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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 19, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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spoke about campaign finance and the gap between rich and poor. today she'll talk about helping small businesses. her husband was in chicago to help a friend get a re-election there as mayor. he's celebrating that re-election, rahm emanuel held senior positions in the clinton white house. their friendship goes back to when president clinton was governor of arkansas. the former president got a standing ovation and seated right next to the man. >> the spring's severe storms claimed another life. an 11-year-old louisiana boy drowned when the car in which he was riding was swept away by a flash flood. his grandmother was driving him and another grandson to school. she managed to escape. the 7-year-old found clinging to to a tree but the older boy's body was found later in the submerged car. >> less of a clans of flash flooding in the south today. rain still in the forecast for a lot of the country. some parts of colorado could get as much as 20 inches of snow today. the upper midwest dry but chilly. >> warm in the south. highs in the upper 80s.
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cool along the southern california coast. warmer in the northwest. chilly in the upper midwest and highs around 60. >> well, the bird flu is taking a tremendous financial toll on the two hardest hit states. economists say the virus could cost minnesota and iowa nearly $1 billion and it's still spreading. iowa is the nation's top egg supplier minnesota the leading producer of turkey. the estimate includes sales lost to feed suppliers, trucking companies and processing plants. >> drivers this memorial day weekend will see prices at the gas pumps nowhere near the price that they paid last year. the average price for a gallon of gas is now $2.74, that is up five cents since last week with bigger increases in california and the midwest. while we see this upward trend consider this gas costs 92 cents a gallon less than it did this same time last year. this morning is a good 401(k) day. go ahead, take a look. wall street when it opens, the dow, s&p will be at record
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highs. both averages moved higher yesterday along with the nasdaq despite a relatively quiet trading session. you can watch apple's stock today after bullish comments yesterday from an activist investor. >> here in new york there's a company that gets rid of bed bugs. it's a commercial where's roscoe. >> okay. >> that's exactly what a family in georgia was asking into roscoe is a dog. he was lost. what five years ago. when the family went on vacation in miami, he turned up in port st. lucie about 100 miles away from where he was lost. >> animal control scanned his microchip. now he's back with his owner. hooray for roscoe. >> i just wonder where these animals are for years at a time. we'll never get the stories. >> you're saying this as though you're expecting them to tell you. >> we never get the story. they're gone for years. they have a story to tell. they just can't tell it. >> you're very upset about this.
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>> this mystery will forever go unsolved. >> mo 0 p who knew he's such a big dog lover, t.j. holmes. >> who knew. coming up some of the most memorable commencement addresses of the year. >> ahead, hollywood "a" listers bradley cooper emma stone telling us all about their new movie "aloha." first the remarkable birth of identical triplets and two of the babies conjoined. what parents and doctors are saying. that's next on "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men air active.
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it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr. clean's magic eraser driver james hinch cliff. yes, he's in that car but he is now in icu this morning following that frightening accident during practice for sunday's indianapolis 500. his team says this happened because a suspension part on his
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car broke. he suffered a serious left leg injury. there have been four serious indy crashes in the past week. hinch cliff is the first driver to be injured in any of those crashes. we turn to health headlines now. concussions suffered in football are linked to memory problems. that doesn't sound surprising part of a study of former nfl players. says those players suffer from cognitive problems and changes in their brains that may be the result of concussions they suffered in years past. even those who did not have the most serious type of concussion during their careers still performed poorly on memory tests. >> well, a rare event in texas. identical female triplets and two of the babies are conjoined. >> the parents call them their miracle babies. breanna whitney from our station in corpus christie. it was something rare. >> a special delivery is an understatement. >> we've been here for about a month and a half since the 6th
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of april. >> sylvia and raul torez were excited when he this he heard they were having twin girls. weeks after that, they got news they never expected. they were having identical girl triplets two of which are conjoined at the pelvis. >> we're going to love them no matter how they look how they come out. >> sylvia is prepared for a c-section delivery but this delivery is unlike any other birth, risky and dangerous. >> there is an increased risk for bleeding and complications from the surgery. >> tears of fear just hours before turned into tears of happiness. the three girls born minutes apart and get this all weighing 4 pounds 11 ounces. if that wasn't enough the chance of having identical triplets with two conjoined is a 1 in 50 million chance. so as mom recovers they were with there as dad got to hold cat ta lynn na the single triplett for the very first time. >> like a gift of god.
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>> a moment he will never forget. the two the conjoined girls now being cared for at driscoll children's hospital. it will be six months to a year before they can look into separating the two, but the proud parents are ready for the challenge ahead. >> god chose us for a reason to take care of them. he sent us these little angels for a reason. so it's a big lessblessing for us. >> three angels a scientific miracle for the doctors. >> three angels indeed. >> a great perspective from the dad. you can look at that as unfortunate, why does this happen to us. he said god chose us for a reason. we've got words of wisdom coming up. college grads all over the country getting that good advice. >> from the familiar and famous faces making appearances at the ceremony podiums. you're watching "world news now."
