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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 6, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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\s this morning on "world news now," remarkable rescues in the disaster zone. >> the epic floods in the carolinas, the worse nick human toll, the cars swept away and the property damaged. knew details about the monster storm and the relief coming in. playing dead to survive. that's the chilling account from an oregon college student who was shot in the back. what she remembers about the gunman. >> caught on camera, the high school football coach and a referee expressing their disagreement in a most physical way. what caused tempers to flare. and later pizza with something extra. the ingredients suitable for the season added to make this a pumpkin pie. the gourmet creation in our kitchen on this tuesday, october 6th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." prug. >> good morning on this tuesday. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. there's a bit of a theme i guess to this half hour in the sense we'll have pumpkin pizza and also "the mix" a pizza inspired costume. >> oh, i look forward to hearing what that's about. >> it should be interesting. we'll start with sad news. the devastating floods in the carolinas now blamed for 13 deaths. >> the rain is finally moved out but in many areas the water is still rising forcing more can haves. more than 3500 roads and bridges across south carolina remain closed. clean drinking water is in short supply. we now know the historic storm was fuelled in part by moisture from hurricane joaquin. here's more from abc's alex perez. >> reporter:. the bracing for more rain and the governor, a warning. >> just because the rain stops does not mean we are out of the woods. >> reporter: a breach of a dam causing an emergency evacuation in forest acres, south carolina.
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national guardsmen in columbia going home to home searching for survivors, spray paint ag"x" where all is clear. this man doing the same from a kayak. the last 24 hours, family after family plucked from the flood waters. >> everything that i own that i know of has been destroyed. >> it's heart wrenching but i'm so glad we're safe. >> reporter: we rode with scott weber who took his own boat to check on his neighbors. >> i actually beached the boat on the roof and was stomping on the roof to listen to see if anybody thumped back. >> there he goes. >> reporter: this man trapped in his two-ton truck helplessly swirling like a toy in a bathtub. that driver and his rescue er z lucky to be alive tonight. david, a first look at the severe damage. you can see the white car caught in the current and tossed into the creek. and if you look over here, this building almost completely rushed away by the rushing water buzz there has been some progress.
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this very spot where i'm standing the water would have been over my head. alex perez, columbia, south carolina. >> the images do not tell the true scope of the daniel down there. incredible images. >> we cover natural disasters. it's so difficult to explain how these people have lost everything who are not used to losing everything. deb stating. > it is absolutely. several tough weeks ahead for those people down there. there is another tragedy limpinged to hurricane joaquin. singing of a huge cargo ship. the search continues through the night for any survivors. so far at least one person has decide. the coast guard says a survival suit was found with a body inside. 28 of the crew members from from the u.s. the others from poland. searchers are looking for any stein of life. >> we're still searching focusing more on potential people in the water, life boats and life rafts. >> the captain of the ship apparently thought he could
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maneuver around hurricane joaquin but then experienced mechanical problems and ended up heading directly into the storm. a crowd passenger jet made an emergency landing after its pilot suffered what appears to have been a fatal heart attack. captain michael johnston, a 57-year-old pilot with 25 years of experience. abc's steph offy ramos has the details. >> reporter: an american airlines jet touches down and quickly surrounded by fire trucks and an ambulance after this inflight radio call. >> american 550 medical incomes. captain incapacitated. >> paramedics sprung into action as soon as the red eye flight landed in syracuse with the co-pilot solo at the controls. the flight was carrying 147 passengers in the cabin and five crew members. ground crews in syracuse standing ready for the diverted flight. >> pilot is unresponsive. not breathing. >> reporter: as it approaches,
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the co-pilot calmly asks for medics to born board the plane as soon as they can. >> i understood as long as they have a way to get on the plane quickly to get to the captain. thank you. >> reporter: passengers saw the emergency vehicles but didn't know why they were there till they took off for boston when they were told the captain had passed away. >> we thought he wasn't feeling well. we had no idea he had passed. it was extremely shocking. >> this is absolutely the reason we have two fully qualified pilots in the cockpit. either one of them trained to the same an standard. >> the pilot's cause of death is not yet known. officials have only said he fell ill. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> this morning crews are working to clear the tracks after an amtrak train derailed in vermont. it hit a rock slide. seven people were injured but none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. investigators say it could have been worse. all five cars that went off the tracks remained upright. >> president obama is heading to
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oregon to be with the families of the victims of last week's shooting rampage. students met with grief counsellors. we're getting an exclusive account of how horrific the ordeal unfolded. abc's neal karlinksky spoke to one of the students hop actually survived by playing death. >> when i closed my eyes and i'm close to falling sleep, i can hear the gunshots. >> and stasia boylen is haunted by that day when she was shot in the back by alleged gunman chris harper mercer inside her classroom. >> he sounded really deranged because he said he had been waiting to do that for a really long time and he laughed. >> he laugheded? >> he laughed after he shot the teacher. >> she says he had a question for each of his victims before he shot them. >> he had us get up one by one. and asked us what our religions were. >> but she says the gunman picked one student to live, apparently to deliver a message.
