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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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means they don't really remember the 79 revolution. they just want their country to move forward. martha raddatz, abc news, tehran. >> thank you, martha. now to the san francisco murder case setting off new debate over immigration. sources say the gun used to kill kathryn steinle belonged to a federal agency. it's not clear if it was government issued or a personal weapon. francisco sanchez deported to mexico five times pleaded not guilty. san francisco officials say they released him because there was no federal court order or warrant to keep him in jail. >> the man known as the face of the subway sandwich cane has lost his job. investigators raided the home of former pitch man jared fogle after the head of his foundation was arrested on child important charges. investigators are not saying if focal will face charges but the search of his home surprised his neighbors. >> we figured he remained private. you just wouldn't expect it out
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of a family like that. >> his attorney says he is cooperating with investigators. fogel soared to fame after losing more than 200 pounds claiming he only ate subway sandwiches. >> new evidence how profitable legalized pot is for washington state. shops that sell recreational marijuana sold more than $257 million worth of marijuana generating more than $64 million from the state's excise tax and state and local governments have collected more than $6 million from local sales and other taxes. that's almost double what was predicted in the first year. >> twinkies are back from the dead. its maker is no longer for sale. there are reports that the hostess brand is now worth as much as $2.5 billion. the smackmaker now snubbing offers to buy it. instead considering an initial public offering that can make hostess worth even more. it was rescued from bankruptcy just two years ago by turn around experts who certainly are not ding dongs.
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like that line? >> yeah i like that and i want a twinkie right now. speaking of comfort food kentucky fried chicken has come up with a weird new menu item. it's called the napoli crispy pizza chicken. yeah pizza chicken available as parts of several combo meals. look at there. >> this is fried chick. >> and what is this? >> fried chicken. that's also a pizza, looks like tomato sauce was two types of cheese. so far only available at kfc restaurants in hong kong. it's huge in asia, especially china and this recipe the fried chickens original recipes despite the name crispy it's available only for a limited time. >> we just have to stop saying i like stuff and i'm going to put it on everything. you know? like. >> like a hamburger. throw cheese tomatoes sugar and a shoe on top of that hamburger. i mean it's kind of -- a little
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excess don't you think? pizza chicken? >> i have pep toe in my office. >> pizza chicken, folks. don't get me wrong,k fc. you'll send it to me and i'll love it. come up the message ringo starr is it sending out as he celebrates his 75th birthday. can you believe he's 75? >> turning military junk into treasure. meet the two militaryport women taking their innovative ideas from the battlefield to the marketplace. >> first, celebrating the best soccer players in the world. a tribute to the women from team usa like no other. you are watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather, brought it out by southern new hampshire university.
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check that who the south, williams is just two wins away from her fourth straight major title better known as the serena slam because she's got it like that. next up she faces maria sharapova in the semifinals. she's been on a roll for what ten years. >> how does she have that much power in her of? i want a quarter of that power when i serve. >> leg strength that's the way you do it. >> after the historic win in japan and vancouver team usa kicking off a world cup victory tour. >> first stop a parade in downtown l.a. where the stars were greeted by mobs of cheering fans. despite accolades, critics charge what the women are being paid is an embarrassment. here's cecilia vega. >> from the field to the locker room to the victory ride home. the trophy buckled in its own seat. now the whole team back on home turf. ♪ we are the champions ♪
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>> but the reality, these women not playing on a level field. goalie hope solo couldn't agree more tweeting equal pay for female athletes. endorsements aside, players on the u.s. women's national team earn an average of $14,000 a year. that's just above the national poverty line. the men who lost $305,000 that's over 20 times more than the women who won. and worldwide, the ladies it's world cup prize nearly 40 times less. news that new york city will throw a victory parade friday. >> new yorkers turn out. >> but a woman hasn't walked the canyon of heroes since figure skater carroll hoois. it was all the way back in 1960. champions who have come so far, but still get paid for kicking like a girl. cecilia vega abc news new
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york. >> oh so much excitement. it's going to be fantastic friday. of course, who is going to host these events? >> our own robin roberts. she's going to be fantastic. she's so excited about it. that's coming up on friday. and i mean this is going to be a ticker tape parade to end all ticker tape parades. >> i can't believe it's 1960 since the last one. >> it's been a long time. oh there's the biggest -- there's the second biggest supporter of team usa behind robin. >> somebody call robin right now and ask her for a front row seat. >> how about that call they got from president obama. >> i turned on the game and you guys kind of took the suspense out of it ten minutes and then -- that hitter was close. you know. >> yeah it was close. >> and we will be right back. >> three's not bad. "world news now"
