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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 30, 2010 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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bleeding. >> there was a couple in shock, it was pretty bad. it flipped and then landed. so it was pretty harrowing experience, i think. >> the passengers were students and parents returning to pennsylvania. they had spent the day sight-seeing in washington. federal agents say the times square bomber had planned to set off a second bomb if the first one had been successful. the government released video of an explosion similar to the one faisal shahzad had attempted in times square. officials tell abc news it could have killed dozens of people. investigators believe that glass and twisted metal shooting out from the car bomb would have sprayed victims with deadly shrapnel. now to the criminal trial that has garnered so much national attention. the woman who admitted splashing acid on her own face is now set to go to trial in december. >> bethany stroe had a brief court appearance yesterday where she pleaded not guilty to the charges she now faces. diana alvear has the latest details.
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>> reporter: vinita and rob, good morning. in her first public appearance in weeks bethany stroe appeared calm, collected and without bandages. her face, raw and red. as bethany stroe walked into court, the damage she'd inflicted on her own face was fully on display. >> at this point we would waive the formal reading of the charges and enter not guilty pleas to all three counts. >> you plead not guilty? yes. >> reporter: duped by her claims she was viciously attacked with acid by a stranger. police say stroe used donations to pay for clothes, train tickets, an apple computer, even a chemical peel at a doctor's office. >> crying a lot. she's in a lot of pain with the acid being in her face. >> reporter: stroe claimed a stranger attacked her in a public park, throwing the acid in her face. >> i could hear bubbling in my skin. >> reporter: her story seemed suspicious. >> during the interview miss stroe admitted her injuries were self-inflicted.
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>> reporter: she admitted she'd bought drain cleaner, days later she entered a restroom near the park and rubbed the acid directly on her face. why? she told police the reason she applied the caustic substance was to first kill herself, secondly, to have a completely different face. outside of court, the woman who'd previously plenty to say about her alleged attacks was silent. her face said enough. stroe was released into the care of a psychiatric facility. that's where she'll stay as she awaits her trial. vinita, rob? if you are awake with your newborn and your baby has a sleep position in the crib, the government says stop using it now. 12 deaths are being linked to sleep positioners which are sold to keep babies sleeping on their backs. they pose a risk of suffocation and they say there is no proof the products prevent sudden infant death syndrome. president obama meets with the top democrats today in washington after his four-state campaign push. during a backyard discussion
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yesterday in des moines the president faced some pretty tough questions about both the economy and the face nation's tax policy. the president repeatedly blamed republicans for derailing his attempts to make positive changes. the democrats, of course, face some serious challenges in the upcoming november elections. and the "chicago sun-times" is reporting that the president's chief of staff will begin campaigning next week to be the mayor of chicago. rahm emanuel is expected to announce tomorrow that he is officially leaving the white house. the newspaper also says emanuel will move back to his hometown of the windy city this weekend. well, who says you need to wait until election day, november 2nd, to cast your vote? in several states, including vermont, voters are casting ballots early. they say it makes it easier to get voters to the polls and probably more importantly, to get their votes locked in and counted. china's rail system is growing at breakneck speeds and its new bullet train just shot into the record books. >> you're not going to believe
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how fast this thing goes. the high-speed train set a new record during a test run. it was clocked at 258 miles an hour. that is more than 100 miles an hour faster than amtrak's excela. it beats the top speeds of an indy car. >> the train is expected to begin running out of shanghai in about two years. operators expect the train will normally go slightly slower, about 200 miles an hour. >> you only hope this kind of technology can eventually come to the united states. it would change travel for so many people across the country. >> wouldn't that be great? >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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what gets posted on the internet and seen around the world can really have a profound personal impact. >> a rutgers university student committed suicide after a video of him having a sexual encounter was posted online by fellow students. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: at rutgers university, freshman dharun had an idea to be a peeping tom. he used a web camera in his dorm room to spy on his roommate. what he saw he broadcast live across the internet. his roommate was having a sexual encounter with a male student. he tweeted, roommate asked for the room till midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my web cam. i saw him making out with a dude. yay. his roommate was 18-year-old tyler clemente, accomplished violinist. the invasion of privacy appears to have been too much for him. his family says clemente went to a new york city bridge after learning of the incident and