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"world news now"
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college grads all over the our robin roberts giving the commencement address yesterday at emerson college in boston telling graduates to dream big but focus small on those day to day things that will get you to your goal. which is some incredible advice that grads are getting on their big day. >> there's no shortage of inspiration, humor and
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encouragement. the season robin roberts has a full roundup for us. >> an exceptional graduation speech needs to have many ingredients. it's got to have heart. >> most things are more rewarding when you break a sweat to get them. your values matter. they are your north star. otherwise it's just a job. and life is too short for that. >> humor goes a long way. >> those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors awards and distinctions i say well done. and as i like to tell the c students, you too can be president. >> impersonations are always a hit. >> look under your seats because are you all leaving her today with a college diploma! you get a diploma. you get a diploma. you sir, you get a diploma.
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>> occasionally even a song. ♪ this little light of mine i'm going to let it shine ♪ ♪ let it shine let it shine let it shine ♪ >> reporter: you can't forget pares of wisdom. >> don't be afraid to fail big to dream big, but remember dreams without goals are just dreams. >> or words of comfort. >> you've got everything you need right now to succeed. you've got it. you've got the knowledge and the skills honed here on this hallowed campus. you've got families up in the stands who will support you every step of the way. and most of all you've got yourselves. >> career advice never hurts. >> you create your own luck. and one of the ways you do that
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by saying this simple word enthusiastically and often. yes. >> and finally, inspiring words of encouragement. >> your path will not always be easy and your way forward will not always be clear but you've worked hard for this moment and if you hold fast to that faith in yourself and in your country and in our god, then the greatest moments of your journey are the ones that still lie ahead. it's your world. nerve racking. >> you've done a commencement. >> i did one last year clark atlanta university. most pressure you ever feel in making a speech and getting it right that day. >> i bet you were terrific. >> i hope they remembered. it's only been a year. remember you guys? >> fantastic. i do want to say a big good luck and congratulations to the class of 2015 and to the parents, it's a big achievement. but the best quote robin roberts saying when fear knocks and it will, let faith answer the door.
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♪ bradley cooper and emma stone are two of the hottest actors in hollywood now teaming up in a new romantic comedy. >> it's called "aloha." they talked about the fun on this with elizabeth vargas. >> the both of you had quite a year in oscar nominated movies oscar nominations for your roles in those movie. both on broadway critically acclaimed roles on broadway and a tony nomination. >> a crazy year. >> it is crazy to hear it all in a string like that. >> now you this hot hollywood
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duo is teaming up with an a list cast for the new romantic comedy "aloha." >> hey. i really loved you. >> your character's at a bit of a crossroads in the movie. he could choose the old flame or the new flame. >> yeah for sure. he's in a moral quandary. he's got a second chance. and yeah, and he's just trying to survive really. >> nobody wants to live where they are. they all want to be in a fantasy. >> the two of you have great scenes together and great scenes with alec bad win and bill murray. your dance with bill may go down in the history books. >> he's just a blast. the cast that came out for this it's a testament to cameron. >> you both seem to be right now at a real pinnacle in your careers. do you feel that. >> it's a really exciting time. there's a really incredible point if it comes where you get
2:57 am
to start making choices and it's just to be auditioning and getting jobs as an actor at the beginning is just so incredibly exciting that you're making a living as an actor. >> okay. very quickly both of you answerence the following questions. we call it a lightning round. first thing out. >> my favorite. >> very first movie crush. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> favorite get pleasure. >> eating popcorn. >> what do you want me to do you said first thought. >> eating popcorn. >> elizabeth vargas abc news london. >> all right reena, favorite guilty pleasure. >> oh i have too many. >> give me one. >> chocolate. >> first movie crush. >> tom cruise. >> what movie? >> "top gun." pretty good? first movie crush. >> that that might have been my first movie crush is probably tom cruise in "top gun."
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this morning on "world news now," biker rampage. the brawl at a texas restaurant the turf battle among five gangs and the deadly blood shed. >> our officers took fire and responded appropriately returning fire. >> the human toll the 170 suspects in custody and fierce of retaliation today. >> fiery crash. the military aircraft that can fly like a helicopter and an airplane. the latest accident and the deadly impact. >> it's tragic and our condolences go to the loves ones of the victims. >> the crash investigation into an aircraft named the widowmaker. >> and special ceremony the college graduate who had to take an immediate detour into the maternity ward the healthy delivery the diploma and unforgettable commencement address at the hospital. it's tuesday, may 19th.
