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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 7, 2015 2:35am-4:01am EST

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we talk so much about education and we brilliant kids just blow you aa hair rents really preparing their children. but you know what are finding t that being intelligent, and
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high performance student not enough be without character not moral strive. not enough without respect and undederstanding commodity cent see how do you balance that critical element to the package for a child to really experience it? to really experience pretty good chance of successful life after graduate as i addition from high school c can college bececause seei what a academic excellence they don't have character. >> wonderful point. and mark started on somhing before we went to break. about multiier stems of support looking educating the whole child. is not just about the academic piece you have to also look at the personal and inner development that young person. we want to raise we want to help partner with our parentso to pu
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forward civic minded individuals who understand that. watever gifts and talent they have whatever are learning that they are able to experience they take first andor most into their communities those gifts and tse talent had uerstand they have to make positive contributions to the community. being good citizens. that starts in the school. we do a lot of wonderful programs in our schools around cizenship. and, witrespecting of others creating cultures and climates for our kids that will teach them to respect dersity teach them to value difference in pooes people. team them to respectfully disagree and to have discourse around what every topic or ideas maybe on our minds. to disagree does into the disagreeable just means that we see things from a different perspective. so getting our students to feel comfortable about how they are for being alsoo respectful of wo
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others are and that where the multi tiered system support come in as well as the other ntinues mark was talkingng about. in world where every one be informs wewe have to all brl achievement it is all about data. all about the number research is very clear that district or building or school that has high regards and high social emotional are learning they achieve up-ward of 15 to 17% higher on those standardize tes because of that educating whole child. having culture and character education and respect and just that civic duty as youngs preschool. and those scores rise just a from that alone that's before we even open a book. those are very,, very i am glad you asked that question. you know and an interesting
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irony is that lot of kids today grow up without fears in household. they rarely see men as teachers instructores in classroom except at their involved i sports. can we change th. >> i think that we have to do a btter job of recruiting and guess people to tay stand what powerful profession education is. unfortunately, through v variet different circumstances, we have not always valued our put out there public the value of our professional educators and how much of what they do impacts our schools our communities, and our state our cities our nations. and we have to begin to put higher valalue only what our edators d do on daily basis. >> what do we need change to attract more to the profession. >> and have them do it not
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because of t the because the because they love the fact they have greatest influence on our chi's life and that's difficult question r mee to answer because, i am father who went into education. it is all i wantedo do. i am driven to become a part of its many yououng lives as i can so it is hard foe me say whatt key can do because i was wired to do that. i have programs in the b buildi each year and itsaca and now in saginaww where i target grandfathers and fathers and second shift worker who scoop in and read before they go to school. you want to have as many things possiblble. but at the same time you don't want to give the illllusion tha you only want dads. >> he will you don't have worry
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about that trust me. we will come back, after this break, hopefully with some final thoughts from our guest again, thank you for joiningous importance of parental involvment i
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tech director. and anding of course, you were sherwood elementary th principal that's interesting because i love -- it is easy for him to come as that. you know i have to thank both you know here fascinating thing about education we are t talkin about students, but dr. el deet worth mark would agree even for us we continue our education. you know we never stop. >> lifelong. i continue to read books every week i am big reader. i continue to travel it never
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stops. and duty technology is helps that advances that for there nothing like picking up book to read it and are learning that knowledge so there something very different. i wanted congratulate both for what you and you do so well. be institution that you represent good day from the right side. thank you for joining us.
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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big news for football fans.