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ended his life. a recent study found that nine of ten gay kids reported being harassed and that gay kids are four times more likely than straight kids to commit suicide. earlier this week, in houston, texas, the parents of asher brown said their gay son turned a gun on himself and committed suicide after being a victim of bullying. he was just 13 years old. >> social media means younger kids today can have help and support. >> reporter: writer dan savage started a youtube channel where gay adults can post videos to encourage gay teens that however bad it is, it gets better. >> if you are someone being picked on or bullied or called names, let me tell you this. it will get better. >> reporter: this support comes too late for clemente's family. they released this statement. the family is heartbroken beyond words. authorities arrested ravi and friend molly wei for transmitting sexual images without consent, a third degree crime. they have not commented but face
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up to five years in prison. behind day save advice, abc news, new york. >> shortly before 9:00 on the 22nd of september, he wrote on his facebook page, jumping off the gw bridge, sorry. those were his final words. >> as we learn more and more about the two responsible for putting this out there, the reality is that two days prior to the september 21st incident that the world essentially was able to see, he had done this before and was engaging in i-chat with other people. he had something like 150 followers. in a sense he had almost built an audience the day before and tried to continue it on. a very, very sad story for the family and for the two kids. >> devastating all the way ar
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now to a man whose job it is to scare the living heck out of you. it is, of course, wes craven, hollywood's king of scream.
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>> to craven it's his duty to scare us to death. he recently sat down with john berman to talk about his career and why we all should thank him. >> reporter: this looks like such a nice, suburban michigan home. but a lot of bad things are happening inside. bad like this. on elm street. bad like this in woodsborough. and bad like this. this house on the left. >> action! >> reporter: yes, bad things tend to happen when director wes craven is around. we were behind the scenes with craven on the set of "scream 4." >> you ever try to calculate your attrition rate in your films? >> no. but i think this one probably has the highest mortality rate of the "screams" by two or three. >> reporter: this is a guy who orders blood by the gallon. it's all part of his job, which is what, exactly? >> cut it.
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>> i scare people. sometimes i scare the dickens out of people, i think, to put it polity. >> seem like a pretty happy guy. >> i am very happy, extraordinarily happy. >> very happy? >> i am. and i'm funny too. >> reporter: the creator of the horrifying freddy kruger -- >> this is god. >> reporter: the director of the terrifying "scream" series. he may be responsible for more nightmares than any person on the planet. but all, he says, for a good cause. >> you're talking about the beasts in the forest that come after you during the daytime or during the night but in a way that's under control. in a sense you can own the beast. >> reporter: strange? maybe. even stranger given where he came from. >> someone said to 16-year-old wes craven, you're going to direct some of the scariest
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movies ever, what would you have said as a 16-year-old? >> i would have said, impossible, i'm not even allowed to go see movies. i was raised in a baptist church from forbids you from watching movies. >> reporter: he was a college philosophy teach where he became interested if film. in 1972 he wrote and directed his first feature. "the last house on the left." >> you guys get the hell out of here, i'm going to start screaming. >> a raw, ground-breaking film about rape and revenge. >> for many years people forbade me to be along from their church, to get away from their dogs. all the polite people that i knew, the people from my academic background that i still knew when i made that film, took big steps back. >> how do you know what's scary? >> it's an intuition. but it's based on things i've experienced in my life in one form or another. schoolyard bullies can be as frightening as freddy kruger to a teenager. >> reporter: in fact, his latest film "my soul to take," out next week, deals with a young man who lost his father.
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well, that and a monster who terrorizes all the kids in town. >> it is really you would say your most auto biographical film? >> more of a family film. it's about searching for who is buried within it. and what has been done in the past that's going to affect us. >> reporter: it also has a lot of birds. >> the california condors! >> good lord. >> reporter: it turns out craven is an avid bird watcher. >> look at this. found a bird house. >> reporter: even in his quiet, peaceful hobby there's a bit of terror. if you're a birder do you get favorite birds? >> i like raptors. hawks, owls. and also -- >> you're kind of a predator. >> yeah. >> reporter: for such gloomy, gory subject matter, his sets are surprisingly joyous. everyone seems to be having a ton of fun. does everyone here like you?
