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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 19, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america, on this friday, february 19th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, we learn overnight that tiger woods is heading back to rehab after he speaks to the world in just a few hours. he lays the groundwork for his public apology with new photos of the famous tiger swing and smile. new details on that deadly suicide attack on american soil. a man flies his plane into irs offices vowing to, quote, stop the insanity. so, who is joseph stack? and what can we learn about his online rant against the government? and a "good morning america" exclusive. amy bishop's husband speaks out for the first time about the
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college professor's deadly rampage. >> we don't know why. we don't know what. we don't know who. and he did it. the golden boy in men's figure skating. evan lysacek, the first american man to win gold in more than 20 years. and you could tell evan knew that he had nailed it. that he had won gold. >> from the very beginning. we're going to get to that ia little bit. two, major stories this morning. all-eyes on that florida clubhouse, where tiger woods will make a public apology later this morning. after the statement, he's expected to return to therapy for sex addiction. we'll have more photos and who he'll be there with. also, we're learning msh about the software engineer who flew his plane into a texas office building with more than 400 irs employees.
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before that, authorities say joseph stack burned down otherwise own home and posted an anti-government rant on his website, declaring he had all he could stand. what could we learn from this? >> so much to learn from it. it seems like he was trying to spark a civil war. we begin with new headlines on tiger woods this morning. according to woods' website, he wants to discuss the past and future and begin the process of making amens. john berman is live at the golf course where tiger will speak. john? >> abc news has learned that this statement has been in the works for a week. when tiger's handlers call the pga to set it up. and now we know that the pga tour commissioner says he's been told after today's statement, tiger woods will be returning to rehab. look at the first photos on the course. tiger woods with some last-minute practice shots late thursday afternoon. even cracking a smile. a possible return to competition on the horizon? hours before, wife elin, taking
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their daughter to school. by the way, decked head-to-toe in nike. all of this before the statement that could change all of their lives. so, why now? abc news has learned tiger's handlers first called the pga about a statement one week ago. new revelations from the pga tour commissioner, who spoke to woods. >> this is a timeframe that met with his rehab schedule. coming out far little bit. being with his family. doing this. it just worked. >> reporter: this was the first confirmation that woods was in rehab, after reports of treatment for sex addiction. but also, the news that tiger is headed back to rehab after his statement. what else will he say? he will apologize. but it's unclear about how much detail he'll give. >> he needs to say how he feels about things. and how he feels about how he's doing with what he set out to do. >> reporter: who? the statement will be meticulously controlled.
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tiger-esque, even. he'll speak at a podium to 20 or 30 people, including friends, colleagues and golf officials. it's not certain if elin is coming. also inside, wire service reporters. but there's news this morning that the golf writer's association will boycott the event because reporters won't be allowed to ask questions. no word, yet, on exactly how long tiger woods will be back in rehab. as for when he'll return to the golf course, the tour commissioner said that tiger might only speak about that in general terms today, without giving specifics. robin? >> all right, john. thank you very much. and joining us now from florida, is espn golf anchor, mike tirico. mike, always good to see you. i want to pick up on what john was just reporting about the golf writers association of america boycotting today. saying, in part, to limit the ability of journalists to attend, listen, see and question woods goes against the grain of everything we believe. what do you make of that move,
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mike? >> golf writers are significant but small blk in terms of what the media is these days. i think they want, like a lot of the media, to have a full audience, where they can ask the questions they want. i think tiger's camp is trying to control this. and this is their first step in a next or second phase of tiger returning. i think in time there will be that opportunity. but i think the woods camp felt at this point, l's have tiger get in front of cameras, which people have been asking for, make a statement. and then, move on and deal with the question phase a little later on. i understand their concerns as golf writers and journalists. but this is the way they decided to go. >> we heard from the commissioner of the pga from his statement this has been in the works for about a week now. and that tiger woods will be going back to rehab after he makes his statement. and we did an abc news poll, and it showed that overwhelmingly, people want to see tiger play again. whether they consider themselves golf fans or not.
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they want to see him out on the course again. did see pictures of him released overnight, swinging back on the golf course. when do you think -- do you think we're going to see him play this year? >> yeah. i heard some people thinking it's going to soon. i don't know that we'll hear a timetable today. in my opinion, i don't think we'll hear a timetable. the biggest landmark would be the masters coming up, the first full week of april. i think we saw alex rodriguez in baseball, kobe bryant in basketball, american fans, though the athletes have made mistakes off the field, they want to see the best on the field. i think over time, the distance from this event will impact the fans' feelings on it. >> i think you're right there. and tiger said he's going to have just a small group of associates and friend theres th today, when he reads that statement. any idea who that is? >> i think his mom will be here. that's my gut feeling. tiger's mom has been such a part of his wife. i don't know if we'll e his
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wife, elin, here. i would say tiger woods is also an organization. he's not just one person. some of the people from his foundation and some of the peoplehat work with him in florida will be here. it will be a small group. and i expect the statement to be somewhere in the 10-minute to 15-minute neighborhood. >> a little longer than what they're saying. mike tirico,ood to see you there. i know you'll be covering for espn. thank you, mike, for your time many morning. >> thank you. >> and abc will have live coverage of tiger woods' statement beginning at 11:00 a.m. eastern this morning. george? >> thanks, robin. now, we turn to our other top story, the suicide plane crash out of austin, texas. some calling it domestic terrorism. a man enraged about the irs tax, crashed his plane into a building that was also home to the irs. ryan owens joins us live. ryan? >> reporter: george, good morning to you. late last night, crews recovered two bodies in what remains of
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the building behind me. one of them, a missing federal employee. the other, presumably that pilot that caused all of this mayhem. >> i'm saying that's the third floor. and there's people trapped on the floor. >> reporter: the pilot behind this twisted suicide mission was 53-year-old joe stack, a software engineer with a grudge against the irs. records show two software companies he started had been suspended by a state tax board. mechanic dave ge used to work on stack's plane when he lived in california. >> i think pretty much, his life was work. he enjoyed doing what he did. he liked flying his airplane. >> reporter: thursday morning, federal investigators say stack used his single-engine plane as the ultimate weapon. but first, he burned down the home he shared with his wife and daughter, who reportedly left wednesday night after an argument. then, stack headed to the airport, where he topped off his plane with fuel. they suspect to maximize damage on impact. at 9:40 a.m., he took off for the short trip to the office
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building he targeted. >> he was coming in. kind of swooping in. >> reporter: 16 minutes later he crashed full-speed into the lowest three floors of that building. no accident. those floors were the offices of nearly 200 employees of the irs. >> the roof came in. it felt like stuff fell on top of us. all kinds of stuff fell on top of us. i jumped underneath the desk. then, another explosion went off. that's when we went out the backside door. >> reporter: not everyone made it out. some were trapped on the second floor. stack's suicide flight killed only himself and one federal employee. he had much grander plans, according to a rambling, six-page note, left on a website registered to stack. it lists thursday as the day of his death. and details his years of conflict with tax collectors. i am finally ready to stop this insanity. well, mr. big brother, irs man, let's try something different. take my pound of flesh and sleep