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>> you're struggling. >> you're going to have to help. >> okay. here we go. what reena meant to say was that the college football playoff is set. the michigan state spartans is earned their spot after an epic 22 play final drive knocking the iowa hawkeyes out with a 16-13 victory. that win made the spartans the number two team in the nation. clemson will face fourth ranked oklahoma in the orange bowl. both games are new year's eve on espn. >> well done. >> you would have done it better. and for the many teams that didn't make the playoffs this next position will be a familiar one. >> called the surrender cobra. you'll find yourself doing it when your team loses in a gut wrenching fashion. our friends at espn explain. >> it's a creature with the most
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peculiar of characteristics. >> he's going to win the football game. >> most commonly emerging on saturdays in the fall. >> do you believe it? >> at the conclusion of every prepos russly painful, brutally gut wrenching, impossible to believe loss. >> can you believe what you just saw? >> reporter: it's known in the wild and in captivity. >> you've got to be kidding me. and he scores, as the surrender cobra. ♪ >> that universal expression of sports anguish indeed resemble bling one of the world's most feared and poisonous animals in apparent yes, surrender to the whims of the sports gods. and while it may have a proper
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definition, what we seek today is an explanation. >> probably anxious. they're probably concerned. and it's a way of protecting themselves from the public, but it's subconscious they don't even know they're doing it most of the people with their hands on their head are expressive personalities. when we use the hands together, we're using a whole -- the front is the mental area. his hands are very, very solid on his frontal area of his brain. so we're talking about he's getting the whole picture, his thoughts, they're racing. >> reporter: it was on the third saturday of october when this particular cobra appeared in ann arbor, michigan. >> and he scores. on the last play of the game. unbelievable! >> i don't think i moved for a minute or two after the game was over. every michigan fan has told me i
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felt the exact same way that you did. it's just that you happened to get caught on camera. >> reporter: of course, getting caught on camera has its benefits like attention from some young coeds, right, chris? >> at least for pictures. i've been hoping i would be able to turn it into something else, but at least i break the barrier in talking to people in the first place. so it's a start. >> reporter: however, there are frustrations of viral fame, as well. >> a company in ohio has made a shirt, you made probably more money off of this shirt that features me than anything you guys have ever done. so i mean, come on. help a college student out a little bit. you know? we can work together on this. >> reporter: somewhere in america, in the aftermath of the next excruciating time in a game -- >> do you believe it? >> reporter: the next cobra to emerge is lurking.
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to help protect... lysol that. ♪ in between the rush of holiday decorating and shopping is, of course, the entertainment. >> there's something about the christmas season that just ramps up the pressure. so how do you add that holiday magic without breaking the bank or your back? here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: it's that very special time of year to spread some love, spread some cheer so get your scissors and some glue and watch what's in store for you. >> hi. >> hello, hello. >> how are you? >> i invited designer francesco over to help me create holiday magic using household items. >> remember to get some
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christmas crafting going? tive one, shop your home. >> candles, grab them. cotton balls and printer paper. >> tip two, recycle. >> these will end up being something fabulous. >> watch as these paper pa towel tubes become napkin rings. >> you want to take some ribbon. >> wrap it around. >> before you know it -- staple. >> oh. >> there we go. >> time to use that printer paper to create a winter wonderland. >> we're going to do snowballs flakes and create a center scape for this table. >> okay. >> and finally, tip number three, it is doesn't matter what you have. it matters what you do with it. like this three tiered dessert tray created using plates and glass ware. >> we're going to do magic with this. double stick tape. layer and build up. >> this is so cool. >> isn't this cool?
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or these candle stands. >> easy one, two, three. >> clears. >> cheers. >> paula faris, abc news, new york. that looked rubbish. that little tray thing looked rubbish. spend the money. >> buy the expensive stuff. >> have you picked out your tree yet? >> well, i have a -- whoa. $175? are you kidding? i have the one from target for $20.99. >> did you really get it from target. >> it's plastic from target. >> when do you put it up? >> thanksgiving day. >> a, that's still too early. i guess it has to be fake because otherwise it will die by christmas day. >> you're right. well said. >> don't make that tray thing, all right? that's the news this half hour. >> follow us on facebook,
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this morning on "world news now," speaking out against terrorism. >> president obama makes a rare primetime speech from the only office asking for help from congress in fighting terrorism after that deadly attack in california. intense investigation. fbi agents in a race against time trying to find out how isis was connected to the california couple who opened fire in san bernardino. full coverage ahead. beating cancer, jimmy carter's recovery. the big news shared in church and how the former president's remarkable treatment could help others. and later, christmas clash. should a christmas tree be called a holiday tree? one woman quit her job over the dispute. the war of words in this season of good cheer. it's monday, december 7th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." electrifying me here, folks. good morning on this monday. a bit of a british invasion here. >> hi. great to be here. >> richard bay con. >> that is really my name. it sounds like ridiculous. it's actually my name. >> it's wonderful to have you. you had a radio show in london. is it fair to describe you as the ryan seacrest of england? >> i'll take that. i mean, i don't suppose anyone has described ryan seacrest as being the richard bacon of america but i'll take it. because it implies i'm a lot more successful than i am. >> you are quite successful. more with you and a bigger unite tro dukds later. president obama vowing to destroy isis after declaring the san bernardino attack was an act of terrorism. >> the president delivered a rare primetime address from the oval office calling on congress to formally declare war on the islamic state and tighten gun control loss. >> the president said the