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last weekend, we celebrate add america's independence with fireworks, red, white, and blue. >> now two women are creating even more patriotic fashions for fellow veterans. abc's amy robach has the story ♪ >> meet the nunez sisters, the girl power behind the company sword and pl mission is to empower veteran employment to reduce waste through recycling military
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surplus. >> turning this into this. >> so we've been repurposing everything from woodland twill that was used on uniforms to coast guard twill, wool that was used it's actually insulation from an aircraft carrier. >> this is aircraft insulation. >> it's our wool handbag. >> i love it. >> so often all this material would be thrown away or burn sfwhood durable, functional and fashionable. this goes with everything. >> and for this dynamic duo, it's in their dna. >> you just have a few ties to the military. >> betsy and i grew up in a military family. our dad served in the army for 30 years. i am a 1st lt. army officer. active duty. currently assigned to 10th special forces group. i actually deployed to afghanistan just two weeks after we launched on kickstarter. we would try to have team meetings through the occasional
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skooip call but those were sometimes cut short because of incoming mortar rounds. >> were you worried about your sister. >> i think i of course was really concerned about her safety. i had never missed anyone as much as her when she was away. >> a laptop and holder. >> from their headquarters in denver colorado sword and plow has manufactured over 7,000 products since their launch just two years ago, repurposing more than $25,000 pounds of military surplus. but it's their employees who really make the difference. >> how many veterans do you employ? >> we have supported 38 veteran jobs full and part time. >> tell me yes veterans make such good employs. >> amazing leaders under stress and combat situations. >> i was in the united states navy. i was in there during desert storm. i know it's kind of odd for a male but i love making purses for some odd reason. >> tell me about your haircut. >> so i recently chopped my hair down to an inch.
2:51 am
in order to be one of the first women to go to ranger school. >> women breaking new ground with the special forces. to get into the elite army rangers. >> i made it pretty far but i didn't pass. there's currently three women still at ranger school. >> so i'm rooting for them. >> you got a great haircut out of it. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> amy robach abc news new york. >> and incredible organization. sword and plow you get a 20% discount if you're a member of the military or a spouse who's spouse is serving. >> that's fantastic. look what they're doing for veterans. whenever you see somebody coming through like that, helping others i mean it just makes such a difference. >> and you can buy this online. but they're hoping to get their products into mainstream stores. i think it will be a huge success. i love that bag. >> they're going to do it. >> the one with the unsighlation. >> you want one? got to get one. >> i want two. >> come up, peace and love, ringo starr.
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♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ ♪ lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song and i'll try not to sing out of key ♪ ♪ oh i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ >> do you need, sorry we're back. i was just about to go to the high noteses. >> good pipes. >> ringo starr singing the beatles classic from sergeant peppers and for his 75th birthday he wanted to include all of his family and friends and fans. >> he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame as a solo artist. he's all about bringing people together. george pen knackio was actually
2:56 am
there at the celebration. >> three, two, one. peace and love. peace and love everybody. >> ringo starr is once again inviting people around the world to celebrate at #peace and love. at noon on his 75th birthday he appeared outside capital records, periscoping on his cell phone to get the word out. the former beatle has been doing this now since 2005. >> life is for the living and you know the more peace and love and meditation i bring into my life the better i feel. >> ringo and his friends threw peace and love wrist bands out to the crowd and even handed out birthday cookies to the fans. >> you came here from ohio. was it worth your money to be here? >> absolutely. no doubt. without a doubt. it's great. best part of the vacation. >> the witt the humor, the charm, the brilliant musicality the musician significanceship that people will love forever
2:57 am
and the legacy of peace and love is what they were about. >> ringo was my favorite wn i was a kid. so cute and his message is just the best. >> ringo starr spreads his message with barbara bach his wife of 34 years. >> a journey from childhood of listening to the beatles to be here today in hollywood and celebrate his birthday. >> the nicest guy ever. >> i love ringo. >> we love you. rock on dude into if you were going to write a song about your life right now, what do you think the title would be? >> everything is groovy. >> george pen knackio. >> he is the beatle that always brings a smile to your face. richard starkey is his real force. ♪ walk out on me. >> singing it. >> ♪ lend your ears and i'll sing you a tune ♪ . ♪ lend your ears and i'll sing you a tune ♪ .
