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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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"this 'oscars so white' maybe in group that's being left out. i'm just saying." "we're have know what to get rid of we know setting the tone. addressing the elephant in the in his opening act. "yea we got a black rocky this year. some people call it 'creed' i call it 'black rocky'. and that's a big -- that's an unbelievable statement because rocky takes place in a world where white athletes are just as good as black athletes. rocky is a science fiction movie."
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to bring up the topic of diversity throughout the show but some of the night's biggest winners stole the show with perhaps a few surprises. sylvester stalone goes home empty handed after -- mark rylance got the first oscar of his career for best supporting actor in bridge of spies. for best supporting actress alicia vikander takes home the statute -- her first oscar and 'inside out' won an oscar for best animated movie. jinah kim has more on tonight's big winners from hollywood. nats mere blocks from the oscars' red carpet, demonstrators protested the motion picture academy's lack of diversity...... nats of red carpet and the issue was also on the minds of many as they walked the red carpet for hollywood's biggest event. "it's about time we talk about it. i like that we're pushing the agenda."
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tomorrow. i want to see if we have the debate and conversation next thursday." but red carpet chatter was also about excitement.... nine year old jacob tremblay pulling for brie larson, who played his mother in "room" to win best actress. "i'm so proud for her. i say i'm going to cheer she wins because she's like my best friend". :05 once the show got picture nominee "mad max fury road" dominated the technical categories...winning six makeup and hair styling, production design, costume design, film editing, sound mixing and sound editing. two other best picture nominees scored...."spotlight" won best original screenplay....while "the big short" took best adapted screenplay. and a first time nominee became a first time winner...alicia vikander, best supporting actress for "the danish girl". oscar's diversity controversy was top of mind from the show's chris rock, in his opening monologue,
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"the white people's choice awards". jinah kim, nbc news, hollywood. the night's top awards are still inarritu won both last year for "bird man" and if he repeats - it will be an oscar first jinah kim, nbc news, hollywood. dozens of people gathered in protest of the oscars in hollywood. people held signs and demonstrated in front of hollywood high school - less than a mile from the 'dolby theater' where the oscars was held. reverend al sharpton led the rally - calling for diversity, inclusion, and justice in the academy's nomination process. no african american or latino actors or actresses are nominated for the major acting awards. "we're not saying who must win, but if you've been locked out of the process then you're dealing with a systemic problem of exclusion." other rallies were held across the country in new york, atlanta, cleveland, detroit, miami, and washington d-c. south carolina wins for best start to the week weather. meteorologist von gaskin says get ready for a
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sunday a ridge of high pressure will shift to the southeastern region and start a warming trend. temperatures will warm a few degrees each day until our next rain maker arrives midweek. highs will settle in the upper 60s to end the weekend. expect highs in the 70s monday and tuesday, both days will include a mixture of sun and clouds as a weak disturbance tracks near the area. the next best chance of rain will move in wednesday and highs will return to the 60s. taking a look at the race for
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house...hillary clinton has big momentum heading into super tuesday. last night, she won the south carolina democratic primary by a resounding margin. clinton took 73 percent of the vote to bernie ended up with 26 percent. more than a dozen states are up for grabs on tuesday. the primaries are nicknamed the "sec primary" because so many of those states have teams in college football's southeastern conference. they include alabama, georgia, tennessee, texas and arkansas. all presidential candidates are on the
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days until voting gets underway. super tuesday will be the biggest contest so far in the 2016 election season. steve nannes reports. nat pop with a major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum across multiple southern states ahead of super tuesday. sunday - clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending a church service. presidential candidate "i will need your help on tuesday. the primary here in tennessee is very important." butt sot "i hope you will come out and vote and of course i would be honored to earn your vote on tuesday." as part of his moved on to texas than minnesota. presidential candidate "i am gonna be asking for your votes on tuesday, but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election because i can't do it alone." donald trump - who won three of the first four gop races - is confident he'll sweep the super tuesday states. and john kasich agrees-- but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his
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provide the boost he needs. presidential candidate "i think trump's probably going to win probably all of them. but you keep holding your own." butt sot "our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will." butt sot "what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. presidential candidate "our campaign is the only one in way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. " i'm steve nannes reporting. after the dust from super tuesday settles, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to go one-on-one in another debate. it's happening sunday, march 6th at 8 p-m from flint, michigan. anderson cooper will be moderating. call crimestoppers if you can help richland
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responsible for an early morning stabbing. around 7-30, deputies were called out to the 19- hundred block of heyward brockington road in columbia. they say a man had been stabbed in the upper body. he was taken to the hospital - his condition is unknown. a richland county councilman is out of jail tonight after being arrested for felony dui. kelvin washington did not have much to say to reporters as he walked out of the alvin s. glenn detention center. highway patrol troopers believe washington was driving drunk last night when he rear-ended another vehicle on bluff road in hopkins. troopers say that other vehicle ended up crashing into a utility pole and the two men inside are still in the hospital -- one, in intensive care. a judge set washington's bond at 25-thousand dollars and ordered him not to contact either victim. torrey rush, the chairman of richland county council released a statement that reads in part quote: "i want to ensure the public that this body and its
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very seriously. our collective responsibility to the public is compromised when such an event like this occurs....we will continue to monitor this situation..." kelvin washington was also arrested last month when a department of revenue investigation found he had been delinquent on his taxes for several years. washington pleaded guilty two weeks ago to three counts of 'failure to file a tax return'. coming up -- von gaskin has a check of your work week forecast. sunday a ridge of high pressure will shift to the southeastern region and start a warming
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start a warming trend. temperatures will warm a few degrees each day until our next rain maker arrives midweek.
