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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  January 4, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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catastrophic changes to terrorism and frightens us and makes our lives uncomfortable and affects the lives of the victims and the families but it is not a strategic threat to the united states the way, for example, nuclear weapons are to the united states. and to israeael. >> do you think the eavesdropping and monitoring of mosques and other terrorists activities is going too far and make you uncomfortable that americans would consider it and use the tactics? >> my view is anything that is open to the public is fair game. if you use social medicinia and -- media and use that, you have no right to come lane. if you invite everyone into the synagogue or church or mosque you have in complaint when a person that comes is an f.b.i. agent. you have a rig of tree speech aand if you do not quit crimes the fbi will listen andry a
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report -- and write a report and saying in is wrong. if you open to the public you open to the government. if you keep it limits you is rights to make sure that the government does not intrude and get a search warrant and a nationalecurity warrant but unless you expose it to the public you have rights that have to be balanced against thehe government's interest and if you expose it to the public director rights are considerably diminish ed. >> attorney alaan dershowitz is our guest. stay
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>> welcome back with ourr guest, alan dershowitz, and you must go out and get his book. tell us about your book. >> it is about the bible figure of abraham the father of all three big relidge owes, jew i, and christian and islam and how he argued with god, the first lawyer, period and it is a way of exploring the history of lawyers,, lawyers in the sifts movement, -- lawyerses would have fought against government abuse and lawyers who is d done some not so honor bud thing
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because abraham wasas will to sacrifice his son isaac and edidn't his wife was his sister and had good qualities and not is good qualities. i look at history of lawye through abrbraham. fur interested in the bible and law you will find it interesting. >> congratulations on another milestone in your already stellar career. it is always wonderful to hve you on because you have such a fair and balancedd understanding of the world and law an civil liberties but howow do you balae civil liberties and nationn security on the neeeed to contrl entry to the united states and monitor those would alreaeady he who could have terrorist inclination? > we have a very very bad history during woo we put -- during world war ii me shut 110,000 americans of japanese
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heritage in the campps.s. no japanese american was ever convicted of any claims. they were very patriotic and wee have must a lot of mistakes but we have to strike a balance. we ha extraordary power do keep the people out of our country who are not citizens or residents and the constitution almost poses no limit on that. i don't thing we can do itt basd on religion or race but based on probably national origin or history. when it comes to people already in the cup, the constitution imposes severe constraints on whate can do and we don't went to compromise bake constitutional rights but there is considerable flexibility as i said before if you put something on your open social communication the government can look at it because you are sending it to everyone in the world. if you expose it to the public you exsays it to the government and we have a court, a national security court that g gives war
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rans to the government to intrude on private telephone calls in cases where the balance is in favor of intrusion rather than privacy. it is a hard balance to strike. >> i don't know your perspective but the administration appeared to respond to the san bernardino in paris with calls for greater gun control. polls show that many americans, including myself, don't bieve the government is cattily protecting them, that they cannot respond in time to the terroris attacks. is t the administration taking isis and terrorism seriously enough? how should we respond as citizens? >> first of all, gunner out of control. manies many more people are killed by guns if their houses, whether by suicide or accident or by murder than all the terrorist acts collin intoed --
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coined including lend. we have the highest rate of gun-related homicides but itis probably too late to stop that. we need a "buy back" ogram where criminals were encourageed to sell their guns back att high and inflated prices and a lost uns were taken off the street. some cups have smart guns that only the owner who is a licensed coupler could fire the gun because there has to b be a finr pnt match. there are things we can do but on balance gun control is only onone of many factors. we have to clearly monitor more cclosely people would have jihad back grounds and whwho have been to syria or other countries where terrorism is taught to people who come back here. europe hasas a much bigger probm because their borders are so open we will begin to have a problemem mostly now it is
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homegrown terrorism othe than 9/11 but we have to monitor both the homegrown and the imported terrorisist because we are all t risk. >> final thoughts? >> we have to strike a balance. wewe cannot give the terrorist s victory by give up civil liberties but we cannot allow them to strike again. how to strike the appropriate balance is what is up in this next election. candidates have different views and americans have to express their views on how to strike the appropriate battle. >> i encourage y to buy the w book on abraham the last or first jewish lawyer. >> i am armstrong
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>> and this mont a foreign news editor and analyst joinss from israel. welcome to the show and for joining us. >> israel has been subject to ongoing nonstop terrorist since the creation of israel in 1948. some people thing they understand why terrorists ha israel and you may take it
