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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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biggest voting day of the presidential race. presidential candidate "and i need your help on tuesday - the tennessee primary is really important!" fresh off her huge win in south do very well. it will increaseseer number of delegates i think the prize is going to be virginia, you're going to have texas." presidential candidate "i'm gonna need your help to win the democratic nomination." however, robertson says there is still a chance for bernie sanders to shine. "if sanders gets a certain threshold in the states and then a certain threshold in the congressional districts he will win delegates that way if he doesn't do that it's going to be extremely difficult for him to cut a path to victory." and when it comes to republican front runner donald trump,..nat pop presidential candidate "i hate to say it, i'm becoming mainstream." political expert shell suber
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determine just how strong is lead is. "if donald trump starts reaching up to around that 50 percent in a lot of these states then the he's stuck in the thirties then he has a real problem." suber says the proof is in numbers. "rubio and kacish voters are very similar, they probably will vote for one another if one go out. add kasich and ruuo's numbers together and that is a very anti donald trump vote." tommorow's big voting day could also determine who sticks around for another round. "a lot of felt probably should've dropped out after sc, carson and kasich as well, kasich knows that there's very little chance." wis will continue to have extensive coverage of super tuesday, stay up to date on air and online at wis tv.
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the u.s. secret service says it is investigating a confrontation that led to an agent body slamming a photographer covering a donald trump rally today. it happened during trump's rally in virginia as protestors caused multiple disruptions. chris morris of "time" magazine says he stepped just a few feet outside the media pen, when a secret service agent grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. the secret service says its local field office is working with local law enforcement to determine the exact circumstances that led up to this incident. governor nikki haley is part of a growing list of prominent republicans sounding off on donald trump over his most recent controversy. trump has come under fire after he didn't immediately denounce the support of former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke during an interview yesterday. governor haley was on the campaign trail alongside senator marco rubio. at a rally in atlanta, haley
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does not represent the republican party. "i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk - that is not a part of our party that is not who we want as president, we will not allow that in our country." former presidential candidate mitt romney also went after trump on twitter today--saying his refusal to denounce white supremacist support is "disgusting" and "disqualifying." as we look ahead to super tuesday tomorrow night, nbc will have an hour-long special of nightly news with lester holt. extended live coverage of tomorrow's contests starts at 6:30 and will continue through 7. you can also catch more of the results tomorrow night on wis news at 11. looking ahead to another great day of warm temperatures to start out the new month. ben tanner joins us now with a look at your forecast. a cold front approaching the
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late day showers tuesday into wednesday morning with 1/4" rain totals possible. cooler temperatures with partly cloudy skies thursday.will watch for another few showers late thursday into friday morning. one person dead after being with 1/4" rain totals possible. cooler temperatures with partly cloudy skies thursday.will watch for another few showers late thursday into friday morning. one person dead after being
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crashed vehicle in richland county tonight. richland county investigators say shortly after 9:30 tonight - a vehicle was found crashed on the 400 block of seton hall drive. the victim was found inside with multiple gunshot wounds and later died at the hospital. the richland county sheriff's department is investigating. fire crews in lugoff are working throughout the night to keep an eye on a series of brushfires that broke out this evening near highway 1. the lugoff fire department says it's been able to contain the fires near the pepperidge subdivision--and that no structures have been impacted at this point. lugoff fire marshall will catoe says the forestry commission is also on scenene
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we've got two ploughs with forestry on the ground cutting breaks." catoe says multiple crews will be keeping an eye on the fires tonight and into tomorrow. a richland county council member facing felony charges for allegedly driving drunk, is touching off worries among his fellow council members. councilman kelvin washington was released from jail yesterday after being arrested for felony dui. highway patrol says two people were taken to the hospital saturday night after washington rear- ended their vehicle. if he's convicted, washington could get at least a 51 hundred dollar fine and up to 15 years in prison. today councilman seth rose told wis now is the time for washington to let someone else take over his duties on council "with his second arrest it's become abundantly clear that mr. washington has some issues at home that he needs to address. it's my personal opinion that he'd be better served and so would the citizens of richland county. he focuses on addressing