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captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> hey, good morning everyone. so did you miss me? >> this is how you want to start? >> yes. >> oh sweet spirit. >> what? i did miss you. i really did. >> did you? you're excited to be back. you have a twinkle in your eye today. >> i feel like a puppy dog on christmas day. >> why a puppy dog on christmas day. >> don't people give dogs on christmas day. >> they give the dogs. >> excited to be in the new family again or something like that. >> yeah we missed you. you were saying because we didn't get stuff like the past couple of weeks. yes, reena is back folks. reena is back. can we get some reena's back. >> wow, two people in the newsroom. okay four five. >> yeah. >> actually only four or five people working right now.
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yeah, it's good to have you back. london duty hanging out with little princess charlotte a little bit. >> yes i will so much time i knit eight little booties for the new princess. >> it's good to have you back. we've had a lot going on since you were gone. >> i tell you the railroad incident with amtrak, heart breaking to watch from across the pond. >> then this mess. you watch sons of anarchy? >> yes, i do. >> this is not just in tv folks, this is the real deal. happened in waco texas. now we're talking about retaliation possibly following the brawl and rampage of all that gunfire that left nine bikers dead in texas. incredible scene. >> police officers are being threatened after 170 people from rival gangs were arrested each one, each held on $1 million bond. and the restaurant where the brutal gun fight took place had actually been shut down for good. here's more from lana zak. >> it was scary. >> scary and quick. >> it started in the restroom. quickly escalated to the outdoor
3:03 am
patio bar area. shots were fired inside the restaurant by the rival biker gang members at each other. >> reporter: employees, customers and families near the twin peaks restaurant in waco texas, scrambled to safety. >> so i crawled back towards the freezers with a lot of the waitress and some other people who were there. >> reporter: the massive brawl quickly spilled into the parking lot. bikers from five dangs used brass knuckles knives, chains and guns. the restaurant had advertised bike nights. police had been stationed there as a precaution because of the problems that they had faced over last two months. those officers were suddenly confronted by bloody chaos. >> our officers took fire and responded appropriately returning fire. >> no officers were hurt but nine bikers died. several more were injured and 170 people were arrested. >> those individuals are being
3:04 am
charged with engaging in organized crime in reference to the shooting at twintown peaks which is a capital murder. >> and among the injured there were at least 18 people who suffered gunshot and stab wounds who were admitted to local hospitals. police say that there were five different rival gangs there and many of them came from out of town. reena, t.j.? >> lana thank you so much. we turn to the latest on the amtrak investigation as service resumed between new york and philadelphia ntsb investigators say they are certain the train was not hit by a bullet just before it derailed. of course, it derailed and killed eight people. it's not clear what, if anything did strike the windshield of that train. they're trying to determine if mechanical failure or the engineer is to blame for the excessive speed. >> amtrak facing a new set of federal lawsuits filed by four passengers wlos injuries are being described as serious and
3:05 am
disableing. their attorneys say the engineer and amtrak are at alternate because the train was going too fast as it hit a sharp curve. >> they emerged into a scene of indescribeable horror. something out of hell. >> the conduct by the engineer is unfathomable and unconsequence snabl. we cannot stand by idly. >> the lawyers are speaking with many other victims who may also sue. an amtrak worker was the first to file a lawsuit. he was injured highway heading to work in new york. >> the fatal crash of a marine aircraft over the weekend in hawaii is raising new questions about the safety of this osprey. abc with the story now. >> it was supposed to be a routine training flight but as this osprey kicks up a dust cloud in hawaii it should by makes a hard landing erupting in flames. >> dude look how black that smoke is now. >> 22 marines based at camp
3:06 am
pendleton in california were on board. one was killed. one is still in critical condition. >> it's tragic and our condolences go to the families and loved once of the victim. >> the osprey is part helicopter for takeoff and g, transforming into an airplane for high speed cruising. it's a complicated machine with a troubled history. during early test flights, a series of osprey crashes killed 30 people earning it a nickname the widowmaker. >> the osprey is not as good as most helicopters to conduct a mission and not as good as most airplanes to conduct a mission. >> the modern osprey has proven itself remarkably since 2007. for now the military says there will be no change to osprey flights while they investigate why this one went down. clayton sandell, abc news denver. >> a scare over the pacific for a passenger jet bound for hawaii. half an hour after takeoff from
3:07 am
los angeles, a warning light indicated a fuel valve might be open. the hawaiian airlines airbus turned back and luckily landed safely. it was then refueled and took off but that was the second fuel problem for that flight. earlier in the day it leaked hundreds of gallons at the airport. a fiery crash caught on camera in north carolina. now an army captain from fort bragg is being called a hero. he risked his life to pull one of the victims trapped in the burning car, the captain saying it took awhile, a whole team of good samaritans to make it happen. >> an indy car driver wakes up in the icu this morning after another crash ahead of sunday's indianapolis 500. james hinchcliffe had surgery on his left leg following this frightening incident. his team said it happened because a suspension on his car broke. there have been four indy crashes in the past week.
