south carolina. we will be in massachusetts. because we think that these are places that are very important. because we feel our message will resonate in place. and all across this country. because our message really is a
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black, latino, knave-american, asian-american and otherwise. >> reporter: obviously not the outcome they wanted, but looking forward to tomorrow and the many, many primaries for this season. back to you. dharlz charleston thanks, mike. we will continue our coverage momentarily. the numbers are coming in throughout the state. the projection is hillary clinton the winner by a decisive margin. we will see what that margin is when the voth continue to be counted. >> dawndy: where they are supporters are expected to hear her speak. she is supposed to speak at the volleyball center, and this could be earlier.
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(andy stanley) it's okay for your closet to look like this. it's okay for your trunk, for your attic, for your basement to look like this but here's what we're gonna talk about for the next few weeks. it's not okay for your life to look like this. welcome back, everybody, to our special election coverage of the democratic primary. the projected board shows hillary clinton the winner and
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>> charles: that is just the projection but now we are starting to see the actual numbers of some of those voters coming in from the polling places around the state and they reflect pretty strongly what we just heard. hillary clinton leads with 7600 votes, that is 78% of the votesvotes, that is 78% of the votes. >> dawndy: with 2100, bernie sanders and willie wilson registers about 29. we have meaghan norman at the volleyball center in columbia where they are waiting to hear from hillary clinton. meaghan? >> reporter: the atmosphere, the crowd here. very excited and very loud, and not surprise because of hillary clinton's lead in the polls. her campaign has been around very aggressively here in south carolina, building up that base of support. the last couple of days,
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and chelsea made 15 campaign stops statewide. they really have been trying to build up that support. as you you can hear behind me, the crowd going pretty loud and pretty crazy. very excited tonight. and. and campaigning. and and will be anything now. so now we will send it back to you in the video.
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another quick welcome back to our special coverage of south carolina's democratic primary. as we have been reporting the projected winner of the primary as of this hour is hillary clinton. the numbers, however, still continue to come in. check it out. hillary clinton leading with
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that is about 10,000 -- just under 10300 votes for hillary clinton. >> dawndy: and 20% for hillary clinton. let's break down the numbers. so sam bleiweis for that. >> sam: this is to be expected. we expected the board to light up for hillary clinton and this is exactly what we are seeing. the first couple of counties to report around here. the first county that i saw was this county. and keep in mind that a lot of these are going to be absentee at this point. those are the numbers coming in right now and they say ze ro percent of precincts. horry county, you can see that hillary clinton leads with almost 1,000 votes in horry county from the upstate toward greenville. you can see, again, mostly absentee ballots. all absentee ballots here. hillary leading with 2500 votes at this point. bernie sanders trailing her at this point under 1,000 votes. so this is the story that we are going to see, and i think we are going to continue to see as this -- as this map will mostly light up for hillary
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we will wait to see if there are any of these counties for bernie sanders, but we will wait and see, dawndy, charles, back to you. the leader of the democratic party is giving his congratulations to hillary clinton and is transitioning to his endorsement. >> dawndy: he congratulated all. he said i would pledge my endorsement of the person who won the democratic primary, and it is my honor to follow south carolina democrats and join my mentor jim clyburn to support hillary clinton. end quote. now we are going to be back in a couple of minutes with a little bit more coverage as the numbers continue to come in. let's take a look live -- yep, we are waiting for hillary clinton to speak. it could come within the hour. the expectation is she will be talking about her victory by 8:00 this evening, although we may be hearing from her a little sooner, but we will go to hillary clinton headquarters
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in three days some big prize states will be up for grabs for both the democrats and the republicans. the republicans candidates today continued on hammer at each other before 13 states hold contests on super tuesday. >> charles: new jersey governor chris christie joined donald trump on the campaign trail in arkansas. yesterday christie surprised campaign watchers by announcing his endorsement of trump. trump is hitting hardback against senator marco rubio. rubio has been ratcheting up his attacks on trump this past week. >> they are just now coming in. i watched this lightweight rubio. total lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing. his new attack is he calls me a con artist. i am a conman, right. but i will address, you know,
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this guy has a fresh mouth. he is a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. i mean he's worse. meanwhile at a stop in keni meanwhile at a stop in kenisaw, georgia. marco rubio told voters in that he is in the race for the long haul. he is continuing to hound in what is generally seen as one of the last chances to put a halt to trump's momentum after three consecutive wins. rubio tried to play up trump's weakness as a candidate. if trump becomes the republican nominee, the media will tear him apart. >> you know the media -- you guys are sharpening your knives. as soon as he is the nominee, they will descend on him like the hounds of hell and tear him apart for all the horrible things he has done in his business career. we are not going to allow someone like that to be the nominee. we will nominate a conservative.
