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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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[ laughs ] [ laughs ] >> depends who you live with. -- captions by vitac -- we begin at four with more on the cold that's settled into south eastern wisconsin. how low will the temps go? weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather office with a che bitter cold. clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like -15 in the morning. partly sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the
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saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. am low: -5 high: 7 wind: w 5-15 mph track the bitter cold with the fox6 storm center app.
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high: 7 wind: w 5-15 mph track the bitter cold with the fox6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. we know you'll appreciate having instant access to the fox6 weather forecast. now to our big story at four, a teenage girl, shot dead in her own home. tonight, the family of the girl gathers to remember her. the shooting happened last night.o very house. a.j. bayatpour is live at 35th and silver spring with that story... the vigil is set to begin around sunset. relatives say melanie johnson was standing in her kitchen when bullets came in through the window and hit her. police say theyre still investigating the circumstances
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the intended target. her father told us off-camera today he is certain that she was not. johnsons younger sister was home at the time. she says she heard four shots, before seeing her wounded sister collapse in the hallway. an older sister says its a moment that too many families have experienced, and hers is now one of them. never expected to see my little sister on the news or have to put my little sister on a t-shirt. this can happen to anybody anywhere. please put the guns down. please. johnsons death was the 133rd homicide this year in milwaukee according to police. thats nine fewer than this time last year, which was an extraordinarily violent year. live on milwaukees north side, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news.
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man who was shot and killed near 5th and walnut yesterday. police say 27-year-old cody harris was shot just before 11 yesterday morning. harris was taken to the hospital where he later died. authorities are now searching for a motive -- and a suspect. police respond to a shooting that left one man injured near 83rd and medford late this morning. a 31-year-old man was shot and drove himself to a clinic in wauwatosa. he was with serious injuries. m-p-d is still trying to figure out a motive and is searching for suspects. milwaukee police are also investigating a shooting on the city's north side last night. a 48-year-old man was shot in his right shoulder. it happened at about 12:30 near 4th and center. police say several people were fighting when someone pulled out a gun and shot the man. he is expected to survive. no arrests have been made... but police have several leads. an update on a child enticement
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st. francis now faces charges of child enticement and attempted second- degree sexual assault of a child. police say they were searching for a suspect near edgerton and swift last tuesday. according to the criminal complaint, botcher drove past a 13-year-old girl three different times. the third time, he propositioned her for sex before leaving. botcher could face up to 45 years in prison and a 150-thousand dollar fine. whitefish bay police issue a apparently killed a dog sunday morning. police say the dog's owner was out shoveling at his home, when he went to check on his dog. two coyotes ran away from where the dog was laying. police warn you not to leave small dogs unattended. president-elect donald trump will be making a stop in west allis this evening. he's holding a thank you rally at the state fair expo center at 7:00. mr. trump and vice president-elect mike pence will both be there.
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attending. speaker ryan never campaigned with mister trump during the primary or leading up to the general election, but now reportedly speaks to him by phone every day. doors opened just a few minutes ago. this morning, president-elect donald trump made it official -- he is nominating exxon-mobil c-e-o rex tillerson for secretary of state. tillerson started out as an engineer with exxon mobil in 19-75, taking the helm of the energy giant eleven years ago. a close business relationship with russian president vladimir putin. former presidential candidate mitt romney and former utah governor jon huntsman were also on the short list for the position. making milwaukee water safer. it's an extensive plan for the city that could take decades to complete. fox 6's ted perry joins us from the newsroom with what city leaders decided today. today the common council gave the go- ahead to start replacing
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into homes. the city's plan is to stop the health risks due to lead contamination from aging pipes and to improve the infrastructure and stop breaks. the replacement plan affects homes built before 1951. the city would pay for the costs associated with replacing the pipe sections on public property. homeowners would be responsible for the underground pipes on private property. the city however money and allow homeowners to pay it back over ten years. a homeowner would be responsible for the cost up to 16 hundred dollars. the message i have for the residents of our city is that we do have safe drinking water. and that's important. there's no lead in our mains . we know there's an issue with our aging infrastructure , our lead laterals in particular and for the 70-thousand homes that have those lead laterals it's important that when there's a disruption in particular that
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next year for certain properties such as day cares, where kids could be drinking water. for most others the replacement program will start in 20-18 . reporting in the newsroom, ted perry fox 6 news. steph thanks ted. just in time for the holidays, the hunger task force receiving a big donation. and this one coming from two of wisconsin's favorite's the green bay packers and sargento foods presenting the 39- thousand dollar check to hunger task force. for "touchdowns for charity" program -- a program that has raised more that one-point-one million dollars since it began. packers' tight end "jared cook" joined sargento in presenting the donation. "i want to thank everyone for being here today. i want to thank the volunteers of the hunger task force, the people that donate their time and efforts and make sure the well-being of others is cared for." and being the official cheese of the packers, sargento also
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the hunger task force for each packers touchdown. cook also took time to sit down and sign autographs for volunteers. ad lib about hunger task force donation coming up on fox 6 news at four... fans are talking playofs lambeau field sunday. defensive tackle mike daniels talks about the win and trying to keep the winning streak going in blitz overtime. plus -- how a marine lab may have found a way to repair the world's fragile coral reefs.
