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tv   WIS News 10 Nightcast  NBC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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georgia, and virginia. her challenger bernie sanders picks up a win in his home state of vermont tonight. he also picks up oklahoma...and colorado. voters in twelve states on the republican side were at the polls. another twelve states were up for grabs on the democratic side--still some of those races are too close to call. for more on tonight's results, we turn it over to steve handelsman. he didn't win the most states, but texas senator ted cruz is a republican super tuesday winner...taking not just his homestate but oklahoma. s/ sen. ted cruz / presidential candidate "congrats donald trump we have beaten donald trump once twice three times!!!! "for the candidates who have not yet won state...prayerfully consider our coming together" donald trump... held a low-key news conference at his florida home. s/ donald trump /
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"but believe me i am a unifier once we get all of this finished im going to go after one person and that is hillary clinton :13 for marco rubio again no primary wins but not giving up. s/ sen. marco rubio presidential candidate "i will campaign as long as it takes and where ever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states" democrat bernie sanders won at home in tiny vermont and in oklahoma. but front-runner hillary clinton won bigger states. s/ hillary clinton / presidential candidate "instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers, and build ... a dominant win but the democrats' front- runner gets overshadowed by republican ted cruz...emerging at the top challenger to donald trump. steve handelsman nbc news at ted cruz headquarters outside houston audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, stafford, texas
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up--we're looking ahead to what's coming in the primaries. the next round of states to vote will be holding contests for both the republicans and democrats this saturday. those states are kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, and nebraska. and coming up a little later in the show...we'll continue to talk politics with two experts. what do tonight's results mean, what's next for the candidates, and what can we expect to see after tonight? coming off of two primaries in south carolina the head of the richland county voter registration and elections board says the board needs more money. the director appealed to the county council tonight. our billie jean shaw has more. the richland county voter registration and elections board is requesting roughly 1.2 million dollars be added to their annual budget, which is nearly double their budget now. tonight, the director samuel selph says the board is not financially prepared to run all the elections in the county next year, which is a state mandate. he says money is needed to purchase new machines, repair current ones
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technician. selph also made the argument and charleston counties have a smaller population than richland but yet have more funding for their elections board. but council says that is because their income base is different take a listen. "the fact that greenville county is a much more industrialized county and has a larger tax base and that charleston county is a much more richer county and that kind of thing, it does not negate the fact that we have to run elections in richland county for 265- thousand registered voters, it does not negate the fact that more than 401-thousand people here in this county and we have to be ready when elections come around." the council agrees the department needs funding but asked selph to provide more concrete information and put a specific dollar amount on each of his requests. "i want to be responsible for a responsible budget and this right here to me is not a budget, this is what i
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is estimates not actual its projections." "we wanted additional information as it relates to budgets in other areas we wanted additional information as it relates to specifics on the numbers that were given to us and once we get that additional information we can make a more informed decision." the request was passed first reading tonight but council asked selph to draft a formal budget before they take a final vote. billie jean shaw, wis news 10. tonight was the first richland county council meeting since the arrest of councilman kelvin washington on dui charges. washington d d not attend tonight's meeting. in light of his legal problems, at least one council member has expressed concerns about whether washington can be effective representing his constiuents. after washington crashed saturday night, two people were taken to the hospital. the incident report says the highway patrol trooper who responded smelled a strong odor of alcohol on
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tonight, council members opening their meeting by praying for the victims. "we're deeply concerned about the victims involved in this process, involved in this crash and we're just waiting for out law enforcement agencies to do what they're responsible for doing. if convicted, washington faces a 51-hundred dollar fine and up to 15 years in prison. let's get a look now at your overnight forecast--and von gaskin is watching some scattered showers overnight. let's send it over now to the first alert weather center. expect widely scattered showers and storms to develop tonight as the front approaches the state. any lingering showers will exit the midlands early wednesday with clearing
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cooler temperatures. the forecast is dry thursday before another shot of rain moves in and out late thursday night through midday friday... rain chance 60%. highs upper 50s to lower/middle 60s. columbia police may have cracked a more than 2- year-old murder case and they already have their suspect locked up. today, police say they've charged charles byrd junior with murder for the shooting death of a man on bailey street in november of 2013.
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killed willie gilmore after an argument at a home there. byrd was already being held at the alvin s. glenn detention center on murder charges for a separate shooting in 2014. a gaston home burned to the ground this evening... leaving nothing behind but a few beams. the homeowner tells wis she was napping on her couch at the home on stapleford court when her mother woke her, alerting her to the fire. they were able to escape just in time with their pets and a cellphone. while officials confirmed how the fire started, the family believes it started on the back porch. the family is now being helped by the red cross and neighbors. the longtime chief of cayce's department of public safety is announcing his retirement. today, chief charles mcnair said he will step down after nearly 16 years with the department. mcnair is a cayce native, who served with various law enforcement agencies throughout his career, including south carolina highway patrol, and sled. . he will officially retire on may
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after a long day in the senate chambers--senators were unable again to take up a bill to fund state roads. will whitson explains, it was another unrelated bill that put roads on hold today. state senator gerald malloy took the podium earlier today- blocking a vote not on roads- but instead on peanut's law- a law about road construction zone safety- in doing so, keeping lawmakers from discussing roads at all. the senate purposely started early today to get the roads filibuster started early- a filibuster here in the state senate is a little different than what you see in washington- the body can adjourn for the day, and they can discuss and vote on other bills- which is where peanut's law comes into place. senator malloy jumped in and began the filibuster- and held it until just about an hour ago, speaking about the failure to pass roads- and in doing so, keeping the senate from even discussing the bill.