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>> there was one guy that liked me but he disappeared, i don't know what happened to him. >> reporter: at the age of 71, and after quadruple bypass surgery, which by the way craven says didn't scare him, craven has no plans to slow down. >> and action! >> reporter: he also has no plans to branch out beyond horror films. the last full-length nonhorror film he directed was "music from the heart" in 1999, which earned meryl streep an oscar nomination. out of your system now? you don't have to care anymore about doing other things? >> i think i reached a peace with it. sometimes you fight what you are, what you're doing. i'm going to do this instead. at a certain point you say, i'm relevant go really good at this and people really seem to enjoy what i do. >> i've got to admit i was a huge "scream" fan. loved that series. freaked me out. >> whenever i've been forced to watch a scary movie, like that
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headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. world news now delivers your "morning papers." >> it's a question of is it vigilante justice, is it personal defense? the bottom line question is, is it right? >> everyone will have a different answer for sure. >> let me give you the back story. a 68-year-old woman is outside of her house and some kids throw a brick through her window. she sees them running away. she starts to confront them and they sort of exchange some unpleasantries. next thing she knows the kids are taking the bricks and throwing them directly at her.
2:56 am
she goes back into the house, she gets a gun, and she ends up shooting one of the boys. one is 12 and one is 13. the 12-year-old ends up with a shot to the shoulder. the back story to all of this is that this woman had been having problems with these same two kids for almost a year. she repeatedly had called police. she repeatedly had tried to get other people to help. she was a retired cafeteria worker. she says she really feared for her safety. basically was at the breaking point, she couldn't take it anymore. >> these kids had terrorized the neighborhood, set things on fire, tipped the trash -- >> burned up her barbecue pit, her flower beds. her own words, i was protecting myself. they came into my yard, they jumped my fence, they continued to terrorize me. she had called police not once but twice as things escalated. it really is one of those things where you're like, differing opinions on who is in the right. >> you would like to think it didn't have to get to gun violence. >> i'm on that side as well. i feel really bad for her but
2:57 am
it's also sort of a question of of guns not a smart way to go. >> let's lighten the mood tremendously. the things people do when they're really drunk. i won't use the other word for drunk. my boy had a few too many in eastern china and passed out for five hours in the bathroom, fell through a crack in the bathroom, wasn't discovered until the next morning when they heard screaming. it's where all the human goodness goes. so that is where he spent five hours, passed out drunk. the next morning, heard screaming. that's how people got him out. >> i'm surprised it's a news story. doesn't what happen a lot? >> come on, everyone remembers college. that was kind of crazy. >> barbie are making a new barbie that you and i are going to like. >> really? >> it's like a journalist barbie. >> look at that vinita there. >> you can see she's got a flair for journalism and power pink. a news camera and a microphone. this got us thinking what would
2:58 am
ours look like? >> there you are. >> what do you look like? i'm just growing. >> wait a minute. barbie's hungry. >> wait a minute. barbie's hungry. >> there you are
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wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen-- pat sajak and vanna white! thank you, charlie. thank you, folks. appreciate that. thank you. all right. to the puzzle board with you. see you later. hi, gang. (clears throat) one of our, uh, stage managers, i won't mention randy by name, but just as i was getting ready to come out, he said, "have you tried this little candy?" and he gave it to me, and look. now i've got to do the whole show
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looking like i've been friendly with a smurf. all right, let's do our first "toss up." "rhyme time" is the category. and, uh, vanna, if you're all set, we'd like to see this puzzle desperately. ♪ jonathan. all right. less stress. yeah, that's it. good job. whoo! "all right" is right. good job, jonathan. thank you. you got it. uh, jonathan king from milford, new hampshire, right? that's correct. uh, tell us what you do back there. well, i'm a software engineer for a global huge company. yeah. uh, and, uh, i'm married. mm-hmm. just got married in bermuda. i'm married to my beautiful wife amy. got four kids--four boys-- a lot of testosterone in my house. well... um, i don't know how my wife does it. (laughing) but we've got, uh, eric, reese, jacob, and jack. all right, we know a lot about your home now. nice to have you here, jonathan. thank you. thank you. uh, lisha shinolt, right? that's right.