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the u-s department of justice holds a contest each month to find the best picture across the country related to community policing.
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this is the picture that takes home the "community policing in action" prize this month. the photo shows officer scott wieting wee-ting high-fiving a young man during international walk to school day in october. parents are always looking to get their kids outside. often with swing sets or tree houses... but either way, your kids' playhouse is probably not as cool as this one. a dad in england built am of a stars wars "imperial walker" in his backyard for his son. the head can turn left and right --- the guns move up and down too! and best of all, you can go inside. all of the items used to make the imperial walker playhouse were ordered from e-bay ... which helped him make this video, as well. the latest "star wars" movie "rogue one"
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we are just 12 days away from christmas. as we continue the count down until the big day, we're going to be bringing you fun christmas facts every day. so here's your fun-filled fact for today -- "sir henry cole, an english civil servant and investor is credited with the concept of sending greeting cards at christmas time." folks in georgia are rolling out for the holiday season.. and more than just the holiday spirit, it's bringing the community together. residents in soperton spray painted 66 hay bales -- with a holiday theme. the decorating actually started first for halloween, and artists then turned their hay bales into a christmas theme --- like the grinch. some who worked on the project say it is not just about the joy of the holidays, it's about bringing the
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three down, three to the packers are looking to run the table in the last three games and get into the playoffs again. sunday's win against the seahawks was very impressive. tim van vooren has tonight's blitz overtime with mike daniels on what he thought of the win and what's left to be played. we knew what type of game this was going to be. this is definitely. it's a heated rivalry, it is. we knew we were going to have to come in here and fight hard, bring the proper
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game, and let the results speak for themselves." "you talk about heated, you talk about energy, that is part of football and that's part of you guys and the seahawks. how do you channel what you really want to bring to the field without going over the line?" "we are all professionals you always have to be smart. they definitely flirt with the line, they cross it every now and then and we weren't going to back down." "you guys win convincingly. do you think you made a statement people will notice in seattle and around the nfc? do you care? "i don't care, i just want to that's all to it. the next one, that's the most important one." "but 3 games to go in the regular season and then the second season, the next season. how important is that for this football team? "it's extremely important and we just have to make sure that we take care of our business and tonight we showed what happens when we take care of our business." "how tough is it though to not have complete control? detroit is a head of you. they could stay ahead of you. "that doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. we have to do our job. and our job is to make sure we come out here
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win." "so, what can this team do in the next 3 games to put it's best foot forward as a collective unit. that includes the defense that which you know mike hasn't always been out front this season?" "we just have to continue to work on improving and the results will speak for themselves." "what's the pride like on that defensive unit?" "i just think as general as a football pla have pride. i think anybody should have pride in what they do. i don't think it is any different than anybody else in any profession. take pride in what you do and you try to give your best effort." "and some of your veteran guys i was talking with this week and i asked about whether the confidence has come back the last couple of games defensively and they said really it wasn't a loss of confidence it was just that we had to
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is what our guys can do on this side of the football. would you agree with that part of what they are talking about?" "definitely, definitely we can always improve. definitely want to make sure that you point the finger at yourself and see what you can do to get better and and help your teammates out and i think everybody has been doing that." "so next week at chicago josh sitton, cold weather. what's that game going to be like? you're better than them record wise, but they are the bears." "it's always a tough game. it's a rivalry and we are looking forward to it." and that next game against the bears sunday, can be seen right here on fox 6 at noon. a special blitz postgame will follow, where we will have live reaction n soldier field, and defensive lineman mike danielwl join too.. ad lib about packers coming up on fox 6 news at four... it's a psychological thriller but a love- story at it's core. gino salomone talks with actor jake gyllenhaal about the new movie -- "nocturnal animals". here's a live look outside from our camera on top of the moderne camera in downtown milwaukee. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is up next with a look at the
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clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like -15 in the morning. partly sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will only reach the single digits. snow returns to the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold.