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cruz said he is welcomecruz said he is welcoming rubiocruz said he is welcoming rubio's verbal combat with trump that he wants to avoid the schoolchildren bickering. cruz with trump and rubio are said to be candidates in the three-man race for the nomination. cruz is banking on a win in his home state in texas on tuesday where he leads in the polls. >> we can beat donald trump. no other candidate can. and this is true across super tuesday in my home state of texas which is also on super tuesday. we are in a very strong position in texas. listen, i recognize marco and donald are engaged in a battle of insults. and they are welcome to do so. i think people want a president who they actually respect. >> dawndy: now back to the south carolina democratic primary today. joining us for some analysis on tonight's results a doctor from usc. no surprise. >> no surprise. we have been saying that the polls show a resounding victory for hillary clinton and that's what we wound up today. no surprises. >> charles: a truly resounding
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>> less than 10 points, then it certainly would have been a moral victory for sanders and could have gone into super tuesday with some momentum, but the fact it will be at least 20 points, this is a big victory for clinton. >> dawndy: on social media some of the bernie sanders supporters are saying what if he could come to south carolina earlier and penetrated the orangeburg county and beyond that have changed thing or too little too slate. momentum. given the calendar he had to focus on iowa. he was close there and get new hampshire. second, given where he has started from, it is kind of amazing of how many votes he has got. but just the uphill sklim just too steep. >> charles: looking ahead to super tuesday. we have seen the latest exchange between the republicans as they head down the stretch there. and yes, the tenor has certainly changed with a lot more of the sniping and a lot less of the substance.
7:39 pm
headlines. how did that make a difference a this snoynt. >> we saw thursday night that the tenor really changed. there is this conservative attempt to label donald trump as a con artist or talk about his failed business dealings and trump university and he is not really a conservative. this kind of three-pronged attack that is going after him, but on the super tuesday stage for the republican s se, anyone leading beside trump is cruz in his home state. the rest of them it looks like he could swoop and rubio comes out of tuesday with no victoryout of tuesday with no victories at all very difficult to see how he becomes the candidate that everybody rallies behind to stop trump. >> dawndy: talking about the republicans and the democrats as far as the minority vote and the importance of that. the early exit polls in today's democratic primary show hillary clinton taking a higher
7:40 pm
than barack obama did in 2008. >> that is amazing if that holds true. >> dawndy: if that holds true, what does that say. >> she showed her support in the community. this is her best state, and she really campaigned very heavily she got the vote. when she goes the congressional black caucus indorsement. got jim clyburn's endorse am, it was evident she wasn't taking that for granted. she wanted that big victory and the big block of voters today. >> charles: on the republicans, the worst we heard was jeb bush calling donald trump a chaos candidate. the language has gotten a lot more pointed as we head to super tuesday, why? >> because people are taking him very, very seriously and realizing that he has done so well up until this point and maybe now it is too late to stop him. and at the beginning from rick perry and lesser extent scott walker.
7:41 pm
didn't work and everybody didn't take his candidacy all this seriously. the more things he did that would have hurt conventional candidate, it doesn't. his numbers go up and there is a matter of how do we figure out how to stop this guy and so far nothing has been effective. >> charles: all right, doctor, thank you for being with us this evening. >> dawndy: we appreciate your analysis. thank you. break down the numbers again with sam bleiweis. >> sam: we are looking at the delegate count. candidates from both parties are looking ahead to super tuesday. 12 states will cast ballot during that ultimate contest on march 1. more than 800 delegates are at stake for the democrats and nearly 600 for republicans. now keep in mind, there are 53 democratic delegates up for carolina. to get the democratic nomination, , a candidate needs more than 2,000 delegates. this weekend bernie sanders and hillary clinton vying for their share of the 53 delegates. right now hillary clinton at this point in the race ahead with 58 delegates, burny coming
7:42 pm
we will have much more on this coming up. >> dawndy: sam, thank you. check in with hillary clinton headquarters. the speaking has begun. congressman is out there -- >> dawndy: dancing. >> charles: pretty happy. let's listen to her speak. >> thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, in the last several weeks the people of south carolina have had an opportunity to hear and compare. and tonight the democratic voters of south carolina have
7:43 pm
[cheering] and -- [audience chanting "hillary"] -- she will be here in a moment-- she will be here in a moment. to each and every one of you of what you have done to make this evening possible. we have started hillary clinton on her way to the white house. [cheering] people of south carolina have said that if you work hard, if you build a resume. if you remain true to your own principles, if you remain loyal
7:44 pm
this economy out of the depths, and if you made out a plan as to how you will build upon that record and take us to where we ought to be, you will be rewarded. and tonight, you are rewarded hillary clinton and she will reward each and every one of us in this great nation. [cheering] y'all didn't come to hear me, so let me present to you now the next president of the
7:45 pm
[cheering] >> thank you! thank you so much, south
7:46 pm
[audience chanting "hillary"] >> thank you, thank you! thank you. thank you so much from one end of this straight to another. i am so greatly appreciative because today you sent a message, and america will stand together -- that when we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. we have now gone through four early states, and i want to congratulate senator bernie sanders on running a great racesanders on running a great
7:47 pm
campaign goes national! we are going to compete for every vote, in every state.. we are not taking anything, and we are not taking anyone for granted. i want to thank all the local leaders, legislators, mayors, pastors, organizers, volunteers who have worked their hearts out for this campaign. i thank all of ourr great south carolina friends going back so many years. i especially want to thank two of your former great democratic governors dick riley -- and i
7:48 pm
champion, your statesman in congress, jim clybuburn! i am so looking forward to working with the congressman, to make the changes and to continue the progress that we can build on the record in accomplishments of president obama. and 850,000 people who have contributed what they could, most giving less than $100. i thank each and every one of you. now every day since iowa, more and more of you have stepped upand more of you have stepped up. today grass-roots donors are powering this campaign.