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this morning on "world news now," mid-air crash. a military jet and a private plane collide, sending burning pieces of wreckage to the ground. the search for the missing victims and how the military pilot escaped. >> disturbing developments about the san francisco murder case setting off an immigration firestorm. the suspect facing a judge and what we're learning about the weapon. >> legal bombshell. the bill cosby sex abuse scandal, new details uncovered from a deposition and the accusers speaking out. >> the truth always comes to light. >> and more companies distancing themselves from the veteran comic. >> and finding a job. can it be as easy as finding a date? the promise from a new career boosting app on this wednesday, july 8th. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news this is "world
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news now." >> good morning. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm reena ninan. we're going to stop off this half hour with the mid-air crash of a fighter jet and a small plane in south carolina. two people were killed. >> their bodies have not been recovered but the f--16 pilot ejected safely. shoe no one was injured. steve osunsami is there. >> we need an ambulance back here. >> in the near 100 degree heat. >> needed at this time. >> first responders are searching back woods, yards and a river for what's left of the two the aircraft that somehow crashed above neighborhoods in south carolina. the debris field miles wide littered with tires and engine reports. >> reports of two planes down at this time. small plane versus a military style jet. small plane in the water at this time. >> beverly brunswick says she was working outside. >> you're sitting there and heard this boom coming from this side. >> authorities say the first
3:02 am
call for help came at 11:03 a.m. the two planes were an f-16 traveling from shaw air force base northwest of charleston and a cessna 150, authorities tell us is used an the as a popular training plane for private pilots. the military says the pilot ejected safely but two people flying the cessna were killed. >> the information we have now, they are local. >> experts say the cessna should have showed up on the jet's radar and air traffic controllers should have washed the cessna about the f-16. cessna was flying and pulled up suddenly when the f-16 tore right through it crashing five miles away. >> very high rates of closure and sometimes they don't see each other. >> divers are searching the river. despite falling debris no one was injured on the ground. steve osunsami south carolina. >> a five-hour trip turned into a 14-hour ordeal for amtrak passengers heading from chicago
3:03 am
to st. louis. first the train was delayed for four hours by a truck accident. a freight train derailment caused another delay. after departing monday at 7:00 p.m. the train returned to chicago at 9:00 a.m. on tuesday and passengers finally arrived to st. louis on buss. >> the airline industry is hit with another charge of colluding to keep airfares high. a group of passengers naming delta, american united and southwest in a lawsuit filed just days after the department of justice revealed an investigation into collusion among airlines. that legal hae action follows a federal report showing a slight improvement in arrival times. more than 80% of flights were on time in may. >> a stunning development in the san francisco murder that's become a flash point in the immigration debate. sources say the gun used to kill a young woman on a popular peer belongs to a federal agent. it's not clear if it was government issued or how it may have gotten in the hands of the undocumented immigrants charged with the murder.
3:04 am
as tom llamas reports, he's now being held on $5 million bail. >> francisco sanchez, an undocumented immigrant facing a fudge for the first time fleegd not guilty. charged with killing kate steinle as she strolled the san francisco pier with her family. >> we loved her immensely. >> sanchez admitted to the shooting but chams the gun went off accidentally also acknowledging. >> did you keep coming back because you knew they wouldn't actively look for you? >> the alleged killer deported five times, a rebate drug offender. why was esreleased from jail on april 15th. >> once you've done your time you've done your time. >> senators grilling a top i.c.e. official on capitol hill. >> he was released to society to commit a murder. why the isn't i.c.e. he's escorting that person back to his country of origin. >> in that particular case our
3:05 am
detainer was not honored. >> a definer an lose federal authorities time to assume custody. there are more than 300-sections in the u.s. do not allow time for detainers. in san francisco, the police union is blasting the policy blaming it for steinle's death. >> if that individual remained in mexico after he had been deported five separate times, yes, miss steinle would be alive today. >> authorities tell us they notified san francisco in writing they wanted to know when sanchez was going to be released but san francisco's sheriff says the local law requires a court order or warrant which i.c.e. did not have. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> hillary clinton is also weighing in on the debate saying the city of san francisco was wrong to release sanchez but she blasted the gop presidential candidates for their stance on immigration. she said a republican in the white house would mark a big u turn for the country. and she also reacted to donald
3:06 am
trump's controversial remarks about mexican immigrants. >> i feel very bad and very disappointed with him and with the republican party for not responding immediately and saying enough stop it. but they are all in the -- you know in the same general area on immigration. >> meanwhile, more backlash for trump. the pga is moving its grand slam of golf from trump's course in los angeles. both sides say it was a mutual decision. >> more charges for the man accused of killing nine people at a black church in charleston. dylann roof faces three counts for those who received last month's shooting accuse account of opening fire on the victims after bible study. he had been linked to white supremacists. the justice department may file hate crime charges. >> the confederate flag could be taken down by the end of the
3:07 am
week. debate begins on a bill to remove the flag. but the outcome is uncertain with more flag supporters notice house. some republicans now want to replace it with a different flag that flew over confederate troops. >> another policed deadline for the iran nuclear talks. the u.s. says the two sides have never been closer to a final agreement. there are still significant differences. one of those is iran's insistence the arms embargo be lifted. russia's foreign minister says the issue has been settled but did not say how. >> the pope wrapped up his visit to ecuador with giant crowds. hundreds of thousands braved heat so intense firefighters spraying them with water to keep them cool. abc's david wright was there. >> here in ecuador's capital it's no exaggeration to say the whole city turned out for pope francis, many of them camping out in the pouring rain all night. >> you suffered to be here.