3:08 am
the driver here was the first driver to be injured. >> and here's a troubling study for people who are awake right now and working. we are likely to have sleep problems. i know t.j. i see your hand up in the air. >> where do we keep getting these studies? >> this particular one from the university of wisconsin. they say those shift problems may raise the risk of obesity and diabetes. past studies have linked shift work particularly rotating shifts to increased type 27 diabetes. i wonder if it has to do with your fruit snacks. you have those fruit snacks. show them. >> no, i don't want to show them. america knows. but yeah this reinforces what we already know all these studies say the same thing. >> hard to eat at all on the show sometimes. >> juliet smith, best graduation present ever. surprise birth of her baby caused her to miss her
3:09 am
graduation ceremony from gilford, college. so juliet smith, and the school look what they did for her. they staged a special commencement ceremony just for her at the hospital. >> a professor played pomp and circumstance and on his tuba of course another pushed her down the aisle. she received her diploma and two gilford college baby bibs. the best of all, and the regular commencement speaker delivered a 20-second version of his remarks. >> this is cool they did this for her. >> it is a special gesture. can you messenger, she was pregnant and went through school. it's tough. it's not easy. >> two of the most special moments having a child and your college graduation. the only thing more you could ask for is free tuition for the child. >> you know what. >> throw that in there. >> as if the school didn't do enough. >> we've got "the mix" coming your way. a young woman sharing details about her hot dates on instagram but her date is not another
3:10 am
person. >> also ahead, a consumer alert for parents of kids who like to share too much about themselves ononline. the warning about apps that stream just about everything live. >> the party train in california. you see this? this is not some late night party. this is an early morning dance party. wait until you hear what's not served to keep up the fun. >> also check out our behind the scenes can pics on instagram. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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all right. look at this mess. huge mess on interstate 5. this is in l.a. can you make out what that is? that's glass, folks. a big rig carrying all this stuff overturned. broken glass across several lanes of the busy interchange at the height of rush hour. a trucker uses this route almost every day and says he doesn't know what happened. he escaped with only a minor cut. >> lucky guy, huh? now a warning to parents about how kids can live stream just about everything they do. >> yeah they're essentially bringing strangers right into the home. we've got a consumer alert now with abc's mara schiavocampo. >> meerkat, periscope, you now, live streaming apps with millions of users especially teens. >> hi tony. >> i like 16-year-old katie. >> today is like a modern day chat room. >> she has 22,000 followers using the app to talk to people
3:15 am
all over the world in realtime. >> people have made inappropriate comments before. >> essentially every time katie uses you now, that means thousands of strangers can see her and what she's doing. >> it's a little nerve racking >> katie's mom is cautious and says she's taking that extra step. >> i basically kind of be her own personal moderator. >> take a look in a matter of minutes, we're able to find not only teens but adults doing things that are not exactly pg-13. cybersecurity expert teresa peyton shows us how the live streaming app periscope works. >> see people watching us. >> in a matter of seconds i'm broadcasting live and people immediately start commenting. >> good evening europe. hi europe. >> experts say apps like these can expose kids to appropriate videos subject them to realtime bullying and even put your child's safety at risk. to show how quickly someone can find your location while usings
3:16 am
one of these live streams we use our producer's periscope account. >> you saw her periscope video. >> we're able to see her handle which is linked to her twitter account. >> she talks about new york city. >> we plugged that information into this free website and anytime she posts something on social media. >> is that your picture. >> yeah that's my picture. >> it will pop up on this map with her exact location. >> so it's like leaving a trail of bread crumbs. >> yes, and you can tell how steal or fresh the crumbs are because they're au time stamped. >> meerkat tells us we are constantly evaluating the best privacy trust and safety systems to serve our community. periscope points to their guidelines that urge users to not show graphic material and you now says broadcasters are monitored 24/7 and any user reported not to have met our standards is quickly disciplined. all three apps encourage to you report inappropriate behavior. mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> creepy.
3:17 am
the words of our producer it can get creepy. >> that's right. i just think we need to go back to dialup telephones. i've been advocating that on the show. where you have the cord on your telephone. you have a little round. >> you mean rotary. >> that's it. it's dialup modem. america knows what i mean. >> yeah. i guess london that london. we've got to get that out of you. >> the red little telephone booths. >> they've got the dialups over there. >> all right, folks. we're going to dial up a new story here in a minute. it's a rotary phone. the dialup. >> okay, rotary dialup. i think in britain they call it dialup. you know who i'm interested in calling up he willon gonds, sa years after he was taken by federal mashlts and returned to cuba speaking out as an adult and telling us why he would like to return to the u.s. in our next half hour. >> first morning dance parties. the growing trend before work.