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well. that online manifesto may have given us more than his side of the story. more than we ever wanted to know. but at least according to the red cross, his wife now has something to say. she, we're told, plans to meet with the media later today. and may even take some questions from us. robin? >> all right, ryan. okay. for more on the government's response, we turn to pierre thomas in washington, d.c. and, pierre, so many questions this morning. good morning. >> reporter: difficult story. hi, robin. this morning, as the wreckage cools, the fbi plans to examine it more closely to see if the suspect placed extra containers of fuel in the plane to boost his explosive power. the reason they're doing this is because there was so much flame and so much fire damage to the building. today, officials are struggling with how to define this case. was it an act of terror or an act of vengeance by a deranged man? one thing authorities are clear
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on. the man had a long-standing hatred of the fbi. stack was described as a classic lone wolf that would have been almost impossible to stop. he was a pilot. he had his own plane. and he didn't tell anyone what he was going to do. the scary thing officials told me last night, is once the plane is in the air and headed for a target close by, there's not much you can do. >> that is a scary thought. thanks so much. we're terning to dr. michael welder, our abc news consultant. so much to talk about, dr. welner. you call this a spectacle crime. what do you mean by that? >> i think it's important to distinguish this as a spectacle murder. it's carried out in order to get on the news. think about it. evoking two of the most two significant events in american history. the oklahoma city bombing was a federal building. a plane flying into symbolic american buildings, 9/11. and it differs from terrorism because the point of terrorism, what makes terrorism terrorism is it causes people to change
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their life. it's the impact on others. spectacle murder is designed to draw attention to an ideology. and the ideology is rebellion. it's a crime of rebellion. >> let me press you on that. he does seem to be trying to inspire action. he wrote in the manifesto, nothing changes unless there is a body count. i can only hope that the numbers get too big to be whitewashed and ignored that the american zombies wake up and revolt. >> that's right. he's a killer. he's a killer attempting to inspire rebellion. he's not going to try to get people to stop going to the market. he's trying to instigate others to follow in his path. it's very important, in order to prevent this from happening, to point out the focus, not on him. but on the fact that he killed people, who have children. that he has his own child who is now without a father. and that, if people recognize that violence and destruction add to chaos, it doesn't solve the problems that he lays out in
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his grievance. >> these grievances have been building up for a long time. his family had been concerned about it. give us a sense of what finally pushes someone like this over the edge. >> well, it's easy to get a sense that someone like this snaps. but this is the kind of crime that's planned for a long time. the fact he was a pilot. had access to a plane. i wouldn't be surprised to learn that he practiced and he thought about conditions and stuff le that. someone who constructs a dialogue like he does in his blog, i don't find it, by the way, to be psychotic. that's the problem here. it's rational. however, he's righteous. and when you look into his past, he may come to be someone who is anything but righteous. but attaches himself to a cause after he fails. >> a lot of other people share the anti-government feelings he expresses, that he takes to an absolute extreme. we've seen some reaction on the web. how worried ould we be that this will inspire copycats?
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>> leaders have to point out that this is murder. that innocent people are killed. and people have to look at this and say, chaos doesn't solve a problem. we're not going to have a better world by having fire trucks and body bags. body counts are not going to solve problems. so, the leaders have to restore trust in the remedies to institutions that he questions and that other peaceful people question, as well. >> okay. dr. welner, thanks very much. >> appreciate your interest. >> all right, gentlemen. we're going to switch topics now. the olympic showdown, dubbed the cold war on ice. now, the upset on ice. the american, evan lysacek, delivered a nearly flawless performance, to beat evgeni plushenko from russia. david muir joins us live from vancouver. what a night. >> reporter: you're right, robin. imagine being the american up in
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the coliseum. you're up against the famous russian that can land that quad. and yet, you have to go first. that's exactly what lysacek did last night. then, he had to wait 60 minutes or so, before he learned whether what he did was enough. the two skaters came into the pacific coliseum last night. the cold war re-ignited. russian skating star, evgeni plushenko, the king of the quad, had come out of retirement to compete in vancouver. hoping to be the first skater to win back-to-back gold medals since dick butten in 1962. but he would face stiff competition from skater evan lysacek. lysacek hoping to prove to the judges, it should come down to quality over the quad. lysacek delivered a nearly flawless performance that brought the crowd roaring to its feet. he would not try the quad. but he would land his own jumps with near perfection. and the judges reward him for it. then, the russian, starting his routine with his trademark b
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bravado. and then, his quad. and he would falter later in a double. and then, a triple. when it was over, canadian broadcasters were silent. they knew plushenko wasn't perfect. but he had the quad in his arsenal. then, the numbers from the judges. while the americans skipped the quad. they decided he had everything else. a stunning upset. the first american man to win in figure skating since brian boitano in 1988. his mother, too nervous to watch in the venue. asking someone what am i nervous for? i have to do what i've done every day. you know, all week plushenko had been saying, if you can't land the quad, you shouldn't be able to win the gold. it was lysacek's mother who said, if you can only land the quad, you shouldn't win the gold.
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as i learned in beijing with michael phelps' mom and now here, i think you don't mess with the moms. >> that's good advice, too. we appreciate that. and michelle kwan is going to weigh in later about the performances last night. now, juju chang has the other top stories for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, robin and george. wall street is reacting to a surprise move by the federal reserve. it's raising the interest rate that it charges banks for emergency loans. this won't affect rates on your mortgage or credit cards. but it is a signal that the fed is gradually scaling back policies that made cheap money available after the financial crisis. new concerns about iran's nuclear program. for the first time, the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog says it suspects iran has either resumed working on nuclear weapons or never stopped working on them in the first place. an about-face from the president of toyota. akio toyoda, says he will attend hearings on the company's
7:18 am
recalls. documents prove that toyota hid safety defects. finally, a police chase gone wild. officers in atlanta were in hot pursuit of a runaway zebra. he has grass in his mouth. he escaped from the circus and started prancing down the highway. he eventually was cornered. you want to cheer him on. but then he's like, i'll go home. >> can tell when the circus is in town. >> straight out of "madagascar." >> he's looking for his buddies. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. hi, sam. >> you can tell who has young kids. bing. let's start with what's going on into the southwest today. we've got a brand-new system that moves into southern california. so, again, folks in la canada, flintridge, in some cases are being asked to leave their homes for what could be a run of mud. we have an inch of rain. the burn, by the way, is the big place that people will be focused, even though the weather
7:19 am
will be sloppy. light snow and ice, one to two inches. you can call this in the midwest, really. iowa's a big part of this. and you have colder temperatures. but not as cold as they have been in the deep south this morning. and a very good morning, temperatures are above freezing. let's go to the maps and show you what is going on. it will be breezy at times but not as gusty as yesterday.
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it will be mild and in the 40's today, tomorrow another nice day. and more weather in the next half hour. >> we're just getting started on this friday morning. and still to come -- thank you, sam. amy bishop's husband speaks out in his first television interview about their first 20 years together. and what may have caused her to go on that deadly rampage in alabama. it's a "gma" exclusive. whether i'm at the batting cages... down by the lake or... fishing at the shore. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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we're the american cancer society. the official sponsor of birthdays. but only vegetables can give you vegetable nutrition. one of these will get ou more than half way to your five daily servings. v8. what's your number? laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's grtty. clearly, miralax is the one for me. it relieves my constipation withno harsh side effects., miralax. miralax is the one for me. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning to you. i and alison starling. 7:22 is your time and let's begin with a look at today's closing and delays.