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deeper but why are islamic terrorists, you feel, targeting the united states, and what do you think they want deep down? can you, from your experience, believe we can negotiate with them? can we get this terrorist scourge? >> the last question, can we get? of course. that is always go, should, must, can defeat evil. >> constraining israel and terrorist, israel was...had to face trim or a victim of terrorism before its creation of israel with the fit attack against jews in israel was in 1891 so it is almost- and since then it has only become more and more sophisticate asked more and more difficult to deal with. i would say since 1914, the creation of -- 1940 the creation
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of israel, more civilians have died. why is it more complicated? because terrorism by itself is not only against occupation or the refugees but it is against the idea of the jewish state. second, terrorism i getting more and more radical, radical islam and that is what we are facing, now it is become a religious terrorism which is where you in america, france yesterday, and israel today, share the same. the same war, the war against radical us islam. >> we look at san bernardino, california, and you mentioned paris and in the 1990s during oslo process israelis were victimized by palestinian terrorists including the bus
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bombers and i was there with my executive producer when we experienced one of the bombings in the restaurant. you think of the passover seder bombing, but what they have done is israel building a wall and exercising greater criminal over the boarder. and as someone would has firsthand expense, what wisdom can you share? >> first of all, the thing is, what is persuading for me? this last week, we have witness ed a terrorist attack, a very sad one if france, more than 100 people died people who were having fun and watching a rock concert and some san bernardino people were celebrating the holidays and in israel, while you are talking to me two or these shower hours ago
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-- two or three hours ago a person was charged by entering a house. can you imagine being at him in america and someone enters your house and tries to kill you. this is try. when it comes san bernardino, or when couple of minuteses to paris, all of the world is shocked and you will find solidarity against this terrorism but in irael you find people who try to understand it, why, again, only operation -- occupation, frustration, and what else can they do which i refuse because terrorism is terrorism is terrorism and you have to fight back. now, a cup be a state, the first duty is to protect their citizens. that is why when israel built the boarder, to wall, the wall of protection, forall of the world it was shocking to the world, that israel was dough there and france calls it the "automatic of shame, i'm sorry,
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remember a thousand people died in four years and the state, the country, has to protect its people and you were there, you said you watched the terrorist attack, the buses were exposing why israel was negotiating so what conclusion do we have? that negotiation is not a fact we don't have next but we have terrorist attacks. second, since that board we or fence, the fence of security was created we have let casualties but unfortunately, today we face a new kind of terrorism and terrorism invented again and again and again and, therefore, the state has to invent a way to protect its citizens again and again and again. >> how do -- what sort of attack and strategy have you and your citizens employed on the ground to monitor and revent and minimize terror in israel?
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>> look, first of all, lookd what today and the last week in israel, this is a new kind of attack, the los with created in 1954 and we had those attacks and the olympic games, that attack, that is one kind of trim. -- terrorism and we have hamas and jihad difficult to deal with not a state but ors would use the territory like isis and it is difficult to fit against the groups. now, it is getting more difficult. more complicated. why? because you are dealing with individuals. they wake up in the morning and decide to attack. now, you have to look for the sources, what causes this. the easy part would be that israel and the ron it exists or the refugees who canot go home or the ago operation, -- the
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occupation, but that is not the roach the reason is incitement. facebook or twitter can be amazing to meet people or old friends, and it is great but there are those who use the same tools we see in san bernardino usingsithe tools. for example, in israel you say what can we do? again, it is to say the truing the all the last ever vs we have in israel, 22 died the last few weeks and it is because they believe, the youngsters, israel is destroyingen. though country in the world respects more than my country. israel, so enough of this incitement. members in parliament, also, use the incitement. unfortunately, you have clients in san bernardino, or in israel, you see it in france, too, unfortunately, terrorists now don't have to me from abroad
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or they don't need a visa to enter your country or my country and act. people are born in the country and they are not...not traiters, they are traitors and do not mind giving their lives to kill other people. this is the new thing we are dealing with. it is very, very dangerous. >> we will come back with final thoughts. don't go
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>> in 30 seconds, what wisdom can you share for the citizens of the united states? >> i would like to say they are very lucky people. they are lucky to livive in a country where they h have wonderful volumes we -- values. but the people in our country want to change and fight
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american to kill americans this is unbearable and yet, call a cat a cat so to call a radical islamist, you win the car and differentiate with other muslim who are good people and wake up in the morning and go do work like you and me. that is what member should do. good luck to america because we love american. >> and we love israel. thank you so much for what you do. alan -- bits, -- alan dershowitz, one of my finest hours being here and "call a spade a spade." ♪ whoa ♪ whoa real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.