3:18 am
hitting the dance floor without a single drink to get you loosened up. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ >> we love a good party around here. and now party lovers across the country are turning their club scenes upside down. >> and instead of drinks and dancing flow the wee hours these partiers are sober and ready to rock when the sunrises. drew tuma from kgo shares the fun. >> the biggest competition facing this new business model is the snooze button on your alarm clock. if you can get past the early start you are in for some serious fun. two different groups are now hosting monthly morning dance parties in san francisco. no alcohol allowed. >> of's sober.
3:20 am
everybody's smiling. you can see everybody's faces. >> cup of coffee you got to get up at 6:00 a.m. and start your day dancing like this. whoo. >> the parties happen all over town. this one is put on by a team called daybreaker and on this day, it's on a boat in san francisco bay. >> we can really move around because we don't need a bar. and needing alcohol in a bar and liquor license will constrain a lot of parties. >> the early arrivals start with yoga to ease into the action. at 7:30 the boat shoves off with a guarantee to be docked by 9:00 so people can get to work. >> not everyone is so ambitious. >> i'm going to sleep after this. >> this party is run by morning gloryville. >> it started in london two years ago and since spread to 23 cities around the world. >> the parties have been operating almost a year in the bay area with a lot of return customers. there's this huge movement about
3:21 am
being able to be social and sober. and just being socially season ser cool. >> all ages are welcome. >> for me this event is great because i'm a mom as you can see. so it's hard for me to get out at night and i can definitely make it to this event in the morning with my baby. >> ticket prices raids from $18 to $35 with each company offering slightly different deals. but one thing they share is a lot of devoted fans. >> don't look at me. >> can you explain that one? >> yeah. everybody's look for something new, innovative different get you going in the morning. why not. have a good party. >> would you do it. >> i was told there's no bar. that's going to be a problem for me. it's going to be a problem. bloody mary, a mimosa or something. no bar, come on. i don't want party with a baby. >> they call them braves. breakfast rabs. >> braves.
3:22 am
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and now it's time for the mix". there's a couple who had a blog named nick and ellie. and they decided to turn their blog and their travels throughout asia into video games. take a look. >> kind of like international racing. right? >> and they had this -- there you see. >> that's funny. >> is it funny. >> isn't it funny. >> pretty good. >> that is pretty clever. they traveled 173 days on the road they journeyed from the east to asia is where it ended. follow me east was their blog. however, instead of writing a blog which became enjoyable they got more attraction doing this. >> this is creative. when we first heard about this story this morning, i wasn't sure how this was happen. they put effort and work into this. i get it now. old school video game. >> filmed over six months eight
3:26 am
different different countries and 27 vehicles. >> well done. instagram you see a couple pictures all the time. i don't do a lot of that. maybe i should do more. couples like to pose. >> instagram account. >> one woman did not have a guy to pose with on instagram so she started this little thing and it became a thing. she's posing with her backpack. >> what. >> she's poking fun at this whole idea of people posting pictures with couples all the time. started innocently enough. so she goes everywhere with this backpack. she travels with it has dinner with it to celebrate the unusual bond that people form with nostalgic possessions which can outlast other relationships in your life. she says dudes come and go. i've had this backpack for ten blanking years and she's having a margarita with it. it's called #jan's sport date.
3:27 am
>> the jan's sport backpack from 19 2, teej. >> is it. >> yeah. >> you got the year down. >> i remember that year. i brought that -- still have it. she's right. how about real life robots making a soon to be comeback possibly or return or just arrival probably. it's a social robot from robot scientist dr. cynthia. almost a year away from commercial availability. it will be $6799. you get a battery, a charging station here and it does it responds to voice commands performs animated movements with its torso head. it can take pictures even respond to touch. >> so it's your little friend. >> like we say it's a life like wall wall-e. >> 15 seconds here. just throw the picture up. man and an bear. they cared the devil out of each
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," gang warfare. how five groups of battling bikers turned a brawl into a barrage of bullets. the 170 people in custody in texas. the fears of retaliation today and the serious federal charges. >> deadly leap. the extreme athlete and his jump in the middle of the night. his obsession and what he told abc news recently about life and death. >> speaking out, the little boy caught in the middle of an international incident 15 years ago. what elian gonzales is saying now about cuba, the u.s. and the apology he hopes to get when he returns to america. >> and a little later in "the skinny," the last dance, the final competition on dancing with the stars" and what brought bruce willis to tears before the mirror ball trophy is awarded tonight. it's tuesday, may 19th. captions
3:31 am
paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> could you get "dancing with the stars" in london? >> no. unfortunately, we were not, no. >> you weren't able to. >> no, but i did see some british television. that was not necessarily abc. >> was it comparable? they have dancing shows and singing shows and -- >> they do, they have the show called "east enders." >> how was that? >> that was interesting. >> reena just back today. she's been gone on london duty. for the past couple weeks. it's good to have you back. speaking with a bit of a british accent, just hints of it here or there. >> tomorrow we have a very interesting package we're going to show you from my time there. so stay tuned for that. >> that's all you're going to give them. because you gave me a better tease than that. >> i'll give you can the tease i gave tj during the commercial break.