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it has been a really tough morning on the rose. what is the latest out there? we have had numerous accidents so anything that melted last night froze this morning. this is for drivers in virginia going north on 395, it is difficult from springfield past due street. -- duke street. the delays are in the mainline and forming in the hov lanes. they had the ramp from to 95 to the 11th street bridge and onto the freeway, that exit ramp to the freeway was closed for a
7:24 am
long time. right now, it is getting by but some traffic through southeast d.c. is miserable to get onto 395 south bel pre the exit ramp is open but one ramp had such an impact. we are in the 30's this morning. we go through the day with temperatures probably hitting 40. we have a queue clouds streaming thugh. we can look for it some sunshine today. mid-40's, sunshine, the next chance of precipitation will be monday. >> we will be right back.
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we are still seeing the effects of last week's massive snowstorm. early this morning, though roof of a row house in northwest collapsed under the weight of accumulated snow and ice for the homeowner was helped out of the home. no one was injured. we continue to clean up the roads and sidewalks, we are bracing for another round of old man winter. >> more than one week after the second major winter storm -- >> we won't know the effect until the spring. >> you can still see snow on roads and sidewalks, making getting around some areas
7:27 am
difficult. >> you cannot fall and hurt yourself. >> people in silver spring are hard at work. where there once was no, there are potholes. >> it could do damage to your undercarriage. >> some lanes of the beltway are riddled with potholes. other areas are having a hard time. >> it is terrible. it is terrible. metro's on-time performance is down. new figures show that between july and december, trade show up on time 80% of the time. that is a 4% drop from the same time one year before. metro officials say the decision to switch to manual controls after the crash last june is a major reason for the slowdown. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station,
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>> you are looking at the first pictures of superstar tiger woods playing golf since the scandal broke. of course, this morning, he's going to be making that statement around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. said to be a public apology. we've also learned that he's then going to return to treatment for sex addiction. the question is, can he also rehab his reputation? his wife, elin, decked out head-to-toe, in nike yesterday. new pictures from her, as well. we're going to take a closer look ahead. we say good morning, america. alongside george, i'm robin. we want to begin this half hour with a "gma" exclusive. this has us talking. the nation is still reeling from that alabama professor who went
7:31 am
on a shooting rampage last friday. a portrait of amy bishop has been emerging. mother of four. harvard educated. with a troubling history of outburst and rage. but this morning, the person who knows her best, perhaps, is speaking out. her husband. ashleigh banfield joins us live from huntsville, alabama. good morning, ashleigh. >> reporter: this is the jail behind me where inmate number 64007 is holed up in protective custody. the lights are on 24 hours a day in amy bishop's cell. there's no phone, no television. no newspapers. nothing but a bible in that cell. she doesn't have visitors, either. but for the guards who stop by every 15 minutes to check up on her. her lawyer did see her, though. and says she is cogent but has no memory of what happened last week. and of course, all of this, has left her husband and her four kids in a state of shock. >> want to know why.
7:32 am
want to know what. i want to know who. >> reporter: jim anderson has a lot of questions. after his wife of 20 years and mother of his four children, inexibly opened fire last week during a university staff meeting. dr. amy bishop, confused and bewildered was immediately arrested at the scene. >> didn't happen. there's no way. >> what about the people who died? >> there's no way. they're still alive. >> reporter: but three professors were killed. three other people were injured. and witnesses say dr. bishop just walked away and called her husband for a ride. >> i pulled up to pick her up to go home. and i thought somebody had gone crazy at the school. >> reporter: did you have any idea as to why amy was being loaded in a cruise >> jeanncruiseer? >> no idea.
7:33 am
>> reporter: but dr. bishop is facing three attempted murder charges. but there may be a fourth attempted murder charge, after the district attorney learned that one of the other professors was spared when the gun didn't fire. >> she stepped out into the hall and pointed the gun at me. and pulled the trigger. and it clicked. and it clicked again. >> reporter: what were your thoughts at that time that you were learning these details? >> doesn't -- can't happen. i mean, what? you have to be wrong. you have to be mistaken. you know? >> reporter: you got the wrong person? >> yeah. >> reporter: but in the days since the bloodbath, clues from her past have been emerging. the 1986 shooting of her brother, in which she was never charged. the 1993 pipe bombing investigation. and an assault conviction in 2002. a prosecutor recommended anger management.
7:34 am
did she ever seek any anger management counseling? >> no. >> reporter: do you think she might have needed it? >> i don't think so. >> reporte do you think there's a correlation between some of these events in her past and what happened on friday? >> no. >> reporter: nothing? >> nothing. >> reporter: but jim anderson does know of one trigger that may have caused his wife to snap. >> it's the battle for tenure. only somebody who has been intimately involved with that fight understands. it's a tough, long, hard battle. >> reporter: do you think the stress of that tenure fight is involved here? >> that i would say is part of the problem. you know, is a factor. >> reporter: police have combed through both her campus office and her tiny home office, too. where the walls are lined with books, periodicals and impressive degrees. from northeastern and harvard. is this where amy used to do all her work? >> used to. >> reporter: no computer? >> no. >> reporter: was here?
7:35 am
>> yeah. her laptop was there. >> reporter: and where is it now? >> that's in the hands of the police right now. >> reporter: he's been allowed no contact with his wife at the jail. only a few rushed phone calls that are monitored by guards. does she know really the extent of what's happened? >> i can't say because i don't know. >> reporter: what he does know is that their four childrens are victims, too. aged 8 to 18. the eldest is a student at the same university where all of this happened. what is going through your mind? >> a lot. just the whole, why did this happen? how did it happen? and then, how do i get up the next day? and take care of the kids. and make sure they're shielded, isolated and insulated from this. >> reporter: how are you talking to him about it? >> i'm talking the best i can. >> reporter: what have you told
7:36 am
him? >> i told him mom's, you know, not coming back for a while. >> reporter: how is he taking that news? >> he's, so far, okay with that. but i have to watch him like a hawk. >> reporter: does he understand anything about what's happened? >> no. he's 8. i can talk to his teachers. i mean, nobody in the class understand -- the kids are too young to comprehend this. >> reporter: does he know what happened? has he heard? >> he's heard. but he doesn't -- like i said, he doesn't comprehend it. >> reporter: and your other three kids are teenagers. so, they comprehend this. >> they comprehend. >> reporter: and how are they managing? >> they're holding together. that's all i can say. >> reporter: for now, this churchgoing, christian family, is getting support from friends, family and two of their pastors. how has your faith been tested? >> to the limit. as long as i have that faith, i have the strength to support the family. >> reporter: well, supporting that family is about to get a
7:37 am
whole lot more difficult because defending a capital murder case can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. and while this family does have a nice home with a swimming pool, valued at just under $250,000, amy bishop filled out this form in jail. basically an affidavit for indige indigency, asking the state to provide her an attorney. and they did. robin? >> seems that bishop's husband has just as many questions as the rest of us about his wife. does he wonder how he could have missed some things in looking back? >> reporter: of course. and so does everybody else. but her attorney at this point is saying that he thinks she's insane. and if he's going to try to mount that defense, let me tell you, it is a big hill to climb. he's already said this father has already said she's had no history of mental illness. never has taken any kind of medication. and she herself says she's got an i.q. of 180. >> 180. we heard 160 before.