3:02 am
is from columbus, indiana. yes. and, uh, let's hear about you now. i am married for 31 years to my wonderful husband alvin. mm-hmm. my pride and joy is my two gorgeous daughters-- kaylyn, who is 25, and whitley, who is 21. yeah. in my spare time, i love to eat, laugh, and have fun with my family and friends. all right. well, we can provide the laughter here and you provide the food, and it's nice to have you here. thank you. uh, i have some candy you can try later. good. i love it. guadalupe garcia is here from right here in los angeles, right? that's correct. and you're married? yes, i am-- my wonderful husband edgar, and i have four wonderful kids-- edgar, eve, emily, and cindy. oh. i-i thought there was a pattern. and then you messed--then you messed me up with cindy there. yeah. you work as well? yes, i do. i work for the los angeles county department of health services. mm-hmm. all right. well, it's good to have all three of you here. get ready. we're gonna do another "toss up." this one is worth $2,000, and the category is "person." ♪ jonathan.
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new best friend. yeah. that's it. wow. whoo! all right! wow. nice! nice job, jonathan. thank you. nice going. charlie, what do you have? pat, how's this? tonight's jackpot round is brought to you by... (woman) fact-- when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. for nighttime pain... (charlie o'donnell) and here is tonight's featured prize-- experience the white-sand beaches of the dominican republic at puntacana resort & club courtesy of spafinder, the global spa resource. relax with six senses spa treatments and enjoy access to 15 natural springwater lagoons. discover this luxury resort at visit, the leading spa resource for your connection to thousands of the world's finest spas and spa gift certificates... yeah.
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all right, "same letter" is the category, our newest. all the words in that puzzle start with the same letter, hence the name. jonathan, go ahead. (lisha) go, jonathan! go, jonathan. for a chance to cash in with at least three of something, we know. all right. t. pick up that wild card. whoo! all right. s. four s's. (lisha) whoo! you may now pick up that trip. all right! yeah! little cash, too--so that will go right down there. we like to spread things around. okay. well, that's not gonna help, but at least--at least we'll leave everything where it is. thank you. lisha, it's your turn. okay. r. there's that $600. (jonathan) all right, lisha!
3:05 am
i'd like to buy a vowel-- an e. there are some e's-- five of them to be precise. whoo! all right! that's gonna be close. aah! oh, no! (laughs) oh! i'm sorry. guadalupe. (jonathan) all right, guadalupe! come on, big money. oh! well... oh. well, might as well get them out of our systems early. might as well. jonathan. he's got a wild card. he's got a trip to the dominican republic. and now he has the old jackpot. a letter, please. (lisha) ooh. i will take a d. well, that's the same letter here, so you're going to get that one and those three. $2,000. and that's a jackpot, right? yeah. so the deal is, if you could solve this right now, you've got $6,100 you'd add to your total. i think i'd like to solve, pat. all right. delicious decadent desserts. yeah! whoo! (lisha) good job. good job. you do this very well.
3:06 am
thank you. congratulations. so what do we got here? my goodness. whoo! look at all this stuff. this is the dominican republic trip. he's just-- whoo-hoo! i'll take it. i'll take it. just been to the arthur murray school. he's got the wild card. he got the jackpot. he's got all kinds of stuff--$17,600. whoo! it's been all jonathan. whoo! here, you hold some of this stuff. you hold it. we'll be back.
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tonight's show is brought to you by the following... (man) embarrassing to say, delicious to eat, it's the super rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity starting at $4.99. it's value covered with fruit and whipped topping. ihop... (woman) in the grip of arthritis, back, or joint pain? aspercreme breaks the grip with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with... welcome back. "show biz" is the category for round number two, and our first spinner will be lisha. (jonathan) come on, lisha.
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well, don't do this again. now you can do that. (squeals) there you go. now one thing at a time. (laughs) first thing-- i know. first thing we need is a letter. t. pick it up. there you go. (giggles) turn it over. (jonathan) all right! let's see that nice, big, sparkly "$1 million." all right, right down there, lisha. now spin the wheel again if you have any energy left. r. (jonathan) nice. i'd like to buy a vowel. uh-huh. an e. whoo! i'd like to buy another vowel. mm-hmm. an a. there is no a anywhere in the puzzle. oh! that's all right. it's gonna stay there. guadalupe, your turn. maybe we'll get back to you. (lisha) guadalupe, come on! well, i just-- you just gotta keep plugging away. i'm sorry. jonathan, it's your turn.