3:32 am
i brought him back a bikini. >> got your attention now, right. >> it's good to have you back. >> i'd like to see you make the transition to the next story. >> if you're going to bring stuff back like that, you should be gone more often. it's good to have you back. it's been a heck of a news cycle since you've been gone. we've been talking about the train derailment, that deadly accident and then we got this news out of texas the past couple days a scene like something you think was in the movies. >> a texas town on edge after a motorcycle gang war erupted at a restaurant and it was actually in a popular shopping center. >> take a look here. they're still cleaning up here. 100 bikes and more than 50 cars being towed away left behind by the dead, wounded and the arrested. 170 gang members taken into custody, charged with engaging in organized crime, all held on a million dollars bond each. abc's phillip mena with the latest for us. >> someone's been shot. >> this dramatic video, innocent bystanders watching a biker brawl unfold. >> in my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience, this is the most violent and gruesome
3:33 am
scene that i have dealt with. >> sunday morning hundreds of bikers from five gangs including the banditos skimmy tars and cossacks descend on waco heading to this busy shopping plaza and the twin peaks restaurant which advertises bike nights posting on facebook, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. 11:00 a.m., twin peaks opens for business. about an hour later in the restroom, a fight breaks out. the brawl spilling into the parking lot. bikers involved using brass knuckles, knives, chains, clubs and guns. >> i just got a call from a passerby going by twin peaks thought they heard a gunshot. looked over and saw a lot of people running >> people hiding in nearby restaurants watch as 22 officers rush into action. >> it was really, really scary. they said people outside the doors had guns. i crawled back towards the freezers with a lot of the waitresses. >> parents carrying their children to safety. police and bikers exchanging gunfire, nine gang members
3:34 am
killed. another 1 injured. 170 arrested. cops lining them up on the curb and loading them into buses and squad cars. the fbi has called the outlaw biker groups a serious domestic national threat and waco police tell abc news they're still on guard. >> are you worried about possible retaliation? >> certainly something we're aware of. >> tactical units and investigators still out here collecting evidence. as for the restaurant, police say they were warned not to host this gathering and this location is now shut down for good. phillip mena, abc news, waco. >> ac an abrupt end to a vacation cruise in alaska for a man accused of murdering his neighbors. scott tomaszewski was arrested as he left the ship with his parents, the 31-year-old accused of stabbing a couple to death in their home in rockville, maryland. suburb of deferring c. police say they found blood soaked money in his state room. meanwhile, federal investigators still don't know what the damaged windshield about that
3:35 am
windshield that doomed amtrak train. they do know it was not a gunshot that the did this though. service has resumed between new york and philadelphia. ntsb still trying to determine if mechanical failure or the engineer is to blame for speeding up the train instead of slowing it down, crashed last tuesday on a sharp curve killing eight people. >> military investigators in hawaii are looking closely at a fire on board the osprey aircraft which crashed killing a marine. though say it's not clear whether the fire caused the hard landing or broke out afterward. >> the osprey has had a troubled history with more than 30 people killed during its early days. an official with the marines say the aircraft is reliable and safe. now to the death of extreme athlete dean potter. during a jump at yosemite, investigators are talking to several people who apparently watched as the accident unfolded. abc's neal karlinksky reports potter was well aware of the risks. >> he was once called the man who can fly for his daring and illegal wing suit jumps.
3:36 am
and dean potter seen here climbing the face of el capitan told us he knew exactly how dangerous it could be. >> i wonder if it's healthy what i do like you're obsessed on this thing that might kill you. >> potter and fellow base jumper graham hunt were killed leaping from a 7500 foot cliff, their parachutes apparently never deployed. potter was an intense but gentle soul who never went anywhere without his beloved doug whisper. >> do you think about death, do you think about your immortality? >> i'm forced to think about my mortality. i don't want to die in time an old old man. i absolutely don't want to die falling but somehow i have an even deeper draw within me to keep going towards my fears. >> neal karlinksky, abc news, seattle. federal prosecutors say they've broken up a pot smuggling ring operating out of the oakland, california, airport. three baggage handlers along
3:37 am
with several other people charged in this case. investigators say the baggage handlers used their security clearance to avoid checkpoints and smuggle marijuana in the cargo holds of southwest jets. >> president obama's administration says the fall of the iraqi city of ramadi to isis is a setback. the pentagon says the u.s.-led coalition will ultimately prevail. the latest video shows the destruction left behind after the fighting. some 500 civilians and soldiers have been killed by the militants and that's just since last friday. iraq's ministry of defense has released video said to show the on going air strikes on isis targets. military forces from iraq and their allies are based in anbar province. there are plans to build a major counter offensive to recapture ramadi. >> a major rescue operation under way in the mountains of columbia following a deadly mudslide. heavy rain triggered the slide which killed nearly 60 people. undetermined number of people still missing. survivors said the flood and a wave of mud came on so quickly they barely had time to gather
3:38 am
their families and get out of the way. local officials are calling the situation a humanitarian emergency. >> another death in the gulf region after relentless nonstop rain storms. an 11-year-old boy died when his grandmother's car was swept away as she drove to school in louisiana. she escaped. a 7-year-old grandson was found clinging to a tree, but the 11-year-old's body was found later inside the submerged car. heavy rains in northern louisiana also flooded other roadways and basements. there was also heavy storms and flooding in eastern mississippi. firefighters had to rescue two women and their kitten from a home. several motorists were also stranded on flooded streets, and a mudslide closed the major highway in the area. 11 inches of rain fell in just a few hours. >> and today's forecast a break for the flood zone. still be showers and storms from texas to the carolinas but not as much flash flooding. showers and storms from the inland northwest to the rockies.