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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm kayna whitworth in for reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines that we're following this morning on "world news now." first of all, a group of armed militia bhebs occupying buildings at a national wildlife refuge in a remote area of oregon. their takeover linked to a long running case between two ranchers and the federal government. full details straight ahead. >> saudi arabia is breaking off diplomatic relations with iran after its embassy in tehran was attacked by protesters. iranians are upset by saudi arabia's execution of a dissident religious leader. president obama is set to announce executive actions on gun control. today, is he meeting with attorney general loretta lynch to review pros. he could make an official announcement tomorrow. federal investigators have released several images of the
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el faro that giant freighter sank in october during a hurricane. the remains of the 33 crew members were never found. authorities may launch another search for the chip's black box. those are some of our top stories on this monday, january 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to everyone. let's get started this half hour with the armed occupation of buildings at a remote national wildlife refuge in oregon. it's happening right now. the u.s. fish and wildlife service says work is being done to resolve the situation peacefully. >> the whole thing is lynched to this long-running dispute between two ranchers, father and son and the federal government. abc's neil carlin can i reports. >> reporter: dozens of armed militia members have seized a federal building, angry at the government. >> it's the duty of the people to put the government back in its place. >> reporter: the takeover following this rally yesterday. militia marching through this
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remote, snowy area of oregon, carrying flags. the leader amman bundy posted this rallying cry on new year's eve. this is not a time to stand down. it is a time to stand up and come to the county. we need your help. >> reporter: now those inside say they are prepared to use force if necessary. >> one of their grievances, two ranchers in dispute with the federal government over land rights. >> the principles are based upon the constitution of the united states. >> bundy along with his father, nevada rancher cliven bundy were involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights two years ago. now bundy says they have brought in generators and other supplies preparing to hunker down possibly for years. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people. we intend to use it. >> reporter: local schools have closed for the week. and the local sheriff urging people to stay away.
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locals here fearful of an armed standoff. >> bringing in a militant view saying going to rise up if we don't get our way. we're going to use armed resistance, that's just not right. >> reporter: those local ranchers wanted for arson say they plan to turn themselveses in peacefully monday morning but that is unlikely to end this standoff and authorities here are monitoring the situation closely. neal karlinksky, abc news, bend, oregon. to india where the damage is being cleared after a powerful earthquake. the 6.7 quake struck before dawn in a remote part of the northwest near the border we're told with myanmar and bangladesh. so far at least five people are reported to have died most buried under collapsed buildings. you can see why looking attives. more than 100 others have been injured. residents of kentucky, tennessee and other states further south are bracing for miss river flooding. the crest has moved beyond southern missouri and illinois
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leaving behind this destruction, disruption and death. a 25th fatality confirmed yesterday when the body of a teen was recovered. he and a friend tried to drive through a flooded area last week. >> let's move to the campaign trail now and donald trump is speaking out after he appeared in a terrorist recruiting video. trump says it comes with the territory when the you're the front-runner, and he has to say what he has to say. instead, he's blaming hillary clinton. claiming she created isis when she was secretary of state. trump also blasted bill clinton who campaigns for his wife for the first time today calling him a degenerate who failed to help her win eight years ago. well, a year ago, who would have predicted that donald trump would be driving the race for the white house? as the election year finally arrives, the candidates who seem the most likely to win back then are already starting to fall. here's abc's tom llamas with your voice, your vote. >> reporter: what a difference a
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year makes. a year ago, jeb bush was considered a major 2016 contender. >> so i'm thinking about running for president. >> reporter: donald trump himself was unsure whether he would run. >> i'm going to give it very serious consideration. we may surprise you. you would be surprised. >> i would be shocked. >> reporter: but bush's promised schlock and awe campaign was eclipsed by the ability of the brash billionaire to shock them all. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> his rising stardom overshadowing the rest of the gop field. >> i've been leading from the time i announced. >> so many candidates joining the race, they couldn't fit on one stage. but with iowa just a month away, the field has whittled down. donald trump saying he'll make his first major ad buy in early states. >> i'll be spending a minimum of $2 million a week. >> reporter: the national front-runner neck and neck with senator ted cruz in the


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