3:09 am
(lisha) let's go, jonathan. can i get a d? no, you can't. lisha. (guadalupe) come on, lisha. (jonathan) all right, lisha. i'd like an n. that'll help. whoo! (jonathan) wow! nice! $3,100. there's also the little matter of that "$1 million" wedge she has in front of her. what do you want to do next? buy a vowel, please. mm-hmm. an i. (jonathan) whoo! all right! this should help. good job. thank you. can she get there? yes, she can. come on. yes! an s. 1 s. $3,500. i'll spin. she's spinning again. c. (jonathan) whoo! all right, lisha! $8,550. what do you want to do? i'll buy an o.
3:10 am
now all the vowels are gone. i'll spin. (jonathan) good job. f. (sighs) well, that's good news-- free play. i'll try an m. well, there's no m, but happily, you're on a free play. okay. you get another chance. go. come on. p. well, we're almost there. i have to spin! oh, brother! no problem. (laughs) what letter? an l. yeah. (laughs) yeah. yeah. okay. science fiction thriller inception. yeah! (laughs) (laughing) (laughing)
3:11 am
all right, congratulations. oh! well, she has this. i don't know what would happen if she won it, but she's got it for now. (laughing) she has $10,000, and we have-- we have a message. we'll be back. i was afraid it wasn't gonna come out. me, too! i couldn't get it. it wasn't coming. (charlie o'donnell) tonight's mystery round offers cash courtesy of... only meineke lets you choose the service option that's right for you, your car, your budget.
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visit us today, and you'll know why our customers say... all right, now it's my turn. "event" is the category, and the big money's been-- (bell tinkles) ooh, it's a "prize puzzle." let's go, guadalupe! (jonathan) all right! well, the big money's been moving down the wheel. guadalupe hopes that trend continues. go ahead, spin it. it's my turn. here we go. (lisha) come on, guadalupe, come on! lisha, by the way, holding that "$1 million" wedge, too. a lot going on out here. all right. (jonathan) whoo! n. two of them. pick up that gift tag. that's a $1,000 gift certificate from there you go. spin it again, please. all right, spin again. f. i'd like to buy a vowel--an o. that's it. another vowel. yep. an e.
3:13 am
(lisha) guadalupe, come on. oh, boy, that's-- oh. oh. i'm sorry. it got you again. doggone it. jonathan, it's your turn. big money! big money! let's see here. well, this is gonna be close as well, but i think you're all right. g. yes, two g's. (lisha) all right. jonathan has that wild card as well. i'd like to buy a vowel. okay. an i. i'd like to buy another vowel, pat. mm-hmm. an a. uh-oh. boink. (inhales sharply) oh! sorry. well, okay. oop! go ahead, lisha, your turn. h. all right. now you have $1,350.
3:14 am
i'd like to buy a u. that's it for vowels. all right. they're gone. i'll spin. s. all right. (jonathan) all right! $2,600. she also has that "$1 million" wedge. what are you gonna do, lisha? c. (jonathan) all right, lisha! $5,000. p. if you don't know it, you need to spin. i'll have to spin. okay. well, again, you're on a free play, which might--it saved your bacon last time. let's see what happens here. l. well, there's no l, but you're on the free space... okay! so you can... (laughs) t.
3:15 am
i'll solve. cashing in huge stack of chips. yeah! (laughs) all right, lisha. (laughing) it's amaz--i mean, she's winning, although, we have no idea how. uh, $5,950. you're gonna cash in those chips, we hope, in las vegas. whoo! listen to this. whoo! (laughing) lisha, discover the charm of venice at the venetian las vegas. enjoy luxurious amenities, nonstop entertainment, and first-rate meals at 18 remarkable restaurants including valentino, bouchon, and wolfgang puck's postrio. art, entertainment, revelry, and relaxation-- experience it all at the venetian... tonight's winning spin i.d. number... belongs to shannon w. from south carolina.