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wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 15-25 mph depicting a violent crime as a story within a story. "nocturnal animals" stars amy adams and jake gyllenhaal and takes you through a film which may make you a bit
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:19 i love a movie that can just make the audience squirm because of how well done it is, and there are those moments in this film where, as an audience, we know something bad's gonna happen, we don't know what it is and when. yeah. that's a success. this movie is in a lot of ways is a thriller as well as number of other things which is rare too. i was really moved by, maybe you too, in the the midst of it, it's kind of a metaphor for a broken heart, and relationship, and all the pulls and pushes that happen within that, i think that he's a very deft storyteller. 1:05 this kind of film must be tough on the actors who have to dive
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story. ad lib to bite 1:44 you go places that i've seen few actors go, such emotion and understandable, what is that like in preparing for that and when it's over, what happens with you? there is graft to it, in that you can, you learn over time yourself safe in the midst of creating something even in your commitment to it, but it does stay and it always stays, you make a decision because it's not just the character you're playing, it's the experience in life you have, you spent three or four months playing a character, that's a period of time in your life, so you're always harking back to those times as every experience we have. 2:29
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it's the first job opening of its kind... why it only exists because of
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wanted for a number of car thefts are caught... how one of their would-be victims surprised them... start your morning with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- if you thought today was cold... tomorrow will be even colder. our fox6 weather experts will have the forecast. shopping for your dad, brother or husband? we'll help you find the perfect gift for guys. plus carl is live with the milwaukee ballet and a preview of the nutcracker.
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several suspects who are believed be connected to a car theft ring-- have been arrestd residents in milwaukee. but one set of victims surprised the suspects.. when they fought back! fox six's derica williams is live outside the jail with details. i spoke with a pair of ladies today who are glad these suspected thieves are behind bars. they feel they were targeted because of their unassuming appearance. but their actions proved everyone wrong. two old ladies nice car, mmhmm, easy mark, guess again
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can be deceiving back in late october as she pulled up to hotel metro. . the valet opened the door i opened the back trunk to get her walker out, you hear vroom vroom according to a criminal complaint, a suspect quickly hopped into the drivers seat. i go around an here is is the kid is trying to pull him away from the car and they were fighting and i realize, this is a the kid and put a hold on him i got up and i put the toe of my boot in a socially significant place the former army drill sergeant still has sharp moves. i took some taekwando.. some karate .. i was also taught legal holds and restraints while she used her braun, her partner, also well-versed from training at the citizens academy stepped in. i took my cane and moved hoodie back so i could try get a look at him but as the pair tried to stop the theft a jeep -- reportedly with ?suspects jesus lazaro and giovanni zurfluh inside -- sped over, and zurfluh pointed a gun . i put up my hands and backed away and
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and drove away they got away but the pair had key information. it was a white license plate with light green numbers and it was a black jeep cherokee more than a month later they were able to identify the suspects in a line up. turns out the two-- along with junior moreno -- are allegedly part of the "cut throat mob" or ct mob... a group accused of dozens of vehicle thefts and other crimes. including a property theft from mixed martial arts star anthony pettis vehicle i'm very glad we were able to help out and get these punks off the street the three are facing a combined total 31 charges, many which are felonies including tai vehicle without consent. police are still seeking other suspects in connection with these crimes. steph thanks derica. one woman is dead and three people are injured after a crash on "eye"-94 in kenosha county last night. police say 28-year-old "maureen ohler" of illinois lost control of her car--