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60s to end the weekend. expect highs in the 70s monday and tuesday, both days will include a mixture of sun and will move in wednesday and highs will return to the 60s. when we come back --- how you can help invest in the potential of young people. we'll be right back. an annual event next week to temperatures will warm a few degrees each day until our next rain maker arrives midweek. highs will settle in the upper 60s to end the weekend. expect highs in the 70s monday and tuesday, both days will include a mixture of sun and clouds as a weak disturbance tracks near the area. the next best chance of rain will move in wednesday and highs
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when we come back --- how you can help invest in the potential of young people.
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reach their potential. the 5th annual angie kennedy educational foundation signature event is happening saturday. board member hazel parker joins us with more. 5th annual fundraising event. saturday march 5, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. the cinema in orangeburg. raising money for scholarships. coming up in sports...
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tigers complete sweeps on the diamond. plus... the gamecocks are already dancing... ahead of the big dance later in march. sports is next.
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gamecocks second team ever to finish league play... 16-0. fitting carolina reaches this milestone on senior day. before the showdown against lsu... usc recognizing this tremendous group of five seniors... tiffany mitchell... khadijah sessions... tina roy... asia dozier... and sarah imovbioh. === to the game... mitchell drives drops it off to a'ja wilson... who finishes strong for the and one. === then mitchell lights it up. from the corner... she buries the triple. === on the attack again... she devours tigers on her way for the hoop and the harm. mitchell... a season high 24 points. === back to the corner... this time tina roy ready to deliver. knocks down the tre. carolina up 31-15. === moments later... sessions... sometimes it's nice to have your own space. hits the wide open three. gamecocks up 19 at the
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second half... more of the same... mitchell the facilitator... feeds wilson inside... shows good patience... then gets her bucket. gamecocks down the tigers... 75-39... to finish sec play 16-0... again just the second team ever to accomplish this. how do you celebrate this achievement... by dancing of course... sessions and the crew breaking it down after the game. the fun is certainly in the winning... on senior day. staley: "something our seniors wanted to do since we were that close. i think it's a tribute to what they mean to our program. the historical run that they put us on... i think this kind of caps it off, because this is something we haven't done." mitchell: "we accomplished one of our goals for the season, but like you said we're not done at all. we still have a lot more that we want to accomplish. that's winning another tournament championship and getting to the final four again." carolina baseball stays perfect. usc sweeps penn state out of columbia... by taking
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series. unlike in the first two games... the nittany lions played the gamecocks close on sunday. penn state... jumping on usc pitcher taylor widener right off the bat. === top of the first no outs... one on... as nick riotto drills the offering into center. conlin hughes scores. penn state with the early 1-0 lead. === bottom of the third... we're squared at one... john jones up with the bags full... nittany lions in trouble... jones is on fire at the dish... base hit thru the right side... two score... as jones dives in safely to second. 3-1 gamecocks. === same score... chris cullen lifts a ball deep wheels his way home to give carolina a three run lead. === top nine... josh reagan in to close the door... tying run at the plate... reagan gets the batter swinging to end the game. gamecocks win 4-2...
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as they improve to 8-0 on the season. like usc... clemson bringing out the brooms today... as they completed a three game set against james madison at home. === bottom 2...tigers down 1- 0...... seth beer changes that with one swing. blasts a 2 run homerun. clemson out in front. === later in the frame... tigers leading 4-1... when reed rohlman drives the offering into the gap in left center. that plates one.... 5-1 clemson. === bottom 4... eli white follows suit... by taking the pitch into the as they improve to 5-1 on the season.
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antonio: today on "fix it & finish it"... if you give us the go, we're gonna go. >> ok. antonio: we go? yeah, you pull and i'll cut. awesome, man. open your eyes. >> whoa. >> oh, my gosh. antonio: my name is antonio sabato, jr. wow. renovating is what i do, but helping people is what i love. we'll do it again.
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and remodeling spaces for as long as i can remember. yeah. from landscapes to living rooms, from bedrooms to porches, we all have that one space that needs a little help. got 30 minutes, guys. let's go. let's move. with my experienced team of local professionals, every day, we're transforming lives across the country one project at a time. >> oh. >> ooh. >> wow. antonio: this is "fix it & finish it." good morning. we're in savannah. we're about to meet michael. he has down's syndrome. he's 21, and he needs his bedroom to be updated, and


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