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you have 24 hours to log on to and claim your fabulous vacation in las vegas. and, shannon, if you're an active sony cardholder, you've also won $50,000 in cash courtesy of sony card. she's up to $21,460. she has the lead, and that's rather important at this point, because she also has this. whoo! we'll be back. well, you're still in it. closed captioning is brought to you by the following... eggland's best eggs-- the best in nutrition... just got better. now with even more of the vitamins your body needs, like vitamin d. plus omega-3s. (woman) eggland's best...
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all right, we're ready for another "toss up." $3,000 at stake. "around the house" is the category. vanna, when you feel like it, go ahead. ♪ lisha. argyle socks. yeah, that's it. all right. wow. padded her lead. $24,000-plus and the old "$1 million" wedge. (lisha gasps) we'll see--will she get to take it over to the bonus round? a lot going on here. "on the map" is the category. and, lisha-- (bell dings) well, actually, i'm gonna start with a final spin. then i'll ask you to give me a letter. if it's in the puzzle, you'll have three seconds to solve it. vowels worth nothing. consonants--we'll add $1,000-- they'll be worth $1,600 apiece. the category--"on the map," and, lisha, we start with you.
3:18 am
let's have a letter. r. you have three seconds. (buzzer) guadalupe. s. no s. jonathan. t. no t. lisha. n. $6,400. (buzzer) guadalupe. l. nope. jonathan. i. no i. lisha. m. "on the map." shh. copenhagen denmark. yeah, that's it. whoa! (laughs) (laughing) i'm trying. no, you're doing-- you can be as excited-- (laughs) well, you are trying. there's no doubt about that.
3:19 am
well, let's see. jonathan blazes off to a $17,000 lead, and you end up with $32,460. oh, my gosh. oh, yeah, and this. hang on. i'll be back to talk with you in just a moment. boy, you deserved a better fate, my friend. i'm so sorry. that lose a turn got you, i don't know, two, three times. oh, it was fun. but i hope you had a good time with us... i sure did. and we'll give you $1,000 just for being here. thank you. we appreciate it. thanks, guadalupe, very much. thank you. well, she got you in the end, but you did very well--$17,600... thank you, pat. thank you. including that caribbean trip. yes. congratulations on that. yes. so here's the deal-- we're gonna take a break, and we're gonna come back, and she's gonna have a shot at $1 million. we'll see how it goes. whoo! call your neighbors. that wouldn't be too shabby, huh? oh, you don't know how... (laughs) i feel like a million bucks, and our winner could, too,
3:20 am
with a bonus round solve, next.
3:21 am
3:22 am
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i know. we're looking for that "$1 million" wedge. i can't--who has it? oh. who is that? (clears throat) that is my husband alvin, my daughter kaylyn, daughter whitley, and my mom shirley. all right, you guys look good with that. hang on to it tightly. now you know what? don't let that get in your head too much. it's still a long shot, and you know we've taken the $100,000 space off here
3:25 am
and put a $1 million card in its place. it's out there somewhere. it's more important you solve the puzzle. we'll worry about prizes later. okay. and keep in mind, you've already won over $32,000. okay. so spin that wheel. let's go! wouldn't it be nice? all right. let's do that. and, lisha, come on with me. okay. now i can tell you that the category tonight is "phrase." okay. r, s, t, l, n, e. ew. well, we need more than that, that's for sure. let's have three more consonants and a vowel. well, let's see here, what we can do.
3:26 am
we're gonna get the first word... (laughs) but you have some options, that's for sure. but you know, keep babbling there. you have ten seconds. say as much as you can. a "phrase." good luck. i'm happy. (laughs) (buzzer) wishful. well, you're finished, actually. there you go. (laughs) yeah, i'm awake. yeah. i'm awake. and--and you-- and you were wide awake. that, too. a would have been awfully nice. yes, it would have. now--now we don't want to see the million here, do we? well, we didn't, but we saw $30,000. that's okay. that's okay. but she won $32,000. you stay right here. i want to show you this, because she landed right here. the next space over, the s... (lisha laughing) whoa. so it's just as well. we'll be right back. (charlie o'donnell) the wheel watchers club could be your ticket to a dream vacation. join now at... vanna brought an iron skillet. that's right. people don't know how healthy it is to cook in this.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a mom and graduate student from buffalo, new york... a legal assistant from washington, d.c... and our returning champion-- a newspaper reporter from chicago, illinois... whose 4-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! johnny, thank you.
