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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news this morning, big banks forced to pay up. >> it's the megadeal that could be announced within hours to penalize the lenders who took advantage of homeowners in the crisis. and the fast lane. the new plan to get you through airport security in minutes. without removes your shoes. and the clash of the titans. a stunning finish for rob's tar heels. good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> had to rub it in about the tar heels. good morning, everybody. millions of home owners facing
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foreclosure could soon get relief. a settlement may be announced this morning. >> it would force the five largest mortgage lenders to reduce loans for about 1 million households. >> reporter: abc news has learned that state and federal officials are near a multimillion dollar settlement over shoddy foreclosure practices in the housing crisis. it would involve wells fargo, bank of america, citi and jp morgan chase. some of it would go to foreclosure prevention measures. other provisions could lower interest rates for home owners. some may get payouts of up to $2,000. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. and details are being worked out right now. it could push the announcement back to tomorrow. the deal would be the biggest involving a singl industry
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since the 1998 tobacco deal. welcome news for air travele travelers. going through the security process will soon take a lot less time. it will only affect certain passengers. >> for years, travelers have faced airport security lines. >> i hate taking off my shoes, my belt. pretty soon i'll be stripped naked. >> reporter: the tsa has unveiled a new program. >> this is our risk-based approach to security. programs that not only help us make sure the aviation environment remains safe but also makes travel more pleasant. >> reporter: from boston and new york, miami and atlanta, chicago and denver, seattle, san francisco, in most major airports akroosz the country, tsa precheck is now available
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for passengers who submit fingerprints and background checks in advance. travelers that do that will be able to keep their shoes on and leave laptops and cosmetics in their bags. >> it's exciting. >> i used it for the first time two weeks ago. it's a nice surprise. >> reporter: some worry it will compromise safety. >> how are you going to be able to check somebody? we want to be able to trust the airlines that we're going to be flying on. >> reporter: for now, the tsa says only that the fast lanes are substantially quicker. in l.a.x., this passenger went through in 6 minutes. another paeng went through the precheck lines in less than a minute. five airlines are signed up to participate by the end of the year. it's free to participate. not everyone who aplus will be
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ultimately accepted. the pentagon is recommending major change to the military. under plan being recommended today, female service members will be able to take jobs closer to the front lines. the change is expected to take place this summer. to presidential politics now. rick santorum is on a roll. he raised more than $1 million in the 24 hours since his win on tuesday. he got a warm reception in a converted barn in plano, texas. meanwhile, mitt romney is playing down tuesday's losses. he said he spent little time campaigning in those three states. he was in atlanta yesterday. he points out that john mccain lost more than a dozen states on the way to the nomination in
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2008. party leaders are still behind him. >> there's no question that mitt romney has take an hit here. one he did not expect, especially in colorado. i talked to one republican, he said, the problem is, if he can't take out this field in the republican primaries, how can he beat president obama? that's the big concern. >> the more time romney spends focused on his republican opponents, the less time he has to compete with the president. as distressing as some of the candidates' negative campaigning may be, people approve of congress even less. only 10% approve. it's less popular than the irs, president nixon in watergate, and lower than bp after the gulf oil spill. americans not liking congress right now. >> lower than the irs in the middle of tax season? that's brutal. in other news this morning, washington will soon become the seventh state in the country to
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allow gays and lesbians to marry. state lawmakers approved the bill last night. opponents are vowing to fight the measure by putting it to a public vote. new jersey votes next week. and paul mccartney is getting a long-delayed honor today. he receives a star on the hollywood walk of fame, right in front of capitol letters. he's debuting his new album on itunes today. >> why so long for paul mccartney to get a star? really? >> it's indefensible. i have no idea. time for the weather. showers in south florida from west palm beach over to miami. much-needed rain and thunderstorms for much of texas and oklahoma. light snow in michigan, the rockies, idaho and montana.