7:38 am
180. my goodness. >> reporter: and, listen. you've got to have those things for an insanity defense. those are requirements under a lot of statutes across the country. >> you know that very well. the kids, 8 to 18. did you see them at all? did you find out other than what her husband said? >> reporter: i did. i had a long conversation with the 18-year-old daughter. she does not want to appear on camera. and actually, they are closely guarding the kids' images. they were going to give me photographs of the entire family. and at the last minute they said, we're afraid of putting the kids' pictures out there. because there could be anger over how people feel in the community of what's going on. >> i'm glad you're not showing the pictures. you're right about that. thanks so much. have a good weekend. time, now, for the weather and sam again. i'm looking at your map. seeing -- >> a little bit of the northeast getting a swirl. we're going to start with pictures out of pittsburgh.
7:39 am
they've had ten-straight days of snow. flurries in the forecast today. you might get more. you have a lot of roof collapses. people are getting injured. they're setting things on fire, trying to warm the ice off the roofs. it's a difficult situation. if you don't get the snow and ice off the roof, you might have a building collapse. but you've got to be careful about the way to do it and safely to do it. watching the low spin up here. there's not a lot of snow in the mix. but gusty wind and chilly temperatures. 45 in washington. boston at 44. chilly to start. but that's not a bad way to end up in the day near the 40-degree mark. as we watch the low move into southern california and again, trigger the rain in that area, this becomes today and saturday, a rain and mountain snow event. then, it moves into the middle of the country and into the east coast. by the end of the weekend, the first of next week, we're keep in mind, the system for
7:40 am
next monday does appear there may have some more mayor and a change into rain. the whole weekend will be in oh, it's friday. why not? all that weather was brought to you by carnival cruise lines. robin? >> he knows i love it when he does that. happy friday. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. >> we're ready. coming up next, republicans on the rise. can they stage a comeback? we'll talk about that next. "ba] hmm...what's going on with dad? he seems different. ♪ are you ready? he's not talking about work. ♪ i don't want to work he's not tucking in his shirt. ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ he's not checking messages every 9 seconds.
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me, too. me, too. me, too. me, too. [ male announcer ] vote for the ideas you care about. introducing the pepsi refresh project. we're giving away millions for ideas that move the world forward. vote now at now, to the rise of the republicans. an annual gathering of conservatives in washington, drew some of the gop's biggest names. former vice president dick
7:44 am
cheney made a surprise appearance. and he got a huge clear when he declared that barack obama will be a one-term president. claire shipman joins us with more on a party that's more bullish than it's been in years. >> reporter: you can imagine, that it's more than it was a year ago. there are some 10,000 of them here. many of them college students, feeling very good about their recent political victories. very hopeful about the prospects in 2010. and it is a distinct difference in terms of the contrast with the mood the democratic doldrums that have been settling in here around town. it's a three-day conservative blitz on washington. exuberance, technology and opinion to spare. starring, that powerful father/daughter combo. >> what a fabulous time to be a conservative. >> and i think barack obama is a one-term president. >> reporter: the duo representing the new breed of massachusetts politician. >> let my say one more time, i'm
7:45 am
the republican senator from massachusetts. >> the gold medal won last night by american lindy vonnas been stripped. it's been determined that president obama has been going downhill faster than she has. >> reporter: and the man who nay be florida's next senator, thanks to the tea party. >> we're wntsing the single-greatest pushback in american history. >> cpac is the conservative annual family reunion. >> reporter: and they're partying around the city, as if they, well, own the place. >> nothing gives me more hope for the future of the nation than looking around at night and seeing all the right-wingers meeting, mingling, dating. >> reporter: it's certainly republican-edgey. promises of a nancy pelosi pinata and a harry reid punching bag. and bowling with mitt and scott. they feel in washington that republicans are throwing some strikes. doesn't it?
7:46 am
i mean, how are you feeling about the mood? >> we're coming back. >> reporter: are you nervous, though? >> about what? >> reporter: gutter balls. >> you get a curve ball. you get a gutter ball. who cares? we're just having fun. >> reporter: but romney, clearly aware that bowling is serious stuff for politicians, managed the perfect symbolism on his first throw. >> rubbing in obama's 37 on the campaign trail. >> reporter: exactly, george. >> all the big names. mitt romney. senator brown. also, the cheneys. but no sarah palin. >> reporter: big missing presence there. no sarah palin. look, officially, her people said, she had some problems, conflicts with some of the sponsors. i think a lot of insiders say she prefers to stand apart and stay outside of the beltway. they think that serves her better. >> looking forward, it's clear conservatives are excited right now. as excited as they've been in year. for the party to gain seats and
7:47 am
take back the white house, they have to reach out to the center. that's the big challenge. >> reporter: they are. this is a big tent problem. this gathering pulls together so many different kinds of republicans. lot of enthusiasm. can they get their message and agenda together? that is not clear yet. >> claire shipman, thanks very much. when we come back, late night comedy's answer to the when we come back, late night comedy's answer to the tiger woods scandal. about trilipix. if you're at high risk of heart disease and taking a statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides and raise good cholesterol to help improve all three cholesterol numbers. trilipix has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or stroke more than a statin alone. trilipix is not for everyone, including people with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease, or nursing women. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. treatment to check for liver problems. coact your doctor if you develop unexplained muscle
7:48 am
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7:50 am
you know, "around the watercooler" this morning, as the news cycles get shorter and
7:51 am
shorter, so do comedy cycles. comedians are having a little fun with tiger woods' statement coming up today. let's take a look. >> tiger woods is making a televised public apology. televised public apology tomorrow. he needs three more to tie my record. so, good luck. i'm glad tiger's taking care of this now before it becomes a big story. >> i have not been this excited since -- probably since princess di's wedding. his representatives say tiger will speak in front of a small group of colleagues, reporters and girlfriends. and he will not -- [ laughter ] he will not take questions. he'll just make a statement. i'd like to see him take questions. and not from oprah. i want to see him take questions -- i would like to see tiger woods take questions from his wife on television. wouldn't that be the show? >> that is must-see tv. >> right? everyone's fantasying about what that discussion is like.
7:52 am
so many people are taking cues from what the wives do say where, react, in this situation. >> these guys are going to do this forever. >> yeah. but the reaction of the public is like, enough already. they just want to see him play golf and, you know. let's be done with it. but there's now more. is there a right way to admit? we say in your realm of politics. is there a right way, a wrong way to apologize? but nothing comes out! advil cold & sinus knows that the real problem isn't always mucus. it's often swelling caused by inflammation in your nasal passages. the right medicine for the real problem is advil cold & sinus with a strong decongestant that reduces swelling to relieve sinus pressure plus the power of advil for the pain. advil cold & sinus. the right medicine for the real problem. ask for the red box at the pharmacy counter. the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones.
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everybody. 7:56 is your time on this friday. i am alison starling. there are numerous school closings and delays once again this morning. the complete list is running at the top of your screen. let's look at traffic and weather. it has been rough. we have numerous accidents because of ice. it started off this morning on a rocky note. be careful on 395 between the pentagon and the 14th street
7:57 am
bridge. there was an active in the main library here is the latest one they had just moved out of the world way -- at of the roadway. this is one of many. look at newschopper7. they are poking into river road traffic southbound, lined up to get to the local school. we have quite an extensive back up out of newington onto 395 and 66 delays are off and on to the beltway. if you take the greenway and the toll road, is backed up from toll plaza to toll plaza. have some overcast this morning. temperatures stayed up overnight. 33 degrees in frederick. our forecast today calls for some clouds and early on and some sunshine and busting through. it will be envelope 40's by lunchtime. there is a breeze here and there with a little bit of a chill to the air.