3:39 am
a winter storm warning for parts of colorado. rainy in much of the east. >> and despite the rain, highs in the 80s for the south, 50s and 60s in the midwest. 6 8 in las vegas. 70s in seattle, albuquerque, and new york. >> what are you people doing? we have a live show going on. you all are wrecking the place in the back. you have your -- >> i shut them off. >> you just shut it off. >> in the middle of weather, i reached over and turned them off. you'll hear this. she's getting these alerts. >> dialup. >> maybe mama wants to call me in the middle of the night. keep it on just in case. >> silent. mama, she's working. goodness gracious me. welcome back. >> i missed you too. >> we got "the skinny" coming up. the bachelorette still going. looking for love. see who got the boot and why on the very first night. >> oh, and speaking of reality tv, the kardashians sharing their emotions as bruce jenner's transition goes on. what's bringing kris to tears?
3:40 am
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>> we are -- >> impossible. >> hundreds of protesters in seattle are voicing opposition in an oil drilling battle. they blocked port entrances and rallied against shell oil which is preparing to drill for oil in the arctic ocean this summer. shell is facing another obstacle though. the city of seattle issued a violation notice saying the -company does not have the proper permit to keep its
3:44 am
drilling rig in the harbor. >> family members of elian gonzales are speaking out this morning after his interview with abc news. >> they say they hope one day to be reunited with elian and that's a reunion he's looking forward to himself. here now abc's jim avila. >> in cuba he is known simply as the child. they still call you el nino. >> si. >> elian gonzales now 21 years old and for the first time describing that day 15 years ago when federal marshals stormed into his miami family's home to forcibly return him to his father in cuba. when i saw a person with a weapon i got scared, he said. i didn't understand what they wanted with me. but then this marshall took him in her arms and whispered we are friends of your dad. we're going to take you with your dad. then he tells us he was relieved. heian in our exclusive interview, his first as an adult shot for abc by a cuban photographer who has worked with
3:45 am
him before says he wants to thank those marshals and come to america to do it. >> i say thank you for the life they give me. >> elian still supports fidel castro who has routinely visited him since his return, with his classmates, at his birthday and national events. pictures of castro line his modest home. and he tells us he wants to mend fences with his miami relatives with one condition. he says i'm willing to forgive them as long as they acknowledge they made a mistake. >> his family in miami had no comment on elian's offer at reconciliation but the fisherman who saved him 15 years ago said he deserves an apology. jim avila, abc news, new york. >> story many have followed for quite some time. coming up from the buzzing ballroom to the dueling divas. >> a recap of the final round of "dancing with the stars" and our first look at the bachelorette's suitors next in "the skinny."