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showers north of san francisco stretching into the pacific northwest. 65 in sacramento. phoenix, 76. 24 in fargo, mostly 30s from the twin cities to detroit. 48 in new york. 63 in atlanta. near 80, utopia, it's near perfect in miami. business news is next. major protests at apple stores around the world. outbreak at the super bowl? thousands of fans at risk of coming down with measles. details coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. an emergency meeting today. european general money managers are meet to talk about a massive bailout for greece. overseas markets were cautious overnight. tokyo's nikkei average lost 13 points. hong kong's hang seng lost eight. on wall street, the dow was up 6 points. the nasdaq rose 12. protests are planned today in three u.s. cities over working conditions in those chinese factories that make apple products. organizers say the pressure on the workers to meet quotas causes injuries and suicides. emergency inspections are being ordered for the entire fleet of airbus a-380 jumbo jets
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to check for crackcks inside th wing. the cracks would not pose an med threat. if they're not corrected, they could compromise safety. seven airlines do fly those planes. more and more states are trying to collect sales taxes on internet purchases. a dozen states have such laws on the books. ah legislation is pending in a dozen more. online relatailers that don't collect taxes have a distinct advantage. jc penney is standing by ellen degeneres. she used her talk show to lash out at the internet group known as 1 million moms. they're calling on conservatives to boycott jc penney for hiring an openly gay woman to represent
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them. next on this thursday, a close call at walmart. an attempted kidnapping caught on tape. and the rivalry game with so much on the line. duke and my beloved tar heels. and a stunning finish last night. - [spoken in chinese] will you marry me? - [spoken in spanish] will you marry me? - will you marry me? - before saying those words, there's one word every man should know. - leo. - leo. - leo. - the leo diamond at kay jewelers, a fire, sparkle, and brilliance so intense, it is the first diamond ever certified to be visibly brighter, one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. - [spoken in chinese] yes. - [spoken in spanish] yes. - yes.
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road conditions. wet on i-95. showers and thunderstorms will damping i-20 from dallas to el paso. i-40 into amarillo. slick on i-5 from see at toll portland. icy spots on i-15 in the northern rockies. if you're flying today, good news. smooth sailing. we have no wealth-related delays. this is the story that's captivated so many this week. the 911 dispatcher that took the call from the social worker is under investigation. >> the woman took the two little boi boys to see their father. the woman tried to convince the dispatcher this children were in danger. it's this for that authorities are most concerned with. >> how long will it be? >> i don't know ma'am, they have to respond to mother-in-law, life-threatening situations
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first. >> this could be life-threatening. i'm afraid for their lives. >> that call came in at 12:08 p.m. deputies were not dispatched for another eight minutes. they finally got to the home 21 minutes after the first call. of course, by then, the house has gone up in flames. authorities are not happy with the performance of the operator. they don't think the minutes could have saved those two boys. coming up on "good morning america," an exclusive interview with josh powell's sister, aline. the fbi is investigating possible explosives found at schools. one was found in a dorm room at the university of south dakota. the student in the dorm has connections with another student at rutgers university in new jersey where similar components were found. it appears both students were making fireworks. look at this amazing surveillance video. a georgia walmart.
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a brave 7-year-old girl scares off that man who is trying to kidnap her. brittany baxter did exactly what she was taught to do in a threatening situation. she screamed, she kicked, she fought back. an excon was caught. what was he thinking? and a judge in south florida is under fire for women's groups for telling a domestic abuse scht to take his wife out to dinner. the judge said going to red lobster and bowling was a better solution to the case. during the hearing, the wife said she loved her husband and pleaded for the job to go easy on him. >> it was a violent case. another weird ruling there. also this morning, the indiana labor department has concluded its investigation into the collapse of a stage at a state fair last summer. the department finds the company that built the stage, also the fairgrounds and the stage hands
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union as well, sugarland, the band about to perform, was not fined but is still named in several lawsuits. a measles outbreak may have put thousands of super bowl fans at risk. someone with pleaseles attended an event on friday along with 200,000 others. there are as many as four cases. a widespreadout break is unlikely. measles is highly contagious. it takes at least a week for symptoms to appear. in sports, tiger woods is about to make his 2012 tour debut. love that course there at pebble beach. the pro am begins today. now for a game rob was watching closely -- rob -- here's will selva at espn news. good morning. 233rd meeting between north carolina and duke was certainly a memorable one.