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she was pronounced dead at the scene. three people in the other car were injured and taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. officials are looking into what caused ohler to lose control. a u-s marine corps osprey crashes roughly six miles off the coast of okinawa. there were five crew members on board the aircraft. two are injured-- but will be ok. this is the second crash of a marine aircraft off the coast of japan in less than a week. and the eighth crash involving marine corps aircraft this year. all have occurred during a judge denies a request for a mistrial in the murder trial of dylann roof. the u-s district judge says roof's attorneys didn't make a timely objection to the testimony from survivor felicia sanders. the 22-year-old roof is accused of shooting nine people at the emanuel a-m-e church in charleston in june of 2015. he is being tried in federal court on 33 charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of a
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death sentence if he's convicted. a pre-trial hearing for bill cosby going on today. the actor faces aggravated indecent assault charges... for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand - a former temple university employee - back in 2004. today's hearing will focus on 13-other women who leveled similar accusations against cosby. a judge needs to decide whether their testimonies should be allowed as evidence in the trial. the hearing in pennsylvania is expected to last for two days. cosby, who has pleaded not guilty, is set to gon ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories they're working on for fox six news at five. helping out the taxpayer. governor walker made a big announcement today. coming up, the news a lot of people across the state will be glad to hear. see if your one of them. also at five, celebrating a decades-old holiday tradition. at five, a behind the scenes look at country christmas and a special deal for fox six viewers.
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thanks ted. legal and political fallout continues following a controversial report from america's intelligence agencies. the report points the finger at russia for hacks of d-n-c and r-n-c email servers during the campaign. fox's catherine herridge has more from washington. 0:00-0:05 washington, d.c. 0:25-0:32 john bolton / former u.s. james kirchick / foreign policy initiative fellow 1:09-1:19 josh earnest / white house press secretary 1:20-1:30 catherine herridge / washington, d.c. / fox news chief intelligence correspondent on cam fox news tag -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------- ----- -------------------------------- ------------------------ lawmakers from both parties are in agreement - they want an investigation into findings by the intelligence community that russia sought to interfere with the election... but fox news
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intelligence james clapper is skeptical about one of the key findings - that the russians interfered to help donald trump win. supporters of the president-elect - who has called the report "ridiculous" - say it's not even clear if russia was behind the hacks: bolton says: "to undermine trust and confidence in our constitutionalsystem, i think t vantage of all the potentialvere russians were involved - but clapper's office says there were several fferent hacks - includi the d-n-c, the clinton campaign, and various election ards - and they're being wrongly lumped togh. but those who support the c-i-a's alysis g t wonderful, positive things say about adir putin, who is arderous k-gi think it's obvious why the sans would be thrill anwhile, the white hoe says s monitoring t situation closely... and urging caution while the investigation continues.rnest says: s tbd on- telligence cmtee is manding a classified briefing from the c-i-a and f- b-i... by no later than friday of this week. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news a marine lab in the waters off key west florida, is helping to bring back fragile
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r have been dying off due to high water temperatures and pollution. scientists are growing several types of coral where the environment needs it the most. normally coral can take up to 100 years to grow, but through special research they've found a way to do it in just a few years. they hope that with the help from this artificial coral, reefs can flourish again. ad lib about artificial coral public today. coming up -- the dispute leaving crowds of disappointed visitors. plus -- it's one of the hottest items on christmas lists every year. a brand new t-v... we have some buyer's advice in our contact 6 report after the break. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in next with a your forecast.