3:46 am
"world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> the last dance and the last chance. >> yeah, final round here. "dancing with the stars" last night. get right to it. a shaky first dance from noah galloway but he got back on
3:48 am
track, wowed everybody with his freestyle performance an emotional routine. >> the entire crowd floored by this judges floored, as well. they gave him perfect tens across the board. >> for his freestyle, riker lynch had a swinging good time with a jazz age routine set to frank sinatra's "i won't dance." the judges also loving it with a perfect score of 40. >> who has been the front-runner ruper willis she kept the perfection going. flawless dance. smooth as silk, she did a version of britney spears song "toxic." her dad bruce brought to tears. all three contestants getting perfect scores. in the important freestyle round. who is going to o win this whole thing? >> we'll find t tonight live on abc. this is going to be a good one. >> another big premier last night. chelorette. we've got two bachelorettes. this is what you missed. reacquainted with kaitlin and britt. they spent the first episode competing against each other trying to see who is going to be
3:49 am
the true bachelorette on the show. >> let's not forget about the guys. it was raining men. the contestants making first impressions some of them rolling up in cupcakes. >> stop. >> is that corn candy? >> what in the world is happening >> carpools like car pools and what's this, electric group. you can see here the gals will get to choose from the likes of a songwriter, welder, stripper. >> clearly there were winners in that group. tony is a healer from st. louis. he got into action when it came time for the guys to vote on kaitlin and britt. >> i'm a very energetic person. touch is extremely important to me. i felt like the energy coming from the chest with britt's name on it was pulsating. >> did we hear that right? >> yes, the energy from the chest but there's a chest he's touching, not her chest. do i have this right? he was touching a -- >> you saw that right. >> i've got to watch this show if it's going down like that. we have to wait till tonight to
3:50 am
see which of the ladies are sent home. we already have our first elimination. ryan m. he filled the role of the drunk guy. always one drunk one. he started fighting with other guys, groping the girls, falling out by the pool. and he didn't spill his beer though. that's good. we should mention tomorrow in "the skinny," the return of our senior bachelor analyst jack sheehan. there he is. >> there he is right there, folks. >> we'll have it all. >> i know nothing about that guy says expert but he is the expert in the bachelorette. >> he is the expert. yesterday, it was all about taylor swift and the premiere of her highly anticipated video for "bad blood." 24 hours later it seems everyone has forgotten all about it because of this video, queen b with the reigning queen of rap nicki minaj and beyonce and the new song "feeling myself." >> it was kind of a surprise. the full video can only be seen if you have an account with
3:51 am
title. that's the music streaming service that costs $10 a month, the one that her hubby according to jay-z is behind. >> but if you don't want to pay, then you can simply imagine how much fun it would be hanging out with these two in their one-piece bathing suits and eating hamburgers. >> imagine that often actually. finally we go to jaden smith now, son of will and -- jayden is his name. son of will and jada will he is in the middle. getting a lot of attention. he's known for his fashion what faux pas or fashion sense. he went to the prom. >> yeah. >> and check out what he wore to the prom. >> no, is this real or is this a made up spoof? >> both. that's some kind of a caped crusader thing in all white. calling him the bright knight. >> oh. look at any good prom date. jayden matched the lady's looks even though he didn't take catwoman. they took some fun photo booth shots with the appropriate props
3:52 am
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well, ever since his interview with abc's diane sawyer, bruce jenner has changed the way many americans think about transgender issues. >> but for the people who have the most to think about, his family, it hasn't necessarily been so easy. here's abc's juju chang. >> you're the toughest one to talk to out of anybody, okay? >> well, maybe it's because i'm the one you lied to the longest. >> a deeper glimpse into kris jenner's raw emotions. >> to just process my pain and get through my days, it's a struggle. >> in part two of about bruce, the revealing keeping up with the kardashians special on "e," kris jenner sharing her pain after hearing an of bruce's new reality. >> it's like i have to mourn bruce jenner because i feel like you died. >> her long awaited on camera reaction to a man who she says was the best dad transitioning to a woman.
3:56 am
when kris and the gold medal olympian first met, bruce had long been questioning his gender identity revealing he was on hormone therapy when they began dating. but after they married in 1991 bruce stopped his treatment fearing that his desire to change might hurt the kardashian-jenner children. in his april interview with diane sawyer he talked about wanting to protect his kids. >> i can't allow -- i can't let myself hurt them. >> but after part one of "about bruce" aired his family showing nothing but support on social media. khloe kardashian tweeting so proud of bruiser. >> this is so horrendous. >> i bought it online. >> can you get rid of that, please? >> as for bruce, he'll soon undergo surgery and emerge as the woman he's always longed to be when he does he'll even have his own stylist. >> i appreciate all your help. i couldn't have a better stylist than you. that's for damn sure, girl.
3:57 am
>> juju chang, abc news, new york. >> such a fascinating story. >> and you know, the service that was done by -- i mean, it makes you stop and think and he's giving a highlight to an issue that many people just aren't aware of. you know, whatever happens, good luck with him. he's done a public service in a lot of ways. >> absolutely. so i did some stuff when i was in london. >> i know you did a lot of stuff. >> i can't wait to show you guys tomorrow on our show here. yes, that is royal music. >> what's that? >> and there are bikinis on that tray. >> wait. oh, come on. >> yes, you see right there, bottom left, this is the chef and those are the bikinis. >> don't be upset. you are going to have an amazing time with me tomorrow and those bikinis. >> you know i'm upset. >> high tea done like you won't imagine. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. world news
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning drk breaking overnight. hillary clinton's e-mails under review. the state department announcing when 50,000 pages will be made public. we're live with the latest. derailment evidence. commuters back in the cars going over the same curve where the amtrak train went off the tracks. as the fbi releases new details. why the damage to the windshield has become to crucial. heavy smoke and flames filled the air. three people trapped inside that car. who is the hero in the red shirt showing no fear. pulling passengers to safety. and close encounter. a giant bear charges the hunter standing his ground and it's the bear that goes a runnin'.


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