7:58 am
the weekend will be pleasant both days. we will have another news update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8
7:59 am
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8:00 am
america runs on dunkin'. this hour on "good morning america," tiger breaks his silence. and plans to go back to rehab. he's expected to say he's sorry today. so, we look at the art of the apology, with others who survived a scandal. jeff garlin tells us how he's taking control and curbing his obsession with food. also, the hot winter and cold nights. how evan lysacekcored gold.
8:01 am
simply the best. do you fantasize what it must be like when the national anthem is playing? the gold medal -- juju is thinking. you were an athlete. >> i was an athlete. i think all young kids. but especially athletes really fantasize about it. >> she's trying to make the team. >> good morning, america. tgif. robin, and the gang all here. one of the greatest things about this job is you get to meet people you admired. i got that chance to do that yesterday. martin scorsese, he has "shutter island." he has become the mentor to leonardo dicaprio. you look at his range of work. it was a treat to get to see his film studio. and we'll bring you that interview in a little bit. >> i'll bet that was something.
8:02 am
i hope you haven't had anything to eat for breakfast. emeril lagasse is here. as he often is on friday. he has a weekend recipe for you. how about pork loin, grilled sowe sweet potato salad. and emeril will come along in the last half hour. back to juju. >> the best part of being in this job, emeril's food. first, the head lines. we begin with the overnight developments in the tiger woods story. as the golf star prepares to speak to the world today for the first time since his car crash 84 days ago. john berman is in florida. john, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, juju. we've seen new pictures of tiger woods taking practice swings on the golf course. even flashing that famous smile. but it could be some time before he returns to the pro tour. the pga tour commissioner, tim nchem says, after his statement today, tiger woods will be returning to rehab. there had been reports that
8:03 am
tiger woods was being treated for sexual addiction. as for what else tiger woods will say, we're told he will apologize to a room of 30 to 50 people. close friends, colleagues. exactly when he'll be back, we're told, most likely he will speak only in general terms. some people not in the room, the golf writers association. they protested sending a pool in there because, juju, there will be no questions asked. juju? >> john berman, reporting from florida. all eyes on florida. in texas, we're expecting to hear from the wife of joe stack, the man who flew a plane into that building in austin that houses an irs office. his body and the body of a federal employee have now been recovered from the building. authorities are trying to determine if stack had a bomb aboard the plane or if he was carrying more fuel than necessary to maximize the damage. this morning, iran is dismissing a new reports from the u.n. that claims the iranians are actively developing
8:04 am
nuclear weapons. this is the first time the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog has made such a claim. martha raddatz joins us from washington. martha, this is strong language from the u.n. reporter: very strong language. and part of that is because there's a new head of the u.n. agency. listen to this, from the report on iran. this raises concerns about the possible existence in iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile. this is the first time, as you said, juju, they've ever said anything like this. they've often talked about a nuclear program. but they have not talked about nuclear weapons. >> martha, you've been tracking this closely. does this mean iran is closer to a nuclear weapon? >> reporter: well, there's actually -- this is the good news in the report, juju. apparently iran is having technical problems in trying to produce a weapon. but the bad news here is that they are actively pursuing one. >> martha raddatz, thanks for
8:05 am
that update. well, in afghanistan, one general says the battle for the town of marja could drag on for a month. marines were dropped behind enemy lines today to hunt down snipers. well, millions of seniors are shelling out a lot more, rather, for health insurance. a new study finds premiums for private health plans obtained through medicare are up 14% this year. and could rise faster with medicare cuts pending in congress. a pofollow-up on a story fit reported by our elisabeth leamy. glaxo smithkline says there is a health risk from use of their denture adhesives. they include super poligrip. they zinc can lead to neurological and blood problems. the company is removing zinc from its products. now, for a look at what's coming up on "world news." good morning, diane. >> good morning, juju. on "world news," we'll be following the tiger woods
8:06 am
announcement. how the world reacts as he speaks out. and you're going to meet someone not so big, exactly, whose dedication is inspiring so many others. can you guess who our "person of the week" is? and what he can do? that's all tonight, juju. >> diane, intriguing clues. that's the news at 8:06. time, now, for the weather. hey, sam. >> hey, juju. big friday cloud. including women. tell me your names. >> janet norton. >> and thomas norton. >> 25 years of marriage. who has the secret? >> he does. >> what's the secret? >> love your wife. >> come on. that was really sweet. you're in good shape on this trip, my friend. let's get to the boards. show you what's going on. outside our door, something we want to tell you. let's start with where it is really wonderful weather. and in some cases, surprisingly beautiful. it is in the northwest. look at these numbers, fe degrees above normal. sunshine throughout the weeken
8:07 am
>> gave very good morning. temperatures are in the low 30's. -- a very good morning. mid 40's today. a breeze from time to time. by the time when it lunchtime, mid 40's. breeze about 18 miles per hour. the weekend is looking cooler. nice temperatures. by monday, our next >> nick. >> nick? >> yep. >> six hours to make that sign. >> thanks, sam. in about three hours, we'll hear from tiger woods for the first time in more than three months. this statement is the fit step in a highly-orchestrated image
8:08 am
rehab for the gulfer. but as past mea culpas have shown, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. chris connolly looks at the different ways to say you're sorry and convince people you mean it. >> reporter: tiger woods is about to join the long list of luminaries who have issued public apologies. to their loved ones. >> all i say is i apologize. >> reporter: to devoted fans. >> disgusted at myself for making a mistake. >> reporter: or to a higher power. >> i have sinned against you, my lord. >> reporter: what does it take for an oops, my bad, to succeed? >> tiger woods, in order to be successful, his emotion has to transcend the camera and the words being spoken. >> what were you thinking? >> reporter: by that measure, hugh grant's abashed "tonight show" mea culpa was -- >> i think you know in life, pretty much, what's a good thing to do and what's a bad thing. and i did a bad thing. there you have it. >> reporter: but sincerity is
8:09 am
just half the battle. experts say it matters what tiger wears. >> dress loose and comfortable. a clean shirt. a sports jacket. no tie. >> reporter: where he says it. >> an atmosphere that's serious but focussed. >> reporter: and he shouldn't use the word if. like janet jackson did after her infamous super bowl appearance in 2004. >> if i offended anyone, that was truly not my intention. >> reporter: what doesn't work? hiding behind a written statement. that means everyone from john edwards to a caught-using-cocaine kate moss. >> we build people up in this society. we tear them down. and then, we forgive them. that's the cycle. >> and chris connolly joins me now in the studio. we have james carville, our contributor down in new orleans. and christine brennan of "usa today" in vancouver. james, let me start with you. you've been in a lot of rooms prping people to make public apologies. if you were in the room with tiger today, what would you say? >> i would say read your
8:10 am
statement and win the masters. if you win the masters, everybody will they you're great and forget about it. he's an athlete. he doesn't have share holders. he doesn't have constituents. he doesn't have teammates or any of this. all people want him to do is to go out and play golf. there's not much he can say. if he doesn't have niz wife are him, no one will believe him anyway. >> it sounds like tiger is taking james' advice. i don't know if he was calling him or not. but you called this in "usa today" this morning. you said it was a p.r. move worthy of the kremlin. >> exactly. obviously, the thing with the media, george, to not -- to say basically, no questions. as i said, i wouldn't go to something like that. a dog and pony show. and i wouldn't expect any self-respecting journalist to do that. this is tiger wanting to be in control. i understand that. but has he changed? i think that's the key element i would like to see. what's changed about tiger woods
8:11 am
in the last few months? so far, everything about this announcement is telling me nothing has changed. >> that's the key question, chris connolly. it's not just the words today. it's how does he show this is a new man? >> yeah. but in terms of figure skating, he's not going for artistic impression. he's going for technical merit out there. you're right. he's not so much apologizing for infidelity because we have no standing in that. he's apologizing for hypocrisy. for presenting one image of himself as the real tiger. and as it turns out, there is another image. so, who is the real tiger? this is the launch of tiger 2.0. and that's what we'll see when he speaks today. >> james, who gets the apology. you say make the statement and go on and play. but who specifically does he have to apologize to today? >> he has to apologize to his wife. they're only doing this -- christine brennan is right. there's nothing that tiger woods is going to tell christine to get her to change her mind, or me or anybody else.