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rivalry week. head coach roy williams leading number five north carolina at home against coach k and number nine duke. north carolina up one. barnes. up towards reggie, who does the rest. second half. more north carolina for your viewing pleasure. heels up by ten. barnes. the steal. oh, yeah, he's for real. barnes leading four tar heels in double figures with 25. you want more barnes? you want more barness? you got it. a nice touch there. north carolina up by ten. thornton with the three ball. duke knocking down 14 threes, the most it's hit in north carolina since march 2001. curry gets the ball. kelly. this is why you always follow your shots. listen to your coaches. duke brings it to within two. 20 seconds to go.
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duke down three. kelly, the air ball three. sellers tips it in. oh, the heart ache. one more look. it's ruled a two-pointer. now down by one. final seconds of the game, duke down two, rivers with the ball and austin would not be denied from being the hero. he shoots the three. and he wins the game for duke. he caps off a wild rally for duke. blue devils were down by 10 with 2:30 to go. they win by one. and that will do it for this update. i'm will selva. >> really? you were up double digits. >> can i get a little defense, tar heels? up next, he's the talk of the nba. almost an unknown just a few days ago. and a moment on "american idol" that has so many people talking this morning. we're right back. ♪
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but the message is always the same: keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in. - i love you. - i love you too. welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse" this morning. we begin with name you'll soon be hearing a lot about. >> meet jeremy lin of the new york knicks. his story, he's a second year player out of harvard. >> the athletic bastion that is harvard. here's the first player to score over 20 points and have
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double-digit assists in his first two career starts since lebron james. he's got over 60,000 twitter fans. the most dramatic moment on "american idol" took place off the stage last night. >> a 16-year-old contestant had just finished singing "sitting on the dock of the bay" when this happened. >> why did you choose that? >> um, i wanted to reach out to an older crowd. older audience. >> you saying that we're older. >> no. >> oh! >> oh, how. medics had to be called in. viewers will have to wait until tonight to see how haul that played out. i hope she's okay. that looked like a bad fall.
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troubled home owners could soon get relief. a deal is being announced today. it might be easier to make your flight on time. a screening program to make check-in faster for some passengers are being expanded. and new pentagon rules will allow female service members to take jobs closer to the front lines. women will still be barred from serving in actual combat. the weather -- rain and thunderstorms across texas and oklahoma. showers in south florida. milder than normal here in the northeast. and finally, a story for you, rob. a victoria's secret model making news for pitting her clothes back on. >> the young woman is joining
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other high-profile christians speaking out about her faith. here's terry moran with more. >> reporter: for decades, celebrities have been the apostles of cool. now, maybe, just maybe, there's a new trend. it comes from of all places the victoria's secret runway. where the women are young, gorgeous, and barely clothed. one of them, wants out, because of him. her name is kylie bisutti. 21 years old. she earned her spot the old-fashioned way. she won it on a reality tv show. >> i want to walk the victoria's secret runway with all my heart. >> reporter: beating out 10,000 other women for the job. >> i want this. i'll do what it takes to get it. >> reporter: but now, she doesn't want it. she said, i just starting
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becoming more uncomfortable with it because of my faith. she wants to save her body, she says, for her husband. something is happening here. >> faith is a flash point in our culture. talking about religion and spirituality is taboo for largements a of people. >> reporter: we know about tebow. justin bieber has a at the tee on his calf. and for heaven's sake, kim kardashian is going to church with leann rimes very publicly. so kylie tells us she'll no longer disrobe on the runway because of god. proving that once again, he works in mysterious ways. >> i think she's going to have other offers on the table. >> i respect her


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