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someone else to fulfill his council duties. as for this horrible incident i'm p pying for everybody that's been impacted." this latest arrest comes right after washington pleaded guilty earlier this month to multiple counts of not filing a tax return. council will be in session tomorrow night--its unclear if washington will be in attendance. a union county teacher is now "out" of her job over a nude picture of her that hit the internet. the union county school system said today that she has resigned. the incident happened at the union county career and technology center. the district's interim superintendent says a student got a hold of the teacher's phone and found the picture, then spread it around through text messages and social media. the union county sheriff's office is investigating to see if the student should be charged. the federal government is sending south carolina counties hit hardest by last fall's floods a combined 157 million dollars. the u.s. housing and urban development says nearly 20 million dollars will go specifically to the city of columbia. richland county will get 23
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another 16 point 3 million dollars will go to lexington county. the latest funds mean the state will receive most of the 300 million dodoars congress set aside for flood aid in the budget. a northeast richland county artery shut down by last falls floods, is finally open again. spears creek church road was left impassable after an upstream dam ruptured and the spears creek roared over it and washed out a bridge back in october. since then, the road has been closed forcing drivers to detour as crews worked to repair the road over the past several months. today, department of transportation officials tweeted out the announcement that the road is back open, and traffic is again moving. scdot says the repair will be in place until a separate widening project is started. a marker will soon go up honoring a midlands policeman who died protecting the community
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the intersection at beltline boulevard and forest drive will be named after greg alia alia who was shot and killed while responding to a call at the richland mall in eptember. senator joel lourie sponsored the bill. he says it was unanimously passed in the senate. greg's wife, kassy, says the sign will represent a lifetime of memories and service. "no matter who you are, greg's someone you can get behind. that's really surreal for me. he was my husband, i mean he was my hero, obviously, but for everyone to be able to get behind him is really incredible to me," the marker will go up within the next couple of weeks. after the break-- sportscaster erin andrews recounts her horrific ordeal in a tennessee hotel room--when a peeping tom caught her on video. plus--an american hero who received the highest military honor today, says his medal was not earned by himself. those stories and more after the break. neighbors in a community in
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to deal with an officer-
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one man dead. tonight, hundreds of people
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streets to protest. police say the shooting victim was wanted on felony drug charges and ran away from officers trying to arrest him. at some point during the chase, raleigh police confirm one of their officers shot and killed the man. the victim's mother was in tears at the scene as she described what reported witnesses said they saw. "they killed my son for no reason. everybody out here said that he was running, didn't have a gun, trying to jump a fence and the officer shot my son seven times, for what? for nothing." police have not released the shooting victim's name. investigators say a gun was found at the scene. north carolina's state bureau of investigation is handling the case. sportscaster erin andrews wept openly in a courtroom today--as she answered question about being secretly video taped nude inside her hotel room almost 8 years ago. as jay gray reports, her testimony marked an emotional day in a two- week
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erin andrews broke- down this afternoon.. as she talked about being video taped.. without her knowledge.. nude, inside a nashville hotel room.. "like, you know your body, i saw it for just 2 seconds, and i saw it for like 2 seconds, hours after her legal team showed the jury these video taped depositions.. that's michael david barrett.. the man convicted of stalking the popular sportscaster in three cities.. altering the peepholes in her hotel rooms.. and secretly recording the videos.. "why did you decide to do it? pretty much... id like to hear the answer. i'd like to answer. i don't have an answer. i've thought about it over and over in my
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in. a huge, huge mistake in judgment.?" barrett spent 30 months in jail.. after admitting to that "mistake," and now.. andrews is seeking 75-million- dollars in a lawsuit that names barrett, along with a nashville hotel and its management company at the time of the incident - claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy.. attorneys for the nashville marriott say they were duped as well.. he deceived, he connived, he stalked. that's what mr. barrett did..." they claim barrett manipulated the reservation system - to get the room next door to andrews which allowed him to make the video.. jay gray - nbc news. a ruling by a new york judge in one case could help apple bolster its argument in another. today, the judge ruled that the justice department cannot force apple to give the fbi access to data from a locked iphone in a routine brooklyn drug case. the judge's decision supports
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controversial stance not to assist the fbi with accessing the iphone used by one of the shooters in the december massacre in san bernardino. apple's opposition to the government's tactics has evoked a national debate over digital privacy rights and national security. the company's filing to oppose the order by a california magistrate judge is due by friday. a moving ceremony at the white house today for a real american hero. navy seal edward byers received the medal of honor for rescuing an american civilian being held hostage by taliban insurgents in afghanistan. president obama described the encounter as involving "hand-to-hand combat" with multiple adversaries. in case you missed this morning's ceremony, we wanted to share a aew special moments with you tonight highlighting his heroic actions. "hearing english ed lept across the room and threw himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullets.