3:02 am
shooter ans sayid farook and his wife had gone down what he called the dark path of radicalization. our coverage begins with abc's elizabeth hur. >> this was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. >> reporter: in a rare speech from the oval office, president obama called this husband and wife team responsible for killing 14 people in san bernardino radicals who appear to have been inspired not directed by isis. the fbi now on the trail of terror trying to determine who knew what and when. so far, the couple's family telling abc news they never saw any warning signs. >> i feel like he had a double life. i feel like he was very good at an concealing everything from all of us. >> reporter: meanwhile calling an the threat from terrorism real, president obama says since the paris attacks, military efforts to degrade and destroy isis are already under way overseas but as more work needs to be done here at home. >> to begin with, congress should act to make sure no one
3:03 am
on a no fly list is able to guy a gun. we should put in place stronger screening for those who come to america without a visa so that we can take a hard look whether they've traveled to war zones. >> reporter: according to authorities the female killer in the massacre tashfeen malik came to the u.s. on what's known as a fee fiance visa. investigators are now searching their cell phones and computers urgently hunting for answers. and republican presidential candidates are already weighing in. ohio governor john kasich says the president's strategy is not enough and gop front-runner donald trump tweeted we need a new president fast. >> the president wants congress to make sure no one on the list is able to buy a gun and he wants congress toe have stronger screening for travelers and continued use of military force against isil. do you think that he can expect that cooperationing? ing. > the short answer, not looking good. remember, we are talking about a
3:04 am
republican-led congress here but i should note of the three that you mentioned, we could see some movement in that call for stronger screening for travelers. the house is actually set to vote on a bill adding more security requirements to that visa waiver program. again, that vote set to take place this week. whether it passes or not, that's a whole other story but at least it's coming up for a vote. >> he's got a big event at the white house with congress today. should be interesting. elizabeth hur, thank you so much. investigators have searched the home of a former neighbor suspected of supplying the shooters with high-powered rifles used in the massacre. the fbi scrambling to find out how the terror plot originated. more from abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: hundreds of fbi agents here at home and ross the globe are in a race against time to uncover exactly what and who was behind the massacre in san bernardino. fbi officials are searching computers and cell phones associated with the killer couple in a desperate attempt to see if they were radicalized or
3:05 am
directed by isis or other terrorists. the female killer allegedly swore allegiance to the leader of isis on facebook on the day of the assault. >> the most important part of this investigation right now is, are they lone players, the two of them, or are they connected to other people? >> reporter: but if this couple was truly inspired by isis, it marks a dangerous evolution in the u.s. terror threat. the fbi director has been warning for months about an unprecedented social media campaign by isis encouraging potentially thousands of followers in the u.s. to attack. >> it's as if a devil sits on one's shoulder all day long saying kill, kill, kill. >> reporter: the social media marketing polished, not just violent, appealing to the young. there's evidence the marketing campaign is working. in the last two years alone, the fbi has identified or arrested nearly 90 suspected isis supporters from inside the united states. average age, only 25. at least 20 teenagers. 13 females.
3:06 am
and 15 of those arrested accused of trying to launch murderous plots here at home. the nation narrowly averted the first isis-inspired massacre in may when two men armed with assault rifles tried to attack a texas cartoon conference about the prophet mohammed. and now this young suburban couple who left behind a 6-month-old baby and went on a vicious killing spree. law enforcement is struggling to cope with the new isis social media threat. which has found a young, captive audience, that can strike without warning. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. an isis affiliate claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in yemen. a huge explosion killed the governor of the country's southern aden province. six guards were also killed. if the claim problems true, it would be one of the highest profile terror attacks in yemen. >> in london, police are investigating an attack at an underground subway station as a terrorist incident. the knife wielding suspect
3:07 am
slashed two people reportedly crying this is for syria. this morning he's behind bars charged with attempted murder. abc's jennifer eccleston has the story. >> reporter: cell phone video captures a terrifying scene. >> tase him, tase him, tase him, tase him. >> reporter: a man with a knife lunging at police at a london subway station after allegedly stabbing two people. >> it's a risk. life is a risk here. >> reporter: police subduing him with a taser. both survive but scotland yard is calling the attack a "terrorist incident." police searching a home in london. >> might be self starter terrorists, no connection anywhere, just self-radicalized from material on the internet. >> reporter: media reports say the man shouted, "this is for syria." one witness on the scene shouting this --
3:08 am
>> you're no muslim, bruv. you ain't no muslim. >> reporter: the attack comes at time of high alert after a string of terror arrests and just days after parliament voted to launch air strikes against isis in syria. opponents had feared that move could trigger lone wolf attacks across the homeland. police are urging people to remain calm but alert and vigilant. calling the threat of terrorism here severe. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. major new developments in the chicago police shooting of a black teen that has sparked nationwide outrage. justice department is now launching an investigation into the patterns and practices of the department. this follows the release of a video showing laquan mcdonald being shot 16 times by a white officer. and mayor rahm emanuel announced late last night the head of the independent police authority has been resigned replaced by a former federal prosecutor.