3:08 am
now you're here senator yeah. >> this mass is being head on what used to be the airport here. now shut down. if you that's the only control tower. up here you can really get a sense for the crowds. a sea of people the runway is packed more than a million people turning this airport into a cathedral. pope francis adding a dash of native design to the traditional white investmentments and the choir included inmates from a local prison allowed out just for this. his message that his vision of ca ca tholism embraces everything and everyone in god's creation. >> he has experience with all the conditions that people have lived with here and he's a very simple man. i think that touches a lot of people too. >> the pastor of a wordwide church truly connecting with the crowds. david wright quito, ecuador. >> take taking a selfie.
3:09 am
>> there you go. >> rain is usually an unwelcome guest at outdoor activities except at the annual event in suburban detroit called mud day. >> the one day kids are encouraged to roll around in a giant pitter. >>ing as much mud as possible on to their bodies. one major rule no throwing mud. otherwise you have a lot of if you please. >> a lot of people in there aren't kids. there was a hazmat team standing by to hose everyone off. kid, are you covered with mud. can that even come off? >> i don't know. i bet it's cheaper than the beauty treatments like a dead sea scrub or something. >> there were so many you eyoung at heart there getting into the action getting in the mix. look at the smiles right? nothing for a kid like jumping into the mud and it's all right. >> it's okay into you're not even getting yelled at except maybe that kid.
3:10 am
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a horrifying accident in utah is caught on camera. check that out as a state trooper help agaccident victim becomes a victim himself as he waited by a car that hydroplaned into a center barrier, another car lost control and it knocked into the first car. into the trooper, pinning him underneath. he suffered broken ribs but thankfully is expected to recover. >> a california judge is refusing to dismiss murder charges against suge knight. his attorneys wanted the charges tossed since a key witness is now refusing to testify, one of the men knight is accused of hitting with his car. he refused to identify knight in court. judge says it's clear that knight was behind the wheel. he's held on 10 maryland bail. >> turning to the bill cosby scandal, many accusers are speaking out saying they feel vindicated by the admission. >> unsealed testimony showing cosby acknowledged buying drugs
3:15 am
to give to women has reignited what happened last year. here's more from abc's linsey davis. >> more fallout from the release of the court document that quotes cosby saying in a sworn deposition he purchased sedatives to give young women. >> a lawyer asked him to have sex with? >> cosby answers yes. >> the deposition is from a 2005 case. she said cosby gave her three pills to help her relax adding within a short period of time, her limbs felt immobile and she began to feel barely conscious. cosby's attorney said he offered constant 1 1/2 tablets of benadryl after she complained of tension and inability to sleep. her case was settled out of court. a source telling us the only
3:16 am
reason mr. cosby settled it would have been bears embarrassing to put all those women in the stand and his family didn't have a clue. i sat down with cosby this may. he remained tight-lipped. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> model beverly johnson writes about the moment she says crosby drugs her cappuccino in her upcoming book. >> the truth always comes to light. >> what's your reaction to the latest revelations. >> i'm very happy for the women. i see a lot of them are relieved and feel validated and vindicated. and that's good. >> bounce tv the second most watched african-american network is now announcing effective immediately, it's pulling all reruns of the cosby show off the air. tvland made a similar announcement at the end of last year. linsey davis, abc news new york. >> wow, talk about shocking developments and with this information, you have to wonder where it goes from here. statute of limitations have run
3:17 am
out on many of the alleged accusers claims. sounds like this is the beginning of a large controversy. >> can they still press their case forward? >> there's not much they can do criminally but civilly, there could be options. there's a lot more to this we don't know. >> we'll be following this one. and coming up swiping for a job. the hot new service designed like a dating app that allows users to browse new career opportunities. what job seekers and employers say about it. >> and behind the scenes of antman the newest marvel super hero flick starring funny man paul rudd. why his co-stars including michael douglas are gushing over his new look. very small look indeed. you're watching "world news now." "wor
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♪ well, need a job? there's a new way to search for jobs an app that works a lot like the popular dating app tinder. >> it's called switch. you swipe right if you want the position. if the employer swipes right too, it could mean you get a new job. here's linzie janis with more. >> when it comes to searching for love tens of millions of tinder users are swiping their way to a hot date. now a new app promises you to let you choose your next job with that same efficiency. >> you basically wanted to do what the internet did to dating for job matching >> switch allows job seekers to go through thousands of
3:20 am