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>> he said the kid in the glasses get up, i need todd do me a favor. today's your lucky day and hands him this like business envelope. >> reporter: the gunman killed himself. the motive for it au remains a mystery. >> i will never ever take for granted a second minute, every day is special and you never know when something's going to happen. >> neal karlinksky, abc news, oregon. >> now to california which has become the fifth state to allow terminally ill patients to take their own lives. governor jerry brown signed the so-called right to die bill into law yesterday. the roman catholic church among other religious groups saying it goes against the will of god. it goes into effect early next year. former nsa contractor may one day return to the u.s. he tells the bbc he has offered to return and go to jail for
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leaking details of the nsa programs. so far no formal response from the justice department. he has been living in russia for the past two years. >> the legal battles resulting from the bp gulf oil disaster may be over the justice department in five states on gulf say they've reached a $20 billion settlement of all remaining claims. a judge must oklahoma the deal. loretta lynch says bp is getting the punishment it deserves. another high school football player has died after being injured during a game. the 17-year-old passed away yesterday at a hospital in seattle. he was hurt while making a tackle last friday night during the fourth quarter of a game. it's unclear what type of injury he suffered. it's the fourth high school player to die because of an on field injury in just the last month. and an ugly scene at a youth football game in florida. take a look at this one. you see it here. it's a man in a black t-shirt who is a coach for one team now
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accused of punching a referee. he is identified as leo davis and a coach with the lakeland destroyers. >> there was a play that was made that parents and coaches did not agree with. so those parents and coaches began coming onto the field. a coach approached him, struck him on his face. and attempted to leave the area. >> police say davis was speeding away from the game when he was stopped. he's now facing battery charges. davis was told authorities he was trying to break up a fight and that he didn't intentionally hit the ref. i don't know why parents have to get involved. >> i have no idea. you see those scenes all the time. let's move to fun sports right now because it is time for sports with reena. >> monday night football. >> exactly. >> the seahawks up to their old tricks again. there's some controversy how this one ended. the lions calvin johnson about to score a go ahead touch with less than two minutes to go, but the seahawks safety cam
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chancellor forced a fumble and another seattle defender battled the ball out of end zone. the seahawks were awarded possession but could have been penalized for purposely putting the ball out of bounds. that would have given the ball back to detroit inside the 1. >> yeah, and as you know, there's a well-known nfl rule. you can't bat the ball out of the end zone. >> you can't? >> you know this. >> okay. >> so it should have been detroit's ball. should have been a ten-yard penalty, or course. >> it was really ugly. seattle's win was 13-10. can't bat at ball apparently on the 1 yard line, right? >> or the end zone, yes, exactly. >> i blew it? what is the end zone? what yard is the end zone in the end zone? >> it's where goalie sits. >> i know where the end zone is. how many -- let's just move on to our tease. >> coming up "in the mix" mark zuckerberg's global mission.
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how he wants everyone to have internet access. >> also hillary clinton's emotional comments on gun control and her latest political fight one week before the democratic debate. >> adding a seasonal favorite to pizza. pumpkin. how does it taste? >> check out our behind the scene pics on instagram abcwnn. really, what number is the end zone? it's 12 points in, right? >> it's like an extra point. >> you don't even know. you're watching "world news now." r ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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san francisco's last gunshop will close at the end of the month. the owner fed up with the vocal opposition and the city's mounting gun laws. the latest proposal would require the shop to record every gun sale and submit a weekly report on ammunition sales to the police. the manager says that possibility has already caused fewer and fewer customers to show up. we switch now to politics. hillary clinton is heading to iowa one week before the first democratic debate after lashing out at critics. >> and clinton making it clear where she stands on gun control. it's your voice, your vote. abc's cecilia vega has the latest from the democratic front-runner. >> reporter: on the trail in in new hampshire today hillary clinton growing emotional talking about gun violence.
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>> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have tried to be the voices that we need to hear. >> reporter: clinton unveiling her plan for stricter gun control, calling for tougher background checks and increased liability for gun dealers and manufacturers, vowing to use executive authority if she has to. with her sagging poll numbers in the granite state, clinton now on the offensive from going after the republican-led benghazi committee investigating her private e-mail server. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit to go after me for political reasons, the death of four americans in benghazi. i knew the ambassador. i identified him. i asked him to go there. >> reporter: a wide range of emotions from hillary clinton. but when it comes to this issue of gun control, she is really separating herself from vermont senator bernie sanders. he may be running as the progressive in this race but on gun control hillary clinton is out on left. cecilia vega, abc news, new
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york. coming up a taste of the season as pumpkin spice transforms everything this fall. we'll take on what many would consider the ultimate food sacrilege. pumpkin pizza. we'll rye it from one of the best of new york's pizzerias. >> ahead in our next half hour. a sports curse some teams can't shake off. what taylor swift has to do with failure on the field after she rolls through the town. you're watching "world news now." . "world news now"
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okay. so you know here in new york city, pizza is sacred. so when you combine it with unorthodox flavors you're really taking a big risk. >> with the current pumpkin craze, you would hope some things stay off limit. but as we're about 0 learn there are two tasty versions of pumpkin pie. for some pumpkin pizza pie.