3:31 am
it's amazing, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen, how quickly 23 1/2 hours have gone by? but here we are again, with our returning champion, kara spak, $70,000 richer than she was last week. claire and molly-- they would like to see the same kind of results for their appearances on "jeopardy!" let's see whom fortune favors today. here comes the jeopardy! round. here are the categories for you... where do we start, kara? let's try a freezer full of food for $200. what is a klondike bar? food, $400.
3:32 am
what is frozen pizza? can we do literary lines, $200? what is "jane eyre"? food, $600. what are eggos? literary lines, $400. what is "fahrenheit 451"? uh, literary lines for $600, please. what is "the red pony"? no. what is "the good earth"? pearl buck. molly, back to you. uh, literary lines for $800.
3:33 am
what is "uncle tom's cabin"? uh, can we do literary lines, $1,000? who is tolstoy? food, $800. what is hungry man? food, $1,000. and that would be tyson. tyson. talking about chicken. kara. travel & tourism for $600, please.
3:34 am
who is hemingway? travel, $800. what is a safari? um, travel & tourism for $400. what is club med? alliteration all around, $200. what is a pencil pusher? alliteration, $400. and that was the brooklyn bridge. all right, we're gonna take a break. back in a moment.
3:35 am
molly zeigler is from buffalo, new york.
3:36 am
a mom and a graduate student who has studied shakespeare a lot. to what end? what purpose? well, uh, so far, uh, just a huge student loan, i guess. not much-- not much purpose yet. um, i just really enjoy it, and i hope to someday teach him, actually, um, after college. now you've spent time living in stratford-upon-avon? mm-hmm, yeah. i lived over there for almost a year um, studying at the university of birmingham, stratford campus. it was--it was wonderful. it is. a great opportunity. stratford's a nice town. beautiful. okay. claire bea, legal assistant, from washington, d.c. now we've all seen-- well, some of us who are older have seen commercials or video clips showing kids putting all kinds of things in vcr machines. they don't have vcr machines anymore. you had one of those experiences when you were a little one. i did. i got my foot stuck in a vcr. and it's--it's not as hard as it sounds. i was wearing feety pajamas and i thought i would press the eject button with my foot, and i missed the-- the eject button entirely
3:37 am
and got the tape feed instead. so we had to, uh, dismantle part of that vcr. they did? mm-hmm. oh, that's a bummer. yeah. probably ruined the tape, too. ruined somebody's afternoon. okay. kara spak, from chicago, illinois. saved a man. well, it's-- a little bit, i was-- she's a savior. she's a heroine. well, alex, i was on my way to get my morning bagel, and i live in an area of chicago where the "l" track isn't elevated. it's actually flush with the road, and i was in my car, um, the gates were coming down, and a cyclist decided to make a run for it and try and beat the train, and he got conked on the head with the gate, so i ran out of my car and pulled him and his bike off the train tracks. good. so it's a good reminder that, uh, bike, foot, or car, you never beat the train. yeah. and the lights start flashing before the gate comes down. plenty of time. when the lights flash-- i just passed my driver's test recently. yeah, that's right. when the lights flash, you stop, yo-yo. all right, claire, you have command of the board. make a selection, please. uh, alliteration for $600.
3:38 am
what is the big bang? $800, please, alliteration. what is goodness gracious? travel & tourism, $1,000. what is thailand? no. claire or molly? what is hong kong? back to you, kara. travel & tourism, $200. what is edinburgh? "edinboro." scary starts, $200.
3:39 am
who is jamie lee curtis? scary starts, $400. who is travolta? john travolta, yes. scary, $600. who is jason alexander? scary, $800. who is katherine heigl? scary starts, $1,000. who is george clooney? correct, with about a minute to go. colorful creatures, $200.
3:40 am
what is the gray elephant? no. claire. what is the blue whale? colorful creatures, $400. what is a black widow? no. kara or molly? what is the brown recluse? the other spider. claire. colorful creatures, $600. what is a black bear? colorful creatures, $800. it's easy to see how this animal got its name. what is a white-tailed deer? colorful creatures, $1,000. though it may look more blue, this is the name of the largest north american swallow. it's called a purple martin. kara. the last clue, $1,000. it's yours. and kelly will deliver the clue when you decide how much you're going to risk on it.