potential positions anonymously swiping right if interested and left if not. if an employer is interested too, that's a match. the app puts the two in touch. it's the latest in a new generation of apps from sites such as linked in and designed to give both besides the direction connections so often missing in the job and hiring hunt. >> i saw there was an app that gives you personalized job recommendations. i thought i would give it a try. >> joe graham found his job at ebay using switch. >> i didn't have to deal with recruiters or middle people. i went straight to the hiring manager. >> that hiring manager john kline says the app is now his main way of finding prospective employees. >> i swipe right. the person's name. here's the link to their profile. i'll get a resume. we'll talk and that kicks off the interview purchases. >> the founders says it saves it's more than 1,000 employers including walmart, ebay and amazon time and money, eliminating the need to wade
3:21 am
through countless online applications and cover letters. and while switch is still a startup, it plans to expand to more industries and hopefully allow people to swipe their way into as many job interviews as first he had a keen grasp on the candidate he was looking for. it was a smooth dialogue. >> linzie janis, abc news new york. >> i like it. it appeals to people not out there pounding the pavement every day. what's out there. i'm working at a job but i want to see what's out there. let me switch this way and this person agrees. now we're hooking up. it sounds untoward. >> you think they have journalism jobs? >> what? okay reena. >> just kidding, people. >> are you okay? >> i am just fine. i actually think. >> tonight i guess i'll be doing this by myself or me and tj. >> coming up an epic beat boxing battle between a father and a daughter. >> and we'll call the arby's hot
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now it's time for the mix. nicole paris and her dad are from st. louis. they get into this epic beat boxing match. take a listen. >> all right. [ beat box sounds ] >> yep. pretty good huh. >> you know who won? >> wait wait. >> oh that's dope. that's nice. >> pretty good huh? >> well, the daughter won. dad claims that he messed up and then nicole jumped in and finished it with two minutes of medley. they've had a couple mashups before and dad was just so proud. >> i messed up. >> oh no, dad.
3:26 am
>> he was still proud of his daughter though. >> look she is great. i mean come on. she's fantastic. okay. let's go to this next -- look i know there's a lot of vegetarians out there. sometimes you see meat and you just go crazy. what do you do? how do you hold off? arby's has launched a vegetarian support line to help vegetarians resist the urge of wanting their new brown sugar bacon. look at that bacon, folks. >> is that a real number. >> yeah. what do you do? you're a vegetarian can you resist ta. >> let's call them. >> it's so good even vegetarians want it. 1-855-meat-hlp. this is a vegetarian. >> hlp. >> she's jonesing. her knees are tapping >> we're getting them on the line. let's see if they're awake. >> you have reached the vegetarian support hot line
3:27 am
sponsored by you're byes. we're here to hech you. if you're a vegetarian feeling tempted by brown sugar bacon and you can't stop thinking about that sweet meat press one. you've worked so hard for so long we get it. brown sugar bacon is hard to resist. you can do this. now, take a deep breath. and go make a salad. >> go make a salad? >> that's wrong. >> you can't stop thinking that sweet meat. >> they're up at had hour. at least answering the phone. >> they are. >> can you resist the urge? >> i can resist the urge. >> going to tell me to order a salad. please get the double stuffed oreos or something. >> brown sugar bacon, if you smell it, you're going to want it. it's so good. >> well, that's the news for this half hour. we don't know who we're going to crank call this next half hour. >>
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," washed away. downpours and flash floods from the west to the east. the rescues and the punishing conditions in a season with intense rainfall. >> murder investigation, the san san francisco shooting setting off a debate over immigration. new details about the undocumented suspect and the weapon. >> subway spokesman jared fogle under federal investigation. why agents searched his home and why the restaurant chain is cutting ties. >> and going public. views of justin bieber usually seen in private now shared with the entire world. how the pop star has become the butt of jokes. that's in "the skinny" on this wednesday, july 8th. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the butt of jokes? >> yes. and i mean that literally and it's disturbing. you'll see it later in "the skinny."
3:31 am
>> i look forward to that. i'm just going to leave it right there. >> well, our top story this half hour, we're talking a extreme weather. it's happening in much of the country. a strong storm left a mess in the reno area with winds strong enough to flip a small plane at the airport. heavy rain and hail, as well. >> in indianapolis, a rescued resident says the oncoming floodwaters were like the roar of the ocean. it was one of many rescues across the country. abc's lana zak reports. rushing waters making way for rescues. firefighters in texas forced to use a truck ladder to reach a driver stranded in her car by flash flooding. storms swept across the country. >> i noticed that the water was deep and we hit that water and just killed the engine. >> reporter: but many of those calls resulted in a lot of waiting. emergency crews overwhelmed. >> the fire department came by and told us that we'd have to wait on a tow truck.