3:09 am
the faa is looking into the deadly crash of a small plane in southern california. two people were killed when the plane went down while attempting to take off about 70 miles northeast of l.a. among those who died were a famous aerobatics pilot named mike mangold, also a commercial pilot for american airlines. the airport where the crash took place remains closed. the six astronauts on board the international space station are awaiting a special delivery launched yesterday from florida and it will arrive at the space station on wednesday morning. there's more than 7,000 pounds of cargo on board including food, clothes, science experiments, even christmas presents. it's the first delivery to the space station that took off from the u.s. since april. i wonder what the christmas gifts were. >> i don't know. how exciting. >> now the big question. we're sure you're asking, who is richard bacon? >> i'm not asking that question. i have done my reading.
3:10 am
i am a british broadcaster as you mentioned earlier, i hosted a daily current affairs show for the bbc. lots of current affairs and a few entertainment shows, as well. tonight, do you know what i did tonight? i went to the broadway premier of "school of rock." >> how was it. >> sensational. so that's it. that's what i watched like two hours ago. it's written by the guy that wrote "downton abby." the music by andrew lloyd webber. i went in thinking those older guys would ruin it. it wasn't. it was thrilling. exhilarating and exciting. only go -- here's what i would caution. only go and see that show if you're a fan of joy. >> interesting. >> who was in the audience? >> guess who i sat three chairs away from. >> somebody from "downton
3:11 am
abbey." >> a fellow britt but three seats away, barbara walters. >> oh, my goodness. look. we've got the selfie. >> there is a photo i believe we faked. because this is where i dropped the ball. this is why i'm not as good a journalist as barbara or any of you. as i left the theater, i thought why didn't i get a selfie, have a photo with her we could use. i think we're in the barbara walters building. >> we got it for you. welcome to abc. we're glad to have you here a couple weeks now. coming up in the mix, christmas lights dove step style. >> plus the new details about jimmy carter's battle with brain cancer. his surprising announcement over the weekend. our medical editor is here in the studio to break it down. what some see as a growing war on christmas. would you be willing to quit your job over it? tell us what's on your mind on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn.
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♪you are my whole life! ♪your two blue eyes are shining!♪ dolce and gabbana. light blue we have to watch out for different types of germs.r, which is why it's important for your wipes to kill a broad spectrum of germs. lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs, including 8 different types of cold and flu viruses. to help protect your family... lysol that. to report regarding former
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president jimmy carter. the 1-year-old said yesterday they'd is cancer-free. >> carter made the surprise announcement in a georgia church where he teams sunday school. in august he started treatment for melanoma that spread from his liver to his brain. with us with more is abc's medical editor dan childs. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> what do we know about president carter? is he really in remission?
3:16 am
>> this is very good news. the fact that it looks like this treatment is helping him. however, doctors wouldn't use the word remission yet. usually someone needs to be as he says cancer-free for a very long time before doctors could conclude hey, maybe we've beaten this back. maybe we've really eliminated cancer from his system. so there's a long ways to go before we get there. again, this is good news. >> dan, it's been referred to as an experimental c drug. it's been approved by the da, for example. >> that is correct. in 2014, it was approved more melanoma and certain types of lung cancer. they're studying it for other types of cancer. there's a possibility maybe in the future it could be used for any number of cancers. it really is annteresting addition to the arsenal that doctors have against cancer. >> if you're watching this and you know someone who's got a similar condition, is this a time to be excited? should you be excited by this news, or would you caution against that?
3:17 am
>> richard, it's both things. you really would take some hope in this because it shows that there is a drug here that could be better than what has been available before. but you also meed to know that you know, here we have this drug that's being used in very late stage cancer patients. sure it might work for one person. it may not work quite, as well for another person. there's study that needs to happen but it is something that's hopeful. and it's something that doctors are keeping their fingers crossed on. >> and you know, dan, the thing about president carter, he is so determined. he's always been positive and faith is a huge part of his life. are there any medical studies about the influence of positive attitude and faith-based approach to your diagnosis that makes a difference? >> well, the studies on this are few and far between. they're very inconclusive. we don't know, for example, whether having strong faith or a very positive outlook affects your cancer in any sort of direct way. what we do know is that people
3:18 am
who respond to these sorts of situations possibly tend to have better outcomes. if you have a good outlook, it may help you in other aspects of your life that also contribute to how well you fight off this cancer. so it's certainly not a bad thing. >> he has a good outlook. >> such a positive person. >> he's got one of the best out of office careers of any president. >> you're right. i think he even admitted it that he felt that his career after leaving office was probably. >> was better than the one in the office. >> thank you so much. abc's medical editor dan childs. thanks for joining us this morning, dan. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the brazen burglary in london. robbers bursting into simon cowell's home while they were sleeping. >> many christians are gearing up for a fight against what they say is a growing political correctness waging a war on their holiday. you are watching "world news now."