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"we don't want to raise the taxes! we don't want to ve the discussion! we've got all these amendments on the desk and no real way to get there." now- other democratic lawmakers are on the floor- still filibustering peanut's law- but lawmakers are only really talking about roads- also saying today, which was supposed to be all about roads, has been a waste of time. live, ww wis news 10 stay with us for more super tuesday coverage. coming up after the break, we'll get some insight as we break down tonight's big contests. it's a pivotal night in the
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we'll be right back with a look at your full forecast
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any lingering showers will exit the midlands early wednesday with clearing skies and much cooler temperatures. the forecast is dry thursday before another shot of rain moves in and out late thursday night
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rain chance 60%. highs upper 50s to lower/middle 60s. some local athletes are literally running around any lingering showers will exit the midlands early wednesday with clearing skies and much cooler temperatures. the forecast is dry thursday before another shot of rain moves in and out late thursday night through midday friday... highs upper 50s to lower/middle 60s. some local athletes are literally running around the state - raising funds for a
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school coach brian thompson - who is battling colon cancer. today marks the beginning of colon cancer awareness month. the group, led by chris wooten of body shop athletics in lexington, will start in landrum. they'll continue through greer, woodruff, clinton, newberry, lexington, columbia, st. matthews, holly hill, north charleston , before ending at sullivan's island. the run is about 250 miles, it'll take about 40 hours to complete. "the stronger the faith the better. and when you've got guys like wooten and his
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that work out at 4:30 every morning, and they're going to run across an entire state to support me and my family, that's faith in action." for more information about how you can support coach brian and the men running across the state this weekend, head to our website, and click on this story. after nearly a year spent living high above the earth, astronaut scott kelly is heading home. kelly and a fellow crew member who have been living on the international space station got into a capsule bound for home today. it's been 340 days since kelly left the earth that's a new record for american space travel. his adventure is part of a larger study that nasa scientists believe will one day pave the way for manned trips to mars. and before he's back on the ground--kelly is tweeting his final round of incredible photos of earth. these pictures were taken of the
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throughout his time, he's captured several unique images of earth to share on social media. by the time he lands, he will have experienced more than 10 thousand orbital sunrises and sunsets. kelly is expected to land in kazakhstan sometime tomorrow. the clemson men's basketball team plays a tough opponent for senior night..... and for the third straight year....usc basketball coach dawn staley is the queen of the sec..... also some big honors for her players..... and the usc baseball team hits the road for the first time this next. the usc baseball teams takes a road test. gamecocks built their eight and
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home...tonight they played in charleston against the citadel bulldogs. there was a good crowd at riley park...almost 63- hundred people. adam hill starts for usc...and has the heat on high in the first inning....he strikes out the side. hill goes five eight...allows three hits and no runs. the gamecocks score three in the fourth.....chris cullen sends one off the left field wall....the double drives in a run to make it two nothing. marcus mooney makes it four-zip with an rbi single..... the gamecocks win it six to three. usc is nine and oh. clemson at home this afternoon against wofford. the tigers score three runs in the fourth....weston wilson drives in reed rohlman to make it two zip...... clemson wins it seven-nothing. the tigers improve to six and one. they'll start their weekend series with usc...friday at seven at founders park. make it a three-peat for usc women's basketball coach dawn staley. she's been named sec coach of
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the league's coaches for the third consecutive season. staley guided the gamecocks to a 28 and one record. they won their third straight sec regular season title with a perfect 16 and oh mark. staley is the first coach to win this award three consecutive years. three of staley's players are named all-sec first team by the coaches....led by sophomore forward a'ja wilson who's also named the conference's player of the year and the defensive player of the year. senior guard tiffany mitchell was the league's player ofofhe year the past two seasons...she joins wilson on the first team... along with junior center alaina coates. she led the conference in rebounding and field goal percentage. the gamecocks are also looking to repeat as sec tournament champions. they open play in jacksonville ...friday at noon. i think what's most important is we've been there before. we've won it so our players understand everyone is going to be gunning for us like they did all season long and we just have to be ready. this was senior night for the clemson
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irmo's jordan roper playing their final home game. the tigers hosting fourth ranked virginia....first half...former gamecock anthony gill throws one down....cavs lead 33-27 at the break. second half...roper finds jaron blossomgame....he drives and slams....clemson pulls within four..... blossomgame finishes with a game high 31 points....the three pointer cuts the deficit to one....53-52...... but clemson comes up
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the
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jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie -- michael mckean -- science expert kevin delaney -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 428. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yes. hello, welcome. welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it.


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