8:12 am
we've sized this guy up as a human being. if he goes out, and when he goes to the masters, we're going to cover this thing like dew covers dixie. the world will be out there. and if he wins it, everybody in the entire sports world will be great, what difference does it make? that's what they're saying. i'm nosure what they're doing today is necessary. i wouldn't go cover this if i was a journalist. he's not going to say anything. nor should he. >> you're with christine on that. but there's a lot of business going on. we were talking abouin the studio, between segments. the picture of elin head-to-toe in nike. do you buy it? was it a coincidence? or was she sending a message? >> she certainly could be. i'll be really anxious to see if she'll be there with him. i don't think she will. but this story has had so many twists and turns. there's no way to predict what's going to happen in next of the self-induced fall from grace of tiger woods. but there's so many little moments that you're all right
8:13 am
about this. we'll be looking for little nuances. but it is a written statement. no questions. this is just the beginning. tiger's going to have to face the music. he's going to have to face his colleagues and his peers who are so angry with him. a stunning development here that they're angry doing this, taking the spotlight away from them, playing out in arizona in a big tournament. of course, by accenture. and this is about tiger stick it to accenture. they dropped him. he wants to get back at them. what's new about that? >> ernie els called him selfish. british booksmakers taking bets on whether elin shows or not. the odds are 4-7. >> she's his get out of jail free card. if she says i forgive him. we talked it through. now, get off my lawn, very few people can have little to say after that. whether she wants to do that or not, is another question. i don't think they do. i don't think they want to get in the game of apology very much. they will do 2.0 tiger. and see if it fangs.
8:14 am
>> can he create a zone of privacy after this? >> no. and the spotlight off of the accenture match play tournament in phoenix, raise your hand if you heard about it. there's one story in golf. it's tiger woods. and all these guys are complaining they want him back on there because he makes the money for the sport. let's be real. if his wife stands by him, that makes it a bigger story. >> okay. i could talk to you guys all morning. we want to find out what you think back at home. weigh in at our shoutout board at they're going to keep going. and no question about that. we'll be back in a little bit. we'll have jeff garland from "curb your enthusiasm" here. ♪ with two scoops! of raisins harvested at the peak of sweetness,
8:15 am
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8:18 am
and now, comedian jeff garlin kept everyone laughing on "curb your enthusiasm." but now, the funnyman is getting serious about his struggle with
8:19 am
obsessive eating. tonight on "20/20" and in his new book "my footprint," he opens up about binge eating and his addiction to food. here's elizabeth vargas. >> i got the perfect level of fame. you either see me and you're happy to see me and you say nice things to me. or you walk right past me not knowing who the hell i am. who is that? you're not even thinking who is that because you don't know me. >> reporter: even if you don't know his name. you might remember him as the overweight co-star in the movie "daddy day care." or recognize his voice as the rotund captain of the axion spaceship in "wall-e." >> you don't keep a secret from the captain. >> reporter: but it is on the tv show, "curb your enthusiasm," where the prescription of actor and comedian jeff garlin is almost uncomfortably direct. >> he's an idiot. >> who is? >> you are. i'm talking to my wife now.
8:20 am
he's a big, fat idiot. >> big, fat idiot. >> if i don't want to be called that, all i have to do is lose some weight. all i have to do. >> reporter: if om it was that simple. jeff's book, "my footprint," is an accounting of his lifetime struggle to lose weight. like many overweight people, first he had to admit he had a problem. you say you're an addict. a food addict. >> i'm on addict, no doubt about it. >> reporter: what's the difference between the way a food addict eats and the rest of is eat? >> you're eating to push down feelings. that's really the reason why. you never can get enough. >> reporter: to get a sense of jeff's addiction, we joined him at his favorite place. the farmer's market in los angeles. a collection of outdoor food stands where you can eat healthy or not. >> i've spent at least $1,000 on doughnuts here.
8:21 am
>> reporter: really? how many would you get? >> as many as five. as little as two. never one. one was out of the question. yes. >> reporter: a lot of people don't recognize an addiction to food. they just think it's a lack of willpower. >> everyone thinks it's willpower. it's an addiction. it's a disease. >> reporter: a disease even jeff's wife, marla, took a while to comprehend. >> for years, i always thought we would help him. he could help himself. and why isn't he following the diet? or whatever. why is he eating this? he doesn't need to eat. he's full. >> reporter: you read a lot and hear a lot about women being compulsive eaters. >> right. >> reporter: you don't hear that much about men. >> you don't. >> reporter: why is that? >> there's something more masculine about being alcoholic on a compulsive eater. the hard-drinking guy. the big burger-eating guy is not thought of as somebody with a problem.
8:22 am
>> you can see more of elizabeth's interview with jeff on our website, and the full report tonight on "20/20," 10:00, 9:00 central time. george got to hang out with marty. a rare interview with a legendary director, martin a rare interview with a legendary director, martin scorsese. my high cholesterol was ting to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why my doctor prescribed crestor. she said plaque buildup in arteries is a real reason to lower cholesterol. and that along with diet, crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol, it raises good. crestor is also proven to slow the buildup of plaque in arteries. crestor isn't for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. you should tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. while you've been building your life, plaque may have been building in your arteries. find out more about slowing
8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
there's no "compromise" in there. and about that question on page 17... plaid is huge this year. lean cuisine. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am told mcelroy. time for a look at traffic and the weather. -- i am doug mcelway. >> we have numerous accidents. we just had a plethora of problems with snow. massachusetts avenue is backed up to get to westmoreland circle. we still have snow removal. some emergency abort there were doing on the 11th street bridge. westbound freeway is now open. it did quite a number of drivers in southeast. allow yourself extra times to access 295. we need good news.
8:26 am
66 through several into fair lakes is fabulous. delays to get into 123 to the beltway. we go over 2395 northbound. river road. -- we go over to 395. this is river road. better than massachusetts avenue. we'll go to brian van de graaff because he has good news. >> we show a fair amount of sunshine. notice some sway in the camera. that indicates the breeze is rather persistent. today it will be preserved but a bit milder. we will have to pay hike in the 40's. the averages 48. all in all, not bad. the wind about 50 miles per hour. not a bad-looking babe. upper 30's today. we are fairly mild this morning.