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spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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shopping for a new tv this holiday season? we've got good news: screen sizes are bigger than ever, and
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consumer reports is out with some helpful tv-buying advice. jenna sachs has the details in this contact 6 report. jose irizarry is on the lookout for a new tv. he says theres only one way to find the set thats right for you. "lotta research." experts at consumer reports have done their research and expect to see major tv brands like samsung, lg, and sony as part of some holiday deals. in the past, those deals have brands like tcl, hisense and westinghouse. "some of the lesser brands have been really aggressive both in the 1080p and 4k markets. what thats done is put a lot of pricing pressure on the major brands." that means your money goes further. for example, for 500 dollars, you should be able to get a 40-inch 4k ultra hd tv from a top-performing brand, something that would have cost you nearly twice as much just a few years ago. "as the tv industry matures, as new features
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they become less expensive as they, you know, get rolled out into mainstream models." thats why for 750 dollars you should be able to buy a higher tier 50-inch 4k ultra hd set from a major brand, which consistently do better in consumer reports ratings than value brands. spend a little more and youll likely get a larger screen and more of the latest features including better video processing and hdr or high dynamic range which can yield better contrast and more realistic looking images. because most people keep their tvs for 7- 10 years, consumer reports says its worth it to spend that extra hu dollars if it means getting a higher-quality tv. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. the slice of ice is now open in milwaukee's red arrow park.
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it's completely free if you bring your own skates. or you can rent a pair there for 8 dollars. adlib to weather clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below feel like -15 in the morning. partly sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with morning wind chills in the -25 range. high temperatures will
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the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 15-25 mph thursday: partly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. am low: -5
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for snow. am low: -3 high: 20 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: cloudy with the chance for snow. am low: 20 high: 27 wind: nw 15-25 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 8 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: -5 high: 11
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high: 11 wind: sw 5-10
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a new study shows american teens are doing less smoking and drinking and taking fewer drugs. researchers found alcohol use among teens is at its lowest level ever. just over a third of 12th-graders said they have been drunk at least once-- that's down from a high of more also only one-point-eight percent of high school seniors said they smoke half-a- pack of cigarettes or more a day. in 19-91-- nearly eleven percent said they smoked that much. social media is thought to be a big reason for the drop. the u-s food and drug administration issuing warning letters to four tobacco manufacturers. the warnings are for selling flavored cigarettes labeled as cigars. the companies - are selling the popular products under brands such as
4:48 pm
"prime time" and "criss-cross". they come in a number of flavors like grape and wild cherry. since 2009, the tobacco control act has banned cigarettes containing candy or fruit flavors hoping to reduce the likelihood of smoking by young people. holiday get-togethers usually mean plenty of food -- some good for us, a lot of it.... probably not. a good plan if you're trying to stay on track is load your plate up with so- called "good fats." think -- olive oil, nuts, avocados, whole eggs, and grass-fed meats. they are loaded with these good fats. stay away from sugar and refined carbs like cookies, cake. they store fat, make you hungry, slow metabolism and lead to heart disease. one of georgia's finest is being hailed a hero -- he saved a ten year old. the boy was stuck under an a-t-v after it overturned. you can see the a-t-v on it's side -- what you don't see is the child pinned on the other side. thanks to quick, inventive thinking the officer
4:49 pm
young child, the top of the atv was sitting right on his neck." the victim was air-lifted to a hospital in savannah-- and we're told he'll be okay. an anonymous donor gifting 30-thousand dollars worth of toys to kids in need -- bringing holiday cheer to hundreds of families in north carolina. the good samaritan loading a big bikes and more. and yesterday, with a police escort, the truck delivering the haul to the child and family services department. the general manager of the walmart where the toys were bought was shocked when he got the call . "when i took the initial call from the gentleman he said he wanted to come into the store and look into getting some toys and things of that nature." the generous donation will provide more than 500 families with
4:50 pm
cool in a tense situation, and it ended up saving his mom and dog from drowning in a freezing lake. caden and his mother cathy were outside playing with their dog bailey... when the dog fell through the ice on a pond behind their home in aurora, illinois. cathy tried using a canoe to rescue the dog but ended up in the water herself. caden called his dad who told him to call 9-1-1. "i'm going oh my gosh, i'm going to die. i'm going to die in this water. as well as my dog. it just takes took all of my energy out and i just thought, no it can't, i am not going to let water take my life." cathy says she's proud of her son and the way he reacted. everyone is recovering well from the ordeal. as you and your family start getting ready for the holidays --- planning your christmas dinner --- we have a recall you really need