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we head into the "insomniac kitchen" with abc's trina trinh. >> between the pumpkin pies and lot tase i think i've pretty much had my fill of pumpkin but i hear there's a pretty good pumpkin pizza inside. i never turn down a free pie. let's check it out. we're here with owner jason brunetti who is going to show us how to making. > pumpkin pizza today. >> this works? >> works great actually. it's the fall, changing of leaves. people are going pumpkin picking. it's great to have a nice pizza to complement the change in the season. we grab some doug, 48 hour fermentation before anybody gets to eat the pizza. >> that's very important. >> it's huge. the oven we use here bella is very hot. >> your oven has a name? >> yeah, her name is bella. bella bru metty. she's the favorite member of the family.
3:20 am
we open our dough first, very simple. this is a pumpkin puree we made and mixed walnuts inside of here into yummy. >> this is borata cheese we make. we put a lot of salt when we make it. it comments the pizza well. then we're going to go ahead and grab ourselves, this is gore gan zo la dolce. it's a little bit sweet flamp. really r. nice, super teshd. i have pan chet ta that i sliced here. i finish most of my pizzas with sea sat and olive oil. we'll spriskal a little sea salt on the rim. we grab ourselves some olive oil. this is kind of my little signature thing. i like to drizzle olive oil around the crust. you can hear it cry when it's inside the oven. >> nice. let's stick it in bella. all right, here it is. a masterpiece. >> the final product. >> and that took no time at all
3:21 am
really in your oven. >> all right. here we go. are you going to have some? >> always. >> wow, everything just works. >> uh-huh. >> pumpkin on pizza. who knew? delicious. >> i told you. all right. >> oh, fantastic. you know, i would just like to say -- there already parts of italy where it's okay to eat with a knife and fork into not in this area code. not in new york. >> okay to stick it in bella too into i know what it's like to have gerber on my pizza. >> you think it's gerber? i think it tastes good but there's something that feels a little bit sacrilegious about it. i feel like i'm letting italy down. it's delicious. thanks to piz pizza brunettety for this. >> tell us what's your weirdest pizza you've ever had. you'll win a mug.
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. okay, now that we've munched down on some delicious pizza let's move onto the mix". get this. facebook coming up with a fascinating idea. they want to provide free internet service to many parts of africa that don't get internet service. a new satellite is going to launch in 2016 and using the satellite and drones and lasers and other equipment, they expect to get the next billion people around the world online. >> that's fascinating. > lots of folks in west africa they expect to be able to give it internet service to some 14 different countries in west africa, east africa and southern africa using this. >> that's a great effort. i hope they come to my neighborhood because my wi-fi is spotty at my house. use a satellite.
3:26 am
>> west africa will have internet service but we can't get it. youem rember that pizza rat, the. iz za rat the one that went down the subway stairs? ate the pizza. there's a new costume you see here based on the pizza rat. had 7.5 million views for pizza rat. this one, move over sexy costume and why are the arrows pointing in that direction. >> i might stick with the donald trump you see here over the pizza costume. a little too sexy and provocative. then there was this. the gold and white dress or blue and black dress. there's lots of options. >> i think brian agrees with me. you have to see the pizza costume again just to study it. >> it's about $90. that's something so wrong. yeah. >> that's better. >> wow. 90 bucks. >> for you. >> all right. here's a creepy shot from this
3:27 am
weekend's nfl game. the cleveland browns san diego chargers game. take a look at the synergy here. almost disneyesque. have you third and 13. 13-13. you were then in the third period and the time left was 3:13. and on top of that, the browns quarterback, guess what number he wears? >> 13. >> yes. and they say you don't know football. why they on the 13th line of the end zone? no. >> there is no such thing. >> there would have been a great addition to the 1313. come on, people. football is a complicated sport. they change the rules every monday night. there's also the spaghetti rat because pizza isn't gourmet enough. this rat loves gourmet spaghetti. >> a woman named mica. kind of rye minds of ratatouille.
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this morning on "world news now," tragedy at sea. new details overnight about the cargo ship that sank after heading right into hurricane joaquin. the search going on right now and what the coast guard says about the crew. carolina disaster. the overflowing rivers washed away roads. the rescues and the heart break. who is reaching out to help. and new this half hour, the girl who has been sneezing 12,000 times a day. >> oh, boy, this is a painful problem. what she's doing to make it stop. and why doctors call it a mystery. >> later in the "skinny" the emotional night on "dancing with the stars." why tears were shed on stage. plus the latest to be eliminated from the ballroom. this is tuesday, october 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now."


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