3:41 am
i'll risk $3,000. all right. kelly. to stem bleeding, use this alliterative spot where an artery lies over a bone, like in the upper arm and the top of the thigh where it meets the abdomen. what is a pressure point? pressure point, yes. alliteration all around on that. $8,600. that does it for the jeopardy! round. we'll take a break, come back, set the board up for double jeopardy! right after this.
3:42 am
all right, molly, you have some catching up to do, but a lot of cash available in double jeopardy! with these categories today... you have to identify the religion... where do we start? uh, sacred to this religion for $400, please. what is judaism? no. molly. what is christianity? uh, $800, uh, sacred to this religion. what is judaism? music of the night, $400.
3:43 am
what is "night fever"? uh, music of the night for $800, please. who is air supply? music of the night, $1,200. who is sheryl crow? music, $1,600. what is "late december, back in '63"? got the lyrics right. music, two-- music, $2,000. "twistin' the night away." $13,000 your total now, kara. indiana jonesing, $2,000.
3:44 am
his name was wendell willkie. kara, go again. i'll try indiana jonesing for $400. what is clarksville? okay, um, 20th century history for $400, please. it's the city where the heroic action seen here took place in 1989. what is beijing? uh, 20th century history, $800. now i am in control. (beep) correct response-- who is alexander haig? claire, go again. 20th century history, $1,200. all right. it's nice when you're trailing to run into a daily double so you can do some catching up.
3:45 am
okay, let's make it a true daily double. all right, you're gonna wind up with $7,200 if you are correct. it's the year of the promised return seen here. what is 1948? oh, no. it was the return of general douglas macarthur to the philippines in 1944. so you're now in third place. select again. sacred to this religion, $1,200. the kaaba in mecca, sacred to islam. back to you, claire. it's about time, $400. what are the minutes? indiana jonesing, $800. and that would be lucas oil. kara.
3:46 am
20th century history, $1,600. look to the heavens and name this duffer seen here in 1971. and that was alan shepard swinging a golf club on the moon. kara. 20th century, $2,000. he witnessed the ends of the earth while accompanying seven expeditions to the arctic. who is peary? no. who is matthew henson? all right, so much for the 20th century. we didn't like that century anyway. go again. the doctor is in for $400. what is dr pepper? uh, the doctor is in for $800. as a child, he dreamed of being a pro athlete or a heart surgeon. lucky for us, he chose the latter. who is dr. oz? doctor, $1,200.
3:47 am
who is dr. seuss? doctor, $1,600. seen here, this shoe brand named for a real doctor celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. who is, uh, dr. marten-- doc martens? um, the doctor is in for $2,000. who is doc holliday? uh, it's about time, $800. what is a second? a minute to go. it's about time, $1,200. what is a minute? no. kara or claire? what is an hour? an hour. 1/24. claire. sacred to this religion, $2,000. (laughs)
3:48 am
what you gonna do this time, young lady? $1,000. $1,000, all right... what is hinduism? no, sorry. what is buddhism? back to you. about time, $2,000. what is a moment? $1,600, it's about time. what is "the yearling"? indiana, 12-- (beep) oh, we won't get those last few clues. let's go to final jeopardy! and reveal the category right now-- geographic terms. think about that, make your wagers. we'll return in a moment.
3:49 am
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3:53 am
closed captioning sponsored in part by... for final today, we are dealing with geographic terms. and ladies, here is the clue for you... 30 seconds. good luck. ♪
3:54 am
molly, we come to you first. you were in third place, and what adjective did you come up with? you wrote down "what is landlocked?" yes, indeed. liechtenstein and uzbekistan are double landlocked. and you add how much money? $3,199, almost doubling you, taking you to $6,399, into second place, as we come to claire. do you have landlocked? good. and your wager was $3,800, so you're back in second place with $7,600. kara struggled with this one, i believe. she was not sure of what we were going for, and as a result she wrote down "what is great?"
3:55 am
gr-reat. did you risk a lot? $2,000, leaving you with $13,000, and now a 5-day total of $83,401. very impressive, nevertheless. ladies, thank you for a good game. we'll see you all in-- 23 1/2 hours from now.
3:56 am
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