3:19 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this
3:20 am
with the holiday season now into full swing, so is what's become another annual tradition, the so-called war on christmas. >> it's pretty much a battle over political correctness. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: a debate over christmas traditions leaving many saying bah humbug. or, in the case of one city councilwoman, "i quit." >> at this time in our country and in our world, it's important to be inclusive. >> reporter: new jersey's charlene storey resigning this week after the city council voted to change the name of the "holiday tree lighting ceremony" to a "christmas tree lighting ceremony." >> it's not a holiday tree, it's not a pear tree, it's a christmas tree. >> reporter: that city councilwoman later reconsidered, deciding to stay on. but all across the country,
3:21 am
christmas controversies are lighting up like trees. from the campaign trail -- >> if i become president, we're all gonna be saying merry christmas again. that i can tell you. >> reporter: to campus. some university of tennessee-knoxville students upset with a university memo urging inclusion, saying, "ensure your holiday party is not a christmas party in disguise." >> it's my god-given right to be able to have a christmas party. >> reporter: to coffee shops. starbucks stirring ire by removing christmas symbols from their holiday cups. >> yes, they got rid of the christian religious symbols like snowflakes and snowmen. >> reporter: still, some say there is something we can all agree on. >> the holidays are the holidays. we celebrate them, and it's all good. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. so is there war on christmas in england? >> this comes up in the uk a lot. beak it's as regular as
3:22 am
christmas. it usually turns out there is no war on christmas. >> "the mix" up next. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you've learned that taking informed steps along the way really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long™. call now and request this free [decision guide]. it's full of information on medicare and the range of
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try head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. and now it's time for "the mix." you're going to kick it off for us. >> a little girl in the united kingdom, my home country. she's gone to see santa claus florida middleboro and she has difficulty speaking herself and so santa uses sign language. have a look at there. it's i thought touching. isn't that moving? >> oh. >> what i like about it, i don't understand any sign language. they're having a private conversation that we can't understand. >> that's right. >> that makes it feel even more special. >> look how excited she is that santa communicates in sign
3:26 am
language. wow, that's remarkable. >> a great thing. great thing. >> see, santa knows everything. >> that's true. including sign language. >> and possibly mandarin. >> definitely. covers the world. >> let's talk about your national treasure adele. >> adele. okay. i thought you were talking about me again. oh. >> 2-year-old girl. there's a thing called lip sync battle. >> lip sync is part of the jimmy fallon show and spun off into a tv show. where people mime sensationally well to songs. >> right. there's adele with her famous song, you know this one, "hello." it's so popular. it's almost too famous. i want to introduce you to batchly, a 2-year-old girl who can slay adele's impression. >> good isn't it? it's really good. >> how is this possible? she's only 2. >> i did watch it through earlier. it's become a big hit on social media. she does appear to understand the lyrics and she is only 2.
3:27 am
>> she goes on and mimes more words in the song. >> she gets the cadence and rhythm and when to open her mouth. >> that would be a great -- >> you're right. but wrong network, my friend. i'm booking for our show. >> jimmy kimmel's show is way better. way better. let's also, let me show you we're going to look at this house. aren't we going to decorate for christmas. >> this is a house which is here in the united states of america. and this guy, look. you get a sense of it here. it's dubbed music. it's just so exciting. do you like that? >> i love christmas lights. i love taking my kids in the car and showing them. this is pretty remarkable though. >> living in america, i've learned christmas and halloween, you just do everything better than us. >> let's take a listen. ♪
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the president speaks out, addressing a frightened america. what he wants congress to do to help him fight terrorism. his rare oval office speech during primetime. >> terror investigation. who supplied the san bernardino couple with the high powered weapons used in last week's attack? the fbi turns to a former friend and neighbor. >> and new this half hour, the real life drama for reality tv star simon cowell. >> why police were called to his home. a frightening ordeal for his family. >> and later in the skin you're". paying tribute. u 2's rescheduled concert in paris using music to heal wounds. it is monday, december the 7th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on this busy monday. i'm richard bacon. >> a big welcome to you, richard. good to have you here. how good is your sign language? because my voice is giving out. >> okay. maybe i should just interpret for you. >> you might have to do that at some point. >> you tell me what you want to say, i will tell the viewers. >> we have to work it that way. >> i'm here for you. >> did you see we had president obama giving reassurances to the public hoping to ease fears after last week's deadly terror attack in san bernardino. >> of course, the president delivered a rare primetime speech promising to step up attacks on isis while making it clear the fight is not between america and islam. our coverage begins with abc's jonathan karl at the white house. >> reporter: in just the third oval office address of his presidency, the president addressed the attacks in california and paris bluntly saying what happened in california was a terrorist act. he said we are at war with