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watching across this country, please join us by making a donation to hillary clinton.comdonation to hillary and here is why. because together we can break down all the barriers holding our families and our country back. you can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god-given potential, and then and only then can america live up to its full potential too. this campaign and this victory tonight iss for the parentsnd teachers in rural south
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they showed me crumbling classrooms and communities too long neglected. we are going to work together to bring our children the education they need and deserve here in south carolina and across america! this campaign and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me more dreams die in the parking lots of banks than anywhere else, and that is especially true for women and people of color. so we are going to work together to give people particularly young people -- to start that small business you have been dreaming of, and this campaign and our victory is for
7:51 pm
of the ame church, who looked at all the violence and division in our country, and asked me the other night, how? low w we ever going to strengthen the bonds of family and community again? well, we are going to start by working together with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other. despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again.
7:52 pm
need to be tearing down barrierneed to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together. today too many people at the top, too many corporations have forgotten this basic truth about what makes america great. prescription drug companies that increase the price of drugthat increase the price of drugs for no reason than greed and then double and triple bills the folks overnight. corporations that use shell games to shift their headquarters overseas for no other reason than to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. companies like jossson controls and auto parts company in wisconsin that we taxpayers helped to save with the auto rescue in 2008. now let there be no doubt in any boardroom or e ecutive
7:53 pm
you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment and rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. if you turn your back on america -- but if you do the right thing, if you invest in your workers and in your country's future, then we will stand with you. now together we have to break down all the barriers. not just some. it is important that wall street never threaten main street again. no bank can be too big to fail, and no executive too powerful to jail. but -- but america isn't a single issue country, my friends. we need more than a plan for
7:54 pm
the middle class needs a raise! and we need more good jobs! jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future. and we can create those good jobs by building on the progress we have made under president obama. let's make new investments in manufacturing and small business in scientific research, in clean energy. enough clean energy to power every home in america. and don't let anybody till we can't make things in america. i know we can, and i know we will! let's break down the barriers that keep people on the
7:55 pm
especially women! don't you think we waited long enough for quality affordable child care. don't you think it is time for equal pay for equal work. and let's break down the barriers that stop our children from getting the best possible start in life. we need to support great teachers and great schools in every zip code. let's break down the barriers holding back our young people especially the student debt that make -- -- and we will give special support to our
7:56 pm
university that play a role until this state and our country, breaking down all the barriers means we also have to face the reality of systemic racism that more than a half a century after rosa parks sat and dr. king marched and john lewis bled still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and who gets left behind. we have to invest in communities of color, reform our broken criminal justice and immigration. we have to guarantee opportunity, dignity and justice for every american. and tonight, i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who crisscross this state with me and for me. five mothers brought togetherr by tragedy. sabrina fulton, mother of trayvon martin.
7:57 pm
for walking down the street. lucy mcbath, mother of jordan davis. shot and killed by someone who thought he was playing his music too loud in his car. maria hamilton, moth he of don trace. shot and killed by from his milwaukee. gwen carr, mother of eric garner. choked to death after being stopped for selling loose cigarettes on the streets. and geneva revel, mother of sandra bland who died in police custody in texas. they all lost children, which is almost unimaginable. yet they have not been broken or embittered, instead, they have channelled their sorrow into a strategy, and their mourning into a movent. and they are reminding us of something deep and powerful in
7:58 pm
by now, we all know the story of flint, michigan. our city's children were poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save a little money. but there is another side to the story in flint. it is a story of a community that has been knocked down but refused to be knocked out. hundreds -- hundreds of union plumbers coming across the country to install new water fixtures. it is students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up in flint to distribute supplies. it is the united autoworkers from general motors donating millions of dollars. we know there are many other flints out there. communities that have been left out and left behind. but for every problem we face
7:59 pm
somewhere is working to solve it. our country was built by people who had each other's backs. who understood we value to do our part, and at our best, we all rise together. imagine what we can all build together when each and every american has the chance to live up to his or her potential. imagine if tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation. imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and every grandparent can enjoy a secure retirement. imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, familywork is honored, families are supported, and communities are strong. when we trust and respect each other despite all this divides us. so please join us in this
8:00 pm
go to, or text join to 27426 right now. you know, on one of my first trips to south carolina during this campaign, i stopped by a bakery here in columbia. i was -- i was saying hello to everybody. i was saying hello to a man reading a book in the corner. turned out he was a minister, and the book was a bible studyand the book was a bible studying 1 corinthian 13 which happens to be one of my favorite passages. love never fails it tells us. love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. these are words to live by not only for ourselves but also for our country.


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