8:27 am
we will see cooler numbers moved in. >> thank you. we will be right back.
8:28 am
we have many weather-related school closings and the latest. frederick, howard. the d.c. metro area has been digging out for more than a week now. there is another chance of snow next week. courtney robinson has more. >> more than a week in after the second major storm -- >> we do not know if it will
8:29 am
stay up like this until the spring. >> you can still see snow on sidewalks and making getting around some areas difficult. >> you can fall and hurt yourself. >> crews like those in silver spring are hard at work. where there was once snow, there are no potholes. >> you have to swerve to avoid them. " we found in tire lanes of the beltway riddled with them. the district and others are having a hard time. >> it is terrible. >> corner robinson, abc 7 news. two rare cubs are making their debut this morning. they were born on valentine's day. they weigh only about half a pound each. it will reach 50 pounds. the leopards are considered
8:30 am
vulnerable to extinction. for continuing news coverage, you can tune to our sister station, news channel 8. ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪. we are so living for the weekend. >> sare they. >> i think they are. and you know who's working for the weekend is emeril lagasse. he's going to be along. just breathe in. breathe in, breathe out. you can smell it. you can taste it. it is grilled sweet potato salad. what are you going with cauliflower over there, em? >> we have some butter and shallots we're going to roast. but this pork loin, just wait until you taste this pithing. we're going to bring
8:31 am
michelle kwan back and talk about the amazing performance last night by evan lysacek. first american man to win the gold in figure skating in over 20 years. >> so exciting to see george gush every once in a while, right? he went out with martin scorsese and spent some time. he has a new movie, "shutter island," that everyone's talking about. >> the screening room? >> had his posters. it's lined with the vintage movie posters you can't believe. >> that's coming up. let's check in with the weather. this side of the studio audience hasn't been on tv yet. everybody in the window. give a big wave. how are you guys doing? good? we're glad you're here. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about as you head out the door -- can you say it together with me friday. one, big -- i love the way that sounds. we have to get to the map. we look at this forecast today. you can see that it's kind of
8:32 am
dry in the southeast. that's a good thing. we havone snow and icemaker in the midwest today. and then, we'll have the system that drops some rain in southern california over the weekend. it will make a move across the country. here's your big weekend map here. we know there will be flooding in southern california because of t runoff of the rain. >> a very good morning. we still have some slick spots. we have a bit of a breeze. lots of sunshine. we will mix with rain all that weather w brought to you by lean cuisine. robin? >> all right, sam. this side of the room is feeling left out. can we get a little shot over here. [ cheers ]
8:33 am
there you go. we got spirit, yes, we do. we got spirit, how about you? it's friday. allow us. because he gave the performance of his career on the world's biggest stage, evan lysacek rose to the olympic moment. became the first american to take home the gold in men's figure skating since brian boitano in 1988 in calgary. joining us live in vancouver, someone who knows about being a champion herself, our special correspondent for the games, michelle kwan. and, michelle, you called it. you felt good about evan. but you said you felt a little nervous, though, when you saw him right before he took the ice last night. why? >> when i was watching evan, during the six-minute warmup, i was a little bit nervous because he looked like he was cautious and very careful. but that's what a six-minute warmup is. loosen up. get over it. get yourself together. and i think frank carroll, his coach, was like, come here, evan.
8:34 am
snap out oit. you can do it. and i'm very familiar with his pointing. he's always like, evan, you can do it. be in that moment. and i think that's what evan did. he took that opportunity to just deliver. >> we remember, you worked with frank carroll for ten years. you saw that finger a time or two in your face. what set evan apart last night, michelle? >> well, evgeni is the king of the quad. but evan beat evgeni at his own game with two, amazing triple axels and a triple lutz/triple toe. so, evan gave it flawlessly. and skated like an olympic champion. >> he felt like that at the end. he was pumping his fist before the performance was over. do you know when you've nailed it on the ice? >> as a skater, you just know when you've done it. and you're like, yes. when i saw evan go like this, and he was just flying in his footwork, flying into a spin, i knew he was just like, i did it.
8:35 am
that's what he was thinking. i did it. >> but plushenko thought he did it, too. didn't have such a clean -- as clean a performance as evan. but the quad. the quad. the scoring system, though, really worked in evan's favor. can you kind of explain that a little bit for us, michelle? >> well, the thing that evgeni did was he did the quad toe/triple toe in the very beginning, just solid. and i was thinking, uh-oh. this is trouble. if he nails every jump after that quad, then he has the potential to beat evan. but what evan did was use t system to his advantage. he back loaded his program. meaning, that he did five passes after the two-minute mark. and that gives you a 10% bonus. so, in fact, yeah. evan was using the system to his advantage. and when he choreographed the
8:36 am
program, he was smart. >> that was a smart performance and a brilliant performance. so, you called that one for us. the women. the women take the ice next week. what do you see for the american women, michelle? >> well, the three skaters that are favored, nicki ando, and the american skaters, rachael flatt, and ryan nagasu are feisty and fearless. they're going to skate and attack. not skate defensively. just go out and skate offensively. if you're favored to medal, you can skate too careful and too cautious. so, i think the american skaters have that advantage where they're going to do their best and have the attitude of kick some butt. >> someone did say that. which said that not too long ago? >> maria nagasu, actually, in the national championship.
8:37 am
in the press conference saying, we're going to go to the olympics and kick some butt. i think that's a great attitude. >> oh, to be young again. to be young and have that attitude. oh, michelle, it was something to see last night. appreciate you getting up and joining us this morning. have areat weekend. we'll check with you next week. take care. >> all right. >> thank brendon: did you know walmart is designing stores that are over 20% more energy efficient? vo: plus, we're committed to one day powering every one of our stores in america with 100% renewable energy. vo: because we believe the best way to power savings, is innovation. save money. live better. walmart.
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8:40 am
leonardo dicaprio stopped by "gma" earlier this week, to talk about "shutter island," his new movie with director martin scorsese. and he told robin how much it means to work withhe man called the definitive filmmaker of our time. and i had a chance to meet with martin scorsese in his new york offices. >> and the oscar goes to martin scorsese. >> reporter: actors, directors and others call him the greatest director ever. >> as far back as i can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster. >> reporter: the mastermind
8:41 am
behind some of the most acclaimed films in history. >> you talking to me? >> reporter: now, director martin scorsese draws on the past in his new film, "shutter island." a psychological thriller set in the 1950s. the movie features an all-star cast, led by leonardo dicaprio. he plays a federal marshal, sent to an island that doubles as a psychological facility for criminals. i was gripped by this movie. and i was wondering, what was it about the story that grabbed you from the beginning? >> the script was given to me. it was late night. i was reading it. and it was one style of picture. and then became another. and finally, the last scene. and how the character resolved itself. the character of teddy daniels resolves himself. and i was very moved by it. >> you picked a clip for us. >> used to be the kind of patients we deal with here were shackled and left in their own
8:42 am
filth. they were beaten, as if whipping them bloody would drive the psychosis out. we drove screws this their brains. we submerged them in icy water until they lost consciousness or even drowned. >> and now? >> we treat them. try to heal. try to cure. if that fails, at least we provide them with a measure of comfort in their lives. calm. >> these are all violent offenders, right? i mean, they've hurt people, murdered them in some cases? >> in almost all cases, yes. >> personally, doctor, i would say screw their sense of calm. >> the scene a little after that, they go to the doctor's house. and there was something that really struck me. the max von sidle character, talks to teddy and chuck. and he calls them men of violence. >> yeah. >> and that seems to be one of your big themes. >> you know, i guess it was a big theme. i keep being drawn to it. the warden talks about violence
8:43 am
being god's greatest gift. it's from a scene later on in the picture. >> do you believe that? >> i don't want to believe it. and that's one of the reasons i guess i keep being drawn to these stories because if you take that -- what are we -- what we really are as human beings, that part of our nature, which is purely physical, animal, in a sense. where survival kicks in and that sort of thing. can violence ultimately be evolved out of our species? >> reporter: perhaps. but not out of scorsese's movies. "taxi driver." "raging bull." "good fellas." you don't pretty it up. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: scorsese's mind is a library of film. and he raided the shelves for "shutter island."