3:32 am
terrorists and have been since 9/11. >> as commander in chief, i have no greater responsibility than the security of the american people. as a father to two young daughters who are the most precious part of my life, i know that we see ourselves with friends and co-workers at a holiday party like the one in san bernardino. i know we see our kids in the faces of the young people killed in paris. and i know that after so much war, many americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. well, here's what i want you to know, the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. >> reporter: the president declared that isil or isis will be defeated and he outlined a series of steps that have been taken in terms of the united states military effort in iraq and in syria, also getting more contributions from our allies in europe. the president also though made it clear that we are not at war with islam. and spoke quite passionately about the importance of not
3:33 am
vilifying muslims talking about muslim americans as being patriotic americans. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim americans should somehow be treated differently. because when we travel down that road, we lose. >> the president did call for some action from congress, including passing some gun legislation which really doesn't have much of a chance of passing at all in the face of republican opposition. he also called for congress to pass an authorization for the use of military force in iraq and syria. this is something that the white house called for a year ago, still hasn't happened. and frankly, there still isn't much action in congress towards that. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. the presidential candidates were quick to respond to the president's speech last night starting with marco rubio who told fox news that the american people are scared because president obama is overwhelmed by these terror attacks. and he's not easing their fears. among one of the tweets from
3:34 am
gop front-runneris this. is that all there is? we need a new president fast. >> democratic bernie sanders says american troops should not be engaged in perpetual warfare in the middle east. as isis is destroyed, it's essential that fear and division does not undermine constitutional rights. hillary clinton told abc news the u.s. is at war with isis and that war is not yet won. >> san bernardino public health employees are returning to work this morning for the first time since their colleagues were killed in the shooting rampage. meanwhile, fbi agents made two trips to the home of syed farook's former neighbor and friend accused of purchasing two of the murder weapons. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> the investigation into that deadly shooting turning to the a raid of the family home of enrique marquez, far rook's one time friend and neighbor suspected of supplying him with those two high-powered rifles
3:35 am
used in that massacre. the fbi raiding the home. >> did he provide the guns to farook. >> mark kes now reportedly will checked himself into a mental health facility. >> they keep to themselves. they're very neighborly. all their children, they're good kids. >> reporter: this neighbor says she noticed a change in farook about a year ago. >> before he started to change, what was he like? what's the biggest differences? >> the biggest difference was his dress, his beard. he was more withdrawn. he started growing more beard and he started wearing his white thing, you know, the long drape outfit, whatever it is. and so he did start changing. >> reporter: but no one says they noticed any warning signs of the terror that was to come. >> i never saw them talking about guns or anything like that. i never heard them say anything suspicious. >> reporter: this new photo of farook as a baby with lis family. his sister and brother-in-law say they too are angry for not knowing farook and his wife were
3:36 am
living a double life. >> reporter: do you feel like you didn't know your brother? >> no, at this time, i feel like he had a double life. i feel like he was very good at concealing everything florida all of us. >> reporter: but his father telling italian newspaper his son was fascinated by isis, hated israel and that he shared ideology of isis leader al baghdadi but other family members take issue with that connecticut and farook's sister and brother-in-law tell me that they are in complete shock. disbelief they say. they went to his house. they never saw weapons or anything suspicious. they say they are grieving now for all of the people who died right here behind me. cecilia vega, abc news, san bernardino, california. >> an apparent lone wolf terror attack striking london, as well. the suspect stabbed two people in an underground subway station. witnesses say he shouted this is for syria. cell phone video captured it all. police brought him down with a
3:37 am
taser and he's now charged with attempted murder. british authorities are investigating the attack as a terrorist incident. >> now to that police shooting in broad daylight on a miami beach street. the killing of david winesett outside of a barber shop was captured on cell phone video. police say that he had just escaped from a prison halfway house and tried to rob a bank. he then ran into the barber shop, grabbed a straightening razor. he was shot twice during a confrontation, according to police. a full investigation is under way into the deadly crash of a small plane in southern california. two people were killed when the plane went down while attempting to take off. about 17 miles northeast of l.a. among those who died were a famous aerobatics pilot named mike mangold, also a commercial pilot for american airlines. the airport where the crash took place remains closed. it was a real mess at a hotel near new haven, connecticut after a car was driven straight into the lobby. the man behind the wheel was a guest at the hotel who fell an asleep while driving.