4:51 pm
eight-million food processors -- after reports of people finding broken blades in their food. you know you've got a model in the recall if your blade looks like this-- with four rivets. it involves 22 different models. the company says the blade can crack over time. the consumer product safety commission says 30 people have cut their mouths or broken teeth because of the issue. new technology is constantly forcing employers to updatejo but a new opening at one company in london is not your typical nine-to-five... a global translation firm is hiring what it says will be the world's first officials "emoji translator". the position has already attracted one-hundred applicants from around the world. the firm says they need a specialist to help decode how emojis translate across cultures. one assignment is already lined up -- a client wants to translate his
4:52 pm
on the full wonder of the eiffel tower today. the famous monument is closed due to a labor strike. the eiffel tower is normally open every day of the year. the company managing the tower is apologizing to visitors, saying negotiations are underway between management and staff. unions representing the 300 workers called the strike over quote the "deliberate absence of transparency..." disagreeing on pay and work conditions. the strike leaves some tourists disappointed. "so i was very, very disappointed because we all came all here, had some vacation days from work not go upstairs' so i was disappointed about that." the current labor dispute is the third in six months. staff walked off the job twice in june during the euro soccer championship. a young boy from afghanistan -- who gained a lot of popularity online -- meets his idol. today the young boy met barcelona, and argentina soccer star lionel messi
4:53 pm
the young boy went viral. the picture showed the boy wearing a makeshift messi jersey made out of plastic bags. now, almost 11 months later, a series of images and videos posted on social media show messi and the boy meeting for the first time. everyone deserves a dose of cheer on the holidays... and a kindergarten class in california is helping make sure of that. coming up -- the enthusiastic audience listening to this special performance. wakeup at 4:30-- if you thought today was cold... tomorrow will be even colder. our fox6 weather experts will have the forecast. shopping for your dad, brother or husband? we'll help you find the perfect gift for guys. plus carl is live with the milwaukee ballet and a preview of the nutcracker.
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5. some very cute and talented kindergartners spread holiday cheer to a crowd of excited seniors. they put on quite the show, not too far from hollywood. our kim murphy takes us to this holiday tradition. kids singing nat from silent night... go tell it on the mountain
4:57 pm
and wise men of a kindergarten class from burbank know all the hits. monday they shared their talents with a very enthusiastic audience. nats of clapping "they're wonderful and they're so darling" the residents of the belmont village senior living facility in burbank got to take in the sights and sounds of the season from the comfort of their home. they got to clap for us" "we love it because we don't get this the rest of the year, we just get it here now." the singing all built up to a spectacular grand finale rendition of santa claus is coming to town. "you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout i'm telling you why. santa claus is coming to town." a performance for the ages, for all ages. kim
4:58 pm
our big story this evening: hunker down. the bitter cold is setting in. dangerously low temperatures and wind chills are moving into our area... fox6 weather expert tom wachs is in the weather office with just how cold it's weather clear and cold tonight with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills below zero. it will feel like -15 in the morning. partly sunny, windy and bitter cold on wednesday with a high around 12 and wind chills between -5 and -15 all day. getting even colder on thursday with
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range. high temperatures will only reach the single digits. snow returns to the forecast friday and saturday. significant accumulation possible, but too early for specific amounts. stay tuned. tonight: clear and cold. low: 2 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny, windy and bitter cold. high: 12 wind: nw 155 track the weather any time -- anywhere. just download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. the family of a teenage murder victim mourns one day after the shooting. 15-year-old melanie
5:00 pm
shots fired outside the home. a.j. bayatpour is live outside the home, where relatives are gathering tonight... the family is holding a vigil here in front of the house. they want this to be a celebration of melanie johnsons life. they also hope this scene prompts anyone with information about the shooting to come forward. this is so sad that it happened to her, i just dont understand. sister, melanie johnson, was in the kitchen of her familys home near 35th and silver spring monday night. another relative says johnson went into the kitchen to get her infant-age nephew when the shots started. thats when she was hit. johnsons younger sister was home at the time. they shot four times and then when she got to the hallway, she dropped. townsend says another sister tried to keep johnson conscious.


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