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and with his body ed kept shielding the hostage. with his bare hands ed pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action. it was over almost as soon as it began. in just minutes by going after those guards ed saved the lives of several teammates and that hostage." "we also welcome ed's mom, peggy, who i understand had one question when ed told her about this ceremony. 'do you think i can come?' that's so sweet. yes, mom, you're allowed to come when your son gets the medal of honor." after the ceremony today, byers said he did not earn the recognition alone--emphasizing the importance of his team, and his own teammate who died during the operation. if it wasn't for that team i wouldn't be standing here today.
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teammate, friend, and brother, nick checque. the award was truly his. he was an american hero and he was the hero of that operation." the president said "today's ceremony is ... a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows." only five other seals have received the nation's highest medal ... for valor in combat. a cold front approaching the
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late day showers tuesday into wednesday morning with 1/4" rain totals possible. cooler temperatures with partly cloudy skies thursday.will watch for another few showers late
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with 1/4" rain totals possible. cooler temperatures with partly cloudy skies thursday.will watch for another few showers late thursday into friday morning. it's bebe less than two months since the clemson tigers played their
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today they were back on the field...kicking off spring practice. it's been 49 days since clemson lost to alabama in the national championship game. the tigers had a great season....finishing 14 and one...but the disappointment of losing the big game is their big motivation for 2016. they also have deshaun watson..a heisman finalist...returning for his junior year at quarterback. clemson is preparing to make another run at the title. today's about trying to get to number one.
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finished number two, we've been kind of climbing...trying to get to number one...and that's what everybody's objective is. there's no satisfaction on this football team, that's what i like. nobody's showing up and satisfied with last year. last year's over..this is a new year. today was the first of 15 spring practices...including the orange and white game. that's scheduled for april ninth. the usc baseball team is off to a super start...they're eight the orange and white game. that's scheduled for april ninth. the usc baseball team is off to a super start...they're eight and oh following a weekend sweep of penn state. the gamecocks were led by catcher john jones against the nittany lions.he reached base in all 14 plate appearances....he batted one thousand...going eight for eight...with two homeruns...including a grand slam. he also walked six times. collegiate baseball has named jones the national player of the week. carolina hits the road tomorrow for the first time this season. they'll travel to charleston to
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well, i'm anxious to get on the bus on tuesday and go play the citadel. it's always a great environment down there, i think we're going to have great weather. i'm interested to see how our guys react to playing on the's always a big game. the gamecocks and citadel get underway tomorrow at seven....then usc willl host clemson friday at seven in game one of their series.....the rivals will play saturday in greenville at two-30. the tigers will entertain the gamecocks sunday at two pm. tonight was a time to celebrate for the usc women's basketball team. the carolina alumni association sted a pep r rly for the gamecocks. the fans got a chance to take pictures and get autographs. the ladies were being honored for their third straight sec regular season championship. they also finished with a perfect 16 and oh conference record. admission was free tonight ....but they had to close the online registration because they reached capacity. dawn:what a great way to interact with our fans and hear them cheer us on..even on a day where
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a'ja:we really enjoy just coming out and interacting with our fans. they mean so much to us and give us so much support that we're just so happy to have them. alaina:this is really exciting to have seen the growth of our fan base along with the growth of this program it's something that i'm really happy to see. the gamecocks will be back in action friday when they'll play in the quarterfinals of the sec tournament in jacksonville, florida. usc is looking to repeat as the conference tourney champs.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." totoght, join jimmy and his guests -- steve martin and edie brikell. martin freeman. musical guest, the cast of broadway's "bright star." and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 427. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey!


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