3:38 am
and ended up smashing right through the front doors. no one was hurt and the driver is facing multiple charges. incredible scene there. coffee addicts in some seattle neighborhoods can now get their starbucks fix without leaving home. the company's teamed up with a third party delivery service for the pilot program. customers can place their order right from their smartphones and it shows up on their doorstep a little while later, but richard, there's one big buzz kill. the delivery fee 6 bucks and that doesn't even include tip. >> okay. >> would you do this? >> that's for all those people who can't be bothered to walk the 20 meters to their nearest starbucks. so you're up in the very early morning with us. maybe you're hungry. how about some mcdonald's. sounds good, right? >> that's exactly what i was going to treat you to. >> thanks. >> what if your meal was to say, aged to perfection? sort of like this mickey d's berger and fries that's now 6 years old. this is 6 years old.
3:39 am
you might notice it doesn't seem to have completely decomposed. >> so this is a berger and fries from 2009, and they've been displayed at a hotel in iceland's capital reykjavik ever since. that's where they've been. why does someone need to see a preserved mcdonald's when you can see the thing anyway? i used to work at mcdonald's. >> no, stop. >> my first job. >> really? >> yeah. >> in england? >> the first love of my life dumped me at the counter. like she came to get some food. i served her. she said, between ordering the fries and the milkshake, she said it's not working out. took the food and left. >> she took the food and left. >> i went and sat on a box of gherkins and cried my eyes out. >> what's gherkins? >> pickles. >> gherkins. well, thanks for exposing america to gherkins. >> and my inner emotions. >> well, coming up in "the skinny," what carole king, george lucas and usher have in common. it's a pretty big deal.
3:40 am
>> also ahead, real life terror for simon cowell. what police are saying about the ordeal at the music mogul's home. >> solving an age old deep sea mystery and the billions of dollars worth of treasure recovered. right after today's forecast map. look at the map. 75 in orlando. >> that's quite good. >> you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by gain. weather, brought to you by gain. ever since darryl's wife started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) uh honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze for 3 big things in one gain fling. it's our best gain ever! >> important message for residents age 50 to 85.
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here you see it, severe flooding going on right now in the northeast of england. nearly eight inches of rain came down in some areas flooding roads and fields. the british army even helped evacuate more than a thousand people from their homes.
3:44 am
landslides in some remote regions closed roads, as well. >> that's a truly devastating thing. across the pond, the brash blunt and often rude judge on "american idol" and "britain's got talent" has been upstaged by some rather talented thieves. >> burglars burst into the london home of simon cowell while he and his family were sleeping. abc's jennifer eccleston has the story from london. >> reporter: simon cowell shook off the trauma of a brazen home invasion. >> very appropriate. the night after i get burgled. >> reporter: thieves broke into his london mansion early friday morning, stealing jewelry and cash reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. the millionaire media mogul and his girlfriend laura silverman were asleep and so was their baby boy eric seen here in a sweet tweet from the dad last month at the home.
3:45 am
happiness is a day off work, it reads. happier still if you're safe in your own home. abc news has learned that a guard has been removed from the cowell residence and the neighborhood watchman who gave chase to the suspect and fought with him retrieving some of the loot can expect a very nice christmas present. cowell is no stranger to the good life. on his youtube channel, a sneak peek at his luxurious multimillion dollar home but that inside look may have provided a road map for the criminals who managed a clean get away. >> providing a huge amount of information that someone that might want to burgle it. it is not wise and i wouldn't advise it for celebrities. >> it's one of the most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods in allf london full of plenty of celebrities with ample private security. it's not known how the criminals entered the house, how long they stayed or if he was deliberately targeted. if so, it's not the first time. a female stalker armed with a brick smashed a window and made her way into the mansion in 2012.