8:44 am
horror films from the '40s and '50s. and that master of suspense, alfred hitchcock. >> hitchcock is so engrained in me. points of view shots. >> reporter: you seem to be quoting him in this movie. >> what happens is, the only way i know how to go about it is i use the vocabulary of the past 80, 90 years of cinema. it's just part of what i know. and the nature of the story lends itself to that vocabulary. >> reporter: scorsese isn't up for any oscars this year. but he's keeping tabs on the best director race. one favorite, kathryn bigelow and her work with "the hurt locker." you think she's going to win? >> i've been a fan of hers over the years. "blue steel." she's good. she's good. >> reporter: as for future projects, the veteran filmmaker told me he'd love to take on one of history's most famous tales from homer. i'd love to make "the iliad," yeah.
8:45 am
i don't know how you would -- it's unimaginable. >> reporter: but for now, scorsese continues to ponder the philosophical question at the heart of "shutter island." is it better to live as a monster or die as a man? >> that's what made me do e movie. i think the answer to that is that's up to the individual. >> thank you. fascinating man, fascinating movie. "shutt
8:46 am
8:47 am
so, are you looking for a
8:48 am
delicious dinner recipe with big, big, big flavor, but little hands-on time? well, emeril lagasse has the whole deal for you. it is orange cumin and cilantro roasted pork loin, oven roasted cauliflower. his new book, we all have it. before you get a chance to say anything. >> okay. >> we know you're fantastic. but what is this? the james beard award nominations are out. you have two. and this is like the oscars in the cooking world. >> thank you. thank you. thanks, sam. >> this is a really big deal. >> yeah. we'll see. >> all of the people, the people who know the most about food. >> well, thank you very much. we're excited. we're up for wine service. and we're up for best restaurant. we'll see what happens. you ready? >> i'm impressed. here's the thing, pork scares me. i'm always worried it will come
8:49 am
out dry. what do you do? >> that's right. it's going to come out dry or undercooked. we're going to take care of those fears in a second. this is a dish that i do a lot for my family. it's very, very simple. right now, pork loins, great price out there in the supermarket. so, here's what i do. a little olive oil. fatside up first. then what we're going to do is take black pepper. >> okay. >> okay. as much as you like. we're going to season both sides. t we're going to start with the fat side. this is the cumin, which is, you know, people are little scared of it. don't be. >> i don't know so much about cumin. >> it's great. just have a little whiff of that. not too -- it's got a wonderful -- >> it smells good. like from the middle east. >> then, what we're going to do now is take a little olive oil in our pan. not too much. we're not frying it.
8:50 am
we're just going to sere it. it should smoke like that. what we're going to do is take the park's fatside down first. >> fatside down. listen to that sizzle. >> while that's happening, we come back around and season the other side here. >> the other side. >> salt and pepper on that side. >> right. a little more of the cumin. >> a little bit more of the cumin. okay. >> all right. >> okay. >> o wa we're going to do. sam, we'r going to take some orange marmalade. and by the way, you want to sere the pork loin on both sides until it's good and brown, like the one i have in front of me here. >> okay. >> orange juice. lime juice, with the orange marmalade. and a little bit of white vinegar. you can use whatever vinegar you want. mix all those flavors in. oh, yeah. now, there goes over -- that goes right over the pork. okay? it should look liquidy like this.
8:51 am
you're going to have the oven at 350, 370 degrees. and what you're going to do is you're going to roast this. the size of pork is about 3 1/2 pounds. we're going to roast it for about 45 minutesr so. but the best way, and this is how you tell -- >> trying to get food out here. >> is to use a meat thermometer. you want to insert the thermometer here in the center, until it's got an internal temperature of 140 degrees. >> 140. now, becau you seared both sides. because you seared the outside and you're using the meat thermometer on the pork, it will be juicy, not dry, and cooked. >> that's right. you take the pork roast out. you let it rest. and what you do with the pan juices now, is you're going to add fresh cilantro. okay? now, watch this. after it rests for about five minutes, you're going to cook it. look how beautiful this is. >> oh, my gosh. >> and you see? what you're using thpork juices for, are this. you're going to keep fanning it
8:52 am
out. you mix the juices with the cilant cilantro. before you're serving it, you're going to take a little bit of that and add it right there. >> so good, that juju was fit. robin was second. before the second started eating. george has almost finished the plate. >> now, we have sweet potatoes that you can do on the grill or slice them and roast them until their fork-tender. when they're fork-tender, you can squeeze lime juice, olive oil and red onion. and the cauliflower is one of my favorite things. you break it open. and you toss it with olive oil, garlic, shallot. i like it with lemon on mine, as well. did you taste that? isn't that delicious? >> the cumin gives it the exotic flavor. it's really lovely. >> and it's so inexpensive to do. and cauliflower is in season. sweet potatoes, coming off of great root vegetables. and the pork loin is delicious. >> how smart is this, looking for things at the store that don't cost a lot. but making the fancy dinner.
8:53 am
>> when you have leftovers, you can actually make sandwich every single day in aruba's a nice day. i mean, how do you people get anything done? you're in a meeting, and you say, "the fourth-quarter report is -- wow, what a nice day!" and everyone agrees, and the meeting's over. i mean, how do you do anything? well, it is a nice day. yeah. it is a nice day. there! see, i had no idea what we were talking about. oh, look, a crab.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we had rebellion here in the studio. they're screaming, we want more. they loved it today. i knew i could get that going again. >> way to go, george. nice. >> we'll see you monday. we've got bruce willis coming here monday morning. >> have a great weekend, everybody. our countdown to the oscars next week, as well. enjoy. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning.
8:57 am
i am doug mcelway. there are many school closings and delays. a list is scrolling at the top of your screen. >> the drive started with ice- related problems on 395. delays begin in newington the continue past the beltway to get across the 14th street bridge. you can see lot would of looks like at springfield and the pace of traffic that will take us to town. 270 is next. the delay begins in germantown and extends past the shady grove road and on to the beltway. better news is the dullest greenway and the dulles toll road. be careful when you head between the toll plazas. there were some iced-related problems this morning. >> mid 40's today.
8:58 am
we have been running well below average all month long. sunshine is starting to warm us up. plenty of sunshine with milder afternoon temratures. still kind of a breeze. you could feel a chill. increasing clouds on sunday. a storm system comes in on monday. there could be the potential for some rain, depending on the track of the system. below average temperature was. and then another round of precipitation by thursday. in jury the weekend without snow. -- enjoy a few we can without snow. >> thank you. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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