3:32 am
then they got stuck and started sinking in their driveway. and the tow truck cape and pulled them out and just left us sitting there. >> in branson, missouri, floods forced vacationers to move their trailers. in this town residents had almost no time to react. >> the firefighters were here that quick trying to evacuate. >> in indiana, floods submerged neighborhoods, families left struggling to see if anything can be saved. >> everything is underwater in there. i have nothing. >> flood everywhere. >> all through the south and midwest, communities cut off by floodwaters. roads washed out and backyards turned into ponds. but officials say despite the obvious danger, people keep driving into high water. >> that puts a very big strain on your fire department. and we need to be able to take those medical calls when they come in. >> lana zak, abc news, new york. >> today's forecast, the southwest gets hit again. flooding downpours and dust storms in new mexico and colorado. heavy rain in central
3:33 am
california, nevada up to 2 inches of rain in the mid-atlantic and northeast. intense heat in the northwest fire zone. >> 90s in seattle and portland. 80s in memphis, new york and salt lake city. 70s in detroit and los angeles. we're talking 60s in kansas city and chicago. an emergency crews have rescued the body of a woman killed when an ice cave collapsed in washington state. they had to use small explosives to dislodge debris to make it safe to make sure it was safe enough to reach the 34-year-old victim. the five others injured are expected to survive. a hiker who was in the cave described the terrifying ordeal. >> holding hands, screaming and it was really scary. the poor kids were yelling. at that moment it was immediate instinct, get out of there. >> park rangers say hikers have long ignored verbal and posted warnings to stay out. the area inow closed to the public indefinitely. >> safety questions today after two people killed in a mid-air crash over south carolina.
3:34 am
the pilot of the air force f-16 fighter jet ejected safely but the two people on board the cessna were killed. bodies not yet recovered. eyewitnesss say the jet appeared to hit the small plane broadside. it may have turned into the f-16's flight path. experts say air traffic controllers should have warned the cessna about the f-16. >> they're both at very low altitude. very high rates of closure and sometimes they don't see each other. >> debris scattered over a wide area north of charleston. no one on the ground was injured. the jet was on a training mission from shaw air force base. >> now to the san francisco murder case setting off a new debate over immigration. sources say the gun used to kill kathryn steinle as she walked along a san francisco waterfront belonged to a federal agent. it's not clear if it was a government issued or personal weapon. the suspect is francisco sanchez. he's an undocumented immigrant deported to mexico five times. he's pleaded not guilty.
3:35 am
on capitol hill, senators demanded answers from top immigration officials about his release. >> he was released into general society to commit a murder. does that make sense to you? why isn't i.c.e. right there at the prison door escorting him that person back to his country of origin? >> san francisco officials say they released sanchez because there was no court order or warrant to hold him. he's admitted to the shooting but claims it was accidental. >> an expert for the defense says james holmes was mentally ill and unable to tell right from wrong during the colorado theater massacre. she testified that holmes suffered from schizophrenia and delusions. his defense team is trying to prove he was insane during the 2012 attack, but prosecutors contended that he was sane. they are seeking the death penalty. >> a michigan doctor who admitted he deliberately misdiagnosed healthy patients with cancer and profited from their unnecessary treatments faced his accusers in court and they lashed out at the man they say ruined their lives.
3:36 am
abc's clayton sandell has details. >> victims and families speaking out against a doctor they say put them in a prison of fear and pain. dr. farid fata pleaded guilty to health care fraud and other charges that he deliberately misdiagnosed hundreds of patients as having cancer to justify unnecessary treatment. sue lane spoke about her husband. >> after he started his treatments, he went blind. he lost all his hair. he couldn't walk. he couldn't see. >> at his sentencing hearing in a michigan federal court, another says her husband still suffers pain and depression. it's despicable, you filled him with poison for your cash flow. the daughter of another victim telling fata you murdered and tortured my dad. >> never looked at him. i got so mad looking at him, i just lost it. >> prosecutors say fata received millions of dollars prescribing unnecessary cancer treatments for more than 500 patients. those patients and their families say the only prescription for dr. fata is
3:37 am
life in prison. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> the rest of europe is giving greece an ultimatum. the debt ridden country has till sunday to come up with a plan to settle with creditors. if it does, the european union will help greece with another bailout. if not, they'll let the country fall into economic collapse. they feel the greek prime minister came to yesterday's emergency summit unprepared. and the world's largest cruise company, carnival corporation, says it will start offering service to cuba for the first time since the 1960 trade embargo. if the plan is approved by cuban authorities, carnival, princess and eight other cruise lines will begin saying from miami to havana starting next may. >> can a 3-year-old riding a toy motor strikal actually get a parking ticket? that happened in nova scotia. a little boy parked his bike in the wrong spot and officer
3:38 am
stooped down and pretended to write down a citation. the boy turned out to be a great actor putting his hands on his forehead in shock. the officer's actions getting worldwide attention now on social media. >> he's trying to put it in an atm to pay it. at least he's responsible. there he goes. well, when the groundskeeper for a historic new york city church retired, the pastor found some unique replacements. >> they're sheep named mulberry elizabeth and mott and they have made the lawn moor obsolete pretty much. two months ago, the grass was ten inches high. the livestock turned into quite an attraction in manhattan. they're a limited engagement and the sheep head back to their farm in upstate new york on friday. >> but it's spotty. i saw one sheep eating a tree. i wanted him to focus on the lawn. >> you should have used one of those hillary clinton campaign pen things where you keep them in the little -- >> one sheep sitting on camera saying i'm just hanging out. sometimes like landscapers i've worked with before.