3:46 am
simon cowell is said to be rattled but hugely relieved his family is safe, especially his young son. jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. >> amazing thing. the estimated value of the jewelry stolen is $754,000. >> whoa. that's a lot. i'm so glad his son and wife are okay. remarkable. and when we come back, love in the ballroom. a "dancing with the stars" pro pops the question. >> and last night's show of defiance, as well in paris. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our t
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, honoring the lifetime achievements of six remarkable artists. >> yeah, this year's recipients of the 38th annual kennedy center awards include singer songwriter carole king, george lucas, rita moreno and cecily tyson. >> the night was peppered with julie andrews, usher and steven spielberg it's a kennedy center tradition the honorees sit with the president and the first lady. >> last night president obama was late for his primetime address to the nation. so mrs. obama started without him. that show, looks like a good
3:49 am
show. it will be broadcast on cbs on december 29th. >> so glad the president made it eventually. overseas a show of defiance in the city of light. >> u2 paid tribute to the spirit of the city of paris last night where they performed for the first time since their canceled concert in the aftermath of the terror attacks. >> tonight, we are all parisians. >> and last night's special guest rumored to be the eagles of death metal actually turned out to be patti smith who closed out the 27-song concert with her 1988 song "people have the power." back here at home, millions tuned in to watch a different kind of concert. >> what a legend. frank sinatra who would have turned 100 years old this year was honored with a special sinatra 100,
3:50 am
an all-star grammy concert on cbs. >> the show was described as an amazing journey through some legends of the greatest music performed by some of today's biggest stars. ♪ ♪ come fly with me, let's fly down to peru ♪ ♪ that's life. i'll tell you, i can't deny it ♪ ♪ i thought of quitting but my heart just won't buy it ♪ ♪ up to you, new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york >> oh. incredible. the all-star lineup of grammy winners included lady gaga, garth brooks, tony bennett, usher, alicia keyes and john legend.
3:51 am
>> the two-hour special was made in partnership with the sinatra family. >> i hope they put out a cd of that night. i'd buy that on itunes. >> of course they're going to do that. they wouldn't miss an opportunity like that. and finally some congratulations are in order. "dancing with the stars" pros max chmerkovskiy, peta murgatroyd are now engaged. >> max and peta. max popped the question on the stage over the weekend and an audience member caught it on camera. audio was hard to hear but he said "i'm in love with you and i will be in love with you for the rest of my life." of course, she said yes. >> our congratulations to them and congratulations, as well to ronnie wood. the rolling stones rock legend is going to be a dad again. his wife sally is pregnant with twins. >> the 58-year-old wood has four children from a previous marriage, nine grandchildren who will have aunts and or uncles
3:52 am
that are younger than them. when they graduate from high school, he'll be 86 years young. >> coming up, a deep sea mystery solved. uh huh... your own apartment or buy a new car? learning the hard way? the hard way? to pay for movers? credit score from credit karma. credit. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous garden party for her birthday. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster.
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♪ under the sea, under the sea ♪ darling it's better down where it's wetter ♪ ♪ take it from me >> do your kids watch "the little mermaid"? >> of course. >> my favorite songs. located under the sea after more than 300 seas is being called the holy grail of ship wrecks. >> the wreck of a spanish galleon named the san jose. it's set to reignite an international dispute over the treasure. here's abc's neal karlinksky. >> reporter: in these first images from the ocean floor, you can clearly see vases, cannons, and what looks like coins. so much gold, colombia's president making a claim as big as the discovery. "it is one of the biggest findings and identification of underwater heritage in the history of humanity," he says. the spanish galleon, the san
3:56 am
jose, sank on june 8th, 1708, in the caribbean off the coast of cartagena, colombia. the triple decked ship was 150 feet long and armed with 64 guns. estimates of the treasure on board, believed to include emeralds, gold and coins like this one shown on the facebook page for sea search armada, and silver vary widely. from an astonishing $4 billion to as much as $17 billion. "it is a job of many years with many people," says a member of the team. "a huge triumph." dive teams have kept the exact location of the galleon secret, for obvious reasons. it was found in 1,000 feet of water during what was very much a high-tech treasure hunt. what is thought to be one of the world's most valuable ship wrecks is a secret no more. neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> well, that was interesting. now, i tweeted out earlier this morning. >> you did?
3:57 am
>> that we have a mystery co-host who's going to be here for the next couple weeks. and he's british. some people thought it was mick jagger. >> look at the tweets there. >> paul mccartney. and then another person finally found out who it was and said wow, he's extremely attractive, enjoying the news tonight. >> that's very nice. people are saying paul mccartney, mick jagger, i fear we may have mismanaged this. i fear we may have raised expectations. >> hardly. >> now just maybe paul mccartney is presenting the overnight news on abc. now that i -- who? richard who? >> someone else, matt campbell says, we also like the britt. kind of makes "world news now" #downton newsy. i like that. >> i'll roll with that. i'll not argue with that. >> more news after this. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- protecting the homeland. president obama addressing the the nation on terror and the the deadly shootings in san bernardino. >> this was an act of terrorism. designed to kill innocent people. >> the president laying out his plans to keep americans safe at home and abroad. we're live in washington. inside the terror attack. new details about the shooting in san bernardino, from witnesses in the conference room, ducking for cover. plus, the investigation now shifting to a suspect's neighbor. surprise message. former president jimmy carter stunning a crowd with an update about his health. and caught on camera. a view of a plane


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