3:39 am
just going to hang out. >> some landscape carries i work with folks, not all landscapers. >> don't let them write in. >> coming up, he's now the butt of jokes and dropping his pants. and posing for selfies. justin bieber puts his skin into "the skinny." >> did this really happen? >> yeah. >> also ahead, paul rudd's super hero role as antman. the new movie getting so much buzz, we're going behind the scenes. >> first, why jared fogle is under a federal investigation. the search for answers. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80%
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take a look at this dramatic rescue at sea. the coast guard received a call from a cruise ship off the north carolina coast about a 77-year-old woman with stroke symptoms. the crew lowered a rescue swimmer, hoisted the ailing woman along with a family member in the helicopter. she was then taken to a hospital and is now in stable condition. >> more fallout for bill cosby after his testimony from a 10-year-old case was unsealed revealing he admitted to buying quaaludes to give to women. "the cosby show" reruns have been immediately pulled from bounce the second most watched african-american network. the number of women accusing cosby are speaking out again including former model beverly johnson. >> i'm very happy for the women. i see that a lot of them are relieved and feel vindicated and validated and that's good. >> the lapd has confirmed there is an open criminal investigation of sexual assault
3:44 am
allegations against cosby even those that are past the statute of limitations. >> the man who inspired millions after losing more than 200 pounds eating subway sandwiches is done as a chain spokesperson. >> the move comes after federal authorities raided the home of the popular pitchman jared fogle. here's abc's linzie janis. >> jared fogle trying to avoid the cameras as fbi agents and state police spent several hours raiding his indiana home. searching the mansion with a canine unit, removing computers and other devices, taking them to this mobile forensics van parked in the driveway. officials declining to say whether fogel is a target or if his residence simply housed equipment they want to see. >> we just figured he liked to remain private. it's kind of weird seeing this going on. you wouldn't expect it out of a family like that. >> two months ago, russell taylor, the director of fogel's charity was arrested after federal investigators say he had hundreds of sexually explicit videos involving minors.
3:45 am
at the time, fogel best known as the face of the subway sandwich chain, saying he was severing ties with tailer. >> hi i'm jared the subway guy. and this is my story. >> subway issuing a statement saying subway and jared fogle have mutually agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> he was so the face of subway for so many people. such an inspiration for a lot of people actually looking to lose weight. au though they haven't had any new ads with him as subway he was recently as of this past weekend doing appearances in connection with subway. >> he's still making those appearances. he still has some of those connections. they've suspended and it sounds like they've mutually agreed to do that while this investigation is continuing. we'll have to see where this goes. >> coming up, the online uproar over bieber's rump. he really went naked on instagram? we're going to have how everyone's responding >>, of course, he did.
3:46 am
and the man who was almost superman. behind the scenes video of the epic movie never made. you got to see this on the "skinny." it's coming up next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> we're not calling it "the skinny" for nothing this
3:48 am
morning. our top story is justin bieber's bare bottom. >> the superstar singer always likes to push the buttons. since he's turned over a new fig leaf he's finding new ways to still be provocative like showing his booty on instagram. that's creating shock waves around the world. come on, we don't get to see it? this is the initial post. we apparently can't show you all of it. just use your imagination. a full moon on the back of that boat. >> as our good senior producer said it's not all that it's cracked up to be. >> it revealed a lot of parodies. photo shoppers got to work creating parody means including miley cyrus. she had enhanced. that's the real picture i think. bieber's got back she says. >> even more celebrities getting in on the act. it's now butt battle royale chrissy teigen there you see sneaking a shot of her husband, john legend's rear end. >> she was like i must be
3:49 am
involved and get twitter hits. >> did he know she did this? >> okay, honey, you can put this on twitter so you can get 10,000 more followers. >> that's also a nice lamp. >> turning now to an issue especially sensitive in california this morning. celebrities, you're seeing water they shouldn't be using to keep their landscaping from going dry. it's a horrible heat wave there. tom selleck is the latest alleged offender. he's being what is called drought shamed. >> say it ain't so. the lawsuit claims he stole water from a neighboring district reportedly hiring a water truck that was filled with water from a public hydrant 12 times, and that water allegedly delivered to selleck's home. >> the municipal water district suing selleck claiming they had to pay an investigator $20,000 just to document the water thefts. >> a tough situation out there. water drought shaming pitting neighbors against neighbors when you look at it. we thought instead of -- and this is kind of transition here.
3:50 am
we thought about instead of living next to homer simpson, what would ned flanders do if he was neighbors with tom selleck? what do you think? >> calm down, diddley. diddley, diddley. they did their best. got to be nice. hostility, biddly. biddly. oh, hell. >> mr. selleck, that's what your neighbors are saying right now. even ned flanders would freak out over stealing water. speaking of freaking out, that's what simpson fans were doing over the news, this man, harry shearer, the voice of flanders was leaving >> wait. we have some excellent news. the actor who also lends his voice to a dozen other characters including mr. burns and smithers is indeed returning. the hollywood reporter saying he's oakaly doakaly. and the new contract terms. >> he's got a new deal. he's happy. look at that, woo who.
3:51 am
this message posted saying woo hoo. all the principal cast members have signed. principal being oat key word. you see principal skinner front and center there. and he is voiced by none other than that man harry shearer. this is a big deal because you lose him and you lose like half the cast. >> oakley doakly. >> finally, it's wednesday. we already have an epic throwback thursday for you. >> i was so excited to see this movie coming out back in the '90s. it's a strange one because it actually never happened. nicolas cage was supposed to be superman. check it out. there he is in the suit. this footage surfaced as cage one tried on that super tight superman out fit in '97 for a film caused "super man lives," it was going to be directed by tim burton. >> and it turned into a new documentary called "the death of superman." >> he looks like a weird body builder. it looks really creepy.
3:52 am
i'm glad it didn't happen. coming up, antman. ieve each day is a chance for you to be your besest self. with over 800 skincare awards worldwide, we're devoted to creating the most advanced skincare products. we want you to turn every head especially the one that matters most. because if you can impress the woman in the mirror... that's everything. from the worlds #1. olay. your best beautiful. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program.
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♪ sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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♪ >> all right. makes you think of big huge movies, right? that's how i think when i think of marvel movies. they're usually big massive things. but not so much for its latest action hero. >> but what antman played by paw rudd lacks in size he makes up in laughs. abc's rachel smith went behind the scenes with rudd and the rest of the antman cast. >> watch your step. that little guy is the latest original avenger getting a big screen reboot marvel universe. antman, aka scott lane played by paw rudd. for some an interesting pick for marvel's newest vigilante.
3:56 am
>> we've known you to have a great sense of humor. you've done your fair share of comedy. >> that's very true. >> good sense of humor. >> might antman be as funny? as keen with his sense of humor? >> i don't know. i'm not sure. i think antman's a lot like sophie's choice. i think people will be surprised. it's very serious. >> rudd's antman character has 13 suits and 17 helmets for the role. >> oh, my head's still too big. oh, my gosh. >> get your close up of that. >> oh, ants down to his cuff links. >> i got ants in my cuff link. >> mike douglas plays the brains behind a special serum that shrinks a human to the size of an ant. >> like that. that fast and that fast can make him back to full size. >> the marvel universe has the oscar winner sounding like a wide-eyed kid. >> i've never done one of these green screen movies and things you got to pretend that are there, especially like ants.
3:57 am
>> evangelineeliy plays hope, the daughter of hank penn. >> what do you think fans will enjoy most about seeing paul rudd as the antman? >> i'll speak for the female audience. >> okay. >> i think they're going to be shocked at how freaking sexy paul rudd is going to be. >> that spoiler alert of sorts, even douglas was willing to spill. >> paul rudd has worked out so much that they had to tone his suit down because his eight-pack and his pecs were exploding. >> just couldn't fit into the suit. >> could not fit into the suit. >> i mean, he's -- i could say he's ripped. >> rachel smith, abc news, atlanta. >> i can't wait. that's going to be fantastic i bet. and the key to his strength, he can maintain the strength of a normal sized man even in that ant sized body. >> that sounds like you. >> pretty much. yes, i am the ant man, paul rudd.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, midair collision. a military jet smashing into a small aircraft. plane parts and debate raining down over a large area. investigators on the ground right now. so what went wrong? severe weather. people in several states rescued in flash flooding. one driver in her truck when the road was washed away. rivers overflowing banks. people catching fish in the streets. subway scandal, the chain sandwich shop dropping its spokesman. police taking documents and electronics from his home. new details on the investigation. perfect picture. a child's hilarious reaction to getting a ticket. the story behind this viral moment.


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